WWE Superstar Braun Strowman on the J&J Show (1/4/18)

Jason & John
Thursday, January 4th

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Rob stroman. Is a WWE. Superstar a monster among men the number one ranked pro wrestler. In the gallery is on espn.com gonna be in Memphis next week. Arrive the next one and I gonna wanna miss that he joins us now Brad thinks the time and how are you. You're. Trying to warm up where older order sports. Little shot or outlook required or. Go to. Do well. I have to tell you just up bright. Com I've been I've been arresting and for a long time and many wrestling events I think you are the largest human I've ever seen in person. Like by current largest an end in and your exile yours yours weekly ads I'll I think Tim was a surprising part. Yeah I got a couple little her personally and so what like. Old shocker all Specter of people go who are all. Bigger what mark are an apparent that I they're. Have you always just been a massive human being like big for your age has that always just been the story of your life. Currently our lord. Seventy year old. Plot to reorder bought out wow. Good grief and what do you now 68300. Or more. Right now. I shortage about seven pounds apologized. That's that's a lot to work. With their cell last week all rob Bryant are this we got only on Roger say you started trending on Twitter. When you tell Heath Slater to get in the ring and did these hands like your partner he did not obviously have much interest in doing that. But the WW universe went crazy with sort of trend on Twitter that surprise you bronze what kind of randomly sticks with fans. It could blow on a lot aren't Google. And well thought out on. The red carpet. Marbury so I'll. Mortgage my daughter ever watch a lot. More they're. Are. The judgment for it erred sure. I feel like we're yeah I feel like that's the only it should be a matter of time right. I'm I'm getting one what's the best part of being bronze Roman. I'll want to bet pork brought program for. I read your real life there's almost a quarter of what brought stroke like. I'm pretty weak or want one on guys like real. But. Like I like the it would order the green monster and it mattered. I forgot. We're out. What people like you're broad stroke it ridiculed up until or what all of it. The trial brought the brought stop the war though. You what it. They were get better. What's the hardest part of being bronzed room. Op June. The day to day why go where all. Are all for better or. Whatever. Now heard it go to war and why archer. A law. Giving it or. Not brick bat like they're people cobalt. Stubborn will lead at Walt or low blood artistry opiate blocker over at the Blackberry it. First straight beating or more. It is impossible for you to blend in anywhere you go. But it's a blast. And Hitler. To. They're below what it. All. So art. What normal at all true hole from the problem. You walked. It well. Yes they say because now that the WW has exploded the waited as they may be 2530 years ago it would have been in this way but now. The WB has grown so popular I mean for you by you got a beeper if you're out in public. You've got to be brought installment all the time right I'd like that I that must be a a little bit overwhelming. I didn't go very well what. Your goal and I'll I'll eat or water at one. You all that. For via go out or. To. I call. It. Literally by our Peter Berg story is that important to look. Pretty. Walk. Out. More like the crowd go. I bought your. Book Albert in the district are real. To me. So great delight. Oh. Sure that what we're built but it. They're just little. Split Clark. Arthur Gilbert cured or are like that big market in legal. You know I remembered greeted. Like here. Interest pretty open or are we couldn't talk about it tell won't it orbit that. Call it or all. No doubt it means the world to a broader remembered for the rest the alive you got those those experiences I've got to to I think it's a great thing you do. Come look Greg about all of mourn ten years ago you let the NFL scouting come by and you're you're participating in it. How close did you come that NFL round how have that come our goal forty. I'd be really really well the umpire. They do a great skill. I want to share and edit will be. Ready at all. All children straight to beat her support that I ordered deported Riyadh terror. All of our all to. Its that. Will grow you know public. Yeah it's all good. Shot. At college experience and audit the are all. Sure. It. A look back that regret the you never look back at the very. Bureau today so I really like there were a little bit. But. And what. You're at all archer government that Europe by the year. Walt where there are double what we call it yeah. I'll order bad cop car. A little. Now we're all that bill. Like you know or like get a big oak. What they've bought them at a good college get in public rhetoric the civic well. You'll be in the old well. Impacted when they become wow. A possibility that a career avenue for you were on to. Get into professional wrestling because I guess you don't you don't come from a long line of a pro wrestlers you know you see a lot of third fourth fifth generation superstars. You're not one of them so wind and it become apparent to you. That pro wrestling with that was an avenue that you could pursuit for your life. You know. It could try to go on. Would be war orchestrated. Around the world. The border. All electric go below Wall Street belt well in world strongest merit. In the remark or were or are currently. The relationship. I mean what what little order what you hear go via. We're a superstar and look at what about that while they do. Let's go get all of my group now what what will it stop wondered. What. People are too. Oh. I appear in court chaebol I'll go I'll go to college where so for a all beat up. It's sort got lucky. Break that spelled out there and there. Were. So pretty. Priscilla good gaga does it brought. Try. We don't get a couple days there are better. Hoover road cuts almost didn't vote in order up your personality and stop. I want one or does someone could all. About. So. What people don't go and watch it that it go quite well or applied to. It. I. Opt out spills. Yeah. You got black pocket didn't go quite as well that oh. Yeah. Leading up after that it out. Future bad debt. And why. Air. Well all year what a stroke belt. True or false broaden your father was the best slow pitch softball player to ever walk this earth. He's been saying but I didn't hear. Truck looked very good order and they're gay or that sort of a lot of people say in order. It looked like there. How big was soft ball where you're from alma how just how big is. He was the crime. Yeah so I might mr. irons or one that much better with war the spirit Scott's. We're ordered or a lot of that replied yeah. North Carolina won. All or. Merger that would go a lot which that would. There are the best in the world for. At least a decade on record ever. This door at. Her word out and throw we're literally. We were ordered that Google or. What. Upbeat guy beating people X sixty odd that support that was a little bit based beverage well. That's salt water really special it was open so. We are of course talking a bronze Strom at WW superstar going to be in town. Next Monday for raw at that export make sure you get to take it's always an amazing show. So brunt I was watching a lot of earlier this year would you be. Bloody hell out of Roman rains and flipped him over in an ambulance and alum and I love that segment so much because it reminded me of of the attitude area and in so many ways besides the ambulance though. What is the heaviest thing you have successfully lifted. They are the threats we. It Google what they are. At or oral or will aren't. My much bigger lit up the electric bridge where it got a lot of court. Lol what are very. That their current order. Bowl back in the records well let them. All. A leader or Bob Feld. What are what you are now. Doable. Straight world what people are. It almost broke the record. Occurred at the top. I thought I'd bet that broke out on the site. All what's. What's the worst you've ever heard demand free wrestling days and maybe you didn't wrong but it the head and you can you can talk about it what's the worst shiver. You have heard a man before rest. Does that get the feeling you broke a few million. I. All. I doubt it's secure yeah. You and you've got. Thought. Absolutely I've got an NN last thing Brian your your career is obviously just getting started I've I think it's pretty obvious that the data be as. Maceda plans for year may have been royal rumble you're gonna be in that mix match challenge later this month of the flexible us. During your rise though. Has there been a moment where you headed to stop and be like. AM I was balance and guy I had a chance to come by and I performed Jake Long but here I am this is amazing as there has their businesses had a moment for you. It literally. All we read this bit. All the ball out of control such good work for you that it. Literally. Stop itself. Well look look look what you would do such short Robert like. Really really like. What. War war. Just because I want to. Break. Out guy. Walk the walk people dug up or break it. Wife and I agree. I won't be competing. So you know cricket bat a lot like so all of those grouping. All North Carolina. Meet or about what you saw on an eight year old already medical or because. A lot that let a different direction Bob all of the world now. It is Kidman walked Jeremy. Just so. So. It is desperate to me it grew. Forty partner bigger good. But he should note that all war for Christmas tree eighteen to meet you want action figure out what. It's really hopeful yeah bode well. It's surreal it really real. People why they're able archer rubble war and rebel against order. That's limited you're on your way gay catch broad stroke and in Memphis next Monday raw at FedEx form I'll be there. Rob man it was a pleasure to I don't know your players are for the time Roth. I expect admiral Joseph. Yep the pleasure he is bronzed Roman the strongest man in history. I thought it was six victory oddities 68370. And the most he's ever dead lifted is 1055. Pounds. I can maybe that lit 10% of that but don't forget he outperformed Jake Long at the 2007 com. NFL com mind on I like guys who have stories like that yeah. Because there might be a lot of your story does that doesn't really did because you know you've built houses. You know you were security guard that's right probably not as imposing as brawn new group like 591 when he. Problem recorders below and you had on your little imperial security jacket. It was. A uniform on. And use it and they had bars and you had your notepad bid. And no and a classic what did he took those notes so diligently active let him in now but look at you now may look at brush stroke that. Not totally on they'd just one top what do you say he's made a bid to royal rumble and you've got the midday slot. On its ESP address and your sports station. In Memphis are we're gonna come back. To tickets for that show that's going to be on I'm excited about it next Monday. National champs tonight to make street DVR that detected an epic one for raw Bruce Pearl would join us at 1225. Jason and Jon and genetic ambience.