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Tuesday, August 8th

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Jason and Jon back with him has promised his name is TJ moss he's one of the top prospects in town of the class of 2018 got offers from just about everybody in the country. And he joins us guys got a big announcement as fathers here as well they're small senior welcome gentlemen welcome welcome to the welcome to the to the studios hum. Before we get to questions about your recruitment and all that. You've got the big announcement will just clear the floor for you and you can tell us what is. OB attended deliberate loss a year I got you so you are leaving at least to attend Findlay prep the program at a Las Vegas is there probably TJ Washington was there last year and name we know well play for team penny. Not a place for Kentucky's the poll you let it has is dead the head coach. Got you hot add some enough Findlay prep making the decisions on about going up. There that route instead of finishing and it off the east. Oh well you know it was his decision made for him. And his development just try to get him. I'm ready for college. And not contested bid situation form. All forward to hip can prepare better for you know plan on the national stage each and every gang. So. I think you know if he's dream is to play in the NBA. Which is which abuse. You talk about. The Mamo MBA player that has come out rarely organization. Compared to peace. You talked about maybe are 25 years they've fair warning NBA player commodities are school. Vs Findlay prep who didn't exist fourteen years in. And got tents where pros already. I think they've parent better if you know. The cellist Yo-Yo U all not happy with the east but I by all accounts is he's got a great career there scored over a thousand points what play first three years they're ninth tenth 113 did you play tomorrow's night a couple of three years there was everything cool there an ankle penny was a critical with the exposure gaga. He had a phenomenal. And I agree. It couldn't get no better our number. I don't think it was acute in the city playing better than he's playing in my grade. You know he he took. First of all we came weeks the year before they want five gearing. Creighton now we remember where was this order. He came to turn the whole program around. And lived in the state. And he want. Allstate turn returning first thing. You know the only only Frist and I think this done. His first year so you know come off their first years you know is Pierre ranked dumb. Eight scene in a country. He gotten crazy golf was gonna his sophomore season. And begin those sophomore season and and throughout this. Went downhill from there Larry. He got no prayer is no notoriety. Nolo. Vicious victory. The big that was the result of how he was being used at least. Possibly. And you know owls fighting for the way they were you'll. He's the biz call Bogart you can probably farm out there period. You know in terms of point guard mansion guard air about known for shooting. Bird you put in a while ago are not send some tigers and is ridiculous summary I think what they had the summer league over ago in new areas. And I think our point guard was out at its arms so he had Rockport. And he'd lived in league and a six. They're holed some. Leo we give back to school and we can give no point guard. We want to jump and you know why you gotta Lomax at the point guard you know well so I mean at best that low should have been shared. A got absolutely adventures. You said it's it's kind of been downhill since then but I'm looking at is often less so Alabama Arkansas and Arkansas have been all over in Florida Vanderbilt which also Missouri S and you'll missed easy Ohio State trade numbing after go on the border US deficit to stay UT Martin. And he's got all the offers you could warned as far as the. All else load outs they know a great player only see one on me you know real coaches notes Al. But at the end of the day he got no local low so this about love and Jeannette Rankin up its arms of the move on me for the you know you talk to our top 25 T. How do you not protected. Session have been protected. We have Eric talks quantify queued in the city. In make players all time. Joke against. Everybody got us Adonis was yeah he's top ten of talking to Bob by the and that's was obviously a title what is so what we talked in years ago. Adonis was out like 2000 endemic quite in years almost eleven as an eleven I think he was via Sony serial. Armed have you all set up visits that tell you you move on to Findlay prep then the schools now ideal sort of official visits in terms of his recruitment. You know where you're going to sell one or two is a whole thing wide open right now. Is so wide open right now man because so when and pupils are you it often so many schools are you got like thirty Amador you were I know may I mean you know. Is is not easier special when you got a list like this. So like really real good there there are like really fairness. Is special when they still common. Are we looking for you know a Baltic situation for him well what business him. So. A male that you are a real like Arizona State a lot of what we're by Robert Ehrlich are we talked quite a bit book. And Arkansas Mississippi State they you know those guys really have been instrumental in contact and reaching out. And is has been you know has just been a blessed is. Is the hope with TJ moss transferred to Finley for the senior is that hope that it would improve his. National profile guzzling guys go there. I mean they you do is you play that schedule you're gonna get more coverage is that the idea that he goes a fairly and it's profile has expanded. Yet that so book just overall does get better. Armed just yells get an assist self set up to be a probe. As he will be an Ambien one. And you don't you don't go Saturday. And I did that. Are just you know if the situation one built form. How many. Tell me this how much have you all heard from Memphis earlier from now. Jim had an offer. From Memphis under Josh Wright I salute and so and then tubby comes in and drawl. What what's that kind of was a concert band they're they're not among the schools apparently that's offered jewel. You know I don't I don't consider doomed to be a mosques school because they they've given so it's a lackluster effort. In. Recruit him. When they first got here they came oldies account looked at guy's Dick Armey over a touted so we are out who are ma'am we really you know. Realizing neo route we really won't be a part of wasn't. You know don't be recruiting him Obama has won a best suit shooters the cities produce an Emmy and and toll as saying that you know there we had her from date they've shown no load. He is broad. Better than anybody that he currently approved now. Or he'll barely anybody sign or recruiting right now so for him not all of vocal cords at this he hours ahead. Society. But you know that's measures. So we've we've where well do we know that that situation over there well I'd. At temple of Tyler Ayers is bad talk about a time nurses talked about last week we. We had on. Roger Browner says the Wichita State death didn't get you know wasn't I thought I sense a frustration on the part of local players that haven't heard from Toby. You know about about the way he's recruiting Memphis out. Best of his decisions and I've added you know do you get the sense that he's just said all right that this is it's not my thing Tressel knows. Yes man Larry I'm always on Lomax and there's a little bit but. Yeah yeah I don't know what is I lose within our I think he's as well recruits and is it. You know. He can have a little bit more. Air flow is over and in not to do with the city. Stuff become witty because a lot goes somewhere and log on to weighted. A lot of hate toward him. In the program and no things just don't work out for home. We're young bunch offers were were opened the best for you in Memphis in the place of the matter because you've got a bunch of what's the weather going to be like for you congratulations on the transfer and Findlay prep season. Is there what are you only get out there. 99 they we don't we goals which she serves a very good moment writers who don't. Maya has got they've got shirts there he is oh well there taking the dirty shirts all it. Then later a basketball is like they assert our Ali east and they are the season really starts while well congratulations you guys regrets often for a basically an iris for Jonas got to have for us. Back to Mario.