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Thursday, July 12th

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We're back Jason and Jon attitude that FA ME SPN and as promised we have got a Boller. In the building and don't deserve a Boller we've got his entire family his name is that you show you guys. An NBA veteran Indiana Pacers for use in studio brother what a treat. That these young men Howard. Don't fund off on this and join the song with the families as organized trying to China. The TVQ a self estate and you reproduced this upcoming year. It is always good to see you back home do you do you look forward to didn't back there and back with a fairly well that's something didn't didn't cause you watcher here here here for the summer RG. Well this summer has been pretty busy. Back and forth. That's now. I have a lot of is. Started out once that is the tech industry spartans. Tech industry is it's time you know give rated. Like about the electrical currents is out to get entered Borough I prices don't like to do a book is is not a governs with the steroid use I have really got into that but. You know these tech startups. But it really didn't he sports platforms now. That's was really unity you know he wakes up room one plays. Fort night. It was just on my business today and he's he's really into with the lead what is Ayatollah units. Party's platform. Just really started outlets a lot of different stuff. Disparate. Marketplaces. Smarmy and and I don't different and so is is a good thing to get into you know because it's is a hit of this industry blame you know if you do hit unity to really hit as this scene mysteries that on one one of my friends he made it 25000 dollar investment peeled back which was this warm. Yeah he made to me now in the wake. Up. It is a lot of different and needed to it is taken mr. One here it is all of these cars and is an open doors like when you're an MBA player. Yes deathly deathly on me in on this thing course that it gains. And you know it the best thing to do is as you know me who have finds a panic is it and you know they don't you know again it's the fund's business investment type of is relationship and that's what I've been on you know for the past to a views though. Just on a legal and you know students of these different rounds of life and being named you know go from you know talk of food you know classes though a list of the booklet you know. I'm you know wanted to Gaskin who started you know from a struggle you know as you know groups via army to Easley made the top has been successful well. I still wanna be able you walk our rooms life. That's what we look demand that we and and we knew at that we knew that about you earlier on that whatever he did you know there is basketball games of the big time basketball career with the telescope like taken. Engineer and he likened rated it's like you do police and yours is a natural light up realm for you to get in this feels like. Yeah me of a is is more along. You know the video game platforms. How to deal and it you know we've dating game legalize the stuff like that there. In is this something in here by these are really trying to look towards you it's especially ghastly. Of the debris. Just a little bit isn't it that outlook and got it Osama you realize that this season just completed your eleventh season of I'm not mistaken and you passed. Oddly Penny Hardaway Bobby bingo Smith that a Melrose played with the cavs up like he's got his number retired with a cast you passed them and career points com. Bittermann got a round of applause assignments on that and make this official far. Out of Memphis as of about that that you did it this year brother you did just that I mean if rebounds points. You're the best ever come on here feel I thought listen. And he does is the good list of players this came out of it is. You know I love that the death. Just they're successful blessed to have a long careers they've played. In you know. You know those guys this is dying you know gave bingo. In those some bad boy's mom and they've done religious. Contain. That is. This prosperous. You know we are no pain is going. Admit is would be deities. In with some of the best look in way you know his the pansies on. You know when it ended a you know I'm just gonna does this have on longevity and their ability in this and on and on -- on honestly of these every year straight and is up for you were born in New Orleans but you raise an episode you you are meant to and you claimants. -- both a client over it will a lot of off analysts to a New Orleans you know but you know I was if this is is the place where you know went through struggles absolutely Olympic the tough times. -- I grew up here here's what it thereby you know my families so. What will Obama and rate from a plan. Now Weis is here. We we all my cousins. A lot of people and we'll see here's my thing on the list like Lou. This year like scored 18100 points so he went up to elect 111000 and a what do pat wood at the C gluten claim so we don't claim. Loops that you go right right out of as a I think 'cause he moved often like the sixth or seventh grade in was raised right Goran had known that Atlanta I always like so I'm not going to him and I'm I'm I got you hello. I'm not counting them as it is instrument but he can reserve the right to claim both I guess you know but. I think kind I don't think he does the so love I know he's got Hanley here though that this that this is actually and it comes face serious I'm glad I just write about how he. He we actually his cousin me yet is what is left you on too long lost a wanted to work that it. So player market yes Dwight Johnson did this out and market is organized you know authorities he faced Lou two days ago. And loosely pale with top on his now top pop cleared it came out of the pocket ousted. You'll hear over the know exactly I think he would do all the you I'll verify legal because they know I don't points. That you are. George you are you and Jim Leavitt who are you. Who thought is true close though he he's duke my news. Leno don't like it though. I don't like they'll listen so so in honor of that I don't wanna do is something very special than a myth is all time leading scored aimed at this I'm out of my man cave now I'm not sure. Means a lot to me that on the I'm not visiting the cargo yes brother I mean that means some media wanted to give you substance as a result. About it I mean out pay outs they don't live but what does who live out for the site and all of thanks. About placement. You do plane alone. But she will accept at least on behalf of the how little how apple myself out of blue I'll believe that the big news from you man operations are certainly it is. This and after this let's talk about tomorrow a little bit after this season without a calculated this correctly. You will have earned that can see this is like a you can look this up so I'm off the come on come out of school here you will have earned so there. Almost 97 million dollars you opted in to the final year of your four year contract heavily within in a congratulations on them by the way absolutely. A home on his double. You know but yeah so you you got you all authority. Yes our our president look you look good so we expect the level. Yeah I mean I expect that go with that I spent one is here you know they give the vote I gotta go prove a little and his gang in. I saw that on Twitter. Like a look like the fans try to give you look reform and because some some idiots we'd happy birthday that lets give this guy contract yeah you're like yeah this right here they're walking a Jewish it was he's seated today but what exactly and in a couple of drives I don't do this publicly you would talk about years. Yeah amaze you like a like Indiana like who were built. Like the team elects a select the model. Of levels one lead to attain and noble in new culture on to a lead. And it is just one of those situations where you know they you know they made the seasonal weather you know on a New York is. Just how to feel things out right right now in a way and a situation where. You know bomb. You know they wanted to cap space to be reduced minds. The a lot of cast an excerpt of what else haven't haven't a lot of expiring contracts. But they have a lot of young gasses. I think that's one of the biggest things it was daddy's on SS a one do which is. You know Smart move back. It would GM and president of book of the come detained. Attain so you know Dell's considers overseas last year. And you know I'm not man with the way they like that you know all these type of things happened is the best law. You know virus I know what I have to do and at six the net and told them you know at the end today in Tom. The opposite. Did it extends I want one blip. You know it happens it is today is a business now understand it is is it a war you don't soldier. I know I got a lot duke and look it is you know war is always prevail when they contain or absent today. On Indiana Pacers forward meant the end that is don't what do you think of the additions we know. Tyree parents are well or better I think McDermott as well what do you think the additions that some some pop off the bench epic. Yeah I mean I think you know Dell's won the there's two aspects that we really needed reviews. And ascent that we wouldn't have a good days we had a really good slices and I think you know goes to a decent. A what three disk was a callow Quentin that's right. You know. I think we've really does it is going that's fine as it is super. News score often and I've played maker which ultimately. And Julia account quaint you know you can you can battle on the plane made that make veterans opera. And you can he about a little leaders have also at this sickness this one of these planes we we all big now. You know we know he's the right hands outlook is cradled him you know it you know Dell's Olympic the Mexico of the person and let me know he was on the bag that's that respect and and I was house there voters upset about their split in on Hispanics that we both understand is you know it is. And I it review like old men. Yeah a reality houses like about the outlook the writers you accept Tyreke about like four years. For a yeah it is very but the good thing is like a hostility on only thirtieth vote and cast a vote alone on what. With that feeling now for you guys LeBron finally left the east right you guys went seven games with him could easily gone the other way. And you gotta feel like you don't have them if they are in Taipei these other guys that I feel like there's an opportunity there's an opening there for you guys. Avaya we Ali we felt last year it was always open. You know do we get through those who visit late and it went down or death and theories but now that we took it upon us the that. And play as best as possible remained in epic knows that. You know in this series you know we lost four quarters. All. Along tires and I think guys got outscored the caddy write all this clearly lost the theories there and just the look. On everybody's face who locked there locked wrong. I do we have some suspense. In her about it now hear rattles us that. Because that have been a mission right elements what I'm from the your or is this guy who got it feels good feels death lived isn't you know a lot that's got to take those as you know but. You know LeBron of that is the muscle within itself you know. You know we still could be that we we really. Q and passes those answers rather you got the steal lifting in coming Brazilian apart it we really we really. You know that those issues and the pass bills I guess there and answers we. We will it's the care of is that I think will and let's upon him leaves the carry is yanked with the kind pol. Ended the game six. Do you replay momentary Buick will put that bar and what is that like you re played in your mind on. I'm me. Every time you take allows you set to play those games legal back and watch films in which it is. You know when us. We we do that with that we do we who we go to assess those. And we do it come back next here. You know it was even tougher and we are focused and locked and everybody's work artists. Like today and also all the young guys that indeed and that we. We had. Some young guys come and look earlier this year. We've been. Obviously coach of veteran teams they're talk and talk that it and when we got. We now welcome welcomed him and so now. The tar a little brotherhood with the name BA and where would its excesses that note that we got the bag and that there aren't that. Why is it's been so important to come back to go in the free camp this week got a Mitchell something you do every single year you come back into that. Hum you do go to the Susan G. Komen every year arm and an honor and in tribute to your mother. A why has that been so. Important to you Gaza left to do free camps guzzle up to do it every year. You've continued to come back and give. Well one year arm. You know camp situation. If it knows where else thought of me but he so metro. Was the first vast talking about the went to. And and prison camp you know proposal the first two counts went through just as you can discern. So metro on echoes Johnson. You know you hear just gaze to view coaster and you know when they called and asked me it would I like to have all kennel and soon mr. so as opposed. You know static. Because I have been doing them on replay it. You know just the view of those and be a part of you know as soon mr. processes that route about thirty years. I've been there houses yours static. It wasn't affect. You know I don't have a lot of campers and it was smaller. You know the respect that I had from those so almost all coaches all those old. You know people it worked in the school system from an. You know from army wanna bring me and knows those views and I was very happy and static Susan G. Komen you know obviously you know mother she passed brisk business. And host Susie komen. You know survivors and numbers. A close and its in my heart and I try to disrupt each and every year you with some musical weather is host and some of survivors at the gang war. You know even Indiana we're doing stuff with whose results felt Stan you know so this this is deaf to some that'll close its Mars because this is wasteful. Of the people and even closed off that casts yeah. So. Is I was going to be used. It's one of the reasons this city loves it's one of the reasons to another one of those reasons I think man and in some of always wanna talk to people about you have always point out. Madeleine when you and I know we talked about the what one when Osce you want to her now I'm following your wife and because basically you guys are always together. Our guys with your family got to two sons here ms. as young as here in the building you get to ship that you don't go anywhere without your family and so it was a as a man and you've always been a guy that you know. You can point to and say man this is this is looking guy at all you know he did the NBA life and he did it his way. With the folks who love keep that tight circle in its seems like always you always got your family. If Amanda has this house raised no hanging now there's never any. As a I'll I'll always thought it is keep it and close Dixie. And yeah because now you have a lot of few businesses that they know. I don't want you action all the time days now are you let him around the I think you know I. About the time that gas that vote. You can't write the sucked address the you know. You know eyes either. A panel Norah you know with my best friend. And now pops some light you know at the net try to keep it. Some pool on who found it on it's. Alone and another thing is like people film is mobile enough at a Tuesday. It well our own LA you can do well be me a all all on the dollar like. You know oh okay well though do. Elements that is always been very. You know I just wanted to obtain visas Bibi and it is do you have on BB. You know on this sometimes you know when you have so many people familiar voices. It. You know it's electric clouded a crowded space bright I don't like crowded space but you know like the kind of gave the bank and sit back relax and lose it. Let me ask you this do you think. Your shoe collection. Could compete with mine. For certain for certain. Well I got I got on I have put out I got I got some coal mines. I got. I got a couple pennies I got a couple pairs of pennies. And I got some crazy eighth. Raise a you mine. It's and I got the new project write books laying out homes that is what to elect the stupid right. Have they don't understand the gravity rooms Assisi. It was about the war there. Five. Added we you know we but the hours. It is to their tour which is issues as you device made you weakness Eagles spend on shoes like puzzles and well as well laugh free though I doubt. All of the everything give us give us this story time Mike is awesome athlete that's our though you know also looked like the but it but it does. It's like with the proudest to Uga like what are you most proud. Out process. While it is this is the first use taxi. Problem. Offers offers music a lot. Believe. They were little price pay for the X 600 miles. I. The coup grave Jordan elevens. Gabon I had I wanna go so bad you know 1000 dollars. When I had a chance actually you know you know base dugout and I still have those that is ask us that have to choose from outside. Like first LeBron the totals. Colby's. You know Dell's Larry decent Kobe is the flight. A lot of winners in different ways a lot of about it you'd. If businesses like gaga I got he uses a lot feed now the Nike versions though. Yeah I don't gal to gal on all need India's views to the day pathetic. Still have to hold it was like a brown ship be empowered that I see you know white flag and a parodies of first a meanwhile wife on a date I saw all of us are like you kept it after you've got paid full audio and. They keep it out a way that would actually got it's broke into it you know I guess they against the you know he got us I don't believe no buy it and you know we. How are came up a little bit gathering and absolutely an article well the cause a couple of local babies. You know horrible this man was broke your friends don't argued she'd do like you may vary obviously that's that's got out of my entire herd always is alive no inherited when he sees itself to though darted out is this a good thing that you keep money that you don't spend the renegade you try not to BA you know sometimes you know you have the you know pay in order to use view org. In if you work because again you know. They use you know 23 to Angela you must be proud. Of what that pro what's your program has gone heard obviously coach and an kind of in the program director your father's involve you guys take. Guys and you've done this year after you sure you've got to have had stars like Tyler heirs of comment highly rated but shell have taken the news Gaza Clinton right now to while one who's who's who's risen 5060 spots in the rankings. It seems like you identify Gazprom did not take the ones everyone wants you take the ones you like and you raise them up and by the time you don't want them the better prospect material Vickers GO like go to the list. It we we try to go on a trip is ago gave you some some dolls that it stretches a year after year and you know lead is big the good thing is. The key is that we did. They understand that they have the work to that you were and that's one big thing so with Tyler you know he wasn't Ali's. You know you write it well you're right now and always there. You know I and he just the team to work percent of its size in just the team to work was drove the team to work faces this work we're short. You know all these I think that's the biggest thing you know we we want to put a product I own accord that ended a wanted to work in this clip art you know you. You know we don't we. We gig is they can beat top table tennis on it and thoughtfully potential bullets Delphi go we we rather have guys as you know. Just sit outside at how long did you that we can we help them and Olbermann Olbermann make them it's assault and and is being grateful as the you know 678 years and we don't really it's Dow loses. You know trying to you know and coach them up and tees and this is happening. As a diamond and some mobile work LV in some self. You know they'd they get a feel for actually. Pro athletes as newsroom is I'll ask uses like you know. That this week but even after even up capsules that all work out app along with the cap it. I use it Waco 8 o'clock in the morning live. It you know it speed do we work I do you know all right at today you know court. With some shots though it's through work and now Michael recognize him he's no says there. So it is just continues work. Day in day out which he got to trust the process I guess the biggest thing you know a lot of guys think it's matter process right now I'm not a guidance on this on its process the slices market that is wrong on that capacity because I worked out myself. And some people need people in its deal with you know about one of I'm going and you know turn time apiece feel alone. And go to work on always ends in his craft and that's the biggest thing you know you've got a perfect to craft and I love perfect mark. We show talking of course in emphasis for that is don't got to get a manager because he's got to get to his can't Adam Mitchell high school they wanna ask you this though you still you big in the poker. I tell you I saw pictures you plan with a bunch old white folks happened to look like somewhere deed indeed Indiana. Us edit my book also who you're gonna flex but also who who was this table all white people you'd look like you're an old folks home doing O. Well what a season the seals over housing Indiana you know it is still those who are you know why she ex Eagles tar out of place those who knows that a little bit. But. Itself like loophole Lou the all car program that I go to is the is relieved though like. Well I abilities and lose. Let's go out this hour and Eric moody you know they set up a little. Low bold now it or like a little restaurant I'd do anything to eat some food and is that play poker and and you know talks sports talk basketball and it is you know a lot of thank you note that talks you know at its August war. Santa's lap got you know you'll on this at I'll I'll look at the lightness of wood on. Her patent act. Yeah well it is today you know it is it just causes flooding gang. It's his cells to be a perfect days of poker apple crap that they they're coming every week. Promise so well who do we. The second time Isaac and we made the final table. Ultimately it's not a play eluded her Earl mayor in Israel it's like he's played and now you've been ruled out there now Earl Earl is like he's legit is eagle eye he's going to axles. Vegas aren't about to audit I ain't I'm not yet known not that be it food. How will eventually one day you know let out right now like. Are you and you in the business. They defeated his old tech industry right now. I got my first one next said knicks next that in my first big poker man's night twenty dollar by Ambrose book idea what what I mean what's the big advised to go in with a blank face poker face my first hour. On it is is that the vehicle like who would be thinking let's move does you right are you hosting. Now on my home gift to one dollar bar and idea you. Like you don't lift out right whether that's or perhaps not a bit like damn man you come and probably fool I come around scared to come rock icon arrived hippo that Matt thanks for everything you do for the city given back brother thanks for the time coming in here with the Fam and everything and you guys are Roland. Brother thank you can rats too long. The result I'm going yeah that. If you look the claimants on the throw freak pre campaign did exactly I can honestly it acts that would that would like a glove back in the I got it entirely I had a column know I let them know. Trust that you had to call that exactly is that these young Indian paces or we love him in Memphis Tennessee that they run but thank you guess that says will be back Jason's our 99 a ME SU.