Warren Moon, NFL Legend, on Jason and John (5/19/17)

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Friday, May 19th

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What an honor it is that day he says. NFL hall of Famer legendary quarterback Warren Moon and he joins us now Warren how are you. Should there are deliberate today I got the door back there rumba I don't know West Coast and and Seattle Washington it's a beautiful dirty urine. Liquor torture much we can't. Yet things are going are going great here in Memphis Tennessee where we obviously have a lot of moon man fans. What's the what was your experience a member I know you play the game. At the pre season game hasn't visited all nightmare but would user experience like here in Memphis. Yeah it was it was great to Europe. Virtual dead or personal Harlow good allow the barbecue for you and I'll go out there and got a chance to play in the Liberty Bowl players but Howard knows all the game. On during during the holidays see you tomorrow big college game Torre got a chance of player a couple of times that I in the preceding down there's so. Mike Stearns lovable pollutant that doesn't have been that many times surged. You know visited. Saint Jude's hospital quite a few times over the in the cute German ball where he looked obstacle they're biased reporting huge and I've been here to the golf tournament so your mattress look in the bridge spot. Reach out now they're like us they're outstanding barbecued. You're jazzman eyes that ride your jazzman. You don't know well of course music still littered Brewster Nero earlier wouldn't tell a young boy my dad over the big German guy and sold my mom wrote first. Records server bar ordered the first it's album I ever ball Grover Washington junior knows this first album I ever bought almost two junior low. You were allowed in more and you probably give this all the terms of a pardon my fanned the my guess in this question mature my first fanciful Baltic man back in a seventh eighth grade before their holiest view it was all on line. And I'll ask him. Based on on fantasy football. If you were still playing today. If you're still out there you're still an NFL quarterback how many quarterbacks would you take a ahead of born men. Dude would be no contest mostly in the dating rules Berlin he told a ball and now. I'd be be a strategy she not get a historic gay best way to game has changed over the air thirteen years become more quarterback oriented game mr. come straight game were built for our receivers and but slaughter all over the place you can't just to receive your left or five yards down the trio Egypt mr. quarterbacks or you're gonna probably so it's a great title for emergency people and again. Well it was a great time even then the watchdog kind of bring the run and shoot in to just introduce it it was so much fun to watch how how much fun was it note to play wanted to be directing it must have been a it must have been out. It wasn't good alt search you know very productive but a lot of the arms logon Meehan about and they have a good day. Or otherwise go we were gonna do very well earlier to run the ball is much can that alters we come around the borders to keep people Oskar. Every now and then the program applaud so much. You know you take a lot of idiots because you saw the ball on the altar and robot also they would get the ball out there. Are pretty quickly and everybody thought it was kind of a gimmick at the time but not if you look at put it to win again Tribune employees have so look everybody's door and all the things that we're going to run and shoot way back in 99. No doubt about it we are of course talking to hall of Famer legendary quarterback Warren Moon here on Jason's done. Ward I'm curious because I you are a guy who is still very involved no you had to have a good relationship with Cam Newton. When a rookie quarterback is entering the NFL. What's the lesson he needs to learn the fastest. You gotta put blinders on like a hole like a resource and just go worked you know Egypt's. Let all the distractions on the outside your dorm because she is behind the eight ball so a long ways most personal way college football is played right now would go where all these broad opportunity don't transition. To the net goes well also these guys up to learn a lot of spring but they ought to learn to take all the we're concerned they're gonna learn the 357 step drop they've now learned so many different bravely and have to do in college called a play in the auto. Where they've never had it's had to do that in college a lot of these quarterbacks such so they've got to get to work in trying to get to go on top of everything that they need to learn it they're gonna play early in their career in the more than they can march in that in those remarks rub between the draft stand and getting ready to receive and also training camps. Other brother they're going to be adjusted there gonna help deploy earlier Mercury church and it also helps to have really good players around June to juggle that transitions are you don't have to have everybody. Put on your shoulders don't like what Redwood Trust got a million dollars he had a great supporting casts were shot to make that transition easier for him. How hard is it when you are a quarterback rookie quarterback especially if you're if you're draft that highly for example if Europe mr. Biscayne you're drafted. You know in the top three overall. How hard is it to put your blinders on because I can only imagine that he is being approached by my all kinds of people who were saying that there his family from from here in from everywhere yeah how horrible how hard is it when you're rich quarterback especially when you're taken highly. To do what you say and put the blinders on and ignore everything else. It's really tough retro look that's look you know Taiwan the most. Real trying time Leo like this is something you worked for all you're you're young. Childhood in your dreams and your gold another year and your first round draft pick in the NFL or maybe a chance to be a starter so you got a lot of people are. What you should trauma that you were scrambling whether it's below the opportunity Robertson endorsement opportunities that organization want you to do certain things got program as well. You've got Strahan go out there that want search engines are delusional lot oratory young got to try to assimilate all that and the more you can tell. Put that stuff to the side of the better you're going to be edit it a lot of guys aren't able to do that sometimes just because idiot oh a lot of things coming that you once you've never had to experience absorption. Any Rio. You've got a broad. Create a trial and into the locker room that you're gonna be together early to know where they go cash in the only way you can do that in by being there all the time be in the first got the building around got to leave it that they'll veteran guys know rich you are committed to be in their leader. We are of course talking to great warm room and hall of fame quarterback nine time pro bowler. Warned really curious on your answer this don't they got to the gov of cared about that you we've we've we discuss the salon on the station's sports talk radio. But it's your answer I think that I wanna hear most of it is Colin Capp predict if he's not on a roster this season as he's getting a raw deal is he getting black balled or is that. Is it more on him what do you think. Cheap it all depends on what color of their western toward Colin and ask him to be a starter right now that's been church. Bigger money either what the market is is estimate care for our backup quarterback should be and he might not be our roster but it cheered beer and share about what he's it's what his demands are whether it's if he's OK it was below not the quarterback and he's okay what the market it's established right now we're back up. And nobody's siding and yet they do I wouldn't say it's black ball. But no shade of a number of teams that are already so that the quarterback position. And then there's an austere gene that still need help there and then there are some games that I just don't wanna deal whether district program what happened you know last year with the distractions. So there might be a huge Ingrid just were solid and recover that but I think for the most part he should be on somebody's brought to recover I think you the best. Are available backup is out there right now and I'm sure you would like to go to a team that maybe had a chance to to compete for a starting job but. I think most of the teams who probably looking toward god like you're right now does the release sent it to starting position. Burma toward got to give them some valuable. Detriment. Back uphill. Yeah I'm with 200% and and and as a brother I ask you this question are our black quarterbacks Warner we are our big I was about say we I didn't play excuse me are are they judged on eight. Different set of criteria. Is it do you know what I mean. And has seen more I don't think it'll anymore I think you're due to play the game no matter what color you are. You're gonna get an opportunity in the drug and sort ball right now I think they understood they're saying enough. Examples about an American Robert Russell Wilson or Super Bowl others care Newton or the Super Bowl whether it's true. All these different guys that are drafted number one overall Jamison or stern a Michael Vick can you name it's a straight. They're gonna get churches and so I think it would college these are different type quarterback because dubious skills that. And there are certain offenses you can put him in because of what he's able to do so I think that count limit to the opportunity Lou well. Well and and I think you're absolutely right the other reason that it's more said the NASA's we had guys like you doing it when when others were not at you must take out a great deal of of of fulfillment in the fact I mean I know it's not something that's a batch so Foreman back about every day but. Gosh warming knew you were one of the U one of the great sure one of the first you were yet I know Jeter ripped up all these guys we all look up to you come. That's Europe on a pedestal or and that that's that must be something to be able to live with an ad that ING. Well you know sales up journey for me at times no question about it but. One other thing that most proud of more than any accolades that I that I was able to get to well she was or individually was earlier quarter helped make changes and help other young guy you're an opportunity to play this game at. The girl who Wear your that I played Berger who waited don't Williams played more than a Super Bowl and wherever Cunningham click of we all calculated the same time. I think we openly the whole lot of general managers and owners around the league at these guys can't play the game at a high level and we need to start given more opportunities. And you saw all the doors start to open after that. There's no doubt you did when when you watch the titans are bid on it polar CU in this series when you watch him now they still yours are that are that the titans you put can you separate the two. You know they are the type in the end I wish they weren't yours but. That's where my legacy is that's where Omar records aren't and that's where my history is so. I definitely root for them Auburn they have a tremendous young quarterback jamarcus Mary snow who broached openly turned to the promised land and dump they really put a good team around him to sought and they're really good shape and just wish I could get down there more to Abiola a little bit more ball to what organization has ultra right now. Well they should definitely says thank you all that without a doubt we are of course all dolphin quarterback Warren Moon I'm curious what you make of disarm Watson. Dead dead the quarterback in Houston who they traded up to get I I'm high on him. I think his performance against Alabama is set a lot about him if he's taken hit after hit he got back up and made the throw every single time. Do you think he's a future that franchise. But what he has to work well again he's come in to Regina which have a top vote no to outside do you church. If not the best defense of intra ba. Well they've got a really good running game would Lamar Miller they've got some really good wide receiver on the outside they wanted to work with folks or enough. My. I can't or Gucci you name right now but they've got some really really good receivers on the outside Bremer work worst. This is a matter of him coming in. And learn in the Austrians are getting comfortable with everybody and that are you gonna have to learn early young player and then of course you got bill O'Brien Lugo out has. In the chair coach who's a really good quarterback approach so desperately hope will suit up progress as wells a little bit of a lot going for him that. Once you rate a place you have a good supporting cast a no predict success and the most. Warn you spent so much time with Cam Newton what do you think of his growth particularly as a leader as a leader of of the team what do you think of of how far he's come. And Al Faris got. I think the I think please come along way and either that. I really challenge it is tremendously talented and he just. It's times. Targets a little bit in the and so must not think you shouldn't leadership qualities to our best work is. It worked just achieved he works hard. He's a guy that has. Tremendous the local skills. And sometimes Yuri gets a little bit down and sultry into the handle of course and her work charm it is hard losing both Zach you don't really want a quarterback that extra absolutely but you don't when you have to have a better relations. When you're when you're. Representing your whole lot of organization in your sand base and match after a big loss all of them out that you dornin great job he does need to stay healthy and they need to which. Not took so much on him as far as running the football Packers she's not a hole out tomorrow and that's where each no matter how big and strong he is speaker of mr. Berger took AppleTV NFL. And your mind is Tom Brady and I know you're hyper competitive guy and you had an amazing curry yourself but in your in your mind is Tom Brady the best. You know he's right there I'd never Joseph Montana was always loved the best in majors because the way you live to do that sentence just so how he pitted in big moment and that and you know Tom. Very very impressive this year bringing his team back toward five down an inch in ways that sort ballgame. No mr. Super Bowl I guess in urban tribes are you know. Between those two between Joseph and end up mud up to sales tour so far the best all time just because look. What they've been able to accomplish over a long career. In terms of what you've been up to since her career candidate obviously I know you've spent some time with Cammie mentored him. You're the president of sports one marketing. Have you have you taken it on yourself you know as a as a hall of Famer you are you first African American quarterback be inducted into the hall of fame amid heavy take it on yourself to just sort of you be involved with some of the guys that come through and still sort of have your hands on on the NFL in some way. Oreo love I have great relationships to a lot of young quarterbacks earlier and and that's something I always want to try and do it sure enough is that I was able to gain. In the league to make that transition easier for young guys to almost and we talked about beginning of this interview. There they have no idea what they're going to be dealing with when they come into the league so you got some guys who have been through rebels' foreign can help guide them through it. Bad scar well our large trying to do is just gonna limit my mired advice or amend my experience to them and not been able to do that. For a lot of different and also train some of those ghost. Individually. But I'm burger -- we would slow you what you should must sports marketing business side I also do commentator and our during the season while with Seattle Seahawks I host a couple of TV shows during the week during the season. Do speaking engagements around the country you know I'm a very very busy elk foundation is very very active clinched the bid to raise Lotta money for kids go to college so a lot of good things wrong in my life right now and all of which are doing is give back all the strings love been blessed to work over the course of my life in my career in the coming a bit different look people's lives in different levels. No question about it while you're one of our favorites here on dazed and John he is Warren Moon honor anybody better Warren thank you so much for the time that I if yours have a good weekend. OK guys thanks Jeremy on I'll talk to use somewhere down the road I'm sure. Sounds right yup. Sounds good he is secure Warren Moon hall of fame quarterback.