Zack Cozart on the Jason & John Show (5/22/17)

Jason & John
Tuesday, May 23rd
AUDIO: Jason & John interviewed Reds Shortstop Zack Cozart and discussed his success at Collierville and Ole Miss

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And as promised. His name is that code started Cincinnati Reds shortstop former Ole miss and collier bill high star is now a seven season with the reds and he joins us now. Zach how are you Laura O'Donnell talked to. Not doing grade have you guys. We are doing great burst all thanks man 'cause I know you guys are run and and I know how busy you are on thanks for the time will keep it quick will keep your role and hum. Dirtier just among the Major League leaders in hitting this season. Hit over 350 how they're going man how about the season your haven't. What happened fiscal pretty well. You know I just. You know it still go when you have all the work it paid off. And you know we're just try and you know string together string together some wins here had a rough that's going on with the team so. Umbrella turnaround but yet it feels good to. Had stuff you've done you know in the offseason and before discount pale for you. Zack how's the wrist man. It's good to see you know it's. It's it's a weird little thing going on made you not had tests and stuff it's not a major it's just one of those things that you know certain plays in the game whether it be a dive. Or game in my wrist at some point. Cut you know. Players and up a little bit now might need a day off for so so it's just it's one of those things that were you know I'm gonna have to probably play good the rest of the year but it's not a major. What's happened for you at the played Zachary lap laster you come off that. That bad knee injury that ended your 2015 season hit back up to 52 epic runner up to fifty. This or you're in the 350s what what's cool what's going so right for you at the plate. Well I made. Early in spring training and made a little changed Hamas says. I used did you know start out with my hands up high and try to get into my rhythm that way. And you know I was just so hit or miss with that you know sometimes feel good sometimes not so. If not seeing guys around Ali you know yacht here Malia comes to mind may not just sit just battled a shoulder. And then just goes from there. And I did that in spring training first at bat hit a home run you know like globe maybe this'll work I don't know. If so little weird. But more more got a muscle memory down and now it's just. It is still leave Europe their tour I don't have to worry about a rhythm paying my hand dirty saying I just didn't took a good spot to hit not have a better chance. You know every pitch which has been the biggest difference. How tough was the injury back a note and fifteen zags didn't over getting through it based also medal. To I imagine that's a huge part of it just just feeling that your right. Did you ever feel was there ever time where you've where you started to doubt yourself when your router is that something you've just got to toll put out two minds they paused vault I must have been tough. It was tough yeah. It was a bad knee injury you know and on the you know what Tony to happen envoy that it takes a little longer. Some recovery. My new look going to be tough you know coming in the last year. Coming spring training getting out there adored me grace you're all year and you know there wasn't a day last year when Els playing I don't know 120 games or so that you know I wasn't fill in my knee didn't so great. But now you know that's behind me you know finally I come to spring training how to force you know a good all seasonal work outs. Didn't have any setbacks or any staying in you know I feel strong and and it feels good to kind of put that need the hold anything behind me some good baseball you know you know hitting defense it everything you gotta get Dere legs so. Makes it easier winner Phil good. You are having an incredible season individually have you allowed yourself to think about. The all star game and whether you will be in its. Immediate crossed my mind. You know it is eight obviously be a really cool thing mom never been to one and you know so. Let you know my mind always goes back to you know I like I was part of some winning teams early in my career in the last couple years have been tough. Team wise and you know I just wanna give back to winning Keokuk winning cures everything you know period swamp and you win knowing cares so. It yeah I just wanna I wanna get some of these young guys the taste of Phil one and two so that's kind of where my mind usually goes back to more of the team thing then you know worried about myself. I'm curious about your your plans for a campaign Aleman because. I looked and I look and I looked instead Graham Twitter everywhere on trial I don't see Zach ozark you are not on social media you are no if you are. You're acog media. Yeah like no no I don't their social media. All my a bra hum I guess some part of the old school crowd still I don't I don't get all that stuff because that feel like you know most disgusting negative out there when it comes to that even if you're playing well they're some people going to be negative about something so. You know I just glad you know my play speak for yourself but you know I speak to you know the reporters and stuff here and you know I guess I do out that way and let the reds and other social media pardon. You know and I decide just play baseball that's. How how how often do you sum up always when asked how often do you get back to Memphis to Houston do you still live here because it's been allows that are obviously for our listeners are covered second. In high school as a high schools with or to commercial deal but. Had a touch base much sense a catch a sub where are you are you in Cincinnati is the Stanley and Cincinnati if you go to there what's kind of what's your what's your base where you live at. I live outside of Nashville Clinton Brentwood. Tennessee and you know the family up here you know during the season but. You know a lot of family still lives back your card also I go back for you know the holidays and stuff for a Christmas. My really give back to Carville and now you know and out there for a couple days battling you know I don't come back too often. Because the just. Well I'd you know when I get to the Aussie and everybody ask what would you like to do in the off season for vacation and I'm like you know we all these in his vacation because I've been playing for you know ever since February 15. Including spring training. I've been to play every day basically so I'll let and I like that all season for just relaxing at home and so I don't I don't really go lot of places the mullah. I'm pretty relax guys so it but yeah I get back there to see the family in for the holidays. How often and I and operate other people say there's people that cover the team on a daily basis your your name have been people baseball all the time inane your names coming up in trade talks about it it's just a part of it. You they say you deal with a pair at all and that you don't run away from those closest yet to open and honestly mostly I'm gonna take care of myself hum. As it been that way is that is that is is that easy to do to kind of caught compartmentalize that and put that off the side and just worry about yourself in the team and not. Maybe what the future. If they can be tough. You know mainly when it comes to trade talk you know. A worry about that I cooler you know Mike being Mike Finley to whoever a minute ago are that kind of stuff it's so you know you know like I'll be fine but. Yeah it's a weird thing you know hog Ben what I got drafted into all the same with the reds. Put you know so I came up to the Marley who have been here been with the red my whole career in baseball so. It's a little weird turn you know be involved in those talks go and you know with other teams and stuff but you know. I always say. If you're lucky enough to play as long as I have so far these you know it's inevitable you know with a way to game is now that you're gonna come up the most kind of talks so. Oh my look at that added as a positive. And you know and that's all I can do you know I come here like you said you know I want the reds to win I want us to win and then you know that's where my attention mainly goes to. We are talking of course to Cincinnati Reds shortstop. Zach co czar here on Jason and Jon. The thing about your career Zach is that it's been sort of a slower burn for you you know you had the injury last year. And they're your twenties obviously you have ahead. It is significant improvement this year I mean you got a chance at 31 to make the all star game site I guess the question is sort of how. Did you handle the the development process. And know when that things like that would take time especially in Major League Baseball two words you look up today and again you're gonna have attested to crack the Yasser gonna. How did you sort of handle the the development and the slower you know more gradual process. Yeah I mean I just watched guys you know like you know I came up when a person in the big leagues I got like Scott Rolen and you know Miguel Cairo and then I'll play were skip Schumacher gave Bruce you know bought Jolie. Although it now watch these guys work. NIC that they make adjustments on the fly in the you know they're not scared you know make. Certain adjustments even though you know a guy like do we use you know. I think the best hitter in the game he's constantly make an adjustment to try to make himself even that much better so you know. No matter how good or bad your seat and is you're still gonna wanna go into the off season and Indian try to improve on what you've done. And so that's that's kind of what I do I didn't you know. I did you know pretty good year last year but you know I go I still wasn't satisfied so. You know that's why change the whole set of saying. Com to just get that much a little bit better that's all trying to do so that's one of those things to where. You have to you know every year in a matter how established you are you got to try to get better. You know and although all the greats do it so. Yes it's just like a cat and mouse game with the other pitcher and hitter and you know they're trying to get Joseph a certain way and you got a PS figured out. Emissions of its its streak on process. From what else point five at night even. And tour I am now. Well Zach it is true I am the president of the Memphis chapter of the the exact cause art fan club I'm the president of the Memphis chapter but I must I must say though man. As the cubs fan in me the Chicago Cubs man and I mean. CG hidden home runs and five straight games at Wrigley dude it's like you can you take Richards did a Cuba team know what's what is it about you would hit in Wrigley. Other works so well like stop it. Ellen yeah. You know I don't know you know I like hitting there but it's weird you know this past trip we went there the wind blew out you know crazy and I've. Beyond my six years of playing there I've never been. Playing in Wrigley with the wind blowing out like that usually blowing in you like the opposite of you don't I'll talk and into nearly nobody like yeah usually only does this like ten times a year torch just like gale force wind out out. So we got lucky that this past. You know road trip broke eighty degrees and wind blown out blood I don't know what it is. It's just that is happening get lucky there I guess. And it's always fun play immerse the cubbies are really ask for sure. That about it he is Cincinnati Reds shortstop Zach echoes are zag man great time talking to you keep rubber then met there a way to see an all star game brother can grab some success. And god I really appreciate it thank you Tom and that is that goes our.