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Thursday, May 10th

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Broadcasting on 92968. It's an on line at 929 This is smooth chase and Intel. This is sports station 99. My. My DS and. Fight back bays and dine night each or nine FM ESP in an about an hour from now it's a momentous day here in Memphis Tennessee us. The eight A half. And their Memphis team will be introduced to the community 130 at the Liberty Bowl we cannot wait for that. Spirit and help us break it down and what this means and why they chose. The city of Memphis is Tom V he's the head of business at the day AF and he joins us now top thanks for the time in our era. Now we're doing good give already. Sounds rather than we are so excited about this. These are doing thought about it. Yeah I mean I I think we know we are thirsty for a for some pro football here in Memphis and we're glad to have it back so I will ask you though. Arm why Memphis why why it was Memphis a logical destination. Well there are a lot of very different note this is a great football town in a great football state. I mean look you guys probably shouldn't have been a bulky and you're out. My mom and nutrition unit that always supported football. And you know future of the city and on the raw agent who don't offer up with the mayor I have a list to excel. Well pork in that the football and wish at all what I'm looking at a US they'll push religion which ultimately you're. They haven't should be it crude great global population is growing don't count growing. Chief Lowell would be if you treat the treaty you didn't look very well what ball. On the NN keeps worship we had them to a commercial yet become quite. And now I can see just that alone it's worth now hopefully he will not owned the Memphis team like he did Tennessee James once upon a time. Arm but a distant terms Tom of you know that what you're looking for. Because you Marty you by the C announced three destinations so far you've got Orlando you've got to man up and now Memphis com. What I guess what will be the common thread of of each of those threes if it is it just football craze like what would you what's the common thread with the city so far. Good communities. On. Well football with great population suddenly look at it. When we did a little out of gonna be different than every other week it's come the pastor treatment Orangeburg football or your years upon years and you know how you guys can make it work didn't end I was in a good football forty years ago and oil being at work and now it. You don't need to make it complicated. There are certainly not a thousand people plan does play in college football every year there should keep her job well. 2% of player in college material well. If we take percentage or import personal gonna help some of those lawyers I would play college football. So we got you believe you Bill Polian get coach Lubbock and tell you who would them. Sure you know most may have doubles are we almost got Jeff and I don't. You're between you would desert the each currently outnumber turn your. When you hear that a coach is going to be. Actually put great football not well a 150 million people watched football weekly big church. During the season when machine and so far billion of them don't want another bush or. Or are right corporation. So good football and kitten being impatient. While we're on water and an attitude or regional drought in actual call or torsion machine. If you're gonna get corrupted crunch schooled in the area are it and chips that Clayton. Scored and we haven't got into schools are of a good football college level that the when you you're gonna definitely not that you could have being that you know. In the studio. It could be accomplished dealership and it's going to be contractual. And when and then the TV part of this to Thomas picked up urgent another interview one if you can tell our list of sounds like that's different too in the sense that. Going to be quicker games less commercials sounds like. Yeah so one of the market is that football Skelton brick commercialize Italy default all of that of course we're. Or war. The Airpwn brilliant geopolitical factor all the support generated total Chico default portion on the spot for 50% of the spot. Republican acute in the tip of wayward and you ought to change fortunes in the game ever try. The only encourage sponsorship of worker and should keep percent of the commercials that we didn't watch the game and not emotional or cultural. Or it inched up it was a natural break in the action and how to handle or burn a corner over them take a break but we're not a murderer apparently. Out Churchill and the ball all the Balkans or in Marshall. And we're going to restore certain clock actual ordered shut in law. We're actually not gonna change a game a lot to look in the pokey in virtual long it seems like it's worked too cute little changed progression of the old order structure of former page for forty minutes of commercials yup we're gonna get right back on the field ago. Like we awkward I don't know Tom beat head of business. With the AF over at delivered a bull 130 they're going to introduce. The new Memphis team so I don't know what you can tell us Tom. But I'll ask what will the teams have names I've seen alliance Orlando alliance Atlanta alliance Memphis would that be the names for the. That will not be an amendment to the hole and then how are on and ultimately the world in the community and exceptional pushed up turned out here early. Yeah I will have been there Eli actually Richard OP name were absorbed into account should it is ridiculous alliance team. And so they will have named you that later this summer. Indeed. Our head coach today. Also usually doesn't really amount of achieved prior on the politicized. Clues in a war PO yet but are safe unit former bad touch football. A former Memphis football players got to be the team president. I I would say this Tom. Obviously you're gonna have a lot of people who say spring football yeah receivable or does it work. The one thing that I will say that I rabbis and and a lot of research on this. You guys in terms of launching. An eight lead you have have to be done as good a job as you can do you've got legitimate credible football people. Involved and I think that's what's going to separate you from other leagues whether it's Bill Polian whether it is obviously Charlie who did the ex FL documentary so he knows exactly. Well how and why. That league obviously did not work army got Troy Polamalu hard work you guys have got legitimate and and real football people behind this and I think that's an important step. I appreciate that more people don't realize skewered. This is it working on this well what year bumped Charlie is that the thirty for thirty M really have all the analytics at all of how this should not work. And how an and so he put together people who had been hurt them in court together like it is not there are great football. You know provide a great environment and didn't com. And what we'd been working us per year in secret we wanted to make sure that we had the investors are going to be long term. You know the other part is is that. We're not adversarial should've felt board yeah sure you huge go away we're gonna have a true do you attribute football or Sri struggle of the world Scottish open and one of the stories for the players will funnel shortage for the team shop in the she'll wind change while we're create alliance between those groups. But still there. It really we wanna keep football be your pro 400 to future children lead and help them what are we didn't player development which is where all the not on the field. All the field and jobs programs and most players selection to you shall we wanna have an option you can you have to be able to make shell. Tom what's the game day like your vision of the game day experience or for the area. Mean you know hopefully is HD can talk to everybody and they're cheap and coerced. Going nuts are mean. I think we wanna melt the college and pro much beer you want to have a what people advocate of a joint book. You know you know they're grab a beer and have a hot dog. Tailgate out in the parking lot of people ask you because would have been working on a partiality are pregnant with the stadium packed with people haven't but outside the Dorgan and watched. And horrible ordeal and again the insertion of discrete four hour changed for the people terribly. Low mortgage yen and so you wanna get here. And that's before the game have a good time and get there until you get washed up the great you wanna come until eight or make that day. Were diplomat true. Mean what's the Sowers Herschel like Tom because inevitably to get this good football writes in to get that third and 4%. But you just talk about you gotta have incentives right at I'm I'm I'm sure you all a copy of what's it what's what's it look like if you can tell. We haven't announced surcharge for a couple I would say this player you may aid group make a good living doing it dopey new competitor wrote people of the work force fumble but you beat a player. And make a good looking for playing football and then we're also gonna give them scholarships and other thinks it is. Football has been ambivalent over British coroner won't make sure we let them play it's going to be a great a current player. To make money but also shut up a crucial. Now you came from the ex FL obviously you worked with Orlando rage. How how valuable that experience for you. You know knowing what work in what did not work because you know people forget they've via the exit bells about of a joke now. But it was successful for a Thai people were curious about it and it it did have. Ratings how how valuable as experience for you know and what worked and did not work for for that particularly. An invaluable to and to be able to look experienced makes a lot of people mortar war. And I learned that it was the inexperience of queuing it and experienced being able look back at all the legal fight with each car and took. Ireland's huge bandage you know wove and the coach Berger I look at everything that was going on. I you know I was watching the games. So looking back at all if it works great known as we have the benefit all which analytic. So we're able to look at. You know what people do whatever although we do you really wanna like order they initially put also. A lot of what we get one is looking back control how we make this show what I don't come back to each up complicate. Did you provide an important that's really cool twists and you know we're gonna have Indian print and she worked out our own. You do get all the games should not all the new bells and whistles that people on the tradition which can be blunt but your football player and you wanna watch a great game. Come on down delivery or watch it turn your TV or she touched more people want it more great cable or Duke Energy guy you ought to be in. We're gonna have a little bit earlier than I remember it in the wake. It is called social yep looks you won't show shortly in America and for ten weeks. And then by the time wartime while the league playoff and championship and it. And what we're done an inch really terrible draft a year ago cheering so we're in a football portion. You never have to live without football in the life forever yet. So this sort sort of tell me about the app if I have this right so at every game will be available on the app for free is that correct. Correct a guy and OBO -- other show up on their you'll be able tickets will be able ritual of the cable program to implement all elegy it to. We have a whole division on California finished doing nothing but to tell people shopped around. Can you expound a little bit on the fantasy aspect because of obviously listen to some interviews that that Charlie has done and and and we all know that fantasy has led to the explosion of the NFL frankly the last five to ten years and I know that's been a big point for you guys. From February to April there's no fancy there's really nothing to do is respect for football at least. Is that an arena where you really for like you guys can make a mark. With this week. Yeah I kids aren't we talk rule rule unchallenged for your article is almost a year old guy church it's huge crash by a little bit because. And we've done a lot of what they want so worried occasion that we trouble Herbert. Where do you see this thing and Tom averted talk about the ten year business plan that you altogether and you talk about all the research you've done even leading up to this. In ten years ideally do you see as you know a team in thirty cities what he'll see this thing engineers. Well I would sure you heard it and I think what we look into the cold league team. So why should you yeah you're you're also though one of the things that you saw in the other way it should they created to continue to expand chip. To survive the word out though that we will extend Olympic Torch and so I would I would I all the bigger bigger than an eighteen week. Well I would feel robust and the European trip or playing and even with a brief bit visual natural feeling it. They have been able to watch football and they are look the they're not looking to push bring to shut it sure looked at their spring it. And here to only show that guy again you're looking little old Lucia football player. Here's some guys I appreciate it that would you know bell about Urquhart of B and you know apple. Cup play early or long time. I think in ten years and we are stable part of the sports landscape and people couldn't remember a time when. I last thing got Tommy gave us a little bit of a hand about the team president of form of this beloved player can you give us the a slide hit. About who the head coach is any thing. Wings. Each human genitalia. Bomb is a former bear. Again I ex Yankee reaping the name in for sure. I beautiful purple ball where I can give the case of former football player and football player are. I'll put put this well either way you never bloody attack Obama got. I am that never wanted to tackle by guy absolutely love it tough was awesome talking to appreciate your time replacing guys out the best of luck if there's anything we can do please let us now. Appropriate it would absolutely we'll talk Tom thank you. Is Tom beach VA is we have that he is the head of business or the alliance of American football.