Squared Circle WrestleMania 34 Special

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Friday, April 6th

Greg Ratliff, Devin Walker, and Jeffrey Wright get you ready for WrestleMania 34 with a special podcast in which they break down every big match on the card for Sunday's Showcase of the Immortals, as well as discussing where the storylines might be headed, and they discuss the NXT Takeover card as well.


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Coming to you from the Mecca of professional wrestling and Memphis Tennessee beats inside the squared circle. 1929. Espn.com. I had I had. And go about sports. It is true it's very true. Inside the squared circle is that where you wrestle mania spectacular. DeVon walkers across from me Jeffrey Wright to sit across from me I am very relevant it's doesn't mean easy because Jeffrey going to wrestle me. He had the entire extravaganza golf that he had with Richard on Saturday really was important thing. He'd get 75 dollar and like mr. Richard deserves it so I'm really excited for the victory could so are you gonna be doing me the other extra. Sellers are way churning that so. The problem is I'm going with a big group of fifteen and there's a lot of there's a lot of cheap guys in this. And there's a lot of guys that I can and of Lewis like shell out this kind of money to do that it. Eight. Right now I'm betting that I'm gonna get an XT and that'll be about it and I don't know any actors in the I went down there who wanted to get he was or age via replied I don't I think I think at this point I don't think it. Mean I would definitely wanted to RO it's just for a maiden. Coated roads. So. His mind on Twitter the other day our cafeteria. Where some work respect is Cody Rhodes is losing but that's go to Europe to being career yup pretty look at reduced bad is not like all the columns that are threats that exciting but. We're here to talk about wrestle mania at the showcase of the immortal. She chickens and in their articles answer Seoul today a lie and I had to I had like 8000 make a wish that to cancel let's get into the scene thing. Undertaker giants Ian supposedly. Allegedly allegedly this is the match right now we don't know it is that you think this match is immune happened Jeffrey so. I now putting more and more stock into the idea that it's. Takers going to be there and there's gonna be some kind of like showed. Bullet when you look at this actual caller. The I don't see where there's going to be another 45 minutes because let's let's tack on fifteen minutes are takers in different. See Wally runs to the ring. It takes awhile to actually run on the ray discs though you know there are some of the river super rice and likely. Yet the actor and like they're like let's scene and taker just go six minutes like that's gonna be a long match there. I'm putting more more stock into when he looked into the card that there's can be like some type of showdown. Where they're gonna set. Probably for next to me like they did with him in the rock where it's I want the media X years not Albert. Or as a twelve days and now yet on the ticket holder right and I'm actually cool with that because. Of a yelled I'm still scarred from last year's mania match here and I. I honestly did I was canceling this has happened match on Saturday like. I was awake and watched takers intro. And then that would be a match three figured that you can actually probably safely get a map. To be rowdy is that most you'll watch that era so that was kind of what obviously former I'm now I'm now hours on the back it's just an issue. Yeah I think that's gonna happen beyond about reporter of world figures he's working now you don't know what that means good. Other interesting to see abilities and I'm not looking forward to the Chicago taker and in the bigger question is. We have another here bird Johnson doesn't have a real match at wrestling like. Yeah and we money to Honolulu like. Countless pastors real match I mean it wasn't nearly yeah there. Let's go when it's hit or how much are you a report to ago. Made it self knowing return about tiger or perhaps that would be a about a four. How much regard for five. Because it's a dude. This card like the main card it's act right now and there. And we've what was it two years ago where we had media where everyone was hurt and we only one in Dallas yeah I guess it was two years. Where yet again Rehman whenever. And like you think about that wrestle mania where you win in like knowing like this is gonna sock in it delivered here. Like I'm now worried because going into this wrestle mania it's like. This looks really good. How are they gonna screw this up. Well let's go into the Roman rein in that instance he said that. Roman Marines and Brock Lesnar for the universal championship ever ready even Paul Gimenez sing it Brock Lesnar is done with WWE after this. So I mean is there really any chance that the Roman doesn't win the title here. I don't think so because. I think Debbie Debbie has proven that they're pretty stubborn and this has been the plan now for what a good solid year and a half their. They've kind of been working towards this. And the weird thing with Roman Raines is. Even though they bought him as the huge babyface. He's the biggest heel in the company. And it seems to be that they don't care that. They don't care that he's getting booed and what not even though they're booking him and working and as a babyface they don't particularly care because the truth is one or the other he's getting a reaction. It almost. It almost works. Against us because we you hate him so much that it's almost like they keep spoon feeding him so. I I think I don't really see any way possible that Brock wins this match. Yeah he's been doing that for her for years now and really haven't like from the rains like fourth down or throw situation aren't even here remembering things I guess through I don't hate Roman brings the wrestler. I do hate the fact that. Of course a bulletproof vest in the trying to get going their separate database. You cannot look more like a heel that Roman rains dies and I do understand the idea that he causes a reaction in general that's what you want at as a wrestling promotion. But I just I can't stand it's almost like. He's so close to being in turning heel and we're so close to getting like that monster he'll run. It's almost like because. They know that we all want to see he'll Roman raised its normal range body pretty darn sadness here it's almost like because they know we want that they don't wanna give it its casino thing from a couple of years ago where a when he was still the champion in beating CM punk and beating effort and everybody here. I just one difference though with that is. Who is. Who is Roman really eaten. That we can all sit tango that guy's the universal champion like that I could have a really brought recently. And be brought as he's ever beaten brawn clean right didn't brawn got the I think maybe he beat him once clean. Delight one time on all her matches that were Roman went over yet he is like one time that he actually just in game one to theory because like like look at this on the biggest Denmark. That's out there Oreo and let's be real I. I can I can completely understand why they don't want the 205 pounder. Me being the the champions but it's in this is much elephant. What happened the night that thing what did you if you're gonna make certain they're there is one thing that you do have to give roaming credit and or whoever's doctor is like. Stays reasonably healthy. We don't want something yuppie can I thought I mean. He won is written away from you all he has won suspension way from being. Technically fired you can go far in though so does that whose costs Randy York has also those guys it's one strictly for being fires. So who's the bigger baby face right now in the WEB. Brian war. Rehman rates theory test because if everyone pulling for the pirates we all are like let's we might reward waiter for departure OK let's erode on capture him by his side through the night that he gets suspended quote in Korea and Iran that people like who appeared is that they finally got him it was just. Story lines in the incidence. Thing is. Really care like do they really like for instance. It is ginger. And that's for you you have a flight to. Really George trying to make a statement against performance answers on in the role here ticker. Every single seems to be a border martz did you have a Danes and bring them to things in the Mohawk has my legs and Brock Lesnar is upper body it's weird I'll give the Debbie Debbie for a and I don't know who was involved at the writing by. Beating junior ball ball with the odd the submission to because it is week lag and that was a really via outlook I actually gave him credit for that like that was that was winking at yeah. The let's move on from robberies in Brock Lesnar is real real limits on action since in October and AJ styles for the WB channel now wait for that I cannot. Wait they can't possibly be as good as that are. Third new Japan match rate I mean I agree with that. I do. This is I think the frustrating part about WD is they assume. That wrestling fans don't watch anything other than WW. But I actually had a question okay we've all seen Nakamura AJ from from new Japan and the people are going to be wrestle mania. Like what percentage we think I've already seen this I couldn't agree it's wrong because a lot of field or shorter assuming your like regular rest if if it was a random. Monday bar smacked now whatever bruises like he random show at 10% would be much lower gear the B wrestle mania you're gonna have a lot of them are our people there because. I think your point I think what the issue is and I do think this is something we meaty as smarts lose sight of wrestling is still for it. Like. To know right here at her husband they don't target music target. By target gets hit by toys kids by action figures while the clothes like it's Ike and there's the business model would LB leave stuff sitting in my house. You are just that when he minutes I'll write about her pilot's O'Meara. A true story takes to mingle it when she was as over as you could possibly be. When she came in our she came and and she was the final match. And Bailey I'm sitting right by the rail and Bailey comes out you know ever went all fired up like you that the fever pitch just goes to. Absolutely piercing level Bailey comes to give me odd across my arms and I'm over reaction she she she turned and looked at me almost like she is completely blown off for like the next fifteenth. Because I don't think she'd ever experience like you talk you can't really wrestle just I I don't. Understand your appeal your high like. Her parents removable and Dorsey reports will say I think it was reported that part that's like I think that was the old gimmick right back she can't wrestles over finishing it was terrible likely that the idea. I will say though I want Baring her. A credit card and keep digging on that but runs mayor on boys it all there at her gosh that's why does yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah argument that it. Hard core fans that will known raises the whole thing yeah whatever we did he get. It is still my all time favorite gifts or we can get up camera. Like when AJ sheets. And then not camera caught them caught the air bullet in it. Yeah on the that is one of the all time great live events is not gonna hurt that. That 10 lead capturing Goran on islands Alia that I was up there with the the beret why it was a pretty Wyatt in Sina. The one night on raw. Alan white Roman rains that's right is boring I try to I try to put Brea and Barea has somebody hand and he points in Roman rain spears them. Elite group that that one is up there with via the agent McMurray Allen's and then also. I give prior credit's due would Roman through the room and three the chair tables side. When rove and his caustic share alike but he I was like OK anybody out here. It now is out of its that it doesn't really matter either you guys who wins this match. Narrow as organized as yet as a immunity and here's a question because this wins the last real. Face vs face match we've had because they have. Like the bed sheets mania largest yet in just mania like where it's for a bail wins the last true face vs face match. Because I'm expecting shenanigans. Expert and run out someone's gonna turn the demand all the the only stiffer ones. Twelve. It's a war Brett John. Com. Harlem. That's really the only one Lichen and go so well and in Bosnia six obviously Hogan and right warrior. Like when you look at it. I guess this the other question where does this match gonna come on the court because. I think actually one of the most difficult things to view other again to open the show okay so I thought it sued but wins the last time. I mean technically this is the WW championship with us on the WW GB agent opened them. Opened the show a year ago. Never would you hope what that like so much to Ohio and as well my thought is you would open it with with. Dana Brian shaming and Sammy Kaye oh yeah but you do run the risk of as over as DB is right now. Like you run the risk of having that show like in the crowd so hot yes that thing out that it's dead for three yeah exactly. You get so excited for that one laughter it's like. You can only keep it would fodder for so long and I guess that is another opportunity that you could open you could open the match he could open. Actual wrestle mania. With Dana Bryant in the just buried at Bryant and so the crowd goes from being really hot to relieve livid here and you just sit there pissed off for the next four hours we'll hear let's move on to do. A match that might. Would be another good candidate for yet triple threat tag match from smackdown in a Pope got treachery. Logo do I was aware and better he'll lose those or rate of amazing. Like they the chemistry there were entering work it's him everything they do is but it may not unless I miss on the river seeing rumors earlier this week and in fairness of people know that are listening to this over the weekend recording is on Thursday. So everything Monday Tuesday and Wednesday has happened. So we but it. The rumors earlier in the week that that this might be teal CNET. That at some point before mania they might change it to a teal team that makes sense because the Intercontinental match which is traditionally the them or match yet. It makes sense that. Because that's not in a ladder match you're gonna there's every lap and it matters really we tiger there's going to be latter you can have right I mean you're an hour right there has to be some type of latter match so. I can under I can completely see that I think the biggest problem I have is. Anytime you have three way tag or six man tag matches. I get it you gotta get everywhere on the part here when everyone get their payday completely Anderson or otherwise. Yeah I mean my biggest. If there. I just like for Brey has less to do with rage. And more to do with you can't book a monster and then have him get beat all the time and everything he says is a complete and utter lie there and that but. Like when you look at the six man tag it just feels like it's going to be a mess yeah. Like art of cluster. Then everything is well. We've seen it. Or so's in new date put on match yes like most underrated match up with that was it may it last what was the pre show where it was new day. When namely don't eyelashes. But there was like Mavis summer slam survivor series there's that there was of free show with new day and use those and they let it surprise you ought virus series I think like that was the most underrated match of the year for me I should like it was so awesome. But now Alec you bring in the bludgeon Brothers and to me like it just like massive contrast the styles because who says indeed a you know they all like. I need to clean matches they were like Ayers and no yeah and they've got they've got the ability to do I spot the ability to kind of makes in the the brawling. I just Billiton outing at the bludgeoned Brothers in here it feels like Timmy heavy handed like it's just gonna never really know anywhere and that kind of like if you go by with the way. It we all think Vince McMahon thanks from all the other shows that we listened to calm. It would make logical sense that this match would end up being a gimmick match of some kind yes I think that's I have to avoid that ought to keep the story yeah like evolve and they've done a hell sell at this point there done. Bloomberg that the little bit everything I mean the whole cell match was awesome. Yes I. Nick arena whether the taxing more to lose does that mean put 360 chains like they have in the past year have they were right what babyface what do who's so it was so I don't like. They airy gangsters that you can take somebody hits it's super overs a babyface. Sells merchandise all the kids and everything you can flip them and there's still lost her like gangsters record I can lean and they went from being boring. To being awesome you. And it still sounds as much rationales were in October occur if I'm wrong there are some Owens yes. So even though they were over is Beatty faces and everyone in the BB eighty cases. They turned he'll be oral. These guys would be great meals are room. Murderer and if you're OK in regard to withdrawing the jury. We've kind of frequent. There's are whistling you heard her first ever rightly to the blueprint blueprint so light like the the WB championship match is a matter who wins. A one and number one brother here this would not them so does anybody but idyllic they're gonna with our I think this feels like they're gonna wind kind of force he'd. To make like they've been tried to make these guys a big deal here. Camilla hammers and L Phillip on smackdown they've been more open to the idea of making a tag team are making a wrestler making character by putting the belt on as we saw a gender like. Yet sometimes like the belt is a is like now I hat tip to the actual wrestler at other times it's to try and build a barrier yeah and so like I feel like if they're trying to make the bludgeoned Brothers matter. It would make sense that they went yeah. But I hope they don't. A wider than I mean I mean that I can best tag teams arguably intimate beef the last like 45 years here. I mean to meet the gone back to Evans original point though of just kind of a turn that worked in the you look at originally when the new shaking out they were Eagles yeah there were and then. Every night they just listen the crowd and like OK let's let these guys just be a loss yup and then refer government there's dual cross which do amazing. Rhonda rousing Kurt angle for secession McMahon and triple H. Do you. Do you care hair yeah I Garcia they question. The question. On on the care scale I'd give it just because just that is Rhonda. North Carolina doesn't and resting in a restaurant coming in barbed. I agree because the moments like the flashes they let a senior and I did that they've been showing like they're putting her in position of to have her put her best foot forward yeah. I missed that they've shown like her ability to work. Now let yard high cut. Translate biggest deal is Rhonda Ralph as a human being is he or she what are we doing. Forcing her down our throats smile but like I make. And he can ridiculous I met a window whoever Shatner was on Twitter today reported on Ron Allen has that was and. Like you look at it in general it's like. Under Rouse knee. I dispersed in wider they're trying to build the way they are I get it she lost two matches you have seen your. She's really steer human being in us news and so why would you not just give her the monster treatment. And. There why don't we still giving her microphone on all she won't Inca auction you know Paul payment you have need something to view after me yeah. And don't be Iran Iran's Manger because like he says she. Alex you would never talk about even the issue has never been a great talker like holly home got a call her out she had to shoot an ever smaller. We saw when you put on sports and they were trying to give the PR tour and there's there's Oklahoma city council of the so if and while stuck in like usually she has our. Bigger you know that she just terrorizing everybody but no we have to give the makeup in the Jacqui it in the now we don't need that we don't really crazy Rhonda I hope we get a rustling maybe he turned brokering or some. I think that's the only way this works for you have to turn yet. And Jackie said payment is available and if you believe the dirt sheets it appears that part of the plans are. They have to be aware that Ronnie can't talk and I guess that's another big complaint that would WB. On. Stop trying to make everyone the rock like at a certain point a certain point. Maybe. Tip your cap to a guy that went from being a failed football player to being a professional wrestler to the highest paid actor in the world. Maybe instead of going hey why don't you all be like him maybe recognized. As a special human being yeah. And not everyone can be like him and. I just missed the days where you can. Have a monster type eagle and have a mouthpiece like why I like we do it for Brock like we do every one else like you have to make them talk like Roman rains. We are forcing him talking greeted his gotten back. Her yeah that whole god that was a low bar player if you're drawn there like I like blonde better when he did not talk and we just you just come out just terrorized and itself and breaks up your embryo as you can tell they've got documents and hey let less is more yeah. Beat beat quick in two point executives don't start going along with did because that's when the train goes on the side of the mound younger promo robbed with a couple weeks going house like on poking through. The walk. Still talkies they want everybody talks with the awful. The low that forget brawn gave this was before costly when he does some very important lesson. If you get fired at work if you really big enough temper tantrum you can drop back up but that's a great lesson for kids out there. Every list includes. I hope kids it was like the whole thing was just didn't realize that well yeah. That's exactly what we also when he just. Well more and broad stroke because that's the next thing that I actually gonna ask you guys about. Who's gonna be brought instruments tag team partners Sunday DeVon. And even to have apart you have got their lone man it's got earlier this year. It makes cents. A cake is that sitting like we know there's going to be a surprise return there always is a wise man. It's eat that. No match. He does I actually just think it's I would rather the truth is I would rather be brawn vs the bore via. Later if it's not any register these have a surprise. And I guess the only other surprise participant that I would like actually opt for. Is it it's like surprise for his that was bits. And how could be a lawyer and events like this strikes out. Against threats out and then. Vince finally decides like. Were acts like he's now Vince taps him as you are now the authorities choice like I'm on. Yet but you're down the idea that that's decent ideas of back to what when my friends throughout the idea of a cameo Megan being via. Being bronze partner. Or bureau also a great idea but then again so it's too good to preacher went into the yeah Betty he do we have anyone like we had last year with the parties and when I mean by that where. We knew they were coming into the WEB. Where I give I give any credit last year. We all. Like we bought the air like you know the parties are coming back but it seemed to Rawle. I think that was part of what made the surprise return so great is we knew they were coming back like we weren't expecting them that night is there mine who who is there anyone. Next he authored by lottery because he had had a magic but you know and or mattered in the democratic senator mark so. It. You don't care they bring up ankle. Regret it or we cool hey baby hey. Like an. It argues that a rather just be robbers the bar like I think that's that's a great way to do you know who doesn't have a match. On enix T them. Eric Young. And the would have been kind to that looks a little passes through and the matches. That's not that's not the world's worst idea or a man like that this is it you don't. No I mean we don't think they're what they are here. I mean there there but they're not there it's a minute span. Nor did Devin Delhi like I was going nuts suckered. It hit me no expert here her office is pain and she sells like a mother yes right she just like she's lost I'm Amal. So you wouldn't get air Joan and raw numbers the bark you get down. Good luck and can be apple though so is this again another match that it doesn't really is it seemed to matter. And winds after some of the from his match that outcome like we don't really care just we just wanna be entertained like we had 34 matches you know. I recently just wanna be your tail between four hours. Although I think the other issue is they've they've given us a hardware. I don't feel like with the exception of I'm going to literally. Like wrote my voice out Boeing Roman when he got like other I think I'm going to just lose them when asked who that are just heard just just a blue Rohm and regularly you'll never oh my gosh I'm gonna film how allow the boos are not a connect. When I go back and watched the rebroadcast here and see how much they pipe down. The news they do like how much point patrol. Other than that is there really a match where. You're like okay this person should logically win. And if this person didn't win you would be upset because for the most or what they've done is they've given us a bunch of matches that. Have some pretty good names but there's not really enough of a story going into it to where you actually care about a much publicity night Jack's kid bit. I'm the biggest Lexmark out there if drug running and that match is going to sought. Like tonight is gonna just as marvelous market its immediate. Not the other and it's like. At least Beth Phoenix was a monster she could like tossed girls around the rink but you watch diet she can she straw. She did you have new Joker Marion you'll know she's stronger but if you lament legitimately strong. If I think it Wexler is talented enough that she Clinton was it is perfect egg or giving Alexa denied because. Alexa weighs all of what 98 Al Harris and Alec things happen that are bits and by. And here it's oh they're so. It does make sense that nine it could throw elects around the ring and we can get that type of match but the need for the most part. That's problem is that the match that has the biggest personal issue going in here is in Libya the best stories it's been told. In the month or so leading after wrestling in the Charlotte Oscar thing it has an actual. Story behind it. And then you know like you look at Charlotte on a scale like Charlotte but they are female wrestler. And it seems that there are all inclined to light memorial at Charlotte or her record like it seems like what there's there's still mix like they're still making it very clear cost is not you'll lose your. And so. Being beat Charlotte that's always nothing rising more insane than when the WT I have to watch a woman beat Charlotte coach we know like in real life you can't be Charlie just keep and rainy I see like I went up like. For instance win. Alexis does her little front. Like a litigious falls and turns right before she hits an era Charlotte does like a shooting star press endings ground like it's much more athletic it's much more impressive. And like when you watch these other girls open at Charlotte you just can't believe it because she's. She's just so much genetically superior. Player. And it's he's gonna lose. Them further there is still America the deputy attorney to. I would be shocked. If this is where Oscar gets her first loss. So I would be absolutely shot we won they won the professionals who didn't learn news and I don't company insolvent news's 92 promo when they. Like with the puppies afterward has gone on a god bless them I'm digger thank god for the next anger but so what does that now does Kosuke get a smack down in Charlotte going back to room brawl like. Always into another draft is out what's coming up and then I think they're gonna do you know it'll shake up after wrestle mania commit to the Carmelo run employee that's that's where I was gonna bring that up you mentioned Carmel earlier asks if she he'll lose. Always and fling. With the would you like we had money in the bank in its not in a matter you Mike Huckabee and Eric Gordon at like six minutes and now literally Carmela is like is. When she cashed in she's losing you talk that you talked earlier about the whole like the reaction thing. She still. Months after getting that that briefcase she stood in the heavily actually had no reaction when she comes out comes out of the moonwalk and Hillary have police and see if people were booing or should it be something. Only person ever like the only time from caliber our action is James sort yet because. Like actual wrestling fans would get like in fury aided. By James Ellsworth its presence and so like that's the only time she get a reaction. And they are part of a we have Camilla with the money in the bank whose Cassidy and twice actually and I do like the whole idea though effort trying to cash in she keeps like failing to cash it in like that yeah that that that's pretty pretty decent story tell us of the bigger question is do we know. Does the women's money in the bank. Brief case does it have the expiration date. Does it do it expires at its money in the bank it's one year from the date that you want her to go to a Foster personal intervention like I've had the money in the bank suitcase belonged to Tom derby history yes she has held little belongings out of anybody and the truth is actually. More okay with Ehrlich just holding in perpetuity like iron that's all that being heard in the day before promoting the battery. It would not surprise me one bit because the money debate is and to law as of June or July. I think it's officially moved it to June this year well I don't two years ago June because I was in like there was trip that was intensity and exactly it's like right around published a that are used to be in July before and I think it is happy father's money in and I guess so right nothing I can heal knowing her so do you think shall cash and Hillary real idol I think no nor. They're not gonna give her up like least I'm like why would they give her wrestle mania why would they give or a moment like he has not heard I would be more okay if she cashed in Charlotte and one and it. She cashed. Oscar if she has is an all Oscar he's African rise. So if she catches and if she cashes in on Oscar. Does that count like if she cashed in and beat hostage does that count Oscars record. Yeah regardless of drugs is no account to use for diplomats and so I don't see what she cashes in your artists that you read it do you can use it to build up Oscar even more that you after fighting his ruling match that Carmelo comes out kisses until she beat her two. That's the probably for that to occur. We have to care about. We have to care about Carmel anonymous. Except me and I kidded like that that those apps I did it. Like the only. Tobago Tulsa bigger travesty the fact that Carmela Sox given how hot she is or the fact that Becky lynch is. Absolutely ripped to shreds and puts a burlap sack over self. Go to number two on that he's got credit period like Becky you work out a that you have a rocket model that you don't want you to look. The efforts of overture in so we're going auto repair the. I made my choice and number one and number two hard. Parents of moving on from the women's wrestling matches you. You mentioned Finn valor earlier Finn Ballard vs Seth rounds vs the ms. for the Intercontinental championship new father the man is. This is this is kind of the W idiot nut shell also. Why. Like all this does is actually held it for what he said fit. He says it in a look it anyway. Even though he eats just simply telling for the same thing but elects like. But a less Alexis is says catty way so it's like other the heels like. Now they're supposed to like why they're supposed to she pursues the steel dismissed the bad guys. The ms. has. Single handedly carry this entire feud like everything is TV segment opened like the entire build up when he teased the mr. Raj to earn everything like. Miguel they got me on that the mistrust and turn right at the end of arrogant saying it. I can speak if they got a I got it so like you look at this match to me it seems like. Now they're moving rock out of the title picture. It does seem like. Set is the most natural fit to go to Roman and it makes sense because. Set still enough of a face to where I think he can turn in this match and it would match. Yeah it's it's I think this is one month or more match to look forward to because of the three guys that can work well together so. I mean like I agree with the because you know what I haven't been as happy as any time. It's awful stuff rocket curbs on bank. When I saw little although I question I was like oh my god they've like wouldn't they've been change his mind. It was another that was another when you're watching it live. You have Micah holy crap in your living a mile. Why wait they brought back like what it was I mean to Twitter like on she. As to say that forever like what no look like and canceled rap like that was the belt of the best in curbs on since probably the main so. Why is that a lot of vintage as model and where these Jews feel with a great move you know that argues that uncle herb company articles black outer. I think he I think that was him going man I don't I'm not heels click here these batteries here anymore. That it works so when I change the name of it and ironically and I thought the reason they brought it back was because. Set was in neutral like his character just pretty much been in neutral like. He wasn't had there wasn't as good as we've seen him I felt like he thought the character needed something. And I can see if your ends you realize like OK you were. We have right now an entire roster of new parts yeah there's got we got here we got to try something receive you know some recent separation of what you seven narrow bezel on Ross of the severance and and all that did you feel I got the top guy you know who's on their way through that now. One me I think misses there to that point they're just kind of happy keeping him and that I think is the best. Top to bottom personal company. I agree I would maybe consider. Youths. We'll get that auditors have him but to your point I actually. I it's funny now that I think most most like the wrestling in that Hayden is like. Just for the obvious reasons aided the ms. like disbursed title run. I think we're all the people that what is actually get a legitimate title. Hungry and I'm actually like I think he. I think he has his last eighteen months he has earned the right to be at least get a shot. Was the last time he actually had eight she hasn't seen it was the champion last wasn't. So I guess technically it's couple years ago at least technically. He wins when he was on smackdown was in the elimination chamber match that would have technically gotten in the belt he won it. On the pro life correct I think so I think it was the last play like that's like the last. Sheen's I guess edit title though was his elimination chamber this year right because every anyway every time they and they try to stay elimination chamber was war. The number one and right and so I think the last time was elimination chamber two years. Other than the ms. the only guy I can think of that at that leveler could get to that level is lives. Which is heat up also cultural or. Any that is. I think I keep hearing are like the dead yet he doesn't like characters bill does does get care chances. Why this is the is the argument against that beat guys. Ally in XT was pretty boring. Like when they brought a lot supple lightly. And I guess I got at age Robert within your like every time allies comes out. It is electric factory yes when he told Cleveland that he was truly sorry to be there. Like that was actually ashamed to be here I was the that was public post explaining that promote him to my fiance whose cheeks she casually watch as the service as she laughs and says that sometimes. I mean her go back and watch it and she was like doubled over laughing at those who the crowd goes from. Super high like cheers to boo lake. And into your point though. It was the eggs in the same show. Knew it is let the welcome home chance welcome home welcome he let them get. So out to where you can hear it on TV like welcome nominated at island and and exactly like that's on believe he'll. You used to do that stuff for little hoops Chris Jericho he'd go to camp. And he would make sure they announced that he was for he was living in Atlanta Georgia gets to. Wow. Love that Jericho is in my opinion. Jericho is still the most underrated WEB superstar like if you look at his entire career. He was having to essentially be the third guy in between rock and Austin. And he built a career out of that he'd like deep passion insult away. But he is reinvented himself what 567. Times the year he has arguably the best match of his career over in Japan this year what 46. And who's up or is going to be gone and didn't finally has her behind and he got a clipboard over what really got a clipboard over. Any got the work. Over like that is unbelievable like when you put that on paper. Exhibited a history I'd put him I go a lot of flak from friends and put him when that bid the big thing a few months ago the hormonal rush yeah a put your common Roger has a much. And people were just like. Your crazy. How could you put him up there had to go I think I think mine was flare Austin Jericho hands. Who's the person speaking here. Rock. Or wrong. Here accurate forks don't colds my parents like whatever else that's like old Hogan Hogan to. As much as Hogan's sucks is a person like you do it right here on any also took down gawkers again eons just by an area. Like you look at it. There's something to be said for longevity in the back Chris Jericho. Has essentially been. One of the top guys are now going on three years all of you reporters. She's and they said that it is much as I love stone cold and as much as he made me probably the Breslin in that I am today. Clinton was really in short yeah. And I get it. In what I guess the biggest thing it's like that's like why couldn't someone crappy or hurt him why only part. Like and have been lights went here. I just any job or for brightening our Venus now how to operate they date back to character they neutered that supports our character. What program you refused however perfect burger her old time. Perfect. As a before before we take another little little break we got we've got a few more matches that are actually part of wrestle mania he would do. Russa. And today. Through that day every day and we behaviors that day. Up for human resources in this could be a match that opens the show because of Russa being so like over right now. The putting the US title won him right which is so funny because he's going to be one of the one of those people that. Has held a belt like that but Benny super he'll Angel and then like super over in his face well the one thing I really do blog. About this adoration every set is. He basically. Got punished for being a true he'll when he was that your heel I think they reached out. War when he came out at mania was 31. In attendance yes he came on the tank like that was kind of like by Ike I take a break for wrestling. And that came back and saw that Mike yes your in on you. Cannot wait like these Rollins as being just a truce deal and it got to know where even though like. True fans appreciated him. And it's like now he decided to take them is them take the elects a blitz. Lipper format where he's technically a heel yeah but he's. Basically showing color he's he's being entertaining like he's going to the nth degree. And it's got him over to this point like we talk about which Erica. So over. It's something on paper that is as dumb as it is receptive god bless like English you. I don't think. Like eight English though got actually a lot because I was like. Training to become like a Broadway actor and you got as you get a phone call from an XT and he's basically like all of us like. If we would have gotten called like we've been lifelong wrestling it like here's your try out from a community that yep. Academies or Broadway of that that that arcade you know that he he. It was skirts. That was one of those ones like public. All roll that thing about eight English though when he does spots when they actually like if they're trying to fill time and they they let him Russell. He has the Tyler breeze affect referred like. Yeah he's this guy and Estonia like watching a hearing actually I know I mean it's it's unbelievable that you Peabody and arousal moved you know. Our amber rapid fire we've got the three matches that are on the pre show drew three championship of the Hugo royals the generals who cares. But Matt Harding camp for a we'll the only reason I would care is if they actually acknowledged breezed. Yeah so if Brees won that like and to me like that's the perfect thing for Tyler recently and obligates the Andre the Giant royal yeah so they're not gonna give it to the six foot guy for fear that is awesome a tall order about golf were offered now he's going to be in that match Austin. I'm most of the hampered well. Where where are we adopt is why I take heat from a lot of my buddies on the huge off. I don't Toobin our judges I think he's peaked earlier he really think it's he's just he's never gonna get. Over that little yet borrowers corn on the Republicans and zoos and support in the east room they really like now afflict. They hit his music and it scratched early scratch and it is a they're doing all wrong here and walk out just you know music and retire or something nothing on us as a walk out walk now. It's that simple people. This is who is listed as in the hundreds I'm more about oil okay this is who's been announced gulf ziglar man parties in the revival which is that's so funny way. The old Olympia the other both that as a tag team by the way I think you have to eliminate both of them to limit the whole team. Or my pulled up there on the revival like. Why. Let's I think they're great like I actually think part of America opposite problem was I think we realize that once they got away from the revival. America outlets started to struggle a little bit yeah because the revival makes everyone look awesome so like why. Why are we not utilizing them more picture if you have a nothing tag division like we do one Rawle wire wire we not. Maybe utilizing the teen. Really makes people Hewitt in the people here let's get real moments let's build a new four horsemen kebab we returns in charge of it but the revival than somebody else. Who mixing Canadian and like southern accents are mall and you have a addicts that it asked. Who would be the fourth and that only about your the revival men who would be number of the fourth guy Russa. We'll you. Little bit of waiver program. To take our four guys that are over well I guess bunkers nothing. Eric court. So how what I am news yeah that's 1% in 2000 dollar or airport there Gordon literally. Bolt just hide Dillinger and precinct and eight. It's sure make it's reality here I heard this before he announced that he was going to be obviously isn't as well so you sleep and eat. Yes. As though they try to give it to a giant that the airlines and of course when he is. Emotional wanna last year it yet. That was in Brock had a spy this is set up for somebody like somebody that's super over with this marquee fans like I Dillinger horror. I. So mod my body some something like that summary Italy. Like if the revival win it sure of it of something goofy. So. Or I mean I guess for me degrees breweries the audio restore but. What my body Shia the world as he as the new idea for tied to injure he says I Dillinger should now start trying to vote number thirty. Over that that way next year at the rumble yes about it. Rob Lowe is like totally like while. We're Dario has ties does he just I would go on there yeah on Gloria. Maria the bigger the door here from under armour of the stickers number. Ego workers for Smart reform the way has now ruled there Medicare I would think I care about policy Dana Brooke at the spot where she doesn't last six seconds all for our route yeah it's not just like Brooke like just like as soon as she gets like. When they all start brawling bursting c.'s Dana brought line. I Ellis who has in the warm it's pretty much everybody it's not in the two title matches. And he has the winner right yeah probably. Becky or ILD APEC you're soccer or have them that's that might be reviewed your Bailey Sasha banks. Naomi is its IPO and am. Am and it's not to say that we don't care about the women I want to come across that they don't hear about that show you exactly. I guess the only thing I don't wanna see as I don't see any leeway and these now and yet others that really don't hear the only mats on the pre show that I really actually super care about is discreetly match which of either you guys watched any of the Promos and stuff that these guys have been doing for because inhabitants of my lot happened Maria her stuff Ali's been doing all of these. Like videos on his social media stuff that he's producing on his own Lou admitted though because that's what the ms. did that's also that's also a Zack Ryder didn't act got it buried in exactly that's the only thing for him. But the stuff has been brilliant has gotten some people actually coming give a crap about this match. But ultimately going to be in the pre show in 400 people or deceit and was completely in the human gentlemen. Other big problem that I have with cruiser weights and Greg I grew up on VCW. Like the difference though is that. Crews are waits for something different. Yeah because most of doesn't change of pace like most of WCW was like old school like personal issue brawling type like I mean it's meant as wrestling more so yeah southern wrestling. It's a cruiser weights with something different that was completely different but now. I forgot what we've seen Brock Lester to a shooting star pro life. Like its diet like all of these guys that if you're gonna be a top guy for the most part would you have high spots like you have. Flying Lou resort so remarks like come Susan who to Guerrero who shot kid who still out there doing Kidman. Some concern to Cuba for Torrie Wilson for crying out loud tell Mary in direct flight like that there be seen Kidman lately I'm out but he like. What are the biggest thing you do it well gorilla he's he's one of the view that gorilla I think that he's like like I think he is technically that the new Bruce Pritchard is he time's up the show is deafening like I think he's let them eat like. Films all like he produces most of like the TV segments like that. The interviews and in the Promos like I think I think he's the neighbor's brick and the accountability and. Your point don't like what you see your report like like now wants to know we're watched. As premier much for them to her death psychosis. All those do it ultimately do with the dragon costume. It is it was different if they did it's fast pace do flips or doing everything so. Erica reburial mark front I don't know I was limited him about my accident chairman of WCW. What it's almost like it. It was almost like the cruiser weights were kind of the victim of the fact that the cruiser weight challenge was successful here. Because the it was successful because it was something different. Then they tried inserted into a wall and just make it another segment and I don't know like it's just been really flat. It had into try to give a little bit of boos but it now and doesn't really work when you get fired no means as a actually no cult beacon of ins or Maury. I churches in Durham yesterday I thought about why he soderling. Yes but he has not posted since like January. You act that's when he got arrested at or isn't a well known leading theory he's now in jail he's lame pretty low. He has opposes that and yes so basically what happened is like. Anytime you have rape allegations against you Debbie Debbie will conduct they're own investigation. And if they are you basically what they're saying it. We've spoken with the authorities believe. We based our information. At the minimum you're going to be church. Are you really can't know publishing company can't put someone who knew it's gonna be up for operate in Accra and PU very good to keep your PC you can our rights an XT takeover. Always got left guys do so the impact. How can it could do not impacted both are actually watching Luka underground are doing a show together. What are you actually are you yourself watching T Austin and ordering him Bakalar a solar. Is this is this best in Eckstein take your record since Dallas. If you if you didn't have member reverse its going to be on here. Like I don't let other guys yes I don't necessarily fault them for that because that's kind of what they have to work with right. Yeah yeah. Clinton I think this is the showed that where you might also where's the other rumored. Can you made an appearance made it may happen. So okay what are we more excited about a Wii more excited about the latter match for the North American championship. Completely or remorse are about and a ciampa. Power or the like they Knowles former unsanctioned. I'm honestly. Now it's almost kind of a tie here amongst all four matches except for the women's. Which again it's not in government physical finishing yes just an awesome finish and I just don't know if like term paper work will it take it big. If they keep you a minimum out of time I think that that match gets to work because. You can't have every single match be in an enemy of my. There has to be a match it's just the solid match that moves shell so calm cool would that. It is weird though that the match that honestly of the like a probably the war. Maybe the match I care about he's sixty G image. It's going to be yeah I know Larry Maurizio ouster by it's good like I pay more interest in the other characters. I want a lot of match would go team dream he sees the I was ain't easy three dozen they're going to be or fewer people believe this whole 1% of situation they doze. He doesn't really worries easily going to be in a bottle so. Well here's my question is dealt with tangerine. Does that translate bull because right now he is. Hands down my favorite I morning it's amazing because a he's awesome and rain. But also that character I'm all in my parents please read these also like. A dish. I will never forget the look on DeVon space when we hear the and its future without paper and he comes out do and insulate. Early into the dream thing and he comes out and Evans who looks to me and who's this. The only ones going over the outlook was the show they introduced him just on video packed the Shia yet but he actually made an appearance that he he he runs a replica card you now rest of the night. Because he was so athletic and also compete wrestled Al trouble yeah almost so compute. He gave the eyes I remember specific than that video package. Of the night and to pay off like an innocent it would stretching gorgeous legs and stretched out what. But no. They need it was a tough and right. Do you didn't and tough enough. I believe that's correct picking one at the human is but he is featured artist on there yet we junior yeah so that's our member from a when he popped up as a catcher when he hit teams on topic kind of confused now it was like with one home he's were good and he's only 22. I guess I might as my biggest deal is. I see. Some shades of like prince pretty. Yeah pelvic injury and clearly prince pretty didn't translate you know to the main roster although I still think three's awesome and I think if they would just like. Gave him a shot and it partly I think that would be super government cart. But is velvety injury is this like translate. It reminds musical blessed thing Olympic disease kind of ambiguous a little bit. He's 22 so yeah he had a lot of room unless that you 122 that are do you have a lot of room on my side. For that like high fuel. And when you said he's young yet Tommy can or grow their character more and more and more. When he reaches likely vote for defied him if he if he could literally be in the company for the next forty year peak if you want to. I guess the other. Question is. Have we reached that day and age where. Having truly a strong a strongly developed character. Does it really matter on the main roster because like if you look at. If you look at the guys that are over if you look at the guys that have been the bases in the guys that have moralist and top guys for the last 567 years yeah. But even like Dana Bryant presently character entertainer prize a lottery like crowd reaction in good entering work like. There's not really a specific character for being a Brian that Roman Raines doesn't really have a character like. I'm starting to wonder if I did it sixty I think they do such a great job I think that's why a lot of us like. Actual wrestling fans like an XT because. The characters matters here usually even if it's simple there's a storyline to follow up there's usually some type of personal issue and we can all get into it. But it's almost like when they move up to the main roster. They don't care who your characters that's why he's on a Nagano is gonna end up being superstar. He had a much like Dana brown because he has no gimmick he's literally just an underdog. Yeah dude he's just the dude it's a little lower than everybody else and he can work is bought off and he's going he's critical to the main roster he's gonna end up getting over like crazy. In I hope so I am worried like. You look at all of his best matches. They've been done here like all the takeover matches like when he thirty minutes late and a polite that's the problem like he's not gonna get thirty minute. So I'm now in my garden. And aggregated mean and what 1215. I think it's almost it's three Alex you. I don't want this to die because there are other guys fitness for a long time because it got it looked like. It's not that typical I hope this is a trip means in the with a W he acts like we expect much like. No basic when it comes down to where we want a story that makes some type of obstacles some sense to have so. Two people having personal issue and have them duke in your story it it's like we're begging for anything it's we get. Pissed off when there's literally nothing. Or just blowing people gathering in tracker worst you can give me a reason to care that it. That's that's all it. Advances. Lacking in that area so like you said he's ago. The white got taken out of the C himself become a billionaire like I'm a Cilic he's checked the boxes here. Like he got grandkids like Shea came back hugged it out like like this is part of the movie like or if he's Judd I'd like this has been this time to die. Really get your boys it's into retirement home. The cumulative storyline next mania. And wins the draw if if you wins from what does control a company it will go through retirement. Asthma. All time favorite moments the wrestle mania in Dallas win. It was going to tanks which is going to be an absolute crap or convince his idea to express wrestle mania was another mic man. For assuring him. One if we give him credit Greg Mathis. If I remember always the agreement were to come to that amount so I guess that like that's the question like do we think. I guess for me at issue is next he popular and solid. Because it's only an hour of TV. We get the takeovers it's a smaller roster with defined characters that are pretty develop that we all know about we all care about eight. Is part of the like is that I guess translate. I like president shooting and that's a great core question 'cause when you look back how many guys come from an extra roster actually worse. Mean that's that's that let's also get real like. Although it more or less been disappointed hammer. I hear it's been pretty fly him since he's come on yeah that's the thing like org easily and has not been many Gaza. When he's at how they impact in exe in the commodity like all while the ball on the doorknob and their curriculum. I think about it but that's another guy the best examples and yet. But I mean if it would it almost seems like if it would embrace it to Greg's original point like. If it would kind of embrace being an underdog more rather than like being like this characters on the best liked. In India the demon eyes you know undefeated on TV nightmare. It does make you wonder would being more of a shot it feels like Vince is gonna kind of dwindle in the mid caller. He ties. This doesn't think he's over even though you watched income out news like listen in the rainy here how how do you think this guys over thinking Ambrose was coming now. Why what happened is hurt it's over. Next for her on the waddle while. Try separate I think. Apparently a setback yeah the other great healed or or he either had a set back court is going so well that they're trying to hide him to vacancy used him as a surprise. That. Whoa ooh. Another another great Gil on the WB is doctor enters. He had a huge help. On the scene they mush that though I said earlier that the the they have rumors of the potential of Kenya may get showing up in the in the WB. Was this show was one of the other spots because of cholera. That was Bobby Fischer Colorado Utica hurt. So I'll be finishing with Bobby yet simple and how Colorado is a rise in OKC have a bit of Bobby fish that hurt himself so technically. He's defending the tag titles by himself. And because of all the ball club connections and whatnot that might be an ideal spot that a night after. Kenny and me loses to Cody Rhodes is the way to show our current list the same night yeah but they're both friar. That I had every quite the coup if they're gonna poll well it would. Take errors on the set and this is another motive that which would always notice that it is when my friends as mad because he can't go to vote for what they screwed it up where. And they screwed me up forever one year they put in XT on Friday and in the hall of fame on Saturday. But now they flipped it back into forever because it's that one time that I remembered now I can never Whitney but because of the timing of it it wouldn't make sense unless flaky and that he somehow could be them both shows but I doubt this appears that he gets cabinet. Mean parties were sort of able pulled off it wasn't the same day you know there after they were there on the early show on Saturday night in the run mania on Sunday. I guess my biggest deal is. This kid you may go like as he reached the point where he wants to get that beauty is William. Make like. A pretty good niche for myself media I get around the world and I'm on top no matter Wyatt. And I don't have to deal with all of the the backstage politics. Which you want do you wish you more guests include move by you want to elements of the third he's doing in Egypt and an amazing. Vegas the question is is like. That's kind of I don't know exactly how much money you make him make slight so but it utopia K idiom you make spider a year like combine their. And to me it's like. I would almost strategy that read it to schedule. He moralists at where you wanna work in to me like I'd rather the that then. Travel lead our hearts and point I've seen him wanting a 700 or concede wanting to leave especially with that there all in deal coming up in Chicago later this year it would buy wouldn't leave now. Was WEB just threw a bowl while they are all like IM. I am I am definitely capable of selling out like I don't want that I bet if the deputy backs up a Brinks truck to Gloria lay out any idea that like. If the money is similar. I don't see why he would get it to be just for the sake of going to WB. So most likely and we see an uncle Russell place Saturday that seems to be the most likely and which would set him up to base steal the show them. And that could be the way to get him over without. Do you that you could get him over without putting. The North American. Built on and recruit both built on amusement. When the tag kind. Since the tag titles in the opening match of the show's name. Edmonton tournaments North American title all meet upn so many guys in the and are not there's a role in deputy to have multiple belts at the same time you beaming. True I guess. Is that there's Jericho new set that multiple up I think like injuries like since the undisputed there where like I think set that set that the US and uber what are. At that time says that the US title and duty. Alaska. Alaska did. Graham was Jerker. There deal browser currently European one point. Going back while we are rumored to Iraq I guess we'll run down quickly picks on this one all right so the NFC championship match we've got all messed an ouster. We almost win yeah. I I don't senior reason for ouster liked Neil no matter IM Berman. I think we have the triple that. Tag matches and is Pierre authors of paint broader strong and Paul de and he'd done. I think while they put in the group. Because it's dusty classic its debts was a of the hall comes from Missouri to renew the whole idea was deepening the other random tag teams for the dusty classic and then there's always like if you of that actual tag teams that there. So for me I can see strong and done winning because our authors of pain moving up. They've they've been there for that next team that in the next he for ever. They're they're toys the company to a morgue they need a little bit more work than is Neil what more seasoning there's the there's quite there there's little bit more. And this is don't seem to to me anyway to really be kind of getting over that. At little hump we're having to go of the Gaza the coats. The Munich and these were to go about you don't. You don't intrigue around Austin now went on but it's like the reason I'm mentioning that is if we look get a is it possible we have no XT callebs after. After taker is definitely possible Alice I'm glad it me or anybody be black because you they sensed as you guys some edited out. His goal AC three. None of those guys I ricocheted like none of those guys they'll team they're not at all about and then I hear wrestling you know outing should top it all about. Which which by the way cuter than it does make a point really quick that if you look at some of these guys that are on. This whole weekend in general from AJ styles to knock camera to EC three ricochet. But this roster Adam collateral play. Could you lament if if you would have. If you go back in time and tell yourself five years ago all these different dude to be in that interview we use your head would explode I guess this is another question what. What what's till warmer now. I think. There on the roster and their mania I'm. Officer Logan minster. I know that there I know there in New Orleans so like. I guess maybe she. Is or dusty finish in the triple it's possible they can just go up and beat everybody. People that I'd actually like portion to life that got lost. Sort of these things. Do you look what kind of cups are that income or white cut. To black do chemistry profits. Dusty classic. Bunkers or Cologne and a nice for a native crime 220 team basically hit it. Coming to NXD in the alt when he. Went into the cups he. So that would permit basically rips through it was just thinking about we never actually talked about. The Daniel Bryan Jean McMahon and camino and same thinking gladly say best Verlander girl so. They're very purpose mean you were kind of talking a little bit about this for her recording. We're worthy goal with its way so I don't know because I do feel like. There's eight. Maybe not a good chance that you feel like there's a slight possibility that Shane doesn't Russell. I mean her from a physical perspective now I don't like I did it change insane so if she. If Shane is even remotely cleared bike chains gonna try it seemed it Mencken haven't dialysis machine right in Germany he's gonna be uttering sultan. If it draws money. And an assortment man's got one for one thing wanting a so I find it to the so curious about this entire situation is. I don't see any way that Daniel Bryan in Sheen win. So. All we really going to bear eating O'Brien. As is tradition and WB. The first night he comes back when he is. Legitimately feel like the place on the most of them in two matches and on the pretzel meaning guardian the crowd year. Riots basically you've been which would be great night that particular batch is open. Let's open the show yes with the crowd ready to rye and blue and let's close to show up with a crowd like that nice pocket yep and it's super program Bloomberg Chiapas. Giving people and they want help. As consistent since from the top of what they're not leave it up with the lotteries and drink all galleries and. What cures that is does he really sweet and I don't does. Or does it here Beckett if you got your billionaires don't care what I guess my bigger question is is he. I must elect with Roman rains trying to. I give him credit for. Reverse booking him. Is may be giving him too much credence because that would hints that that would imply. That he is away year. And I just don't think they I don't think he is aware. I think that's where I think he's always very much where I just think he's always had this opinion that I know what's best. And eventually it'll eventually it'll just run its course and it'll monopoly that Iowa army seemed man's Windsor. She machine ever want mania it was also sure wanna match remaining. We usually beat almost in and it's an 1819. That's a long. And I think the one word or Linda McMahon like was what comatose or whatever. So everything that seventeen that was a seventeen. Yeah the kingdom right yet and on that was it's disaster zone yet he. Let's lost on mean there was an amendment so like when you think about this match like. Did it is there anyway Simi entailed don't win. I'm thinks like you said there's there's two dozen others I have Russell and forever. Or one got to sort. Out hospital when god that I think Daniel Bryan is a lot more ready than anybody's gonna give him credit for. If you if you are if you don't looking at him on TV recently. He looks ready ego while also just think he's the guy that I even if he's got some ring rust. He's still going to be. More than passable or yeah like I feel like because it's so much of his injuring work. On top of being like technically sound like it's so much she's getting crowding up. And gave the crowd go with him to know when you've got guys like Kevin Jones and Sammy Zain in there that can worker asses off to. He's going to be in good shape so I'll witness like. Is this is having date had it is thinking O'Brien lose the weight that they start. Like setting up removing Dana Bryant from the GM title like. Is it to me like that's the only and he can't stay with GM instilled and be right. That's the only decent angle that they can go a Google if we beat him then we can now take him off the GM role and what are your you failed me you know under the GM. Because I don't see them truly turning Shane heal. And to me that's the only other angle eating. And we know they're not turning DB deal although that would be the laws that would be the ultimate spitting and it's awful well. That fiercely for from just a purely fan standpoint. Wouldn't that be just beautiful. I'd be unreal. I mean. Like literally that next. The last time he was in that building. He legitimately almost blew the doors off when the yes movement and then next time he's in that building peaks and the ball out attached. It up yet shirt red hair off all night with surgery yet shared Maya. Like all of that while the women. All those years you peoples that that are supported mean. I couldn't care less. These are very close receivable. And he's done it before but like. Is this version of the data Bryant version that truly seems like happy and grateful he's capable of like. Another like you'll monster heel and I want to I want him to Syria go back and watch him and early I know he's had runs before runs thing. This guy like you know he seems happy the father or come all the surgeries Kelly I don't know if this guys like I can believe him as the healing. Record of that I can I would believe our age my version because. The American drag and so some good stuff. You can do good and that really nicely apartheid. Like easily he says he's he's overcome so much so on the you can take a series has like a monster feeling more or your baby face forever now and also. Spitting in our faces is also giving the Debbie Debbie too much credit because I don't think like now I don't really do like. So the idea is that we have of that like just crapping on us like they're too good for the WB I try to make it. That's fair point. So Kevin Jones they're easier to win probably no matter what rate I don't see anyway they don't like the lack of movement raw there's no point moon rock so. That that we see Al is that they fire them quote unquote and then move them. My other issues I feel like that that team was so. Horribly under utilized because they were awesome yeah. If it is not done yet they can't beat them with a yet so. With that I just don't see anyway they. Are here are very well Bruno will. Guys there were done. There were already wrote to mind is fit all of in less than an hour. Surprisingly perfect Segway human and then in the import Jefferies didn't sit through seven and a half hours wrestling I think you know we're playing from Brooklyn recently. It was true if and that's if you come back like. Eyes are broadly we understand. Well like I'm taking Monday off horrible lie even this like I'm I am actually having concerns about staying away. Does it felt like I'm going to arrest me so off court. I don't expect at least over the second to step removed you know. Public going it's more if I'm mark. It's not like you get a New Orleans for weakening and sleep a lot years that if you're in the new World Series you're listening to this thank you have fun this weekend. Going to be blast. But I think everybody here in 1990 is incorrect person in there and the whole bunch for let us do this and please if you like this show. Say someone Facebook's recent on Twitter. Whatever saved but the station know he liked it so we can do this again. For survivor series summer slam whatever yeah the united yes chance I don't have a losing your. My ad when in your literacy might you live as a listening to this you make your yesterday in the background we'll see out of nowhere to the minute edit. Thank you know are torching nor can I know and half ago. Well to think their way for listening I'm great relish for DeVon markers and different rights. We'll see.