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Weekdays 2pm-4pm on 92.9 FM ESPN - Memphis Grizzles play-by-play commentator
Eric Hasseltine has brought his considerable sports knowledge to 92.9 FM
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The Eric Hasseltine Show 4/17

Wednesday, April 17th
Seg 1: Show open on the NBA action from last night Seg 2: Across the Association Seg 3: Ring it up Seg 4: Bill Bender Seg 5: Eric and Connor discuss the NBA...

The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 2

Tuesday, April 16th
Seg 1: Rob Fischer joins Buckner and Hasseltine by phone to keep the NBA talk rolling Seg 2: Drew Hill, Commercial Appeal, to talk Tigers Seg 3: Eric and...

The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 1

Tuesday, April 16th
Seg 1: Eric opens on the Warriors historic loss Seg 2: Eric is joined by Greg Buckner, former NBA player and Grizz Assistant Coach, live in studio to talk all...

The Eric Hasseltine Show 4/15/2019

Monday, April 15th
Seg 1: Eric opens the show talking Tiger's big Masters win Seg 2: David Cobb, Commercial Appeal Seg 3: Ring it up Seg 4: Jason Smith Seg 5: Across the...