Official 92.9 FM ESPN Programming Notes

Thursday (1/17/19) on 92.9 FM ESPN (680 AM) or here on the RADIO.COM App …”play 929 ESPN”

9:00AM----$1,000 Code then Geoff Calkins joins Jeffrey Wright LIVE on the road with the Memphis Tigers basketball team live on the Memphis Express Hotline

9:25AM----Steve White, SB Nation/Former SEC/NFL Player, live to discuss the NFL Playoffs & coaching carousel

10:00AM----$1,000 Code then Chris Herrington, Daily Memphian Grizzlies Reporter, live to discuss ANOTHER bad Grizzlies loss and everything NBA


11:00AM----$1,000 Code then the Jason & John Show w/Jason Smith, John Martin, & Exec Producer Bennett Doyle all presented by the Wing Guru

11:25AM----Chris Mannix, Senior Writer/SI/NBC Boston –NBA Insider, live to discuss the Grizzlies and more with J&J

12:00PM----$1,000 Code then “The Rundown” headlines from Jason & John

12:25PM----Ryan Silverfield, Memphis Tigers Asst. Coach, live to discuss the Memphis staff, college football and more with J&J

1:00PM----$1,000 Code

1:25PM----Geoff Calkins, 929 Host/Daily Memphian Columnist, live to discuss hoops with J&J


2:00PM----$1,000 Code then the Eric Hasseltine Show hosted by Jeffrey Wright today with Exec Producer Connor Dunning w/Eric LIVE with the Grizzlies

2:25PM----Ryan Glasspiegal, Big Lead Columnist, live to discuss the Grizzlies and more with Jeffrey

2:40PM----“Ring it up and put 3 Stories on the Board” from Jeffrey Wright

3:00PM----$1,000 Code then WORLD WIDE WOB ROB PEREZ with Jeffrey Wright live

3:25PM----Drew Hill, Memphis Tigers basketball beat writer, live to discuss the Tigers and more with Jeffrey

3:40PM----“Hasseltine Headlines” from Jeffrey and Connor with all the latest afternoon updates


4:00PM----$1,000 Code then the Gary Parrish Show w/GP LIVE in hour 1 w/Matt Stark in-studio along with Exec Producer Brad Carson in the Bluff on Highland Restaurant & Bar Studios

4:45PM----John Martin, 929 Host/Athletic Tigers Writer, live to discuss the Tigers and more with Matt

5:00PM----$1,000 Code then Geoff Calkins joins GP live to discuss hoops

5:25PM----4 stories

5:45PM----“Dinner to Go” with all you need to know for the evening

6:00PM----$1,000 Code then Spain & Fitz live

Upcoming on 92.9 FM ESPN (680 AM) or ESPN 790 AM (92.9 HD2 on HD Radios):

Friday Night: 5:30PM pre-game  6:00PM tipoff  Grizzlies @ Boston

1/19/19  10:45AM pre-game  11:00AM tipoff  CFB Michigan @ Wisconsin

1/19/19  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 12:30PM pre-game  1:00PM tipoff  UT Vols vs. Alabama

1/19/19  6:00PM pre-game  6:30PM tipoff  Grizzlies @ Toronto

1/19/19  (on ESPN 790 and 92.9HD2 only) 7:00PM pre-game  7:30PM tipoff  NBA LA Lakers @ Houston

1/20/19  (on ESPN 790 and 92.9HD2 only) 5:00PM Vols Nation

1/21/19  3:30PM Grizzlies Game Day

1/21/19  4:00PM pre-game  4:30PM tipoff  Grizzlies vs. New Orleans

1/21/19  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 9:00PM pre-game  9:30PM tipoff  Golden State @ LA Lakers

1/22/19  7:00PM Vol Calls

1/23/19  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 4:30PM TN Prep Weekly

1/23/19  6:00PM Grizzlies Game Night

1/23/19  6:30PM pre-game  7:00PM tipoff  Grizzlies vs. Milwaukee

1/23/19  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 5:30PM pre-game  6:00PM tipoff  UT Vols @ Vanderbilt

1/25/19  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 5:15PM pre-game  5:30PM tipoff  Michigan @ Indiana

1/25/19  6:00PM Grizzlies Game Night

1/25/19  6:30PM pre-game  7:00PM tipoff  Grizzlies vs. Sacramento

1/26/19  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 2:30PM pre-game  3:00PM tipoff  UT Vols vs. West Virginia

1/26/19  6:00PM  Grizzlies Game Night

1/26/19  6:30PM pre-game  7:00PM tipoff  Grizzlies vs. Indiana

1/26/19  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only)  7:00PM pre-game  7:30PM tipoff  Golden State @ Boston

1/27/19  12:00PM tipoff  Michigan State @ Purdue