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Wednesday, April 19th

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Bobby marks he's a front office insider for the vertical he joins us now body what's going comment picture billionaire. Are you want your carrier I every well everything is good for the fine for David Tisdale and it just got handed down you tweeted you thought it might be. 50000 dollars only that I BF 30000 dollars at a bargain. I didn't bargain I think he got his money's worth I really do I mean if you're gonna go in the minors or going into the guest artists from. You know from from criticizing the officials and die it's funny I just. I just sent to at the band network brought by the let me know our content check to help but help reduce that by I think you'd have a lot of people in the corner will pay that back. In terms of them. The foundation for that rant I mean do you do you think it was calculated do you think it was just. Do you think they are fit their way into that press conference. Knowing that he was gonna go in on the officials and hoping. That there would be some sort of you know impact in the next game from a. Idea I really do I don't think you would have done it if it were to come back in and tied that game he is here in about 11. I think where he looked out where is the meaning he did have a lot of good about quite as are some of an officiating standpoint but I think you where he saw a scene. Where they are down low out of jail in a whole column called. Now really back against yet the war all getting a awarding of a really good Antonio team I think. I think he took that into consideration when he when he went away with his approach. Well when you're down 02 and a Ceres and I mean let's be honest you lose both games. Pretty handily. I mean there's there's got to be some source of fire right I mean that there's got to be some some moment that sort of galvanizes the team right. Not you're you're right I mean we've I've been down when I was in New Jersey we are down in that Easter and that's semis one year down notes due. Lose both that ominous new win both new book at home. An and go on you know gone relatively game five and I think. You know you throw away what happened in games one Q you've you've data entry common only in your home building you know hopefully you there's a different. Real performance you know out there that we saw over the weekend and and you know I'm honored on Monday here but. You know you you've gotten on the loose right now you know nobody expect in his tempest in to get that batted this around right now so. Yeah roll out half the hopefully eventually maybe get going now back actually it helped that it did it. And yeah you get bigger out of this pitching in the end Antonio warmer air. I'm I'm with you about I think most of us most of us reasonable people know that that there's not much of a chance in terms of beating the spurs have been there in the real questions come. For this franchise when when you look at the situation you've got you've got you know. Decisions to make on Zach Randolph Tony Allen and to Michael green is this something. With the way it's gonna an obviously you're hoping she'll Parsons is better in year two is this some. How tough the situation RD and right now about it. There are a lot there edited clutch situation there a group there with a group of teams who spent a lot of money last summer. You know it and some of the decisions they spend money on not not how to ma'am my coming here but you don't eat talk about the park and signing. It was either gonna go one way or another no there was no really kind of going down down the middle here it was that I worked out you can get healthy and you're gonna see the harshest that you. Seesawing in Houston from my a couple of years ago or you know if you if you we saw him and injuries employment at the landing gear. And from a production imports and I think. When you look at the three decision they made at make with you know with green in an Allen and and and Randolph. The parts and money it's hanging over their head right now if you're on the court right now in the playoff. And had an impact I think it would it be one thing. But when you have and I don't wanna call it cap space right now is east dog you know career left in in what he beat them back on the court. But you have a a payroll of you know 9394. Million guaranteed before you Dresser won't create and you know that's not a lot of money you know to dole out there. As a former front office guy longtime front office got what would you do Bobby would you blow it up Orwell would you. Just try to stay you know kind of where they're at with you know seven try to be as 67 seeds are in the middle of the pack or do you blow this on upn and try to plan for the future. Yeah you know it's hard loaded up by now it you know I think we keep people write about and in major gene we picked that mine you know after the kid error and it ended in the blow it up and built the lottery and hopefully you app state and it took us five or six years to get out of an Illinois guy it was real respect and raid in. And got the play out for three years and now I'm back in that name. Gamespot but they're still they're still foundation there with Arlene and its sole. You know you've got to see what you meant to a part in but if he can bring those guys back at you know I'm not I'm not saying you know yeah I'll. Big time contract but it there's some type a middle ground right even if you've got to get even if you are you know near an electric back. I think it happened because I think you know in the west. It if you bought that nick. You know that you know outside of maybe don't they've been that as realistic strained U into look at a team that confined to get in into applied to Denver I mean look at the lakers let it. Tom Ackerman Sacramento as a good example. Adult picky if he if you go that route never tire you're gonna get out of. Yep we are of course talk you through body marks front office insider for the vertically on Twitter at Bobby marks. 42 the last thing on the grizzlies in their future obviously they're still at least two games. To play out but this is obviously a big topic of discussion here in Memphis. But if you are assessing the grizzlies future over the next 345 years what word might you use to describe it. Unpredictable. I mean I really what I mean I think you know he's you know how many are still in the prime of their career. But what is the infrastructure behind behind. Those guys there and you get anything out of your former traffic I think. I think that's going to be the big the big key it and and they they started to Attica correctional and a look at. Realm are gaining weight ball land and you know now you got Wayne shelving you you've really got hit on those are the players I'm not talking about a starter but you know it's far that next. Next wave of guys and I'm not valid are not all New Jersey is that a good at art art art I would that we never had that next layer when these guys got old. That there was there was never got an attic you know about my new chain there. Our dog do you think the Celtics now down 20 to the eight seeded bulls do you think Danny Ainge and those guys are our regret that and make a trade deadline deal. Well it's hard day. You know because they're gonna get really drastic outside you know all there's all you're out your window to be united only elf is going along there and when you have a did and that. An opportunity to be a pop water to recede in that. Cleveland team that is certainly vulnerable I would say. Maybe get a Jimmy Butler Paul and George you know. I I think it I mean you do it yourself in a rare and a little bit there's. There's a difference between I could regular eating team while you. And I think what you're seeing in Chicago is that the that team is built well you know what Butler way. They'll guys that are able that the close vote aimed and I I can't and that spot that's all that out one of those guys right now I don't like there's not a lot. But that put another guy out there another weighing out that you are corporate it in this series nothing got that we're you know we're Boston's veteran. At the sicker without Isaiah hit can you recall and and maybe there has been and I'm dismiss and you were called star player like him. Have to go through something as tragic as as he is right now during the post season. Now I don't know we've we've had now we've had a door number you know and regulate it no wait until that happens and we member by. You know should there be board game on you're the one she. You know passes. Is the way you know you eat you got to be a cute game that. Without on your mind I you're going out he had a got a big gap in the schedule here in and in you're down and you're down 02 amino being great. It would be great of the great movie you know they may have come back in be able to pull that out everything but I can't recall you know at least in my time something like that. Out of it we are of course talking to body march front office for a insider for the vertical on Twitter. At Bobby marks 42 Bobby what do you make of an apology or just comment I mean he's been very tough. TJ miles safety amounts of passing the ball even though he was double TV ten miles turner wasn't tough enough with Steve's and he's maintained his composure. It is this and is this the mark of a good leader or is this out of balance for Paula George. I never big fan of a player at itchy is that about public in. And you know criticizes own teammate I understand the land the frustration the land the other. The other night that in it you know they've picked you know betraying up the track a little bit that stretch with. With him in the morning Kevin Love but. Yeah I I would be more you know I wouldn't be out public but I'd I'd probably more question my coach in anything as far as if you look at the end of game one. You know what was played a run you know in the NY Ers secondary option if they played broke down. It get you the ball you know I I wouldn't want an open that that direction I think mile earns a little bit different young players is only inspect it. While that term AI I would wanna keep at all on how there. Cleveland's up 20 but I I don't know that their defense that has looked. Any better than it did during the at the end stretch of the of the rip the stretch that a regular season there do you think they're shaky defense will be good enough to get them through the east and get into the vials. I think thirty yes I think she. But I the other added that it. That a trend going right now and he sought and you being here that they don't have the ability to cooking a way yeah I mean they're really now they've they've jumped out at some point lead. All the elect Indiana. You know come back in and you know in them possibly deal could've won that game on and zoning in keep it down. Yell they're up by great down down the stretch and after a lot of big lead and I acting where the east right now at least your first couple games here is that you know what he's seen at that autos Siri not a whole lot Ronald right now these. A burst you paint it. You gamespot. I think putting teams away getting through these series short and you know 45 game. Would give them the best shot if you do get you know that the other and it Arnold and no leader called data or skin tone each in one of those. From affront offers perspective Bobbie speaking of keeping something in house the Carmelo Phil Jackson saga is a complete and total mass. How do you even begin to sift through that in and diffuse that situation and and find a solution if you're the New York Knicks. There is no relationship you know I think part of your job as a general manager besides why iron out is you got to build a relationship with York. Your star players your franchise players and I think. Either met it with Chris Wallace with with Arlene it's all there at the relationship if you see in. Okay Hewitt Westbrook impressed in and you need New York as much as you lot of people criticized Carmelo. You you don't need not like he got an expiring contract you've got to monitor and contact Rick up next couple years. And it doesn't work out but you've got to figure out you know what the best. A trade scenario. And from the comments. There's you know basic video card it meaning it is value you know on the trade amp poignant I don't know how that worked out the hard part is is that when you have a general manager doesn't speak immediate. You know his last comments were in September and basically took on hand all year and in a way to the end the year product. Yet out what you what you want to say about the team when you're up or seeing it they're wrote. I think that really step. All right there. Do you see a place that he fits Bobby and and if they do decide if that well having obviously it's he's got the levers he's got the no trade clause but do you see a spot. On on a contender on a team that it's close. Hum where would be successful. Why that number so big is another big problem. You know you move them after July 1. It's the 35 million dollar cap hit for next year that I mean to them about the monster I mean even admit Spain eight when they're when a capital under one million dollars but. I you know I have a hard time and elected to gene that. And they sit out in free agency but that would you do it it you know trade clause are you will expand the cool here and and you know I I talked about Chris Mann act as we I would be stunned. If there's a point where he entertained the buyout market its New York is an able to move in in and take it out some money off all what left bodies that showed that fifty million. Made some money off back contract. And make it up and it in his next contract with another team. He is body marks the front office insider for the vertical nice that the join us this morning Bobby exam anglers are married excited. Thank god everything that I don't figure he is Bobby marks.