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Tuesday, June 12th

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I bat Jayson the John 99 FN BE SP NWW. Smackdown live tonight effects forms Samoa Joseph will be there he's here now. Well okay. Mario you're looking knife a structure mellow you out smooth tells about the suit. Also opposite yeah made from it so real and no are you a sartorial us no I'm not you look like one you could've pulled me. However it is there we're looking good met all right so last month ESPN asked the question. Is 28 team the year of Samoa Joseph what would you say to that question tomorrow as well the answer is yes absolutely. Years. You know urged him into revenue mean you know obviously would like class should be minor but a blenders kind of silent thing this year were healthy were you injured in. From extra on deaf prickly your career is one that is it's pretty unique in the world wrestling right I mean you're you're. You're the epitome of grinder you know you you work when two decades before you got to the W and made them want cheap right. That that is the point that's what that's that's true wanted it's tough to do it's really to do especially in this in this modern age. Yeah managed. To get them the although in. Bring me into the fold so it's been pretty good business relationships and what was that meeting like just at a curious I mean how fulfilling for you and and that's obviously the goal you get you get do you get the call and what was that what it means field. Yeah it really surreal than usual simply because like that that the original terms become an and that it's time for an LP bill the next few brand into the or friends today and yeah men do wheels while you know but then after having the meeting so you know soberly beautiful natural fit. Most of you know kind of my former coworkers that kind of graduated to the office one that would appease so I had a pretty good rumble support coming in so it was a little. We're talking about obviously you year in other promotions and you're successful race like you were just. You know doing nothing but is the goal always WW ER a miscarriage says that your mind I mean for me the goal was to sustain you know. Busy relevant in the industry and and and be out there on the national stage and you know I I think. I think Debbie W was always open in the back my head but it. It would if if it didn't happen I mean knows precepts of the current views and so right now being indicted Libyan conflict in the bonus that you talk about fits she seemed like you fit into what you're doing enough to you've been a mortgage bank broke mortgage broker you've done you seem like you defeat in any avenue anyone I've done a lot of the allotment a mortgage broker had a I was that yeah you know what it was the probably the least gratifying job but. Made a lot of money selling of the immune what other jobs have you had. While you know I've. But those jobs that shape them at a young AI LL Archuleta chicken wing places are here radar and oh over the underage bouncer was. Underage Algeria I'm like we always great when you're seventeen you don't know grown men. We need group quick. Afghan radio show host on the weekends. Since I thought talk show. Kind of a cut of wrestling comedy hybrid which you know all you're doing that before like the boom over wrestling oh yeah like you're the record there like we five million outcast or even a thing yet my reaction. But did you use your own name when you flexible Joan and we're part of a network or comedy world time medal a lot of comments on stuff and a you know we lessons out to different markets and you know we've got is what we have probably the worst spot mostly the weekend afternoons but we had a ton of markets because nobody had a really good weaken them and council about Fred you have really done everything yeah it's been awhile that we are local courts are gonna Samoa Joseph in count and identity smackdown live what as you mentioned that mortgage broker that job was the least gratify. What's the most gratifying thing about being a professional wrestler and identity I can honestly it is the and we don't have talked about this a bit late you know we get around problems kind of like experiencing. Especially to see medicis and of itself you know gets to lose more rural areas smaller communities itself is kind of realizing. How varied in different countries that are we go mom and you know it's funny a lot of kept several strong opinions about this country but I and I tell people mango which cover a little bit you know we'll meet some people talk to them about the situation. Have to give a better grasp of things and I really wish was something that. We as Americans is more engine called him a voice like Memphis where you automatically you're here and you feel below for wrestling yeah there he met meg this is as the rest in town as it is no doubt about that you know. It's our with the saying you know he he he has an Indy and he put a government office and a to come out at least to this town and and and do you continuing part of the rich dishes remove equipment as. You know Qassam maps are about it and and this error has. How much did your life change like when when you got the call like I am still it was like a tangible thing that happened that you thought oh my god like my life is different reverend. Yeah I mean not a lot nub of the new in this forbid and but I will say this I mean the recognize ability factors that deftly it was a special we got the rural states does that mean. We get there some of these international shows mainly. You know it's it's weird you know it's it's not a usual real war on Americans and you've noticed but film to be walking around Prague and Budapest and stop Brad. Humbling when you when you unplug and when you get away what what do you do. So I have. I have a inner sanctum if you want to pony caught a man capabilities. Own inner sanctum listeners saying the candidates like I did one of those yet yet he dug up and make you you know he's. And say you know what no one respects the main case of the guys like Joseph I grow exactly am I thought that parents actually trying to it was in that thing with the oaks and yet. Surround sent it via BR we got teams everywhere man actually it's like evil thing evil. Geniuses late layered and the things that government. Technology everywhere it screen and oh you lock myself in their for decades to recover them. C'mon how much time to get this spending your inner sanctum though because not enough people I don't think people understand how grueling Alina scheduling coming regular rest were were were on the broad probably. Four to five days a week she you know we a couple of things home recharge and and chided. Fiddle a week's worth of home life and so couple days. You know few delegates in humans or your sports guy absolutely I don't think were your teams might seem so you know die hard early lakers fan was will be you know LeBron James is the favorite is not a player for the Brian de about Brian Ross argued that big market money you know are you. You're gonna get involved in the recruitment like I I do you like so muscle domain British serve my agent LeBron agent with same agencies or you know I'm always. Is how we have a little connection there will be the go to China China working. And I always tell your Laker anybody else you know football oddly enough Philadelphia Eagles and I'll highlight of the year to how did you become a Philadelphia Eagles fan so when the rams left Los Angeles my family we were dar heartless and his friends and they left. The mess of season tickets. It was a big men if it blew up my family we all went oh my god if Brothers one brother liked charges we have won the panthers' home and a house be Ridgway fan and telegram enhanced I want the Eagles supplements a failure I mean it was a great year for you pay yeah so tell me what it was like I've grown I've been in your family like what was what was it like so my my family we we ran the largest mortgage mission. You know probably in the world that time and you know we're we are always perform gross travel and you know we we were to do is not a lot I mean we just really. Yes so roaming the federal laughs so that's been used in via a a bit on the stroke for awhile also you know probably less or one house are grizzled and there has been a crew that I that I have been involvement in some fashion and what should we expect tonight tonight smacked alive were FedEx and you know it's it's it's our last shall methods for the year it's it's our big show leading the money in the bank. And you know in time we get that last oval where BP interviewed a lot of statements are made not Nairobi. You look like money in the bank blah blah blah Hillary agree hey. I appreciate you coming MS that I had as it is Samoa Joseph smackdown live tonight at fed ex formal come back days and and an added benefit the Caspian.