REPOST: Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, July 10, 2018, WITH EASTERWOOD IN SEGMENT 2

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, July 11th
REPOST: Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, July 10, 2018, WITH EASTERWOOD IN SEGMENT 2

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And it's our hope that you'll choose to Entrust us with what's most important to you the attorneys are Kordell and Cornell worked Holdman maximize their role in their children's lives which includes protecting men's financial means to do so contacted domestic litigation firm of corn telling -- to schedule an appointment with one of their firm's Memphis attorneys' support Herman can count on 90136. To 3666. On line at Cornell Kordell dot com that's Kordell Cornell dot com cord Ellen Kordell 6000 poplar avenue suite 225 Memphis Tennessee 38119. The championship boxing is finally set to make its return amid the synthetic form on Saturday July 20. It's the big payback within five extravaganza visited by a Memphis native like the king and like promotions in association with the affiliation and and what tonight championship boxing without Floyd money Mayweather he'll be in attendance July 21 of its form and seven time world champion future all of the demarcus chop chop Corley takes on former. You tip box in time. And explore on Saturday night July 21 my. Motions yeah. Met Chris Tucker legends that are blowing wind it was somebody to. Like 21. Loose is in my. Call nine away. And. Maybe 29 FM ESPN presents various only national columnist who spends his afternoon. Perspectives of Memphis radio he'll make you think he'll make you laugh and sometimes make you change the station children. He apologizes in advance for that speech for Clark let's get into it. This isn't getting better ratio. I'm evidence Derrick Byars Brad Carson. And he is in studio produced in the program glad he's whipped me glad you're wit make. We'll begin doing today. Well we'll look disruption. And that's wrong. Over the universe to map them. And basketball facility. We ought to weigh the. In a press conference. About thirty minutes don't match the development but he did say a lot of things don't walk you through what momentarily heartfelt. Very quickly that except that there's got to deploy reports wanna keep he's quoted by local basketball expert at your local basketball expert. Yeah agents leading authority mobile view rose three quarter clad going to be at about twenty minutes I'll ask him what's up. We'll see we're gonna win there let things that that went up to port notable historical import export. I would want to but it just goes for one previously but discussed north among them. It's not a grant the played in about ninety minutes there at the summer kings know Bob back though we've done for the rest of them are just like bright young up there about that a full 44 there. Sixers front office. Believes. LeBron James who actually very close to signing with them which is dumb they felt like they felt like jilted lover hurt us. You know not anything like that they sound like. They guy at the bar who thinks he was. Very close to going home with fifty end because she liked that what's up to him. Just because the brunt of what they'll do that many were close to coming to Philadelphia it seemed obvious that he was going nowhere other than LA given that. People back into the country and talk the Magic Johnson a couple hours agreed to be a Laker then left the country get we'll get into that story. Little later on this that was Shawn McCoy mayor made out of beaten the crap out of a woman to be dealt remained unclear but a disturbing instead grabbed vote. From this morning. From a woman claiming to be the best friend of a woman who has had a relationship almost shot my boy and graphic image. Osama boy in fairness to him has tonight all of the allegations be a good grip posted. Subsequently been deleted but still. The wild story one way or another we'll get into that just before 5 o'clock and all. Twelve like soccer players and their coach have been successfully rescued from their flooded cave in Thailand is scary story with a terrific ending. We'll get into that during more notable for example 445 o'clock to pocket. Just like always and then we'll visually do better go get out of here if that's the rundown and a lot to get to go one. Starlet penny press covers university members legend turned University of Memphis basketball coach met with the media about. Ninety minutes gulf ninety minutes ago for about 4530 minutes I was there really big news like guy. I've stated earlier but he didn't touch on a variety of topics that we can just walk right thrill let's start where it uh 01 of the once he brought up. Which is Lance Thomas the transfer from mobile. Who has been tremendous in work out according to penny like being able to be a big who can stretch the floor. You listen to Kenny talk about him and it seems obvious that is they at least believe he could be an impact for player right from the start if he were eligible to play. In this upcoming season. As they're going to apply for a waiver. To allow him to play him but just like I told you when Lance Thomas committed here in suggested he was gonna. Law apply for that waiver I just don't see any way the NCAA. Will grant that I would imagine. He's going to be a sit out transfer. Miss next season and then be eligible in the 201920. Season because I don't really know what he is. Argument would be forward. Deserving. A waiver to it to play immediately. Essentially it would have to be rooted in. I. Jamal Johnson. Played for a coach who got fire at tubby Smith and Rick Pitino got fired for. It entirely different reasons yeah out blight it's still like the bottom line the bottom line like you went to a school to play college basketball and then your coach got fired for whatever reason he got fired. And then you decided to leave like. Dozens if not hundreds of players do every single year and so what makes you any different than anybody else again I am against. Trained first having to sit out if you put it in front of me and say sign this and they'll change the rule. Outside it in them in a matter of seconds but as long as that is the rule I don't know why Lance Thomas would be. Able to get around that rule I can't imagine that the sensibly will grant a waiver but. It's worked riding. There's no harm in applying for a waiver it's just paperwork and an energy. Spent by somebody in a compliance department. Eighty it's not like you get find if your waiver is denied it's not like some. In a time out that you never get back it just like you can apply for a waiver they may or may not granted there's no actual reason that I can see that it would be granted. But I've been surprised before there's one story I've I think I've I've written about this or hold it before on radio. But. There was a can transfer from one division one university to another and it had nothing to do with Memphis. I am blood. So we transfers and the coaching staff is like trying to figure out a way that maybe they can get away referred to play immediately. As immediate eighth 'cause if any family members who live around here. He should give my my father it is your father sick at all and a hand is the key actually sick my dad this. And they said 00 like oh wow well that's terrible to hear that hear that bias but this is awesome can't do this and it's okay where does your father live. I was in a penitentiary. Oh my goodness in the same state that this university was there for dead at fifty drop any of actually sick now understand. The best player didn't grow up with the father barely knew win. Had not seen him in years and or this is gone but they applied for the waiver a and they said that it did that player X transferred. Back. To his home state right to be close to his father of Julian who is ailing who has failed. Hell. And the NCAA granted the waiver they can't. I Gary I know it's always worth a shot coupled with a good story but I can't imagine that it would actually work. As always hoping to visit him at least once wealthy I don't know the rattled a lot of weather story from there on I just know that with the story out until that point but that waiver was granted edit Wendy Gramm so like that may be without. Ami touched on a Corey Mays sobbed through a dead horse. Is. The player recruited here by Tubby Smith who is now battling leukemia and he said he has. It's you know some good days and any heat I think that phrase can use was the key catches a snag and health wise it's like. It counted the ease battling leukemia etc. there is a very serious thing. And he brought this up in in. The context of right now they're one scholarship old eagle with Ryan voice. Being a technically a walk on. Which he confirm ram voice is going to be a walk on the east high graduate who signed with Hewitt beating got his release now he's at the University of Memphis he's going to be a walk on but there's still one. When scholarship over. And penny couldn't say it. But you can tell all. And this is something we talked about for a month now really since Lance Thomas committed. They're gonna get a medical hardship for that that scholarship will allow us is up to remain on scholarship at the University of Memphis. But it would not count against the basketball. Allotments and and so. You don't wanna say that on July 10 'cause you don't need to say that on July 10 and you also. On of autumn very basic human level. Probably don't want to ripple way that dream that I'm sure Karine still have of beating missing getting back on the court. Some blood even if he does beat is getting back on the court. So soon is is very very difficult. And you know it's possible that he never plays again but there's no sense in being a head coach on July 10 in announcing that the world because as this young man is is battling a real. Life or death situation. Eight it could be dubbed the the dream of playing basketball again is you know helped him get through. What must be an impossible days and so you'd dance around that you say were doubt worried about any of that. Right now we just want the young man to get better which is what penny sad and the war worry about everything else down the line. And he actually said and then Tom tumble on the F but it irritable tell us what to do but ultimately I would bet a significant amount of money. That is obvious going to be placed on a medical scholarship. And it's. Or you get a matter they'll get a medical waiver for his scholarship and then that I'll take them down to to the thirteen number that they need to be at. And and that's how they'll get to. He did say that they plan on how a redshirt. If not play you're certainly a play are basically the explanation being you know everybody's not going to be able reply. Eating get into who those Red Shirts might be but. You could probably just look at recruiting rankings in. And in May be some of the lower rating guys that they brought in could be candidates for that Woolsey and you don't have to commit to that you know it it now. Or on the opening. They of the season. It is have to not play somebody and if you play and then they're no longer redshirt to have to commit to that now so you could think you're gonna redshirt somebody. On opening day. And somebody suffers an injury and you say okay we're not gonna do that anymore. Yeah it's not. Something you're tied to lose so there's no reason to have. Announce it now but I did think it was worth noting that he said they do plan to redshirt. Again if not players at least one player. Talked about what a peach jam. Tomorrow. And that's the start of a fifteen day. A valuation period for college coaches that might be the last one in July. Ever because the NCAA. Is considering that there are proposals on the table that would ripple way coach's ability. To be out in July coach's ability to go to peach jam or Vegas events like that all tied to the FBI investigation the NCAA. Nonsensical in my opinion thinks that. By keeping college coach is away from peach jam or Las Vegas or shoe company sponsored events it's somehow going to clean up college basketball it's a stupid opinion. Developed by people who don't actually understand what their problems are and what these events are but either way. Army does seem like it's it's headed that direction. Which like what are the worst thing in the world for me because I wouldn't mind spending July at home the first time in fifteen years now for instance just like Kenny will be. On a plane tomorrow headed to a goal a gusto I'm so what lie I'll be impeached him on a Wednesday Thursday Friday. In Saturday in the way the schedule breaks down it's Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. And then. The following week Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and in the final week is when everybody's out of Las Vegas this Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. It's we talked about peach and getting started tomorrow and you know James Wiseman is playing in high profile game against another five star big. And I believe. 6:30 eastern 5:30 central. Tomorrow so the gym I'll be packed for that and I imagine. Com if you if you're there and you look around you'll see John cal Perry and his staff sitting over here. And you'll C Penney and his staff now sitting over here or perhaps right beside them but either way. Big Kentucky's depth in Memphis staff will be front and center. For Wiseman is the big event. Not only to. Show yourself to the prospect that you're recruiting but. To actually you know possibly. Stumble into them prospects that you otherwise would not know about which is another reason I'm against the NCAA. And I plan on writing about this tomorrow for impeached him. Eliminating the July evaluation period for college coaches. It it eliminates opportunities. Four high school prospects who otherwise would would never be seen I there are a million stories. Of players. Being on a court. When coaches are there to see somebody else they don't even know you exist. And you do something that they like it might just be the way you run. It might be you know knocking down 63 pointers it might be because you're playing horror or it might be because Europe. What we talked to Bob Huggins last. Hugs his added in a jam in Orlando this is exactly what I'm talking about exactly pugs is at a gym in Orlando at 8 AM. He does not know Jamal caller does not know who years does not knowing existed. But he sees impressing. Full court going hard as he can go at 8 o'clock in the morning. A single recruit that guy go sign him I don't him to play for me. That's the type of opportunities these events create for people without the July evaluation period Bob Huggins never seized two. Can these regional camps they're talking about doing. John Karr would never get entered invited things out there give it like up. Had a top 300 player. He wouldn't get invited to those things Republicans would have never laid eyes on golf and there's a hundred. Million stories exactly like that now and so that's the other thing you're not just bear to see James Weisman. Who is James wise complaint against a while who's this kid that came off the bench you never know what you're gonna stumble into a and that's why these these days dispersed by date period followed by the next and then the next. Our our massive budget for pinning. His staff but for literally every division one coaching staff. In America. And penny seemed to acknowledge that and in understand that this is this is when he gets busy again and that. You have to as silly as this might sound you gotta be present you gotta be visible. When it's when you're allowed to text you got a text when you're allowed to call you got a call because if you're not somebody else is and ultimately this comes down. I'm not always but sometimes to like do what kind of impression do you make on a cable come impression do you make on the fame. And so we talked about all of that and then talked about something that. I believe is a 100% true. And that's the the advantage of of securing commitments early even in the month of July not all of the best prospects are gonna commit in this month but some of them will. And I asked him like is there any urgency. To get their involved with all sorts again high level guys. But they got one yet. And then Adam most. Staff having gotten a 2019 high level guy yet in Kentucky's got one I think USC's gab Warren but like their name of everybody basically steal. Uncommitted. But that's the start changing. This week I would assume and then the following week and then the follow week. And I talked to pity about the urgency of like if you could get one of those early like soon. And I don't know that he expects it. Or that it's likely but he did acknowledge that yes it's a huge advantage because wants to get Dole's guys committed they start recruiting for you. They start working for you in ways that you're unable to work for yourself. Because guys want to. Played together yeah you know if you go get a Mathew her commitment or James Wiseman commitment aura Watford commitment. Those guys don't wanna come to Memphis or anywhere and play by themselves. They want to play with other great players. And the world is so much smaller today than it was say once penny was recruited as a prospect. Because these guys all know each other and I don't see each other a few times a year on a basketball court. They then are like bodies on. On FaceBook right and there they're follow each other on snap Chad. DM and each other's text and whenever they all know you take. Went online in view now you and I should say yeah. Were teenagers. We could not be friends with somebody who lived in California as and now how would we talk to you there's data communication problem I mean you could write a letter and mail it I guess mainly like old pen -- have text message we didn't have now even at that time like some like hello Chad or whatever none of that we didn't have email that telephone that's it. Yet and it telephone with long distance charge odds on pick yet don't do that if you wanna be friends with somebody that lived out of your area you're gonna rack up pretty incredible apple built a tough deal is so it was impossible for a Memphis kid to be friends with a kid from Alabama now as friends with a kid from New York who was friends with a kid from Detroit. But now. What these guys know each other it is very easy to keep in touch like some might the so the people that I talk wit. I dot talk with protects with every that the people. People I consider close friends and a popular. I don't they don't live here and I don't cede them that often but we keep in touch because the look the world's different now because the technology and so. If you can get a commitment early then that guy whoever ready. Let's start recruiting hard for you because. NPV referenced this and it's a 100% true it's trickled down from the MB yet. These. For the same reasons when Allen Iverson was a star. People wanted to Wear shooting sleeves on their arms. Kids watch the MBA. And then they try to replicate whatever is going on in the MBA. If they Euro step becomes a big deal now every kids trying to Euro step if Kevin Durant becomes a seven foot perimeter player now every tall kid wants to be a perimeter player. You know if long shorts become a thing been long shorts or the thing is short shorts then becomes a thing in short shorts or the thing. And once. These basketball prospects the young went seen LeBron get with his friends and go play in Miami. Or see James Harden and Chris Paul wanna play together. Proceed step curry and Klay Thompson's entry among greens recruit Kevin Correia to play with them. Once they see the way this works now there's reports carrier ring most of play would Jimmy Butler next summer. Then they say OK well then let's do the same thing hey I put honestly how aware asleep. This guy wore long shorts I wanna Wear long short MJ 123. I wanna be number twenty theory. Now it's these guys the best players in the world won't play together well then let's get the best high school players in the world. It's it we complain to gather and obviously that is only actually possible probably at a place like duke or Kentucky. But if you get one who give one more. Particularly like the American now you're you're doing something that most of the programs in that league. Are going to be able to do and then you can start to try to overwhelm most of the competition. From an athletics to from an and athleticism standpoint from a talent perspective. The best years at the University of Memphis. In the past fifteen years have been years in which. The coach whether it was jarred cal Perry or just passed her was able to. Overwhelm. The league in which they played and buy out recruiting the league in which they play now this league is vastly different from the CU SA that John dominated. But you can still out recruit. I'd say probably at least 75% of the sleek. And so that's the goal and it starts tomorrow at peach jam for penny in the staff. Key piece to what is my local basketball expert your local basketball expert he join me next three easy steps for. You're 1000 dollar reward. One and download the radio dot com that's for free fi favorite 929 FM EE SPN on the radio ducks come out. He listened at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. 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The story being he was accused publicly this morning of severely beating a woman. With post donated it Graham subsequently deleted but police department has now issued a statement. It doesn't look like LeSean McCoy I'll say about it and exactly demagogue the beer. Just after 5 o'clock right now being at my local basketball according to your local basketball expert nation's leading authorities cobalt. Heroes recorded clap to lead to keep these two would make it to begin our. Big giving view presented by each Christie yes he's still one and only GT eastern look. Yup back tied for pat die. Local basketball experience talk you know those heroes and street corner gloves on night. Thanks Gary very show. Oh. So I guess being brought tiger meant to support for a year if you're honor. Just. That. Andy good yeah it pitched in cold. The debate about it thought just like a man. Died at the so now I got no warning I don't doubt even knows who read this message like. At short track to Hawaii. Doubt is yes they I'm sure to pick on site at white person. Our Ali flagler term. Me and stop being a dumb ass stop that I asked Bobby outlaw. All. So I got another. Yeah 48 for BM got somebody back. I I would assume a message board like you can that vexing the place where you can tell somebody got people that that. About dot altimeter dial down the crazy stuff all the dot I. I like. I look at that message board. Every one why there would always be there but I I will. I want to jump on the air a few times in just be like. No no that's not true like it is what the most amazing and about. I have people there will be people on a message board somewhere. And they'll be like I've listened to GP today and this is what he said and I'm like that's just not what I said like I did right should it. What are out yeah I just am always like Bennett like. I I've I I've attempted assault and attempted to like Koppel on just go hey guys do to clear this up that's not what I said this is actually what I've said. Yeah it is that I could leave it alive just like you know why I say I've got three jobs and three kids I don't have time to be arguing with anonymous people and explaining my. Like it's such a small community you can't get involved but I. I mean you can't but I just I choose not to. Are we. Talk about eight. What are bread and they had a fight cannot solve our. Basketball game yeah. Thought video yes. They have a coach should coast they are saying. Go to his call or get ready. Gone and borrow clips. Of them. It shall let you really just statements earlier this bitter you're an idiot he court daily out of people vote year. I try to Claire obviously if you grow to an 88 we. As a coach. You have to buy out what they call it a U court. Which gives them all right you'll background check I have been back object by every government take the ultimate act like a cripple. I know Lester I don't I'll let her. Insult. You at least have to buy a EU court or cost I thought it might well people do it. You have to buy a court yet duke background check. For players to do and pay you again picture up at. You have your supply tight corset get to get a picture can. A report court. But I get the same assault hit the piano pop all streak RB yeah. And you don't spread eagle six if you got a guitar is vote yes. All right to me and beat this terrible. But so so you to do all they had to participate in an 88 yearly beer and the energy be okay. In a Croat as a player coach. They kick the team out there are some repercussions but if you go true. Even. A lot BL or under former whatever. Connect adopt again got picked up players they don't do not call. If so that's that's speaker lifted and you can call anybody right now they'll be deep into coached. India India you're you're 650 dollar fee charged in an anti Jamie. Trooper who somebody give up coaching unit junior college players who work. I'll be illegal armed Scotty head junior college players come to an ABC because people laugh it would. But that's the difference and add. There era of accountability yet and yet you eat it and out due to go back developed to fight pistol next you're built like OK you basketball. Often. And go play these. Made up tournaments cadet ritual what do I backe today you have days sub state police state a national belt counting your deal in quite some local stuff but. But that video what deputy homage. It's just not good for nobody ever have been in have been in jail for quite like that happen up energy you bulky coat cheek video today. Listen to and energy whipping me that I don't you stretch I imagine that when he came over. Theodore air but he feature set it doorknob down and upset when that's what that. I count without or three to walk out all that bow bow our other mail. All in spite nobody gives it got up there be people left most of stuff but that was just not a good look at some bash. It was not I'm talking to keep these two here and attitude out of them ES PM for people who haven't seen the video it's yet it out there you can find it. And I believe it was involving. At least in part a team from Houston. And basically it's the players from this team from Houston fighting the referees like. There they beat the referees that. Video referee had no rep for sure well notion at all the other guy yet what you. What Gaal. Were suckered in the rapper read write all sorts stop it happens though left out about that I remember root for us. Often. Whatever Melrose. And a game Saint Louis came in and we just what we were just brought up and sort of talk. One has spent millions. It is every dog or they'll go get up they get out here well it broke out. It broke out before the game can't be it. In dare Bayesian poisoning after an opportunity tighten up update. Sort of coach from Saint Louis and ripped it all to wrap his own mind. To stop don't reply why we got it on like. In particular it cannot vote. In their curriculum course immediately after. Out insult. We got to get the law and grow up like I am not. But they had to get around and get there in a room called police cannot think they've literally burst or whatever it. To me. Now are beautiful full address that. So this this coach from Houston jumped on Twitter because this does video was going viral and he said. You know what I had it explanation was the wraps attacked our players. And so did we were just defending ourselves and I'm like come on. Like I've been enough of these and they like if they re attacked they basketball player. It's like probably. Greg never rocked the first driver referees never attack the basketball player why rep for one defied a basketball player when there's like three of view and there's fifteen of the L so like. YouTube you can't tell good from where the video picked up but the that that explanation is it's is largely unbelievable like it looked like he had. The players who completely lost it it it spiraled into. One of the ugly these there's did did the bid document that document it would video. Arm in summer basketball certainly in modern history I mean it was it was a pretty deadly thing. I mean Gary. A coat short thirty years. And so when you go to a huddle. Kids are complaining about refereed or whatever. Your your mindset in your attitude is let's overcome bad. Let's play viable site is okay let's teach to be better I don't care how bad they aux it would block one. I am begging but my kids have been a lot of games. Where we overcame bad officiating because. We didn't buy into parent or cry impede or crime not like college drop out of my belt. Nobody should bubble caused quite pass the ball would I beat it. Ignore it referees and less over comedy as well look like the other night with that video market quotes. Opposite culture in Houston did not opt attitude. And how cold it is not got like. You know often. Which are teaching kids and adult thing to do beard is to teach kids. Took over calm life. The girl you asked to Prague is not going Wiki. The job you are or is not argue. The court ordered. You accredited Jack UK unit. You're not gonna make. That JP king cannot go get a W want college Q today. It matters take take it in Chattanooga he would he would message mean it just what does that year and below are college. They're all pretty much got our share. And I know what situation so beat but he beat don't you played duke momma can light it all felt like I insult etc. they offered you don't. Yes sir I got to are they all or is where your first 70 yes sir which I kid we were to go look at security guards. Get money get eaten so. Take 830. Well who else is all birdie mentioned a couple opted out on me. Go your pocket Al remember you can do whatever. Go put what I did in the year. And ended a cell argued every year especially here god you can AI helpers got it is you to wall like. And I and I thought our custody now laughter my ya thought duke got a lot out are happening Jack so. They say honesty and legal port of our really do they think they can play at a higher level. But that's not in the court sure about it if you couldn't go like basketball. And basketball. And going to school for free. Which major prayer sort of become other pockets that they probably get beat all. You future appeal body gold or bigger that'll wake you eager to help money back our GM or what. It'd all part all of our parts so. That's just part of the deal especially just up here so you are traveling whatever is so next summer we ought to outgrow look like. What if you got a child. I have been a better parent so prepared com meet emailed me to actually if you're QG go bloody on the blank wherever. I've played basketball. Again and that they policy beloved buffalo for birdie. It don't matter it blew out as BT issues that Middle East said he did it were ever often. Go go like Fareed don't go to the biggest school that all for you rob it not. I'd yup yup if you we talked that last week they'll get all go eat at you. Well I'd love to dip. Do think in the right situation he played America we brought Portugal have a visual basketball. But when people worked out with sports on you know they're they're warning to me it was. EST don't I hope we don't think he's gonna play that we didn't get to six other gasping etiquette so I talked to a marketed. Try you probably not applaud. He's like I'm better on my list mortality. You to dress would be out. Travel will be down to shield would bear on. If they go to Kentucky they go to Michigan and put you on the mid levels gold go to ask what was to make some money I don't think you're gonna apply ET like. Our home but I'm better and I had worn it much. Attitude. They're gonna they're gonna they're urging you cheated dubious and so that a lot to go into the air. A bit erratic game a long time I mean if you just if you can just let Preston layer. Par around long enough. It was positive long enough about talking a lot that you and it was positive enough. Around enough bench they focused that. City got a shot. Shall accept got it may well be released a picture at all now he's going to be a a college coach boardwalk want to beat be called most of it has to do. Which is family in what do attitude in Seoul again I preached in a separate disk bought it. We start that talk about a video beast are out of about the most that was the open. I'm making these two and a nanny to that of ME SP into your point about. Going somewhere where you've got a good chance to play as opposed to doing the opposite that you mentioned ET SU this was on the other end of the spectrum. There's another kid who was basically down. Maybe a month ago six weeks ago. Between teams picking between Tennessee and East Tennessee State. And you it's it's that it's a delicate situation when you're recruiting a young man because you want to build him up. But you also like. East Tennessee State's main recruiting advantage there was. Cope with unless you're gonna play go to. You go to Tennessee they are returning every player from an SEC championship team. Are they got a pre season top RT how would you getting on that court. You're not gonna play for them but every kid thinks that they'll be the exception to the role and then they get because. Every kid is being recorded that level has probably bidwill the best or one of the best player on whatever team he's ever played for his entire life. But then suddenly you go to a place like that. You're not anymore so these guys don't bet. And it's gonna be you in a day in so. And 48 kids she didn't require. But that's like that to win when they each is ET SU staff was recruited this young man you can't say hey you're good enough to go there. But like that's what you want that young man to understand is that you know you don't you might be a star who knows I mean they're like who knows but. The likely scenario is you're gonna go there and only play if somebody else gets hurt you or insurance plan for them. Your rotation player for us but the kid went to Tennessee and so we'll see Argo. It. Can we help them basketball outlook next basketball and I'm a big believer that Mr. Bush should America's. Top. Basketball cities in America or just producing play I think that our people to anybody Detroit Chicago. If your dynamics changed and whatever. What this stay out. I'm really impressed if they think. Next year. If what does not request by but they they would PM next year they can get seat and a lot of people that I talk to a relief we. They admit this Specter that the number one recruiting class in America. They've played ground war they've got great connection to break. Relationships. And I'm looking at our previous cost so I'll read a column like. Our car. Did you might be caught by the US Olympic park got a job or got outlook will what you did well went back oh. You know now also on all. And they're like east next year. Unit this order we have the best recruiting class aircraft. Gore backer you're going to help was coach got like Jodie and not being negative but just be a beer go adopt else possible. We wasn't. Now what Galactica they're quite happy to have they are also late you're you're bouts. Do you have a must stay out. That was true okay recruiting your bread could have been chubby assistants. And recruit better and step to go each of them play. At all up. But. Let me Brett would walk somebody. And made it happen our subdivision to pick a more salt or you know that the seven. Well Rick it was seven or purport salt block it out wrong based on the baseline and me error cannot be negative about in god bless that little boy happy. Like college. Well it. That was the worst recruiting step maybe mr. west. That is key these two woody and I look bad all right birdied your local basketball expert nation's leading authority elbows he rode the street corner cloud. Obama of course. Trouble. Started your Jay Wright mean. I never OK okay. To win a needless to say that's a fair point that if the prayer board like I need it again what you're doing you can sort of like we you can talk about it this way now that everybody's ailing UK and I think what it what the hell do it decay they're. Actually. That's a sign that it's. Padilla Lara ocean. Isle Willie Willie jet pulled my drawers down. Took it did Atlanta tournament they bark. It took him to we're. They thought it might be female you took to a lot of place to put you never. Lied about why don't you go wood or seven years. Oh eagle rock shady. Rock city. You know flavored they have. A few weeks. To order coming up I'm not been nag you about Margaret people and operate every day letter also birdied. But what would you give up that little egg gear and bread are Kamal. We go to a hate. Yeah I don't know man I can get involved in that but I'm glad. Glad I got it made it yeah yeah accused mr. mr. Baer. I heard. Number oh her at a new program director executive producer key these two that be something. You tell wrote wrote come back. To our. Ability to bear though. On September 28. They agreement we shook me don't posture at Bragg gotta go so bring it. Is now you know I don't wait for its nine heroes come home one day probably matter time it was come in private matter of time I raised well Scalia. Wrote her. And Bart wrote her murder come about and that's against the against the Albright on our I messed up. Do. Acts like every event they got they got jobs now to break. Is there I know Imus and to read it twice. Rep party still no that's not true that Diaz you know it is the the hell off the message board you know those bulls. You know that's crap okay well the ball and we'll get to know what they're up. I bet you won't say to his face I will to other not about trying to disparage in their decision that's BS and I didn't fire you bet you'll split them up individuals that too is no way men and not look like he needs now you know keep. I love you keep. Are right we got to go and torture our rental car. He's an excellent prosecutor Peter could pick up the if you don't Iraq's city Gary I meg gonna are actually now I had no interest in CN rock formation that since what people used to have to be when I was younger when people would think that there was a chance I might actually say yes to this now they'd be like we're going camping this week in you wanna go camping with us. And I civil what is camp and involved deliberately go to sleep at ten. Now they get involve that. Sure they'll hotel right next in the campground and go to air and trying to sleep in Tampa I'll work too hard to sleep in and that is heard that if I lose everything again. Then that's when you'll see measly tournament now we do attend a coworker started out work to go. Voluntarily sleep but it is all you out of your mind Obama yummy bad I got my now I think I'm sleeping and it can't you know marry a point that got. It beautifully but it did ami Jamal when I wake up exactly. Would you like operated hotel yeah I just don't walk out and out come meet you but I trying to sleep in a tent that's ridiculous. I'm breaking story may be involving LeSean McCoy. Has been accused of some incredibly serious stuff he's denied it but the police department just released a statement within the past thirty minutes that. As suggest there's at least some truth to this how much still unclear a catch up on a next. Brand's summer clearance of inches here and it's time to get to work. But you understand and hard work is about more than building something from would. Building a something that the old new 2019 ram 15100 prides itself on two. 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The new pact challenges made possible by the AARP credit card from chase and brought to you by HRP foundation it's amazing the difference and you can make. Sign up it yield back challenged dot or. Guests appear feel the smiles center hotline now. That's a big Gary very show floor. We fury spears show is live from the local restaurant and sports are studio 99 FM. As well. And now I'm. And now. It took him cops. I am very aware that my weakness is that. Staying on some sort of timely schedule but what if you do what it's not really my fall you saw me try to go I know I don't. Why don't want to go to Falwell I love him and I would never did Russian mob Obama did you never know what he can get done in a legendary performance. It's seven minutes after you were trying to get up the ball I apologize for being. Four bit deeper worry but that doesn't mean I still don't do more notable for the fourth quarter or. Or stories presented by the blows restaurant and bar for notable stories for forty tour. He tends to lose focus start telling stories and forget what he wanted to. There's certain points every afternoon so we'd do. Device it ensures he'll touch on important things you need to know each day at this time. This is GOP's more notable stories at 44463. Number one. Rather back in action now 35 minutes or so it's going to be a unity and true yeah. I'm excited about this summer break against the summer king now at Las Vegas that's the good news bad you know the bad news no Marvin bag and I'm kind of disappointed their hold amount what's wrong. She is been diagnosed with a pelvic bone bruise brand. Those are painful and that is the pelvic bone bruise you had one itself I don't think I've had upheld this bruise it's upheld Vick with the seat. So is that part of the pelvis. Let's impaired and I think so I don't like a doctor I don't know you're acting like you know what the hell is going on I always act like I know what's going on that's the key to Vienna. Good radio up 10 AM blister and head and and social problems that if I had I'm with you I guess family your analog I know what's going on does that mean I know what's going on X what I know about the human body I learned from playing compilation. Heard aptly operation about the kind of weak and Oliver. I'll see god yeah have a wanna see a four year old get mad. Play operation where I am I've done it before my ten year old as the yeah I think you can you can maybe like four year old I get through part of what the age is an operation Droid like I don't. A what I've learned over the past month that four year old probably should it's impossible right now the U they're always gonna touch the metal immediate if you do they're always gonna touch them they never do not not touch the man and he gets mad I mean mad mad that he gets mad about every every time like he's. He I've seen though they've FaceBook in videos he's wild and gets after like he gets pissed off on pardon the expression. On an on off I've seen on the baseball field he's video footage is like if all it did if there was a reality show starring my boy brought it would be just him mad at all like just getting angry Alex he also the sweetest like Gil is sweet Little League when he gets mad and although it's not know yet what I mean when he gets mad he gives super. Dual format felt like you know any. Think there's no question you're a sweet person if but when I get mad I get math. That's exactly that's you he he picked it up for me yeah it's Gary Parrish a cussing probably picked up from again that's probably it Newton anyway I'll I know about the human body other from playing operation with a four year old. While also learning don't play operational the four year old at bat and elbow Barbara Bagley got a pelvic bone bruise he going to be held out the Jarrett Jack and play at tip off at little at the 530. ESPN two story number two all right ugly story may be involving LeSean McCoy a woman I give the background on account early today. Posted. On minster Graham. I saw these images and she had a picture of a woman she describes her best friend dad and it's like on the left side there's one picture on the right side there's another picture. It's a beautiful woman yeah and then on the right cited the same beautiful woman beat up. Bad to. Be clear all domestic violence is bad. But all men all but when you see this picture. Move this woman has been beaten up brutal fertilized brutal yes. By somebody. Looks like she could be dead in the image really does look like it could be a courts yes she is beaten so badly terrible so severely. And the woman who posted this on mr. Graham. Again she identified. Herself as the best friend of this person in the picture. And she said the bills running met LeSean McCoy did. That he beard like this in the they've covered for him. When he beat his child. Covered for him when he beat installed. Cover for him when he used performance enhancing drug but they won't cover for him no war and she posted these images are obviously. This became a mass of story was so McCoy pretty quickly came out and denied everything and just said that. I this thing meet. All of this is baseless. And wrong. And in fact I haven't seen the people. Better in this picture in in months. And so you've used and then that that post was taken down and you start to go okay they may be really was falsely accused it and as we sit here at 458 he may have still been falsely accused but the milk and police department. Released the following statement within the past now they sit on July 10 2018 that's today at approximately 3:18 AM. Milton police responded to a home invasion at a residence on the secret past of the Cherokee county blah. The preliminary investigation indicates that this residence was specifically targeted by the suspect or suspects and not a random incident. When officers arrived they found one victim who had been physically assaulted by a lone intruder. The victim is clearly the woman from the instant Rampage. During the altercation the suspect demanded specific items from the victim. An adult female victim was treated and released at north Fulton regional hospital the second adult female victim also sustained a minor injury during the incident. Not detectives are continuing their investigation if you have any information regarding this instant please contact Victor Crist for Bradshaw. As his email address. And so Charles Robinson from Yahoo! has within the past few minutes reported. That the woman has hired a lawyer and they will be releasing a statement at some point later today. But it does seem to be one of two things here. Either the intruder was actually with some point. Or the intruder was somebody that people believe was may be sent this year. By LeSean McCoy either way it's an ugly ugly story. Involving you know high profile football player which is the reason it's generated. These headlines and you know what Woolsey. You know if he is guilty of this. Then forget football he'll never play again but he should also go to jail for a long period of time on the other hand and this is where these cases are also. Uncomfortable. Is that.