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Thursday, August 10th

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Jason Smith is I guess nobody now. Didn't close lunchtime we need to get over 5699. Mount Mariah. That's the plays when my man bill Ritz from the former university of his basketball players are not the best swings in town. I'm trying to get our next guest they have over there should factories down what his next seven go get some of those premium flavors like the garlic to lots of talk about this by Chicago's unbelievable. Most telling Jack going right here about the only his award winner and honey suicide Billie Sonny suicide sauce so good at. All that good chicken you all know this is no assault cooked at high gluten free cholesterol free oil. What makes it better the makes it taste better so healthier for you to its watched Billy's exploding. As the chicken guru of Memphis is the wing guru again 5699 memorize you can call him up at 509 point 45 he can visit. And on line at the wing guru dot com. Go support. A Memphis tiger. So my got Hillary's been a Jason Smith since shifts back Jason John back with the united Arab FM ESPN and we are blessed to have in studio. Four year University of Memphis tiger at a at a time when everybody else was transferring out a program. Here is a man who stayed his name is Shaq Goodwin you know him well it was a crowd favorite beloved he joins us now has been in Germany. And Greece the past season. And back and that is what you you'd you'd check it traps check to determine the visit us when he was taken everything on just checking out. Avic social just a lemon in yeah a slow pace 2000 bid and people been all over user beneath even it would get around that easy army generals celebrity life. I mean get around pretty easy I was merit would be in the MySpace anyways does go see my cute my you know. Must select few people and then stay in how tight is your circle. Of extremely tight. Always got that impression right extremely. In our publicly name the frequency and the last communicate with that type basis is that because. When you get to the point you're thought we talk about this and Penny Hardaway were taught about with the with that in general when you to point you just gotta keep a tight because there's so few you can trust or is that. Just the way you've always been. Our home. I think those that those are was what was priest who you are got you. But then again as is how it happened it was my I went and I went into the situation Sanders wanna do it. It's is that it is an official second home. Apathy that's 44 years in my life is so did. That's the only place I've lived toward you know more than a year's the thing. Because a lot of guys like. But they end up like if they don't live here they're back all the time. No enemy. I could definitely. I wouldn't say. A Wednesday. Come back on with Tom but I did definitely say after Atlanta used as a seller at the start by. No matter when the matter. No matter how promised Hamas have when I come home at the comeback at least two. Tells Bob in a probe going overseas and plans those about Germany and Greece what's it like it's a different world are you over there did it isn't easy. As you by you I'm sure it's it's the first year over there you're on your own it was. The biggest adjustment probably will be the language there. In as mystery and as truth you know it takes some time to use to their language how to communicate besides that it was beautiful. Greece was 0% arm so. And it's has the CP which is live comfortable without the you know their soda than him right it was on the pizza that is has. See me now lay out there on the beach for. You know whatever that I with Germany it was. The biggest thing was there any problem will be that whether it was negative fifteen degrees and I got out this amount. It was you get a on the planet right now I have this amount held us back and over the green from ninety degrees with injuries the negative fifth in term is so I'll bro. I was there was that with the salary better. From authorities were about the saga well that's a bad trade dog on the the exposure was better. Got exposed Rubin it was better in terms that after I got over the weather. And everything went well the people organize the food was I enjoyed what kind of season you have what's the basketball like over the around what is it in Germany you're. Is really is really good both places is different competition that I happily in the early in the increase and I played in the BV as Germany's those different competition but. I can say for both of those leagues. And as I in the in the Beasley candidates and really become less of an estimate the players. And they smash you both I. And then in Germany it is the score of forty or any and they increase mark gosh they're gonna have what Brooke brought. Is it has suffered the same amount because of them though not to do that. I land very quick after an estimate players. Were you popular in Greece like when you were like a laid out on the beach man like we're used to were popular. Nonchalantly and other popular. From from Roman the eats a well into well who I was in my distinctive look all right though. So of the ladies loves you injuries the ladies in Liberia the ladies level less injuries. On the I hear that all the time brown I don't know who was talking to the other day ma'am but we were some out black guys in Europe. And like those country. We are rare and you can confirm that that is rare report is true that women in Europe love Blackmon. That's truth that's you look good men previously been taken here where what you weigh in these days not a somehow was kept up with a went about 260. Nice a nice comfortable toothpicks into no less that weren't well let's targets in Europe as a real honor and and then. It's going to be big whether it's saying is going to be out of this whose weekly. It has been relaxed in house and you have bad. A little bit less than two weeks around that there with. That's back to Germany back to Greece you elect agrees when it creek. It's nice creep I've heard good things about creek. So what do you like you when you're over there you say at the beach is at the most probably than I do like what do you do over there Rome does that play about well what I was increase. Aka periods agrees with the thousand I was on and agrees. Our release this tries to. Whatever will give me peace in my life I will go through restaurants over. Barr is on the beach Sloc a look at the water I am so not necessarily walk on the sand or I don't like to be seen. Come on the biggest guy out there when I'm there I mean it's hard for that to happen in a high on the list that I have that I buy insular sitting down drag out for that's do. And go sit somewhere close that he's wearing seat awarded. And is you know pick about the award the dead did you what was your MBA. Experience like they did did did you do the work out and everything I've gotten like what was your journey there it was it was surreal I enjoyed it was it was. It was a great opportunity to even be able to be in this position to have an opportunity right. In though travel into these these different things mean a different coaches in Mena staff member there was great and good. It worked out the way I wanted it to grant is okay. But really appreciated. Experience haven't opportunities even you know have work have you thought about like do you leak is that that's now become in more of an option like. Like financially like so you can make it you can make it work energy we now if you give one of those you know higher tears out. Have you thought about pursuing and she league. In the future now. I'm not against the I try to take less benefits step in its hounds on thinking about now is creek read by everybody in in I have friends and in the view the right now and we're going to resume the so am I guess there. Britain of course to Jagger when former university of the tiger right here in studio Joyce and John mentioned on FM US PF. Have you how closely were you able to follow Memphis last year in terms for season that's all you've. Occasionally be able to tweet about a look like you were trying to pay it out how closely to follow. I was a no bunch of them you know until Monday was thus. Yeah you did well yeah if I would try to it's arteries it's. You know the Jeremiah is. In the market as much effect that is as the single is gone numb when it. I was able to really truly wise gains right now is do the it's hard to west things overseas so. But no I was able to talk a little bit but I still have. Got the scoop when you see the lawsuit Jason didn't screw around and neighbors duke he's not you see the loss install mark feels that at Ole miss. You believe in my. Yeah he hasn't seen as man's fight to kick I'll leave it. Man many it it it is so different just in the the one year you will go on like it's changed so Jeremiah obviously but it. And it is different. It's not what she left. I don't know room. It was shocking it was shocking. This is really as far as I got with in the book and with them my thought process was like this is what happens but. Home. I've talked with Jeremiah. He's a unity he's shocked too he's he's fully confident of good about it and it was it felt the need to talk to Jeremiah because I've been in that position in as so. Alone Qatar thawra felt this fear and I know he's ready he's confident about it so I'm sure we'll be firemen. It was a socket Thea. But then why didn't you bail. Every yet it's armored as a point Allen opens and where everybody was leaving and everybody if so are no reasons why they should leave. You've stayed you've talked about your question would Josh why did why did you step. A home. Our our state because I care after like for somebody so leave. A ban in a situation I mean you have you reasons. You know roses Lee. By Carlo I have a thought people leave and never agree with even I scoot. I was posts ago Tokyo but I have been with those people a month goose 2000. Pre K or you know mr. whatever so believe never it never seen rights and you leave a situation fashion you know you finish it. Yet that's all wondered if you had any ill will. As that was happening then not now but then if you have feel any ill just naturally any ill feelings toward the Gaza leaving you look at him as. As quarters arm don't understand what I'm finishing what I started. If it was you know if you look at those Gaza where he does look good as well gotta go do there. In economic Toronto's is in their own thank me it's hard not to feel some because they're your teammates right the current. I cut act earliest. Am because you know I had a good friend and you listen me or if and when I talked some about that and it was that. He then leave out of it and have animosity. Torre in me you know anybody needs his hats lead in wasn't like. It would he's essentially you better situation for his life so you can't be mad at somebody making a better situation for life at this don't agree. How so people go about since to a. Coach how do you look back on year career members of mean being in you have an inching perspective because when you got there. In 2012 like that was like the peak I mean that year the next here with Joseph and Chris and Michael Roll on those guys like. That was that the peak and then by the time he left. Like you could feel that this was going the wrong way so how do you sort of view your time and at Memphis. There was opened down for Mr. Bush. It was learned a lesson to but I think I think it's a place I think it was a win. A pick out I left a smarter person that I was before I came in I think those point. I live with a degree. Left with the opportunity that they've asked about the next level. So I think it was a win now as a lab at the of them between no doubt that. Leave you they came out of it when it. It's a lot of great these they would severely since that's is that. As they skipped a I was this week KV easy and that's the person who I met with the that time I was here. And less than Noah after it left so ray releases like that in that make. Hoechst is worth so you never regretted legs are remember your recruitment like it was a battle dog like he was Memphis and UCLA like once I get it was like he's going to UCLA once negative about the members you going back and forth and maybe mama to go somewhere else. You ever regretted. The choice and Damon was a lot of close the deal was what tries Coca Oceana. No you never regretted that choice of of the university Reppas. Never because. I was decisive. A little indecisive. And you Rhode gladly. That you sitcom mama's coaches everybody have their own name when. I know rose from the beginning never any regrets of this race. You played kicker in high school right played a lot of positions kicker with one out. Did you know that did you know this does of these inaugural well not only that these past history and government offensive in sometimes but you like a lot of irate that I can you not generalize like that you could it was like the right right yeah like a three star like tight end. In Europe five star basketball at first. After you were going to play both sports remember Bob Dole and an and that part of the reason why you picked Memphis like government talk to you the peach jam like when and at that part of it you lose you go play for Fuentes. Yeah how would be part of the turnaround there. CUS happened though it did tell us the real man what happens with a football career my senior year of bucket or two ago and I was on the arose and edits. And lit a look quantum miles Catalanotto on Phyllis beat me hit my teammate in his knees too invasive. That's we're and Odom longevity is. Letting go of the loans entity. Because you always told me it was your decision not to play like a we always said the narrative was throw to Josh put the kibosh on it once he got here but didn't you straighten me downs and now it's me but I've decided not like I Assad and that was it and that was it no less than you thought it and then move. At the met at the last Nia house whose vote. Where you're good ticker. Alone you are and my stock and Kate acting Kate I Annan I think Kate how it's automatic those bags every moment ago. You you have to be the biggest kicker and in the history of the world ever. Maybe 69. What you and what you way and I both use a late whose 62 feet 69265. In Europe a kicker. Like how what it below the goal or your eyes gazed at the C that. Eighth did you make Phil both did it make your I actually Google that accurately through their pain and I garlic there's career along. I don't know my crew are wasn't like he's not proud I you know they are not allowed to pick it back to kick it though that yeah I do leaders of I so there's a report. Yesterday I don't know if you sought about attendance at the University of Memphis and FedEx orange since. You know it at the downturn happened. What did you did you mean obviously you're playing your focus on the game but like as the years went by could you feel like the the drop. In the crowd. Because apparently from Tony thirteen fourteen. It's dropped 40%. Today did you feel sort of did the drop off as the years went on of. Or a son at one point as an advantage for you and and it's too when I saw it with the zoom in the zoom in the and that's Mays has a close race to live. Frank Kinsley. At how many young friend intently who never miss the game room so. Right still does their list against. No ocean. She lose she was not OC is now when an aphorism met issues what is most is part of 878 now. But. Yeah you can see it in it that was. I felt bad for the players who came in and losing on their recruiting trips it was different for something different madness now let Bryant you know. And then at least I have a man in his life is in a boot. Who bit it just felt like that it is like the way the program was being run like chain on a dime bin it like it was from IBM big Tom like top 25 program. Like to not overnight. A lot of things changed the moment is meant as we had no banquet. By it's is it was deflating but I'll start. With our affiliate in us. Mr. Pennington you can you just indulge in please reminisce with me about the came to lying and your own of it's that are and not go. And you don't tripping like BC everybody has them understand. When I first got here. I was athlete. Idec and with the way people who before Obama a murmur you know don't contest of man to man right and and he lost to agree abuses that means it is today I thought yeah do it don't say diluted is that did I I was has grown everybody that. Well. My first mere. I never had a as very. I got a little I got a little opening it though and none of them into. Against east Carolina this memory puzzled I was like list. I think government both Maine and until everybody wants negative as very. I'm going to honeyed. Try to bonuses are just not right to our candidate my sophomore year I got affairs Greg is Houston. Again it's still it's maverick he. It's who had a reverse. Well a mile and a note to lady is she is. Antonio Davis said Alon good enough for number 100. Great disappointment cool. Don't know Antonio Davis and he was my age you codes. That's why he solidarity for a single in the fifth. That's why it was heated when I would youth yeah definitely it's only a day of our member. In they have that you see yellow book. After he did this a token when they semi gift as great this is what I'm going to do and didn't get it says reminds me here was awful. And my senior year and can they came back that. Situation number who one of my favorite team mate for. You know life you know it's based that. In his tooth it was no doubt in my Maro what was gonna happen I'm so glad to have that because now. I can finish my highlight the way I want it to. And packages have honey divot and it can be there forever my did you happen to look at Josh as face when you didn't know I didn't that you didn't. Cared all. Arafat his fans aren't always care what I thought at all I wonder about when you have those who brought you got the ticketing wit and a half five TV when you have it was crazy and it's there writing who's listening when you have go to new life. It's see them. That's it yeah whoever it was a little wiser conceived your go to did not matter that you're losing at that point. World. The much who points. Let us know it was a closed it out OK let's go to like a ten point devers I was thinking in the that was going to be two points doesn't come on the court who is McKee plant. After I did it. While the rest came out to me was you know you're supposed to do that I had to take you have so as the market. I disrespect anybody you're hung in a room excessively or anything like they mirror effect that I dated negate. Can you please tell us we're just that's in the locker room at halftime beads found affect don't sell the senate please call Aaron clearly say. Please let us enforce that Josh has moved on you have moved on apiece at the same forest because it was surreal it's. It would. With the post game. If we and that was in the exchange. That's going to be UP reasons why. He tooth and is in the middle of the game we down by two points and argue that entire conversation was about me. Entire halftime and the entire conversation. And I'm immensely strong and have now and I got my the government paying and so I'll see you restart them have never used their. To sit there in my reprieve variously to sit there is listed moment. In understand everybody's clicking their meat on the Otis in the locker rooms that feeling of them are you accidents on this in their listening homeless. The entire you have to our conversation was about what I as is this. It loses this was part of you feel like it was disrespectful. Nor did not. A denial until my composure sort of have been your goal with I don't know our coaches. And my teammates over the gonna have to reminiscent of that got as great at that as great. It was bad than Tarlow was who were down by two points and then we got to take. But I mean I believe budgeted in the game in my young crazy like if anybody why staple crops we lost a game because of the last elastic is set a set at three point. Let him do so at the point in the corner. Because we miss me and Trace Imus that on the screen and switch situation. So. In my as we have a test and when the game it was just unfortunate that we didn't win but to blame it on a play in no plays matter. Then. I'll play that well which is that a fifth at what would you say that tigers fans who were disappointed in you and I play in and wanna hold against. Powers with sorry for the inconvenience. And they want to know that they're what we know is that you were one of the most beloved guys doing your four years as you felt that write a book was a relation with Kinsley you're. Or any others that you had. You were definitely a fan favorite here that must have been a must be a great point of pride for you and saint. It is and it helped me stay Eilat because. The fans reciprocated. Nailed anything that I gave them up and I appreciate that. Mysterious you were teammates says if you thought Austin Nichols and all his now he worked out for the grizzlies over the weekend may be member of the Memphis hustled down there in southern Eddie kept up with him and off all of them at all. I have them but I know for a series of pro. Know for sure he in got a little anywhere X I would have for whatever he's go somewhere and know he's approach avatar it's a talk its own. Probably. A month and a half ago very briefly and I'm aware are you orient house overpayment. I know he's a pro whatever he's doing when he when he transferred was that dislike. In on us is the latest you know latest sign of what's cabinet Memphis. You. It was a little disappointing. Because. A home I don't know. I wasn't expecting that there a little thick and it does like I was and expect them this year you number of people try to column put you up in the national. Hi you know you know you are yet but I overall in the middle federal arrived though it and I had nothing to do it Oca. My name on your record sale had nothing more that's on my name bin because this says this. If this has been this has been like. The commit to study for thirty it has slotted Austin it was transfer. But try to put you all in the middle of let's say that they say that you were with his girl though and your say on the record that you were not. Carr ask Carol is that we've paired who have been out of us. I'm in my house while they try to blame Shaq and it tells you what they wanna blame I don't know what to do is sit down and watch the water because that he's not China's peaceful it yeah yeah like we should always too little dude it's true don't get it out of there and Iran to be drama. He gags me. I would and I would thereabouts with teammate always humidity overflow wow we ask you oh man. I mean it was a light it was like that it Lou but I mean he's heard rumors where exactly so or is this ball. No it was highlighted that the only way ahead in the politics of pars and they're live person by a person. Why Panamanian I did not rule that also was known and if that abuzz what's voted yes it was exactly where did you ever after. It was. I think it was and that is either before him between when it definitely makes me while now total defense on any holes and now yeah absolutely no way. While I would I wouldn't do that to a teammate. And then I will lie about that if I do everybody here have racked up a bit but you know maybe they don't have them but it has happened now. I heard a rumor that it happened with. Homicide out of it saying yeah. That's guys before this one was okay to address but say no more and one mile wide open at Chicago's as a necessary you open though wounds though because I you know talk about I thought that it dubbed Johnson to a I have it. Mean I had you'll. For owners I know he has not called you as he called try to attempt to call you visited eleven out duck and and not have a topic. I was somewhere since yet you don't regret that at all. So right you have a relation where it was room you know I'd go or how things went down and no I don't. And don't listen we're. I must say it's wrong. Guerrilla that's the doing a thing enjoys it Atlanta Atlanta okay that's I wrote well. I see doing it Davis is negotiated I love it I love the good luck but I haven't thought at home. You know that fit. What's if once basketball's dorm where you wanna do. You know yet. Possessing too many Brothers out here that once it's done that don't have a plan and you're you're too Smart for that what do what have you thought about com. I always wanted to. Open up a recreation center. Am in my hometown. Com. Besides. This as you have in me in the please. Who have their own businesses like Allen's New York or with the White Plains, New York probably a week ago. And one of my teammates increase his own his own restaurant. As those being with bringing money back into this community never you know felt. Me in different people in and about different situations I'm sure against them than those before us over there. Always went to Oakland opened up for recreational cement. First because I can never again in recreation listen to their home because he that the pay yet have idea you know some. That was unfortunate that I was what to do some in my community. Community that everybody could do. As other guys who did dead man Shaq it's good to catch unless interest rates are slathered in look at this again. Police say if you say piggy picky perhaps in his success to advice and as the highlight tape when you put it together man I got Sullivan Mario smash you over there for Dario for what I. I don't I don't I don't one and then as Bennett so big that I will come back image Jason's done its benefit ESPN.