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Friday, July 6th

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Art we're back Jason and Jon many tuner and FM ESPN. And as promised. Got its near Indian in my heart is famous target black you guys know former tiger. Former Kansas. NBA veteran. And next week you'll be hosted his second annual transformation fifty basketball life skills camp next week right here in Memphis. He's got that little time for us he joins us now. Oh well no oil there I'm very fortunate. But I don't follow you. Man we are we are so appreciative of the time brother does know you rip in Enron and listen to. Second year of of the camp tell me about doing begin percentage you're making a difference whether this is what John mark and I like to say folks coming back and given back man. You always said you're gonna do that Harkin you're doing here for second year a second year a wise it's so important to you to do. Unbeaten big guard looked. Not the opportunity that that our wage bit. Individual with a minute edit an audit committee you know by individuals who had the platform that could have done. But I majored. Would've done it and I had not been created it. Maybe they ended up or it may have been more what goes more toward the U more learn more and more mature they are all walking the line commitment beyond despite bad the and these are bad to go to thermal discharge related note to learn anything. Hopefully RER product is that these other young men and young women were being the door now won't the bulk of the so called the moniker like carpet or. He beat them to meet these don't work with the audit or. Are what satellite what in what I really appreciate them grateful forward to your campus right a lot of these camps right they're they're the basketball camps read you send your. You kid there they come back to give you do you do drivel bought egotism drills. You've done in you done for the week. You in your camp you you focus all on values on things like life skills star got. And you can put up a kid in a in a gym and give them a basketball right I mean if he knows he's he's got to put that ball. In that who write in in in maybe he's good maybe he's not but but there are kids out here you and I both know like you just laid out. That man may not have you know. Manners at the dinner table maybe you know they did that maybe their mom and dad weren't started to teach him or values you know right from wrong and you focus on that meant nothing that. Was that always going to be the thing that it's not just basketball it's more of that because what you're doing it seems like it's focusing on raising boys in the men. Yet world book thought that the department first thing I'll operate in that we. Nor MRI Norton market that a mark of just that there aren't that that lead and good luck to all of them but there's so much more. There's there's so many more than that part black complain about are you know that global note Iraq War. And so you know with that being said it is you know how many young men will actually become the gateway or a template that's about right this. But he party and I have been let you view the Internet problem like this draft process that we have a problem that is in the process partnership deal they worked out the rock about the jump. Said they have been toppled. And up and operated if true and it is they're playing or promote our web Oakland. Realistically. It is a great or out of these execute the plays basketball. To a table for a job on the NBA. You know worldwide. A couple of our market is probably unlikely. And I'll go with that means. It is in my mind I want albeit. Not a good part by wanna be able. It should be the one who. Well. In America but at night or the thought that ability but not do it it'd. In in the in all. Begging the world like these and it looked at. Was there aren't you birds currently. Across mediums across all form part about it which. Part. Are you go with him though. Be that that did. It go. Away. Now operate. It did happen that are. Athletic you commodities. Like it. Obama very adamant about education about it treat people are the man mr. Pardo used them. Now it's it's it's greatly appreciated Tarkanian and much needed here and if they're in the Memphis community as it is you know course we're talking a tar black former tiger NBA. Veterans are what's the what's the what's the plan man with a career and in what is that listen and whatnot when I hear you when I when I hear you talking a read stories about you. You know I I think of tar black the NBA player have always thought of you the as a basketball player like you mentioned. But it it seems to me and my much like right now. You are using your platform. For change you know so so there's there's the job that you have basketball but I think to view. Moral more so as vessel right now has got its using his platform what do what is the goal. For tar black in the in both the immediate right now NBA and all that. The din of the future to TARP I know that's a layered questions. But I know you got a great answer form. Yeah and so outlook right now aren't India ago that negotiations are more creative though that strata but the other. Not with other the most detail without we're wanna go because a bit today in order Arlen. That integrate into their oil like that in in that doesn't yet have the army. In my party but it very important. Are really low back. Of game and I don't wanna become great is it a bit on the on our better use those that partly. Or that he did diplomatic lowers and and I'm so proud of Brett that's an example you know will Barton who started parts that are Arctic. That department not that the market bottom dollar metal out of view but it ought not to comment in my profit well. I thought that at Labatt Margo on that situation that that it did or where. Are you grow arkan and not gonna explore that aren't. You know apart. Meant I'm organ also myself within him that the world in the foundation dual real estate things like is that at bat pop into the platform like you are today but. Oh I'll be on the Internet and I'll think if you'd better understand how much are all that it opens the doors to so many things and you complexity to the media played the they added that because of the candidate Barack Obama well let them and so you govern no doubt no doubt it's. That it could be in an hour my America my family that most important blow law. That's where I was going next marriage family how has it changed its art you get old fast want to have the went once you get the wife and the kids now has it changed you. Are met on the olive it is I think that's certainly get a hold your purpose but much more part the spotlight for me so much more you get so aggravated first to a basketball. And he knew the way beat out so heavily built so important to me and its own at our primary and must not have a different world it'd really upper. Respect or put everything in perspective if you are really real out of our nordic view mature from. Man opt out of him back marked up or are becoming more global war. It's not so much about but not so much about us anymore right that's a rough. Did. Not at all not not really realize that there are way more important that he will we give up into every day. And but you know our mark career dug in though amazing must always. You know partly been a great father to me. And my wife. But you've been a great it articulate. Agree though they're ready Diego. Did you. I see you as a guy that's will do the dirty work contains diapers TB. Where you change in the diapers new and at all. Yeah I'd do we will apartment put the pace is earlier the leader of the much unknown about mark though the though. And you know he had had any help from a white and we trapped a mile wide strike you about being viewed in the week. I told the great wanted outlook like spot in the morning marks could be monthly load bit. It'll look like probably like spot in the morning and backed. Are receiving. College much double play at night and applaud mouth and clothes needed and I go in a plane between Tony admitted. Ordered by by what happened that night and guess route that would be opposite Jim well yeah. Exactly are voted Friday have a mound he walked right or do you know. That's it brother you get through it man you get through what's what do you think about what's gonna Memphis Penny Hardaway is the coach star black I don't know if you ever touch it see the day. That it is an. Needless to tell you I mean it's bobbled the excitement here in Memphis weeping mapping our way is a new coach of Memphis. They the government the benefit visit our that you don't know those long in the making. I'll direct marketing to the ducks are some art we are respect I load as a coach spent so much will be done and sister. Both departed with that arm around put it to look right. You know it was right and look at our that you look at the universe that is all that we years. Start looking back Larry that you say well what the court placed the way. You know a great player of the university and elated it that lady you're gonna come back in the coat in the ball well because. You were admitted it was a it was a great thing with Larry by. And do a great England coast. So you know are just pray and hope that it that thing. It enters repeated new data which are sure it will be because he's so that you can't coach and who doesn't want applicability of the congress here who aren't who you are now. United got they know because now. Popular app that the law. And I was like. It's like they got an NBA staff to start like they got Sam Mitchell former becomes a year almost a guy Mike Miller's no you know me by it's like that's that's an NBA staff foreign. Yes I don't litigate it and it actually go on because anybody's part he has started the interview article about India where it you don't let our guard did you know what draft pick juju that. No way the game and it is change you have to adapt to it you are that you can find out a better coached. And don't want to prepare acute to become an equipment very cute he's been give them what it it. All of our group of there aren't a great friend Amanda are the good. Benedict at a character. Don't Debian that you quality not only our popularity game how well because what a great play. Well opera that you learn how to transition from that high school Lu who lose other two that those players who now. You use your turn it's it is being demanded yet our art that featured an LP walked up yet built who aren't well. That's what do you think coach you take out goats argued that one day we might see coach black down the line and you got a lot on your plate right now Tuesday down the road would my CO. Coach TB code black then you blow it. I commend the coach probably about old beat. I don't definitely got called who so you know at the right cop I would say in our art com. I'll be honest I don't you have men who knows what that compound and always about. But it I have not to do what I Omar Billy will be our be a coach part of the game as well work with young people obviously. Are there other things now rather do it it would the Foundation's budget budget dispute glam program note dormant. Disputed that didn't work in that manner that more so my passion disputed city and into coaching days. Mozart we appreciate your passion bridge everything you've given back brother of good luck to you on on both the now and the future man. Tom thank you for you sound dark it's always applies talk to you know that. Thank you thank you got the arguments are. Appreciate you DB he is Tarik Black. A former tiger. And next week will be host and for the second unit rose transmission fifty basketball life skills camp at some special words parred the others are black foundation. Bad dude gives back into elastic that's those the guys were like right and we we always we you know the ones that make the news of the ones that you know make all the money we say don't give back tar blacks one of the guys. In one of those and those guys much like a petty show much like a Penny Hardaway. Seemed to come back. Give back every term. Because you realize how important. Not just you know the programs they play four or to them but the cities they grew up there and that's the thing with tart yet you never stop love in Memphis he's made that clear time and time again. No doubt I think it's really cool especially Canada theme of the interview was you know about him just coming back to Memphis and given back and I think it's really cool what he's doing with the camp where it's. You know kind of 7030. Life lessons and as opposed to just a basketball camp which I think it's super important mean you know anyone can come back in and put together basketball they have the right but like. The fact that he's teaching kids you know did the right way to do things I think that's really all. I see him just. You know after basketball. You know joke around a little bit but I see him Bennett as a guy that you know whether it's. May your. Whether it's you know politician. Not just leader you can see that he's sort of a well he's always been a leader of the people Nicosia I could CO a career in politics. Offer target Blanco. Our Michael we successful whatever doesn't and of course rough will be back we'll wrap it all up Jason jar on Friday 99 FM ESP yeah.