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Friday, July 6th

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Broadcasting on 996. CD again man online NI DG nine espn.com. The XP is the chances that show presented by the way. True only it's. Sports station when I can't really have very yeah yes yeah. Oh I don't. I imagine it's done much about it ME ST let me take some as big faxes not rumors Wesley Witherspoon the former tiger is an open drew. And he's really and it's you guys and he's joins us national. I. Mahan and good hearing from you would give broad loans are no talk to and congratulations. On all the success. My and I appreciate it man you know you start massively once I graduate I cannot tell you yelled favorite tiger and and I graduated very today. Well I'll tell you witness stopped. We were over their own Vance and you have no idea where I'm going with this won't work plan they Preston Blair to put together a charity game. Arm in arm plane and that thing against you as a target be right if you're on other teen. And you act like we plan through you set a screen home on. And I recommend that all 69. 200 some count unless. And let me tell you someone who looks like where you're at it. Man let me take you somewhere looks like 10 puny be router runs into a real basketball player broke it was like a car a small keel he would know brick wall. Robots out plain and I was in I was on which. Work the paperwork Acadia who has a bird well. Brought about the if I was out unless the Kia you with a brick wall that I learned I learned sub out west with a spoon that day. And as I've never college as lock collier man's own brother and add and man that that I learned the hard let's let's listen unless you the question everybody Memphis wants no matter how no way. World are you star in and opened her brother. Well you know you know our work is well chili came motive ownership issue because most certainly was little on our coaches when we came out of gonna racial. You know most of you much looking around Assurant campers and start. And and aspects are we formed a relationship that just so happened that it was Shaq in Atlanta. So now the two leaders and international you know while others thought it was a hoax and none has let you know men are working out ask. So what they call you would save my west we go we've got to move before you want to be you thought perhaps I had Alabama. And still Graham ahead for re. We hear of they have to grab. Golden. Down by the mr. Graham. And my wife and seeing in the field and out without telling me they emailed me back alert red alert. So you go out to so what's it like you get there and you got cameras and all that they did they give you lines like how does that go to I'm like all of a sudden you're an active world. So pretty credit goes to argue argued their sort of opened car care and open car care when your life. The worst game of pickup basketball you have actually. You know they've gotten out there was head band in the rear they have lastly he's Serb Taylor deserved. It looks like it's going to analyze. You know the worst kind of basketball movie. And that'll. So walking in the you know of course I noticed actually got there I know guys held if somebody actually the last four. So one. Wander wonders directors more comes up to me usually is you know way you know. You know you have the perfect scoring. When is Casper character. And I'm doing a lightly you know care. So you'd like maybe ever acted before. Now right now but I'm back camera show specialists and asking for any little ground you know he moderately DC would you rather. And I looked at a massive battle our hope is that this doesn't sound like I'm trying to be like Pacquiao is but there's no way I'm playing with these. And and you know he started last and in the end. As I'm talking to him jamario mole walked three and you know usually it was saying thanks so you actually do read these lions. As Casper. So I go to your back illegal. Five minute sir our reliance. Another one the executive producer Charles comes back and he's like you know I'm of the scared previous checkered. An outrage Gladys Kessler and politely no we. We'd love to have you home or you know if you don't mind them being a part of movies I was supposed to be and go there gorge cared animal. Developer and until that point they hadn't traveled another NBA caliber god played a role. Would first they have ailment district sales call time I give their lives forty you know I am you undergo. The right I'm ready to go or what you're going now mark are you not tell Erica that are played it went in against drew you know gonna eat you know do the little brother. So we. I'm shaking his hand remark you know the anger on everything married then you know what you airport it was like OR Casper. Now as I am out. Yeah well Blackberry yeah man. No threat that's sad that it and then. Solve coming out Ramirez told me like you know we'd love to have you home or you know if you still wanna be a part of movie that we had a spot or use Mario as is casting their client. You know yes creative duo Florio because what you did before the movie so. Senator Clinton and I actually had a whole I had a had a whole lot of speak Aladdin but then they'll cut them off. Man did you like when you think you're Casper did you like go out and brush up on are you acting tips and your wife it's already knew that their budgets you. No man is crazy naturalness LME. They were seven leader you know Casper the young phenom in the movies I think it like ours yeah I've got to get too bad the bashful me if I. Oh and yoga and I'm glad he's trying to get ready for. Quote the black black. So adult stem it is that have been dating do you view the trailer like as Casper and ample you have the trailer put here and Gordon and you will announce I'm not all bad I don't that a matter that. These craters thing about me is when Nate fairly good how Mario Mario already has a trailer love. Love is so hot outside bidder and up yeah well shared that it was it was memorial. Brother how does that feel they have a trailer that was when Wesley without like are you gonna do did you get your first taste that and you wanna do more like this. Brother you Hollywood now. I gave you ought to consider how little. It wait another and they feel the big bears Libby was so. You know outside of the actual basketball plug their movie night saying seeing how actual movie is shot dead like our serve the amount it takes it out was Colonia. Like you you just have a new travel respect everybody that's in there in the movie industry because it's the practice yeah. Now we're talking to a Wesley Witherspoon now. Hollywood actors the man is an uncle drew former tiger got a big party is Mario in the movie. What's your next role ma'am what is the next round you gonna climb which is next film. May you all know prelude that. Like a week after we got there Russian novel do this champ car movie night school was being shot down here man stop. You have been out hacked I don't look I didn't I didn't I didn't reliability of our ballot tire yeah. Like we we shoot like fourteen hours at a time sometimes. And it was things like a party that he does have a new found respect everybody in the movie is actually there. So without given out without giving away you're like what you're 'cause I wonder spoilers I still haven't seen yet I was trying to watch last night composed couldn't give last night but like is it is it. It's did you the fourteen hours or shoot and it is that a lot on the basketball court your plan that's why you worn out like is like blue chips they say they'll play real basketball is that which outward about. This is built more immediate got to feel like -- when at the beginning right at the beginning prior we were shooting like earlier sold in the movies like a lot of that was scripted it. Well when only children who got off on their. There were talented director like you noticed is that this doesn't even look like bash you by you got to let us play it. So a lot of the a lot of planned refugee Carrie Doyle was actually carry in the movie I've got IQ softly that they're you know. Toll let rabbits in the anti bush you know. Earlier claimed in the movie is like day period that funny thing about it is they try to iron. Active in the basketball players. And means I'll talk about it and that you and that was bad bet your bottom I guess but yeah you have to plan basketball players and actors. Because they understand how works. Well here there's a real bad actor and his name's John countered. I'll met with Jones. Yeah it didn't have easy it'd LS. Yeah man it's funny because it ended a movie come today. Like he's trying to you know go through come to Kentucky in the via their ability to lead out man that deliberate playing good got a remote. Well believe me I'm didn't announce take my kids to see my little four year old until this match you've you've seen it. About ten out of Libya and the coach of the university of this man that thing has pop and right now west minister that an armed excitement. I tell you look at Dave and I have I have a slope the cities by blood vessels out the freshman in college it's been a minute yup. And saying you know for me the biggest thing about it is it is. Mr. basketball was like deprive them misses like it was we're going to grizzlies but you know wasn't a football teams. You know I went into red birds you know it was tiger basketball that's what the treaty. Always looked forward to more than any. And fallout. That that aspect of it was dollar. You know I look at a picture all that's our game goes bloodshed and battle people here. Outline and I actually like we're getting maps are open practice learners at the strictly transparent. Urged both happen in the. Was ago worse than that man overnight there that 34000 brother felt like anything but. The tigers basketball united you know we're used to it. And they should go and they assure our little mood and can actually be. Did you sit cute do you remember. Do you remember we ain't going nowhere ghost like how often does that come. Our time that I get a lot of that is is that negative connotation mega occurred at a Vatican as you know. People like me and you know. It was well the good different lady was slowly notice and led that is telemann I had to do that I love that I would change my. No matter. You realize that you guys are what kept irrelevant men like I know Josh attitude had a good class command but if you guys have left that they gonna fall off a cliff so I mean I would say that. You were part of what kept irrelevant west that you yet you all did you best try to keep this thing go. Where you I don't know if you are an error occurred during a when I spoke with Elliott. The first time I talk bitterly loose. Was maybe like who we have to cabinet. And and he told me I was like man. I didn't and you see what actually when I think about China Aslan there loud lively city. He was like actually told on the course. Eight cities who Angel Garcia could edit term you know I think it was her daughter or. You know a lot of a lot of people don't know they have to Garcia that we know. You know into the beach. And have lived you know it went a different way up like you know. You can't you can't harp on the prayer you can't learn to fare you have got a little as well you know Leo our live in my attitude about it and I'll files. Has been a family matter what went out spoke to go absolutely did you know God's got a purpose for everything has it that led the steps led Apple's has been up. Has been a famine and mass. Are different and different. She's not saying those. Noted that more than basketball season. Shall I imagine this there's there's there's there's no where from here that contrast smartly got to. Grew worse we have goes man who just try maybe go play again it would disrupt macro allowed essentially financially. Completely understand that completely honest and that. Whose some. May I ask you this I'm always one another's been asked is is more we're looking at your we're we're we're promote the interview were put enough who has the football player. On your Twitter at the that we always in that picture is its you is that your brother. Now on a note after my bearish frame eleven well he sat in the car crash and because what I'm it's attributes in the media we know you always when asked that so no close. Saying. That's that's that's tough Brooke listen we are. And so appreciative of you are Brothers great catching up with Humana ma I'm expecting you to be around a little bit Wes with this because he knows that by the pop up and although they. Let's let us. Raising you can help me more than anybody. Put their if any are ways here all arranged photo staff and I wanna be and grad assistant. I kept she's. That's no problem at all. Also the one TBT are you still had that I think is next Saturday literally absolutely. Drew man I have got to go see it this week I feel like they're gonna you now now now I have another reason to hate airing Gordon. He stole his role man Wesley was bad at the big role in that movie in airborne came in and stole the man's role. And Erin was the one that informed him I'm taking your spot. Not all manned up or not at the Arnold Wesley that that is not cool we awarded Wesley is Casper would take him as Mario I got to him missing number the last movie Wesley does. This seems par for gates said they asked about the Kevin Hartman unique place in Atlanta it's always in a good spotlight and a lot of memories there yeah AAF unlike Tyler Perry make every movie he doesn't Atlanta this so he's if he gets a red tile repairs are avid Auburn did it's he is set for life. A man on Sabbath twelve movies a year. Wesley Witherspoon Menem problem actually extraordinaire. Our man on man I'm jealous what life is what a life.