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Nine FM six on the WM FS. ESPN does it's. That Jason. ESPN. About Deschanel John what is your Grammy ESPN food. And has promised. He is the way god and icons. Live in like John Lennon as CEO don't seek the grind it is supreme day he's here now to pray more sub brother. A man repaying its beautiful Mardi Gras isn't the YouTube Jarvis six. You have heard. In here like a low congestion you know we talk about it up off day adjournment that you don't worry about it. I I think I I've I can bet you I wouldn't be dealing with this if I was on the authoritarian diet. But I demand you are ready now you already know where this OK we go up. We don't get that congestion include an ability that can opt. I got one that precedes you as always if revise so what are you tell when you've been all around the world man what supreme David up to. Man and sure Obama a look and help dating. Everything along the irons they're. Innovation. And who recently. Partner we'll Berkeley city. Our brand business principles that they sold. Are very similar. Berkeley city and DC cheesy media. We have a lack. A lot of similarities because. We don't do much you know traditional business this is like. Spiritual business. I'm involved with so. I'm anxiously than life changing the idea. Why capitalism. Has been there and I'll look at them. That activities. Of capitalism might people. Associate. Capitalism and I agreed it they're negative things but it. So many guys just that choice I proudly seen. Complete beauty and money like that more money to better whoever is listening today. I'm sure they'd agree to a word. Order for lodging has to have at garment is a comment that they put you look let me answer that they don't want and you. Would not want a little more money you Elijah appeared here but. But seriously like money gives you freedom it gives you an opportunity to do things you'll enjoy it. I find your passion. You're a child policy you know are reacting go on and not put everything has. It's better when money Nash stressed by it. More importantly Courtney and then there's a sound long. It gives an opportunity to put the somehow want someone else's space so it's actually a question. The most current thing I'm meant to right now it's changing now where Berkeley city to do our part and giving back today community so. Oh are suffering from poverty a man simple. At the end of the day poverty it's what's causing that suffering and suffering usually move it doesn't sound like a lack of resources needed. Took a trios temple every day need to lots. This idea. A scarcity game creates. Glory polish and I grew up in everybody government says school. Who knows me knows that I'm very I'm very street he has still this is. This is allowed me could be very great. And business. Because I carried it sank principled but I mean being from there. I know what causes. A lot you know that issues. We were good people good bad things happen because everyone always fighting for the limited resources. I wish we had access to this. It's still limited resources and ideas scarcity which. Causes people to act irrationally they're not bad people yeah I cannot think they're I think it says. Except miss understanding how people are it is. Or circumstances are bad people in Israeli demands that situation. There and caught and that's caused at lunch acted rationally you have to look at. And any world opinion species and their resources are limited. She had you know analyst and matters we have to do we have to do so. There irrationality. Because the best of doing things that we wouldn't normally do so fires. In other commonality that brought this city and DC teaching media shares is helping that people are you know any. But we don't just want to give back in and leave like you see most most of the times it. You know most charitable gestures that we wanna actually lead at a lake offer a real solution that all blacks. We wanted to be able. You know we want them to be able to sustain themselves without always having to look where someone to help from a hideout absolute right. We need we we need our steps sustainability so this is where our. Our minds come together DC changing media and broccoli city so I just wanted to give the listeners. A brief follow what brought police idiot I'm pretty sure describe what the hell is that so brightly city as are ready. Then a respected entity they have like Barry. I'm popular music festival is that they thought DC very very priority pass feature that already had semi damning very. Prominent. Amen and I tanks backed already 30000 tickets in advance so to invade Canada it's seven and April. SARS and that because they're certified but that does part did it. I wanted to get them off witness. They're business. Isn't necessarily the festival the festival that Charlie just a Coke. But what they're really trying to accomplish which is simply get them back to the community and the strategic way. So one of the strategic ways that app caught chain at the end and which people can do community work and be compensated for sound it's his way. You know this is where I come into play because this idea. Sure here's this self sustainability. That I mentioned and what it. People are lacking they just can't they just don't have enough. Just fulfill their needs. So this also opened up another door to resource Sudanese communities you know with more resources equates to less hostility. Which at least. Over better oil being you know so we view this set and I didn't really credit debt. And poverty the idea of poverty. Nudges. And one actual community the nutrients like you can be sure but. Throughout the world so. Recently what we get angry on a great way. So point three billion all world education system most people don't know this type the stuff but didn't have to step their. That comment so yeah because there's there's there's this this is the fact that step or you can really. Make an impact so we can't. Save the world but we we definitely can do our part so. I've just been in that and entrenched in the financial amount that study. And meeting people let court found days. Financial solidity. And which helped most people that is just unattainable people of the crew. Hundreds of millionaires and billionaires got banged up and sit down with them because this is what what I aim should be. So I found out that they have a farm and this is. An important. It's a formula they traveled so accrued based. Financial freedom well. Line aliens. They utilize asset allocation asset. Charlie different story but the most important lunch and he admitted owning used outlining if I am at home. Barely used outlining and of the people who. The companies that people. Poll are on knees coordinated. And people see them and as you know this school I. Unattainable. Financial gain they didn't even used down money so they pay raise money so I'm Eric did then wanna return comes back. From there idea that there are successful. Then investigate the person it's you know Sunday they did use some of their money. So basically I'm aren't. When you are when you're attempting to make change in a world you have to have capital sample the beer that I did art capital you need. For example. Most people about how this be jabs at Bill Gates 450. Million in 97. So today. Apple was market capitalization. Probably 850. Billion good. That does say a one point. They needed capital soaps have finally you know completely answered. The question this is where I come into play have believe I have a magnitude. Chappell our capital earning potential because my mind it is. But more importantly I have of that network. So I timlin grab this city and there's so grades. Fourteen game liners which it and I asked which are reference earlier and others. A crypto is about it I'm really excited about yeah I crypto currency there where an early stage that creating. You know so we are asking for anything this isn't like. Some so Moscow's stepped not dish respect and lumber that this is like billion dollar. There's. Just mentally great Centennial on who might not announced the bombers again back to me. I wanna make a special shout out. Just streets ministries and a man came minute I've been targeted him everybody out pandemonium beautiful. Beard ever it now so. We're just kind of people in the world who want to hit hardest sound though you're not impact the world and also be very lucrative as well. Men don't you derived in mid and one of the most beautiful spears in the world you're absolutely right number two menu our deepest how do you must kind of thing you must read all the time. And like so so argumentative and all the time and and what can somebody wants to go deeper somebody wants it on your level. What are the kind of things they need it sounds like you're reading everything supreme. He had that I didn't read Eilat. I'm not avid reader buy it again success. And spell your name daily code and they. Leave information. That you can use to have been a pitching so I got to. Aladdin. And that people. I got say pool at a poll that angers. This generation how well. They. Spend most of their time doing things they can invest now so reading that more knowledge Arabs. No more well I had well Matt is just. You know what semi Banca countless. High who what I value most in new information. So I used this information and turn it to a specified knowledge work in music from my good. And MI advancement and Amare. I know the more people are to have dug up can't say I'm still cool list but there's there's really not about me and it's not just. About me aside. I must contract due in on a man's side I'm gonna make other people. Still like at it which is way cool and not stressed out about things they don't really matter. My way to god we're trying to get job Martin there you're not the way to go well that's why being Serena will bring this in supreme and I got a guy. Ma'am and gives us some good you know good to see angry against. In our gadgets week I certainly. We were sex and about the CBS sports feature last night you said it should win and only if it can't. I how did it how does come together I guess obviously I can maybe they heard our interview. Lebanon last year how to how to become again had a CBS sports feature. Actually date they get. So. Khalid Al and I asked them what it's like that. It's a ten year anniversary farm. The national championship gang and then went back to see. Com what do. They went back to the old footage because they covered hours singing. And 20082000. It was 2008 right there I'm sorry about seven LA yeah. Mir out seven dollars so they follow that band put. So that ten year anniversary was just yes checkout line. You know what the guys were don't want who we covered it I was on ugly. Special features. When I covered as ten years ago so they look sort of people that they covered and most of the guys that don't mind. The same thing there they're still planning playing well received. Coaching. Comment dating you know how it goes I mean again this is no disrespect to anyone but I. That suggests. The norm you either vehicle until a certain. And then you've become either coach Summitt says China etc. So when I came across mandate and I was doing and they litigate here. They interviewed so read a couple of my their views and watched from my latest it's CPR Maine and YouTube show. And they were like. This is great TV that we get on Mary's we want actually. How you're living actually what you are dying in and we believe that this world. All are so many people will be interstate and I agree and ended really well on a lot people associated. It's really good you wanna. Yeah we are Ecuadorean yet we are Chris Iannetta supreme bag. Wave got here on Jason's on the measure this is because somebody did tell me to ask you this and I do think it's a very fair question while we're on the subject. Of the ten year anniversary. Can you still don't call Kevin Love today. I don't hard man. I. I think that moment is such like. That is just such a special special moment exactly Allen and we get some leg bit of the first semi I have ever talked about this but I. Tom. Government does take work and enjoy this so we ran out huddle and we believe that that moment that they were ready to equate. And now we believe that UCLA was ready to quit we shifted. And that body language. And we wanted to. Make a play that was right. Put their put our foot on their next film we were very little flip side we order. We were so extremely rules list we didn't we learn who we were killers and how we were killers and we know there. That clay and I finished at play away. Completely demoralized them. And that's what are and the more than one X embarrassingly on it says we can launch it and bijur girlfriend sitting gains. We wanted to make sure they have you noted shortcoming Symbian bears so. We were like ninety's Mike Tyson oh wait now assisting. We were like early Mike Tyson in ally and we get who beat my forest validate. Who do not like I'm living vocalist back most of them this is one that is black has does them. This. So similar so might we were just so extremely confident. And Eric and we felt the same thing about Kansas you're just gonna beat them actually. And we were just kind of bring that title back to matters but I cannot say. They beat us I had to relive that moment to actually lived free throws and Soledad it was right. It was a tough monetary lives going right after their game I know exactly lab next. Everything has meant so it out every single thing and that's why aren't so. I'm laying eggs it was a Latin rock and I'll buy it. Everything happens for I read and I still alive and tank we made on that city Deron net. Can never be taken away and we'll let her have lagged literally look I'm talking and the ten years later I'm not open it. Brooke and I will live forever. You got goals in you can you can you probably you're talking all calm everything about that you don't sit and listen this right now is like. On pins and as we all remember a minutes also fresh still. We get there a Maine mad is this my second common sight I went straight from Detroit to move. Medicare they look like it's part gala Deaton that this is like this out Detroit. I used Libya and south meant his tribe takes away what Mali Algeria you know we we we were. And the same at this media RAI don't know I have to hit the CIA not now but it was our love Latin Latin actors. I love our cars have meant fish. Main mantras of the special quite trauma are good. We should it definitely mind of man I can't say the best came on that day I mean the best team on that day. But we would have bet there where wanted to fat and best teams ever and I say this on CBS and they did argued. And equity add on just. That this city that inner cities like every won't want it to be met is they they wanted to be like. Antonio Brown urged. Truly. Is now everybody wanted to beat out guys. Daddy you're exactly right while we're while we're saw him of his basketball supreme a couple of things don't wanna hit with you one is. There could be a change with the Memphis basketball coach Tubby Smith could be replaced by a Penny Hardaway. I know Nina yeah what were your generation your interactions like with penny what do you think about that kind of move. Cheney is. I'm maintaining is meant as basketball. And we will need and I'm maintaining. Really. So it matches basketball a lot. It domain at the end of the day is the most decorated player. That came out of metrics and he rose one and eighteen. But penny saved that company had dogs. You know like ten he had little Tinny that I panic. So any isn't as basketball I believe it Kenny is the coach. That alleged they can't be anything but a class because he he brings. That celebrity. You know a brain that. Back home grown feel and it was an elite player as he has a recipe says. Definitely lure. Recruits. And you just have to prove himself as a culture where it. We see now you know players transition and a coach and he bank collagen. I mean how bad believe my opinion I believe antennae whatever is there definitely work they shouted that is. It is that it removed I think it it'll give like a little spark of energy. I think it's is this signal clay court. I mean let's say yeah this week if that's the case. Yeah because you limit the third in a 100% agreement and then your former teammate Derrick Rose just signed for the rest of the season. With yeah soda I mean how about just his career and I know obviously you guys are. Still close and and everything younger here Memphis I mean how about just the his career and worries in that up. Let tell a story we had said the story about being world. Premium premium premium radio. And yes and good. That. Now that it confident and then. I did allow the recruiting. When I can sit. Heroes like. I recruited a recruited them. You know and my teammates or listen answered it no effort there are like Alito. You know once an early today. Two years and well. We needed another year I we don't need you now wait on any debt and that would act in one aiding or nothing like that it was just. I understood them lie you know we knew we got this already we don't want any being interrupting our chemistry that we have. But I it was something day. I know. But I I knew that this extra piece. Can take us to that next level because. As. You're at someone that they trusted and and one of the leaders of that saying we have many leaders that it seemed a bit like that face. Of the that's painful at stake you know speak in. Oh coach cal cause not where you know you have certain specific meetings. I was looking at. And he wrote cumin and a Christian in different ways like we did go to the lead eight why. Bush. That was just the lead eight I think Communist system it just go to the lead eight. When I can't admit that I was. Underdog I was. Very. Prominent. Recruit but I'll always had a standard and I give myself and what I wanted to do so. I had personal growth and seeing gold oxide got to campus talents and make depression and seeing one opera's got Arab did it the next year I want it to. A win player of the year. They gave it some aren't common outpaced that they'll the national won it but. That's some I don't know what that is silos case got to make sure I was like that conference. Player of the year is pity on me. I wanna be the first 2% to thought Americans had any I'm gonna do it but I also wanna win the national championship so. I know day I was gonna be first team all American because an opportunity had last year to prove myself. And they'll work out pretty yen and the confidence back added myself there was no doubt. That out going to be first thing consensus on American bullets. It was some doubts about winning a national championship because I'd seen other teams and I was realistic. And they had. Like 45 probes. That as a real and at that time we did. You know we did we we had said. We get into that like we could have had some great years the couple of what's gonna have some great years and became. The lead going into the air it out other changes. Ought to pass for sure force so. When Ozzie chrome zero doubt looking at a function to. Standpoint London's. I believe need the best player. Period coming out of high school. And you just keep an eye gangster you can deny that that's how I felt and I know that my teammates. Even though that they don't you know they may head that's saying one thing they they could that and I did. He was speaking special valid line and so. I was always good bit and it's like I understood good business what I mean by that is. He brings us Saudi media hype that we need to quit school with a train tracks in the middle he understands that we're not like. North Carolina we now have this prestige. Behind this it killed me so we needed that. We needed him as a player only us on needed him. As a package what he brought so. While we got them. People are going to key world cruise date yacht the year how Aaron it was like the first two weeks he was so. Passive. He was just trying to giddiness. It was like he wasn't really aggressive. So now. My teammates they're located yeah you know yeah leg C. Audit type you know they want saying that I'm not saying that they were standard that you and I guess they're little yeah it is. Egypt's image quite tired. You know Andre Allen was kick and everybody that's at this time you know I would write it didn't matter who is being played against him in a summer. I drama was on the best players ever in the if it does he get it unbelievable and summer so. Dead. People need to give him a lot of credit or. Developing do you world currently. And to a college Claire because that was. He wasn't good so I'm not I'm not saying he was good but he wasn't meeting that standard of this being. There I thought. Did you now so anyway. You know ultimate the long story short. It was weeks gone by it and its people aren't encouraged and I wasn't really impressed me. You know but that's still new like he's a dog died now that talks a more age from a conversation we have. And we used dishing like jump shots were like you know. The little light lunch money that we had. And once amateur at MIT Dem you acknowledge that the test and to see if he would you know light. Like me you out cussing gangster side. Jack the cheetah. And he stood out so that was Sydney like oh I know what you are maybe just you're just a little shack so there was one correct is aware. Cal caught them out and this was much needed. Because we needed cash out my leadership people are already looking at my leadership glad you made our decision so. At this point I needed cash out to say something you know that we need to light a fire there at bat. Because we can't go on to this increased speed and trying to figure it out we needed to be already established well all appreciate again how was always good business I understood what needed to be done. Far for us to say actually. Socal caught amount instead. Staff practice. And tell them why is it's so many words like you're supposed to be this scene. We haven't seen anything do we want to see. Oh what we were expecting of you you can't even get pat I'm not gonna say that name no use that on fruit you know and their bodies Sally. Say you can't even get past solid so in at that minute. Everything was different saints right there. That minute screen while everything changed and that minute because. It was like. Cal could do that yeah I mean I can't explain that. I can't explain what he could do as far as like he knows the buttons to push tester man and then you respect them you respect them and no way up. You know he has your best amateurs in home the he has your best pitchers obviously we can't see that. I want everybody to have nowadays. Calcutta to let many times but it did. While it was there. Because he was committed it's. It now hours development. I can't say wind he let him play it now but. It's much it's much more did that NBA out of debt what eight coalition is now for him. It's where unless instructed the amplitude. Get in a position where we can exceed our Spanish so English tradition. All of us to be the best we could. Two lead. Sell it at that moment. The gross changed our scene then looked like ready to take off and I also needed. Someone else at the end of the game are so. Not saying no one that you you know what I mean by that this about basketball like there lips or respect she. My house so there are less certain gluten they look at they would look Kennedy wrote in a different light this is a different part of the game. Did that casual and doesn't understand. He wrote is gonna get up about or favorable cause let into the gang because they're reps are looking at him his space. In number one trap him home court more so it matters my army Willie. You know Murakami Willie went to that and got that same file the ref might just you know yup. But it's more pressure if you don't call this files mark on their world and or CB ER you know excite so all of this was a part of it via. While that's encouraging. Yeah supreme well I'm happy with the Rami Al go to spam epic would be I hope you know this career. Gets back on track. I know he's a tough. Some tough person obviously could still be going it still had this level they're at the gulf from the highs and lows. He acknowledges it let's go Diego go. Super I don't know when the next I'm gonna be in Memphis says I hope that you will come through Memphis against sued him whatever that is you gotta come and do the show with us. Absolutely man we didn't act. And you've done this and give us so much with these interviews anything we can do to support your endeavors and you change in the world you let us know you know wearing them. Actually medal platform. The platform and are not allowed gracious thank you as a dream as they have so much been the easy thanks to broad base about Yasser it is supreme. Bay.