Yanni Hufnagel, Former Cal Asst. talking Ivan Rabb on J&J (6/23/17)

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Friday, June 23rd

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Tell Madison avenue in midtown and 513 outcry street downtown but it got the menu and more than blue monkey Memphis dot com. But dean Caribbean mid town every Wednesday at 8 PM bring your team in Winston green dome is live music and blue monkey midtown on Friday night Kirk Smith park on Saturday Joseph Austin. Jason good job and 99 have been ESPN I realize that there are so many may have to end. That I've already formed opinions. About I've been grabbed without necessarily. Seeing enough of them. But that's why we're here and he's. So there thought they Yani how they are young enough they it was a former cal assistant he recruited. I've been wrath to cow. And he joins us now Yani what's going on man thanks for coming on. Mike Splinter really excited to be on the shelf. Of course demand so we bring you a lot obviously because the grizzlies drafted. I've been rabbit 35 in Utah we did that degree is he's got. Value in all caps at 35. So just what kind of value are the grizzlies getting an Ivan rat Yani. Well a year ago he's the lottery and need a better player today and he was. Twelve months ago and so they're real real about it there this was a track that would clear. In the propensity. Toward attracting huge you know with sixteen freshman taking in the first round. I think I've been just got locked in that in that shuffle now he indicated who. If you just look at the averages is Africa's all year over year and you know he eat. Averaged twelve point game as a freshman based at feet and fourteen. Think eight rebounds a game the freshman nick patsy content OP just look at the number extrapolate though. He made improvements around I think time will ultimately be the greatest lens for looking at tort. These valuable this pick but I really like it are are really really like to prevent it especially. Now with some of the pieces that they may lose with green Randolph potentially moving all Oscar. Would you mention it green and Randolph and that makes sense to us because I've always looked at him and end thought when they address them okay they're getting a guy that's a that's a possible stretch for. But didn't you come and you read stuff this morning that says well no way ways of five. No one better and ask the new Yani what is the at the next level as he foresees a five is he got a plays both what will he be at the next level. The acting piece I think people I think the answer it offensively he's probably a poor and defensively to be honest just because. How they'll have to guard pick and roll not being more of spot. You know to Michael was just the monster defense and and really rebound the ball to high level I don't know all I can bet on the spent the end of the floor. But I think golf and typically especially playing out of the pick and roll collapse a little bit of a better chance over time. Pick up the stretch. You know eating shoot a lot of three this past you're in the top twenty but it may eight you and I've seen his ability to make three. Don't be accurate I think he'll ultimately probably be an MBA for. You think he'll have to be softened pick and rolls at least early doesn't move which speak great laterally. And simply. Have to become a little bit of a better rim protector I don't know we've got the strength and the topic yet. That spend MBA I yeah but offensively he'll ultimately be a really up copper. At the pick and pop guy right now it rained really probably out 1719 people overcome a yet the 21 not. I know it's a tough dynamic because as as a coach Wright you want your best players in your program you don't necessarily want them to leave even if they are lottery picks right I mean you want your best players in your program. But he clearly saw his stock dropped after a season so that it's kind of a cautionary tale all right I mean if you're a lottery pick. You almost half ago. You know what I had the conversation yesterday. And for me now it certainly you know hindsight is always 20/20. But going forward you can go you know you're a lottery pick or even a projected first round pick that you've got to go I mean that the money is just. So. So different between a first round pick in a second round pick and guaranteed money Ers aren't guaranteed money. You know. And especially now with the ability current 18%. Got back important and then this I had a really big unique situation going now. You get. You're a professional. Dragging and yet a chance to work with NBA coaching staff and to work with that you eat coaching staff and player development where and college. You know and it scared say listen you're bound by contract work in other commitment by how much it at. And so you know. I think now. You're gonna see you know anyone who is projected quote unquote sick. To go and be your first round pick I think you gotta go now in the case of I. Time will tell. That ultimately. Right when we look back on the staying three or 45 years from now yeah it might be the acting that happened and edit terrific thing for the Memphis great. You know meant that at the seventeenth pick in last year's draft pick way. I think probably off the court at that point and you know all this starting you're sitting here in the urine sample script we determine discreetly and you've got to be a late I don't you know actors acquit. Google search and you know you've got some get consternation hurt some people scratching their head in Memphis how can you that you got to hear. Who advocate the Bible Belt police sought double team epic comic opera on the spot last year remember how was it Jordan back. To that yet. Two carper mr. games. With injuries last year explorer which is not well state and it was nothing to do with content Margaret Beckett just lack of making and so every time I think it apart from the box is lit with a double in right on the catch. You know and I thought he probably handle it with about it much aplomb that you can't but if you got a second round draft pick who whom. A year ago a year ago and I meant it can't probably cut seventeen and so when you talk about value we're talking about it it was twenty years old. Second two wings spent 220 pounds probably get to 3235. Over comic emphasis strength and conditioning program. You got a great shooting coaching pop a really good coaching staff. So the fixes this is a home run at it it to the home run in given the uncertainty at second round draft pick I actually think rat. It's a heck of a commodity a known commodity recounting translate he's got back medic and and so I think you've got to be elated. If your release and today. Look at here's here's the deal young what what you just hit on I think is is exactly right. Because people I even had tweets about the fact that he came from cow somebody tweeting me it's at. I don't want another loser. From another from a losing program. But what people fail to realize. They're out watching cal basketball so they don't know about cal losing Jordan that existing exact right they don't know about Jabari bird missing it they don't know that because they're just wasn't enough around on the floor wasn't spaced well enough he was didn't double team in the post. They don't know those things so they just see a record and they just see numbers that they may or may not filler modest. They don't know the context and I do think that content is important especially talking about a kid that was a top ten player coming out of high school. And that historically that does matter. Ella no doubt I mean just look it just look at. Know what spot start in a couple and be done you know over time in the NBA you know I've I've been with that immediately the top five. Hey coming out of high school around could have gone anywhere he wanted America to play college basketball candor Kentucky Arizona you know we are very rare fortunate. That I can leave it humid down the road one of the state coast Allman and so we were the beneficiary of baton content so it just the marvelous job recruiting them. The whole coaching staff Tracy Webster John Harris mark of the marvelous job. Recruiting not nicotine is Christopher strength and conditioning coach. And in trouble here BR you know and and and time will help certainly but I I just think. And by all accounts. I think John Hollander at the back Chris Clark I think that were jumping up and down that rabbit on the war there are out of almost. Sound like it happens in the draft might get elected. A ball on the part of the other would have sent got in the Cleveland to 34 and you know we went beyond their on the radio here today having that discussion so com you know I cannot come we'll count I'm we'll tell what. And you've got to expand. Now with a 72 wing span like I have them to do a really good her boarding numbers. I loved the I really do much about the pick from and it. Excited that now lives in and I got to wait Baldwin addicts and do run some pick and roll gather Mike Conley is gonna be really critical wrap it. And I think there's opportunity for I've been through now you know meant that it can't decide I've been that the pay him a whole lot out of hopefully find a way. To to get him into the roster equation. Especially if you lose green and ran the opening your centenarian who's. You know we're performing console what a great opportunity prior. Cares about this award with wood laid out in the you've done a perfectly beautifully this the kind of outside he's got what he can do. What kind of kid is a Yani is Izzy Izzy Izzy Izzy quiet is he a is he a leader in the locker room as he played with a chip on his busy avid dog don't like to what products it is is is I've been around. Yeah as good as anyone I've been around and saying that won't quit. Total candor and enthusiasm. Or rather eight plus their families ate lots. You know what it did but you came back out in large part because of the Indy at. First you make you a sort by effort I mean you know I had a conversation. We Jalen brown back in four or tech's last night and just you picked. Il a palpable excitement he had Iraq jumpy through the fall I mean I couldn't. Will leave just incredible impression on you are member. The first time I talked but I was actually at Harper's article goes to Richie. Now what I've been with ninth grade put me on the phone quickly got in and I walked away. And I'll ever forget it that this is going to be a star and look where you now and so. You know I'm. In absolutely fortunate that built a relationship with and I can't just wait to see. You know how it played out from here for him in Memphis but this could get meant that the state senate seat got an absolute sham. Publication here. As much kinda neat aside every ought to wrap and have a conversation. Interests that extend well beyond. Basketball now that it is this is in so many ways he's just an absolute home run meant written for the grizzlies franchise. And then you coach obviously in the pac twelve for a couple seasons was means you saw plenty of organ and the grizzlies next draft pick Dylan Brooks. What kind of player is Dylan Brooks how does he fit with the grizzlies should grizzlies fans beside about him too. Yeah I mean you know to get in that org. My goodness it's funny anecdote here. I think the first time we sent console out. See I didn't play now he's in an A you are given Brooke was also on the floor and console goes to our staff to go to our men. I pound monster you know and at that point. Brooks was still a little under the radar and it up wreak classifying classes. The bigger the monster here not you know. And we'll see how it ultimately translate to the next level because it was and so many isolation. In a working in their pin will most in you know is he going to be able to put it checked out and get it to the rim. Will like it don't work and I'm not so sure but if you don't winner you know what you want winners. At a party your franchise they won thirteen games let you take a 32 and expect go to the final or. Com yeah parts I think 25 point one per forty glad you're only behind all in the twelve and they hit some monster now is he going to be able to make MP3 that they battle open at least speak. The deciding factor for his viability long term the villain Brooke and BI thirty dot Lowell Ortiz got from the re look. You know I really effectively make it look a liability now you know or in played a lot of zone across the lot and I were 80. To that some got in the framework of what they do defensively. But Philip Brooke and score I mean he can absolutely score the basketball. It is going to be yet but finish work is late in the NBA. You know that it is a little critical question mark. Com. I'd really like I do I really like them that it is a winner. Mean pac twelve player of the year in and think about the power think about the talent. In that week I mean UCLA on their own output or got in in the NBA lacked Mexico. Now they eat eat eat a winner and again you talked about about you know and that's what happened really use. That war I think when you talk about second round drag me out. It it it Bob waking up this morning and again an upgrade over and over yet I Bob wake up this morning. And I'm drafting very spot and 45. And I end up with and rap and given Crocs I've got to be jumping up and down the and they I picked you got a little bit more a known commodity. Then maybe what she be getting oftentimes in the second round. Yani you know how highly John mark and I both think their view what's it won't work here what's next for you we wanna know what's that she spent a year at Nevada you're at the bottom last year what's coming up for you. You know what I got some exciting things. In the war I'm going to unleash. Now my out colonel spirit here now I am not. I get in prime maybe outcome ought to get in and share but out working with our with an MBA players. To develop a yacht and enhanced water slash functional beverage and eat quote unquote cooked for you consumer space or really excited about it. Can't share much more than that but it'll be a convergence from a year. My intent that nation of our consumer brand especially those and help my on the space and then continuing to be a stay connected. To the world at the ball I'm using nosedive in order to draw the brand go on sports so are in open records and speaking here in the ball. Got that second spots already set in terms of going do what the colleges don't speak. And the lens of personal brand building and I'm really excited about that and and I haven't really solicitor yet but. At some neat exciting thing in the work but then maybe I'll be more radio spot that really love. Now now we hold so you're great at a man and we appreciate you joining us today and let and some insight on. The grizzlies knew his draft picks having a week we came away from this even more excited Manso thanks so much for the tide got yards got to catch I'd rather have coach. God thank you so much I really enjoyed this thought you cute. Yes that's got to. It is art and Yani Huff Nagle former cal assistant and listen he's exactly right man when you were talking about the second round I mean we're not talking about the grizzlies gave away there were mortgaged their future. For a top fifteen pick they spent on I Iraq. Were in the second round he. You know now and everything at that point is a complete. Role of the dot. They're so. And in this issue rolling only got it's been a top ten prospects for all of his career yet you know a guy that was always highly thought of death and yet I've defensively is he going to be there predictor probably not but again not. I go to looking at possible upside there's more with area and there were at other other guys at that spot more within them with others. I will come back and amid some of the tell you about an amazing event it's going on tonight. In Memphis will also go back over some of the winners and losers of the NBA draft Dennis Smith made I don't know Dennis Smith is a winner or loser. You have to help we figured out got our right we'll do that we get back Jason and done to Jennifer ME ST. It's Aircastle time.