Tarik Black Tuesday (4/18/17) on the Jason & John Show

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Wednesday, April 19th
AUDIO: Tarik Black on the Jason & John Show shortly after his wedding at City Hall.

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He's a four for the Los Angeles Lakers former university Memphis star former Kansas star. And he joins us now as. A married newly married man are black. It's very true very true and B congratulate our listeners to our relations on jumping the broom. Thank you so margin I just think those those moves forward to being a man that are related to look July's. There you can't let it go because you don't far more. When did you know I know that you had the lady. That's Lester live when did you when did you propose what did you know she was born. Omar although all star break there are no four. Just because Porter says that the work that we have herb wrote you have news. The national reporters you partner in crime and is that an outlook mildly. Come. Big about experiment with us or at. You know as you know you know religion only prevent you have person that usually latch onto and cleaves who. You got married at City Hall park and it it was by mayor Jim Strickland out that's why Al why City Hall. Because arbitrarily prevented it though and it Portuguese artist wanna be there and because you have yet get beat each person. And for him to move people conflagration. And he. Just so there are saudis going quite mutant who ordered these awards and does say that. You'd be willing to do so and open arms like beverages and very appreciative court and remember have figured out love. And I also own our current event is they'll bring about a new and turned it down. So I am getting married in. What is it now about a month and a half and you only been married typically for about an hour. But what if what advice can you give me man as a married man what's so look at what advice can you still pond mates are. Or is that the bad wolf there are many young lady who can meet. Will soon go because like with me and just everything that comes politicos like you do that got married our goat cheese and you got white speck Larry. Because she has school tomorrow. Just finishing those school. And I also have mark bit there's there's certain I don't know why you'd say it began. I'm very fortunate to have more American built there Cuba or Plavix RY about checks Leo bit him and don't you go north. And the biggest thing Internet there's communication. We communicate so well. And you talk about anything anything out of concern about our conversation they don't aren't argument. Just because you disagree with the job also that it doesn't territory ripple we can actually communicate and weekend. We can now that we have a rhetoric well and and figure things can you agree to disagree. That you have been suspect they'll respect German medical news emerged that just ma but communication. To do so there's an important fact. I love that well you're you're you're new wife is good friends with Taylor's web so I have to ask you have you heard from Taylor Swift yet on your nuptials. Checked it could it. I don't talk indirectly. Let's. We have all our viewers that you don't know vegan and you know she's a powerful woman and she walked over all though. Our friends and our president you decide that they're the depression now argue that ball out. And so therefore we all got good. They're tired saying it as she does her thing what are for and then I have a masters. If they've solved then what would happen on our that we immediately think Mueller airport. So. I'm not be sure wish you'd been giving over which uses city. You know they do that I get out here about a small. Yeah dominant to a bigger one a big one later target on nuclear when lighters or you cool with what you had today is that it. We will we will look a bit you know I have so many people aren't as you go through I got them a better ever so that former away. And very the people that you are staples that the people want out of there will be mixed bummer. Good result compares. Who've put together deploy and or a big way and that there will be would've been so we're very frustrating and do it almost impossible. Do move it somewhere so you have to America. We are talking of course to Lawson is like a sports car black and Jason John. I talk you talked about it you're in town yet you got a big announcement this afternoon down the streets ministries downtown. Are you announcing the formation in the dark black foundation your putting on a camp that's called transformation fifty basketball life skills camp. Up front probably used in Memphis talk what's the mission of your foundation. There's a mock validation of the bill lawyers guild and everything and are you open their perspective and shipping them back into their community and a bit in. And we took our boot it back to the community. We wanted to be a part of community blog at Egypt says its safety community to do so and that the Beirut are all that our that this this. Is that your own. It because they're because you bought the community be or about foundation and argue about that what we're chartered or we're just trying what we're Doyle put. There about the community involvement that we can't do it being without community felt that actually our foundation. There's a hold of the city instead of just hit out of my name on it what is actually I want it to be your community better. Foundation where they're wanted the ball so that our own risk out of water by little because they're quickly. Well it betrayed that everybody's been looking at the in this city. I remember us having conversations to argue and I want when you were still in Memphis about wanting to start you wanted to start a nonprofit. Arm after you're done what terribly well. Really I guess it's going to be so why you're still playing obviously it is arm and you talked about. Want to make a change wanna make a difference when that clicked in for you for tar black how old will win when did you know all right this is this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make a wanna make a change from my city how old were you were at what point the maturation process was at. Well on our Larry the all England looked bad. Democratic leaders say when Iowa whose passion towards you know towards their borders rewards Aerostar metric America's dark and the trip through more mis spoken you lose this speech. Because dude and I am I won't they because we will because that will bow law. Where he's. They awarded in the best Bartlett or he was speaking out I don't have to say about why those sports network. Being speaking on how. The platform will allow them or but it in the argument being given curtain. Where is it would be what all views. And he was speaking on how on that platform we've been able to put them and a lot of them. You would think there are no man who better and even bickering very they're very well there are there. And though. The and that equipment either they're written that it will be the whole world that that will become a mom reiterated. What got in the car. And it would do the Tibetans. You're not that we Millar let boys or words. The united and that lead in that you know you have an obligation. Is that what forward multiple calls are the more fame and I think also the platform. If you get their platform as a platform grows. You have more more of an obligation to the people. Oh yeah our first formal vote you get to that worry it will help build that platform because nobody bill or with their own right. How old. You have an obligation to give back to vote and also hopeful that fortune. And so and it clicked in me and that in our prayers quote clearly. Put the fifty kids that'll be part of your camp how will they be selected what can they do. Our he has working that out. Throw hours were deliberate car for his and there are known. There will be. Our culture there and we besides what are called to dominate on kids' school days though. Word in either felt the need of assistance then. Could be Chinese not yet been checked but could be helped and mentor to move this camp. And so we're at accept the nomination encroach evolving. Over as far as cap. And we're going to golden denomination. Myanmar Staten. More people gonna collect and won't slick rip you interpret it via small numbers like you because ms. Logan actually have an impact and saying you know you are now. And then we can move forward and other programs and other paperwork being told that the community as well again I reiterate that the community about the outlook bit. We are of course talking to Los Angeles Lakers forward target black he's a man he's back in town just got married. Earlier today are eight on the some basketball questions are gonna you had to exit meeting with lakers management. Last week and I know it's got to be kind of different because there is new management there there have been there's been a lot of changed. Mama how the exit meeting go what you expect the next few months to go like for target black. They're clearly worked very well. It didn't or would coach Lou Madigan are probably could any disfigured our policies in order. They wanting to go in big victory obtain. But they were well he. I expect my point of abuse saying it out all or whatever or can develop ballot matters we have players you'd have me vote no certain they've done some urgency. And I'm I'm a firm believer and that is very mean very few players debating which you don't you don't care. That would limit. All up at all or memo work. Advancing getting better. And come into next season I'm and bolo more competent. Groan of incompetent well obviously not gotten used to it gave more are still lard are or are so much. Note that these are bad more more power play culpable and multiple multiple partly. About the end game how it works in both. I just planned on pitching and soon. You bet. I diploma. Predict predict and David welcome increased interest in mirrored ball. Talk lastly we have some big news in Memphis. I'm sure your aware of it now but the the loss and announced that they're transferring Dieter contagion going to. A place you know Oklahoma Kansas can sit out a year and at the Kansas have you talked to them and if so. What kind of advice would kind of where if you what did you talk to him about in terms of plan and Lawrence and plan for Bill Self. Dipped on data and reached out to me before airing. Ambien you know there are talk bag or a little bit as well as the evening by last year. Think they're more every report that global. And him and keep you prayers and keep going and so proud mom that we broke out of crowded into the ground up this new. And make some of Soviet red Hyundai has probably been best. You have Denmark and even in college. There and we thought that do very brave decision won't hurt you feel the same or you drop of course I got sick met just. Similarly the article and that is are doubtful that a total. GAAP builder. I respect because it Lamar and I want respect decision then and also understand it. The last person who doesn't know anything like that because I know there are under your period because our data go about working with. And I to point B 811 other people to reach out and say you know I respect you for Andy I understand how this boat. And they're not a cakewalk do you just because you want to use resonance out good book then you won't have both know you know they won't go in and work. Well look org are in the outback in our sport men and leaving the gym a change in the mall what is so important it is more. And all that much united you have to get paid to him that. You know it was bouncing a little bit that you don't want you here. It once you get there and got a grip and anymore. What kind of impact itself have on you. Personally end of the young mentally basketball. How big of an impact of the playing for him Matalin you. I got so meant the world to me. Meant the world to me America Lamar properties that might have the American red. And yeah I mean he's got that banking committee that if you do that the word book. They've all honor and also deserves. And appreciate you know what shown appreciation news. Is acknowledging with the coached and not even about him speaking to you or not what is it out because. You understand especially cues from background let's go to come out out of this city. And that bed he need to admit what should. We need someone who helped mature us use their. That it was program marquee forces you to mature and has been so proud to. It is they're so proud to have that talk about it Matt argument well. On them out of it trichet admitted do depends always who are we remarked that it will respect you know. Blood are more those who. GAAP. It is and LaMarr see them happy and there are all too well because I had issues with the Mir that blood. If theirs well it. I understood that there was something bigger than me and I'm in doubt mighty eagle or. Detained in that situation. And just him talking and it is an apartment in male walked up on the guys how are played and how people like me and guardianship I just kept open the door should be. As either head says it's hard to know we're gonna bring Blackberry. And I caddie and exploited and MM in the world and I appreciate also. Look all that. We are of course wrapping up here with historic black University of Memphis graduate. He start his foundation here in Memphis give him back to the community Los Angeles Laker less able really go tart you are a University of Memphis graduate. You're you're back in Memphis all the time so I know you still have a vested interest in Memphis basketball. What do you make of the University of Memphis program right now what words would you give to Memphis fans who were concerned. What what would you say. Well I'm gonna similar situation there with the like we're rebuilding yet be patient. Bulk bulk. There isn't winning programs and everybody admit respected when in the regular winning organization and I expect them Wear bullet you rebuild in that reputation. And there's a little bit softer on the college level because. You're talking about young man who. You don't want to put that much pressure off and is that we've started a warning on the Letterman and argue what people say they've they've. But it is wired process then put yourself they go more or in the pressure and scrutiny are and those young men who. Accomplished something bad. They are accomplished put yourself mission before you read or write articles or do you think about the look at that they're gonna speak. It is so the national bird. And understand their perspective and Dan why would you go all right even a bit still understand. You know DP did you Murray then outsider looking in on what they're doing at that have been involved because if you wish to roll vocal expression screw models cute. Probably contend that they have an article though it. And I also would say the post Soviet nothing but respect you know. You look anymore on this track record you start to have been universe is amazing universe and so minute so well. That stick although. Have turned around under under is it coasting on his right so. They may have to make our partners but you have to go you have brought this hire somebody that Brazilian urge your you're building. Informal two door standard and come visit your standard movie equate him being really understand what is going on what you bought that car and truck. And you'd better before his record speaks for itself. So allow him to do keep. Which in turn programs around yet become whip in track where the crowd will it Malta. They found that happen overnight but be patient and also. In wise person with the children would be young men belong to all pay a program. Great basketball or request remembered respect what role where bit injured and there are retarded brother Saddam are. Although they'll go and also give bin to give them. Shell patient and merchant and great on them taking broken depression screw me update you know you don't even really understand football at all. Do not help your situation I actually am going to be more. He is target glad doing good things for the city of Memphis Los Angeles Laker reason newly married Manson tart we appreciate the time many congratulation license meant thank bless and going forward. Thank you out for Robert don't represented though more as a mandate but it also in near Newport there have been together for a long. On Friday meant a Friday thanks thanks for thanks for the timing congrats again broke. Thank you just sort of.