SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey on The Eric Hasseltine Show 07/12/17

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Wednesday, July 12th

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And SEC media days we are act the Winfrey hotel Hyatt regency right here in Hoover Alabama and I'm pleased now to welcome on. The commissioner of the Southeastern Conference breaks thank you thank you so much for joining us there thanks for everything I've read part of media days pleasure being here it's really just a first class event tonight I can't thank you all for how easy you you make it for us here of radio row and it's it's really been spectacular but great guest and a great shows you really appreciate the content laments our job so I'm glad to do that. Just completed here too on the job when you think back on year to for you what were some of the personal highs and personal lows he had a trailer I'll start with the highs of. Are always more fun. Maybe who work in reverse the college World Series final that was of all SEC final between no issue. And Florida. The same thing happened to women's basketball and Dallas between. South Carolina Mississippi State in the way that. The city state beat UConn and brought that winning streak to an end on the biggest stage was certainly. A high point the week prior in Madison square garden and all the lead and all SEC elite eight final between South Carolina Florida in the the way that Florida in overtime hit the shot to. The Wisconsin. Brought me out of my chair on press row which are not supposed to do. The thirteenth softball teams. Selected to participate in the and say Tara that's always have they took everyone over teams which really shouldn't happen. But there. The street this league was such it wasn't close men's outdoor track and field is top ten women's. Outdoor track and field five of the top seven programs of the country who we put graduate patches. And young people burn their baccalaureate degrees that are still engaging athletic competition. Hundred nothing 57 of those and football bowl games this year. It have played out through spring sports in a marvelous way. Are our revenues and strong third year of the SEC network to feature. Our leaks. On the other side and that national championship game was ten seconds to law. But for the the tenth time in eleven years we had a team playing in the national championship game we've had four different teams. We national championships during that span nor the conference is even have four teams in the national championship game much less. Earn those championships. All of which is I think it's a testament to the strength throughout his that a hurricane the created disruption in two games. Both those games are played into being pretty good game just done dates others. And what was scheduled. Lot of discussion about changes in the media landscape of how people are watching her not watching cable TV and what that might mean for the future. So those are some good like highlights and maybe a couple more challenging moments for us. You deep bench in the changing media landscaping your comments are all on Monday in the the fact that so much is being written about cord cutting and and the ways that which. The the public is certainly consuming. Television moving forward that you also mentioned that the SEC and particularly SE networks may very strong commitment to. Being very readily available through streaming. Restraining services we've also been presented ideas that you know maybe in 1015 years from now we won't blink you thought of a game. Perhaps being on Amazon prime are being on Netflix and whatnot. As you balance the fact that you have you have contracts with the traditional cable for writers traditional content providers and then you also look forward to the future would you think about. Where it goes forward. What for you is the most challenging aspect of trying to navigate that entire process I think we're seeing the. The migration ball already. The good thing for us is we are described as the most successful launch of the cable channel in the history of cable TV will probably. Hold up mark based on the number of households that access the SEC network. From day one. But that was all around that ten traditional people providing entities. In we were right up front on nine of those ten. So it's that time 2000. Fourteen. There are new players in the market so to your question about or there's the Amazon. Observation but that oversees U2 DB. Who lose sleep TV DirecTV now century league has a direct consumer product. It's got a fancy technical name but it teaches digital delivery without the traditional. Cable sat out. It's a subscription service getting your bundles. We are on available on every one of those new services in fact the only conference or sports specific network. Could be. On every one of those new platforms. I think that's a testament to how ESPN is adopted. Now how does the technology mature so that's probably limited by the traditional cable model. The direct to consumer idea. Has some some limitations. -- comparison of the bought the book I think you'll see more and more of that emerged were the providers new you can and you named cell phones the idea is that what what is Amazon do with Amazon prime Woolsey. A little bit through their relationship the other fell for clues tonight street we we saw that with Twitter last year. Does that work isn't economically viable is it something that manner if people wanna consume. Of the volume of the entire 33 and out power football game. But we're very attentive to those issues it's not one where I talked about concern. Lot of learning going on right now a lot of adaptation and we've got to really strong media partners CBS. And ESPN will be on the cutting edge of those chains regal. Greg sinking the SEC commissioner joining us here on the air cast attention Jeffrey Wright filling in for air who's covering. Summer league out in Las Vegas as the grizzlies move on they are you mentioned the TV games and certainly. On Twitter. One of these subjects of tons and tons of criticism has been the length of games particularly that the CBS 230 game a lot of sir a lot of fans on twitters are saying that the game is taking too long. For you. Do you I guess I should start here do you feel as if perhaps the games are taking too long but the primary issue for me is the variance in England. Which actually has much less to do we is. The broadcast interview he would CVS various communities. Here EC network and more to do with the style of play. When we see. A large number of plays that means a lot of first downs and probably a lot of past place. Our shortest game. Was a two hour 55 minute televised game. Our longest two regulation game so we had four games over four hours two of which were overtime Tennessee Texas and him. Probably the most notable example what if you watched that game a lot of injuries a lot of stoppages because of that. Some replays lot of scoring. And into games over four hours that we're regulation games. Our average was about 3253. Point six. You can see an average game vary by as much as 40% I think that's the issue now what we're doing in the coming season. Is we have been more intentional about let's get into and out of commercial breaks. We're gonna have ads in football but let's manage that efficiently. So we're working with our broadcast partners on with in the game for officials. In areas where we lose time we sit let's have a sense of urgency so scoring plays. Point after punts let's move this along in recapture some time. In the use of collaborative instant replay. The emphasis is let's get to play right let's have correct outcomes. But I know what our average time was an after the 441 four weeks remember that system was experimental. After the first four weeks we look back the last year's average time. And I've challenged Steve Shaw to bring that down even further just incrementally but let's make some progress. But the prime objective is let's get that right in at halftime to make it when he minutes. So that we're we're much more intentional about what's the team's move on school twenty minutes of will be back. And our teams are gonna have to move our bands are gonna have to move a little bit. The halftime promotions we'll have to move. A bit but we think that could short game time now there's some stuff on Twitter I don't call it tons of volume sits there and I'll I'll I'll get some letters and emails. Most people in fact they at least as many of the letters I get say. And when I go to campus I've committed my day. I wanna be on my campus with my team. So the games three pointing your 3.4 3:34. O'clock at the game. What I want is a great game what the visuals on the big screen a lot Wi-Fi. On all the rest of your feet and making its concessions so there's a lot of conversation there's a lot of adjustment and what I hope we can avoid is it impacting the way to game was play. But some of that may happen there's a rules committee meeting of February that that the league the games will be talked about his play expectations. You mentioned that the the material of course advertisers are always gonna be a part of the broadcast which I'm also in the same business quote. Ads are what paying the bills are and has been and will certainly paying the salaries and whatnot but. You oftentimes. Danger compared to the NFL where the apple can more or less control. Realistically commercial breaks as it pertains to television partners how how much say in you work it in the league in general have. You know how much they can they have in dictating that this. Maybe how many breaks there'll. Those there are contractual commitments very clearly established. In naturalize it would do is manage those what's interesting if you look at what the NFL's doing this year. Is. Almost normalizing to what we do as far as advertising so you don't see typically the college if it may have been what your point swears there's a touchdown. An extra point and add a kick off and now. That's normal behavior an NFL game we don't do that where the pines Madoff NFL games is there's no clock stoppage on first down at all. So we'll stop the potter first down you affect the game take plays out you shorten the game automatically. It you can look at that the college Davidson you know it's intrastate. You stop the clock for and the two yard incomplete pass so we'll we'll hitch route through yards he dropped the ball hawk stuff they're really walks back. Hand the ball off it goes two yards twenty guys pile on they picked at times part spivey off. The clock runs the whole cup so there are those if you will almost monopolies but that's the tradition of the game. And I'm an advocate for I don't need college football would be the NFL nature it should be unique and we don't want to affect that part of the game. But let's manage around to see if we grab a little bit at times keep the game moving while we have to acknowledge the game has changed. Over the last fifteen years and that's. Dictated the time increase not the TV advertising. Fisher your very very generous to join us say we thank you for your time actually chase thanks read part of media days thank you very much to break it sank.