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The Giannotto and Jeffrey Show joins a stacked lineup at 92.9 FM ESPN (WMFS),
nominated for the 2018 Marconi Award for Best Sports Station in America &
ranked by Barrett Sports Media as one of the 10 Best Mid-Market Sports
Stations in America with hosts Geoff Calkins, Jason Smith and John Martin and
Gary Parrish.
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Hour 2 with guest Sam Hardiman

Thursday, April 2nd
Mark Giannotto and Jeffrey Wright open the second hour of the show with The List. Topics include a CoronaVirus Update, NFL news, and more. Then, the guys...

Hour 2 with guest Jason Munz

Wednesday, April 1st
Mark Giannotto and Jeffrey Wright discuss the latest COVID-19 news, Joe Buck, and more during The List. Then, Jason Munz joins the guys to discuss Tiger...

Hour 2 with guest John Martin

Tuesday, March 31st
John Martin joins the guys to discuss Penny Hardaway's comments from the virtual Q and A session that he conducted. They also discuss NFL news and more during...