Ryan Silvefield, Memphis Football Asst. Coach, with J&J Talking Friday Night Stripes

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Wednesday, April 11th

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I at this Friday at the Liberty Bowl Friday night strives is gonna be going on as the tigers had a ball on spring practice they've been grinding trying to follow up was an awesome season last year. Obviously that that Cohen that that culminated with an appearance in the ACC title game rye and sober feel was a big part of it. He's the assistant head coach over there at the universe him up is running game coordinator offensive line coach he does at all he joins us now coach silver field how are yeah. Are you gonna order we're gonna lessen to have your brother it's about time that you've got some my time over there I saw the Mike dub video it's a it's a long overdue brother. If the the longer they keep me off camera more on the radio start better term. I have are those thought are you really kind of go to that paranoid and maybe candy you know say everything that you won't say when you might. Well you know reality registrar I think all of us coaches should Schroeder ourselves and that's what they are watching that's what they'll crude Aussie as who we truly generally are put out. They're out yesterday editorial boards out unhurt they do what but it just. And we try to be ourselves and just to let him basically you know there are wonderful coach except we have a new events new members I think it's great for a the fans of the recruits so everybody gets here's some really tried to open what it looks like it longer practices. So how has this spring been coach of that obviously some new faces up to their little bit more turn over. With the staff and last year new faces. Obviously how has the the spring been for you. Church and wonderful you know I'm encouraged doorbell. Under his leadership and many not and you we wouldn't get to eat crow that toward the first source task. Costly new faces and the program football player student athletes and it's been awhile you know we talk about the next step mentality getting better every day is. Yet today better than it was yesterday so we had registry act and was this morning need eight. Kind of we approach with the right mindset that we you know don't regret that we can retain do we get better and that's basically get better every day. You know what like get a result of the guys are aggregate mastered. You know energy use or gun granny I mean that's but that's certainly Montel you know that's how we do we got to get better regain our guys are all Internet and excited about the future of the program so we're really great Friday night. Com that you did in 97 o'clock we'll get the title it's a hard look George and all things I'll bet it's exciting times. We're ready for two coast ordered what are your duties is overseeing that run game offensive line how's that look in the spring how do you feel about. Good you know and we when you return again notion like I told ESP or not look competition. Uglier term 45 guys are starters and coming back on the again that doesn't mean anything to know every day they go about their jobs but. We certainly have gaps. So that's most articulate continue to build Costa recruiting period piece of some guys you better be getting. I liken like with a little luck and upfront knowledge and finished our techno. I'm but we're really excited don't penalize young men that come along and improving every day so we're excited obviously has no we have a stable running backs which is really exciting. We have score Mexicans stretched field and we got luxury or along the block in the tremor I mean I didn't titans where it was sticker face some things cultural also successfully but it's so. Eleven I actually feel Debbie don't you can. I suspect you will have that success what's that for you what's the biggest thing you wanna seafront and I both out of your group out of those groups but an overall what are some of the key points that things you really want a seat. Not certain number one stay healthy person or so it but you know the basing his. Yeah that's an effort bring great addition to know missed assignments as we can eat at two different looks our defense has flown a job coach Chris ball to the great job with those guys and they give us multiple looks and and we have to be alerts for all those different things so the basic you know missed Osama we great week great. Our scrimmage as a look at we talk about assignment technique you have or the effort needs to be there all armed but. We can go until spring and we can really. Hold down our assignments be totally creep preached not only trait. Then the results because that's bigotry and just play clean you. I want to guys you know continue to progress as he hasn't gotten better you know let's see district each carry over until you're pregnant. We are of course talking to Ryan's so over Phil assistant. Coach over at the University of Memphis office of like coach Reagan corner you guys as you know Ryan you've won ten games last year you won the AC west and and now. They're consistent expectations for the football program is a reminder for you of how far Memphis football has come. It's not just. You know hey whatever happens happens proposition anymore I mean if you know if you guys don't make a bowl game and you guys know compete in the west from you know people are gonna be happy you know their expectations. Is that the sort of biggest sign that you know this program has come a long ways. I absolutely I think that's I think that's what you want is a high expectations. It's not that you're not doing what you're exposed to unearned. And I were real work certainly excited about that. You know and tapes come from the building blocks you know we talked about before that you know that just 200 understaffed at one job and all the previous people that come before Scott. Were at that mark you know social program that we need to continue to climb that we sold talk about all the time. And yes of that the higher the expectations that that means people. We've done some good in the past week and continue to build upon. A big part of followed up you know double digit win season is the quarterback position not going to be easy to replace. Riley Ferguson but I tell you what coach here really good things about you know other quarterbacks David Moore obviously in the Brady wider you guys brought in. As a graduate transferred just I don't know how much you can tell us about the battle but as it has been fun to watch his appeal he got whoever it may be you feel good about who is. Well first and foremost we're we're so fortunate obviously actually as you know corporate dressed in the first round and then my toes you know almost. Just over two and a half years ago it was whose gonna replaced actually it's now actually right or actually came in and did a wonderful job outlook donor programs history so we're grateful for review equal prize dusk. The program obviously a fantastic player and then. The market as this it's an open competition that we got a handful guys and that quote retro on all of locate all they're doing a wonderful job you know. And and that's exciting you don't wanna go in and says. Coleman and we don't know quarterback. We got a lot of Capel bodies and no we're excited about every single person mentioned that quarterback group. Carr coached on him commercial though they do a great job with the quarterbacks their development and yeah let it get news has been open competition and take care who got Smart facing that we get to the right bodies in that group pusher. I guess I was Nashville last week and I mean you basically you know you're a force over there in recruiting it must have been nice for you to play in front of your home fans in Nashville. Yeah yeah you know other than the weather but the yeah that's policies and you know I love that or commercial real decider is. You know there's very few things we can never control when you look at this pastor right which Oregon got postponed and moved in and week. Cadillac at wideout took. Orlando on you know on a late night flight yeah there's very few things like whether. I'm so. It gave the players about tried for three hours get him over there well there were plenty of fun you know 5050000. And that does not matter how. How we can only control we can control emotional thing we can do so that was kinda nice and go away a lot of great individuals out there are so nice for their courage to come out we obviously couldn't talk to them he goes off campus but. Where does that shows our alumni base level of our alumni they're out there are thing and the national. And then not you know crude dribbled catching the dog prior to we don't see how we practice gallery I actually co coach. And you know what what we're all who make our huge market in central Tennessee and I think that's something weakland who don't have a couple of years strict routine up there and it's in general we have fifty player especially about the fifty prior to the roster of network. Traveled to the way you're such a so small experience get them to see what it's like that either pregame meal and hotel. I go to those creating the Asian and just get a feel that so it's so important. How about the the performance jet from Newt for new guys in the pro day and particularly if they Miller and energy pretty confident. And having spent as much time NFL as you have that anthem I was gonna hear his name called pretty early in my draft. Well I you know you're Chicago Bears and told. Those soldiers cut over here or are you in the first round and you know and we'll see what those look up but got no mean. Who or what oh what a statement at all for the critical piece there you know just stunned league coach Jim look at that mentioned earlier you know that the growth of Memphis football you have to keep their deceit. General managers often corner position coaches it's exciting I mean all of our guys silica Prodi did a wonderful job. Step three guys that performed at the top five it's certain things that Gerber com until you know that's just so exciting. That speaks loans are sure it's definitely think it's worth it Josh storms and the eight these cup strength coach in the country in my career. Has done a wonderful job with those guys and that the guys trying to. And it's exciting to me that it certainly. A simple all the ports that go to our tractors you are guys go and and we know that the the right at the young men not just their former home field but the on the all the way they carry themselves you know if you. And that's one of the nicest thing is when you're coaching your vocal and say my my Bryant. I mean not only did he do really well forty year or lower we'd like has stated that. Now tell you what he's a Smart football player and couldn't just sketch just as exciting when you get someone and you win that can. Send an interviewee answer questions and carry himself and I'm manner. That's six more about the purposeful program anything else. F slowly under personal coach you obviously saw a lot of time in the NFL. Generally speaking. Is there a note most noticeable difference in approach when it comes to guys that are that are coming there from the non power five. There's guys that are coming from you know that the storied programs can you can you usually tell a difference in the approach or is there are no notices a case to case. It's K okay there's no noticeable difference we try to. Every day. And as such but administration would try to treat. While the portion of the total program like it's the best in the country so the way we turn Erica as you know my attached to get in trouble to the wake. Fact that we don't warhead some would go to the title awkward door had built we were yes sir and yes ma'am no sir no ma'am program and I think the way we carry ourselves when we approach every day. You wouldn't know where that there's 23 scorer and national champions and we carry are also everyday like we are national champ. John I think it's a case by case but does universe in opposite our weekly look workout Wear plastic program and wouldn't. Entree if they're two commercials that would. And I love that I love that absolutely coach familiar very busy man try and I strides at the Liberty Bowl. Coach C that was a for the right coach thank you ma'am I thank you got a park shelter because our analytic chart yep he is Ryan so we're Phyllis.