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Wednesday, May 17th

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His name is Jamal Johnson he's an incoming Memphis freshman he's the highest rated player. Coming into the American athletic conference this year and he joins us now Jamal let's go man thanks for coming on. I anytime as a where do you get to Memphis what is Albert is the official report date for you. Ought armed out may 28 has comet. Yeah it started like a bullet less than a week now almost went is that you aren't going to be RD log across the state and everything. Our graduate may Ers are the body art graduate. So five days after graduating Eddie you got any big plans for your last week. At home before you get to Memphis you have a graduation party and I thought. Don't turn up our yeah. That the little orders. That probably. Big bomb like a little port eighty the actors. And way in you received an award yes heavily apple what was that I believe athlete of the year what you did yesterday. Yeah I got a call at Goodyear at the climate global. Errol congratulations. Greg thank. So look so we aster that it's been an askew but I wonder kind of compare the answers what was it about Toby about US the zeal about. Meant this that made it the right fit for you. Well I mean got a CO. I mean he made it you didn't have that we've got recruited me and I mean when I got down happiness like the hole that we coached OB. All of them they made it to like you all for me there and I'm not allowed to this locker me. And it is that not a camp is and as a whole overall full program. Just felt like you look at the right should army. Who else was seriously recruiting but did you take any other visits. Oh yes oh maybe was recruiting me Georgia. All Wake Forest and I a couple of schools. And their best bid that when you visited Memphis like. Me I guess what was it about the facilities about what was gonna Memphis that may data destination for you. All of its like your typical right right I mean like that facility is look like out there larger building in new practice I think it going to be bill. Now like art market there hasn't been to our unity. Delegate count every at a program goat so be a great job coaching. An art like the system they mean well so. USO raping us at scheduled to be done in October and I know this fall and your yet you're going to be one of the big guys in no doubt about it what do you what do you what do you see yourself as jamaat the next level and are you more point guard and shooting guard are you more shooting guard. Then point guard what position do you see yourself that most of the God's level or do you see it in Albion pretty equally distributed you planned vote. Yeah yeah I'll be a little bit of bolt I grew beauty like scoring game. Playing golf like shooting the ball like shooting guard all that their art school. Like I had to play allowed where Gordon is developed into a point guard Sorkin playbook of all I think prosperity. All that well there are labeled a bullet in jeopardy board elect equal equal portion of all position. We are of course talking to incoming Memphis freshman Jamal Johnson. Gets to campus later this month speaking of getting on campus tomorrow. A lot has happened obviously the last few months with this basketball team. How have you. Look at it has it been difficult have you heard I mean obviously. There's been a lot of scrutiny on this program because it means so much in this community and went. They're transfers and their losses obviously where would that just gets more scrutinized so how have you looked at it. Sort of the program going through a transition with tubby how have you viewed all that from where you stand. Oh yeah a lot where battle transferred all that but I mean that it bothered ought level on an order. And coached be Ecuador Hugo under all programs like that at and that yeah all market. I always important has more on news that it would get down there. Best part of your game. What don't we ask we asked dad and I'm taken on the what already got I know versatility how on the list but takes you to Jamal Johnson what's best party game. Best or my game. And they are the outbreak of the bill look pretty good shooter now and not they are yet like verse thirty I think on the stock market might rebel port or not. They are in different multiple decisions look so I covered a lot like that it lucky I get lucky that all but I try to attribute didn't waste possible. That still tell us how much you worked on that shooting part of the game because of doctor Jerry Meyer has been island use with 2.4 seven sports. Has loves you all time I think had you in his top 100. The entire time he's talked about it. With me that Jamal's put in a tunnel work always shocked that it is okay it was already good but that he's taken it to another level so what have you done. With the shooting as it put not jumpers before school what what all is gone into that. And improve in that party again. Yeah I bet you the EUW. Mortal we get shot more and yet maybe outside the week we always. We think we got out of this morning to. Well we really always in Beijing more shark. Was it like I'm all pretty good shooter and they are my that is me in my that it may try to make it consistent I missed that must are also we've been a lot of talk of everyday. Are you gonna ask your dad to buy you a pair of big Boller branch use. My mom. You don't like them. Army. They are there. Like do you think do you like I mean your guided go by how neighbors she's you have like 500 on the like that in that range. Oh that awkward or shoot yet. Though. Point. Eat at the end of the year sixth of accidentally UW beat these you pick these up at like a U events Charlotte you just go home with about a guy. Are so you you know seizes my point you know basketball is when you see the issue like forget the price tag. Do you think the she looks good like is it assumed that if somebody walked up to you said the mall congratulations you're the proud owner of the news out to. Are you gonna Wear them on the court. One I don't doubt it I don't I don't like I don't like. I don't again what what do you just as a son who's got a father play in the NBA and what do you think it we Astrid had this to the what do you think of Lavar. As a son with would you. Add to the links he's gone if if your in his son's shoes if that's your dad are you embarrassed. Or use that's just my bad economy. Yeah a candidate I'll bet. I'll be in Albion bears very anybody I know he's very outgoing. Yeah it is written mine a lot but I mean develop my get away. Now if I get out like a love the way it is I want my apply it would be impaired while our. OK we aster data series of questions for their specific purpose to see how close how tight you two are so we've asked him a series of questions when asked you the same question Steve you've got the same answer you read. Best player that your dad win against what he thinks he said it. Desperate that you are OK I know it favorite player income by Juliet herb I'm bogey. He had multiple. Loop current. Let the best player. Inflate and we'll probably be. She's out of a lot of weight 00 how can they burglar or lord I'm neat looking and maybe I don't know. Trying to so Jamal trust your gut you just said Larry Bird brother. And leave it. Up spoke out after one and this one you made because you may not he may not you all may not talk about this is listened as answer but opposing player. That he couldn't stand. Or the break he can tirelessly. And he can each. Did that that was Mormon history lesson because it's what it's it's. It's a name I remember but I am but it elevators in no way he knows 'cause I don't even know you'll know who he is you don't know the. Are all of it out but I think about it are big dip a rod well. It. He was a piston though you are close brother Jamal I was Mark McGwire who spent some time with the pistons by a former bad boy. Yup he said a figure dancer they exchanged some elbows a got a little nasty or go to the next Nike Adidas are under armour. Reporter you're dead we're seeing if you all the same if you won in the same. What are you thinking says. All the law all day long you nailed art the piece of advice this is the last of the piece of advice. That he gives you the most the piece of advice Eaton maybe says Daley to you at the one thing that she'd think and remember I asked him that's a what do you think he says. Audit your margin percent effort at all it if you work or. The people. We're gonna count that is a win take coaching do well in school give a 100% Jamal we know. What did he said that's more your mom sometimes that he's been an editor of law and that about he is Jamal Johnson he's comedies do you'll be our campus. Later this month a freshman for the University of Memphis basketball program. Tomorrow on whether or not a man brother. Thank you for the Arab. He is it Jamal Johnson.