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Thursday, August 9th

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Broadcasting in 199688. Yamana online at 92 million Yeah XP is the chase and Intel showed. I only. See a sports station now feature event ESPN yeah. I think that a judge noted tonight event ESPN and ask promises Davis qualified Bobby is the host. Of the Paul find bomb Saudi is in in the SEC network he's a man VN. And a white station Spartan he joins us now mr. Biden Bob how are yeah. I'm doing great where I wanted to put. And I. Always get excited. Wondering if there's one person account and actually store remembered. I don't open every member of absolutely let you know we are we love having you on some of all of all the signs at the Ohio State rally which one did you appreciate the most. Well on the one about myself of course a home. The mood a bit. I think that's I think it's that might take serve our weaker than Alabama's schedule so. Yes that's a good idea. All of that is critical of her career early lows they're the same fans to call my showed your show every day. After it's that's uninteresting point it's a weird balance it right because you're exactly right like evidence they. Nobody rallied for Tubby Smith here at Memphis but it if they did like that's kind of how would look I would senate sort of think. The way I looked it up. You agree or does someone who grew up as a young kid going. Hypocrites out college yeah Sunderland out daily deals that. Aren't excited about the tigers finally getting Italy yet repressed welcome it's about time. I didn't bring up against a bad for a basketball game Paul that's the collect all of going to be electric. I wrote an article my best about considered separate your shirt that they'll look great John Tesh Josh afterward and they'll let alone any. I need they start coming out great hobby was going to be out it was about Ochoa got covered Japanese market. I don't count. And he urged people hope it won't appreciate the. Oh well you do you know what's going to be interesting as you know I mean penny is going head to head with one of your guests on yesterday show. I mean you know it's like it's pity burst cal Perry of the number one player in the nation Paul James was out. About well Kamal a matter. Don't tell me about the big Cali. And her pathetic. We're gonna we're gonna tweet deck quote okay. We're gonna we're gonna make sure delegates out there so who soared as this fall obviously there's still a lot that we com we'll find out in and discover but. Is is Urban Meyer done. It within that you can Columbia yeah well. You different opinion and I'm not usually wish you blush but. I thought it was a week ago. Balance sheet imagination. Of college athletics or will. Where they set a timetable before they do the investigation. Urban after being lower in which it finished racial and cultural there. That statement out Friday a proposal that's even performed on our sales are the people or. It often indicates that it that he has a chance of any local girl a lot of fans out there that are tried to assure you the victim in this case and none of this is news well. I can't quite. Predict that he'll be done yet but this is a powerful coach you're you're very good if he's a great football coach. And I'll watch Lekkerkerker. Aren't. Than their Urban Meyer. Well what is the best case scenario for him. Well. Yelled. Number one bit they're they're really just got it all in England in the documents that show that that he did it the right thing immigration. People get hung up on whatever they wanna believe that the media either about this problem or not. You do about it a couple of years ago and Apollo he did was document that they like oral and only cares about shoot spewing during the appropriate thing. According to go to the office manual as opposed to Iran in check out our discard a long time ago but he didn't. Because he was too close to disarm. That this sort of out. Sex miss grandfather was a little girls succeed it will be days of 35 years ago forty years ago. At Ohio State. Cultural and usually that torque any equipment equal to operate that and that's why they're also post are you brother in law and future business or you're orders and a lower order restaurant brokers you're not objector. Katrina about Paul and asked if this is very simple question why are they so good at keeping things like Taylor's comments from becoming distractions rare you see them. Those kind of you know potential distractions at all is does it basically all boiled down to earth to fear of connect to fear of Saban. Yes the best. That's automatically we all they're all yeah I don't candidates they're going to do this interlocutor. Picture off the record will carry that nobody could hear okay. You would have been at least copper slug lost all of are surely aren't just social worker respected journalist ask the first question. And what I was gonna literary like I was sort of goody or urged a boycott while the show is going. We're usually right afterwards farm. Going to ask a follow up I mean how could not ask a follow up to the most obvious and burning question I mean act. Marsha I'm sure got the wrong record as we look you're skeptical left tackle computer couldn't hear me I don't know. It is immediately where is it took it by Derek and battle so I spent about any. And if he bought the sort of late I saw a report and listen guys. You have great job that. It is you're covering Alabama for first on digital site Bloomberg newspaper or or anywhere else in it you go against. Nick Saban you're maybe. On the unemployment line the next day and that's out of place anyone wants to be in today's world. As a lot of power Paul. That's a lot of power to wield. It is but the IE and I'm not saying there. Saban would purposely get somebody fired. I've I've battle that they communicate with. Yeah. And it it is its people have often in the this episode with a three years ago you guys they were the record media days and tell them. I can assure you I got sick right now actually the guy. Like being challenged and beat the unload on the on the air he went after me again all of the year which showed fortunately appeal dot com. Or video biographer. Accorded and then. About an hour earlier he again I mean. Good authority figured he would like to reach out you guys. Which is John cal Perry in Memphis. He like entertaining. Economic reform and challenge. Because sugar overly recruited oracle he operated program and its done cal Perry a fire broke the channel. We are all on the same level and you see very very little check and balance with these people. But there but to that point Paul I bet didn't you tell me if you think this is true. He goes off on you when you challenge nick and in that happened right off on the air off here but I'll bet that respect level for you win you do it. It goes back up be and that's why he comes back on your show. To learn in this respect. Right there and we'll say I did all ultimately eight big shocker or do debit and her I don't think I'll bosses like we doing it. I think it needed to be done it and I didn't do it to their. Make a name for myself what did it because it was so it was needed to get that question at bat in an attack that day I need to be gaps in my blog are. Carloads and actually yesterday that the setup question before I am aspects. But you know what it is the Icrc said yesterday was interesting though ME TEG trying to blaming all on other people. That bad back could be an issue inside that locker they've got I think it is yet. Nick Saban could have been happy with skill and urged going after him and super shape it is today. Well of course you know we're we're we're encouraging him nearly got a problem our players expressing themselves. Kobe. Art I'll buy that. Do you think you'll see the two QB's fault if we do. Will it hurt to his chances of one and husband to receive both of them out there and over nick but doesn't care that's I don't have his priority list but if it does happen would pull back to a. What's until that you are purchased capable of winning the job but I. He has not the better quarterback you must. Analysts say that's inexplicable to claim that you learn or B you're anywhere and cultural making Israel pitched Jordan he's so long and who made it into a big story he saw one group told jail ever. Not end up not and just some part of the bill game in the national championship game that story. If you had failed them we would never conversation with the tour that originally hurt. Can't throw the ball down the field. Alabama has a lot of receivers they want the ball it's pretty simple. Yeah there there's a quarterback competition that's gone in Memphis but it's now it's nowhere near as. I've ever sailor gets nowhere near as you know you don't have the controversy around this not a mysterious file it what could be Alabama staff. Have have done differently so as to avoid you know getting to this point where you know there is very public airing of grievances. There's nothing like you're done because. It's yours hurt on the first they're a great old Jalen hurts and I realize you guys cover cover a lot of issues. But he had a he didn't have a good spring in the spring football game which was nationally televised he was not the best quarterback. On the field. And who wasn't in the game so what does that tell you and and I have I have no problem with him being frustrated. But where I don't like is his father opening his mouth a couple of months ago saying my son is going to be the most important free agent. They're in college football history that's very Earl Woods from 45 years ago saying that his son was gonna be the next gone the Al leave Michael Jordan. And Michelangelo wrapped into one. And you know that his mother posted something on FaceBook which doesn't help the cause I mean you can tell I I think we're urges down America. It just a matter whether he's done right now. First game or. At the end of the season. Almost four gonna get it done at Tennessee and not the elect what you've heard what you're hearing on him. I do. But it won't be easy and I mean I'd at least got to see as the role football coach. Google is that no longer have a carnival barker. Which they had which you don't it which show if your eco recur pretty well pretty cricket coach. And if you have gone harder on him up and saying to you could find on the Internet. But but downloading an hour and 35 cents. So I recruited hard core. When he when he doesn't have enough players to you win this year I mean making can put five or six games. But I I don't see them beyond that but I didn't think the program is in good shape and are really like Phillip Fulmer. Are bringing him barrack and then but don't former exerting some influence. We're out of time and we've already discussed. The chancellor. The president got fired and an a hole. Bridge yeah I know how coaster goes church with John Currie but I mean in the of the program to another yet but I feel like. Even though it's down 38 to nothing before the first game in the public guy is it at least has a chance to come back. We are of course are gonna par five mama of DePaul five bombs on Twitter at. Far mom and I know your primarily covered as easy in power buy programs I was but you're familiar your from Memphis you know you know Memphis football and sort of their affliction BAD said. He wants to average 45000. In the game they averaged 33000 a game last year. What is a program Paul like Memphis. Which has had great success in the non power five. What can they do what they have to do to get to a point where they're averaging 45000 again. Well it is simple answer real complex question to you exactly what they've been doing and he lets I have my. I continue to ignite every comma. I'm I'm an airport on Saturday oh and one last here in Chicago and are not the typical Olympic airplay UCLA. And I. They're not my daughter is that the same program might go about it. And you know we walk yeah or somebody gave a figure and then have our own section. And I literally I took my wife Erica we got married back to eager numbers aren't so what to say my mom. Yeah united market approach Spock seemed because dearly just kind of an irrelevant game everywhere are not like I had a are at an entire section go ourselves. I had to let people. Figure out. It wrong guy I mean I don't even know what Prague I think this program gunfire right now it is I mean I mean I really am so impressed with what's going on there. And I don't think you you know our number is really the key every it is the program is doing very well just. Wait a minute you're alert you're. While the good thing was you know on that particular yeah that particular night whatever was it must have been very romantic for you and your why aren't you tell how he. Dreamed about it of taking my life to the liberty all another mile section. Oh he's I chart you are crossed that bucket list ultimately the next series got the started up I'm going to. 220. To go to China and and then it's in trouble with very well. That it that's like at Liberty Bowl great while China I put them sort of in the same category with Paul it's always good to catch up let us know to get down amid the sport basketball game looking forward to it. I wanna sit understood what you guys at center court and I am better. Yeah my pump arms from from other 1973. Run to the tunnels or working embargo in the wind in the eighties or early ninety's which probably no longer count but I don't care about remember them and I'm counting. And I totally agree about Paul thank you faked out by a mom. Tigers. You gotta Billy Ray every tigers from body and keep data there Leslie and that was there are some real pros and amended and there I felt that go tigers from Paul five love it abet. Levy's apartment so why hold on your football questions have been talked Jack's gotta motivate our way I'm doing or how about penny on nuclear you talk like that jotted will be inside baseball drama only don't mean in Leighton W sure. Penny trains since Paul aura about Paul Laird it's up question. Pippin a pity transcend sport he does man's job I want other opinion right now it's just it's unbelievable man it is somewhat how I will come back just God's gonna join us and once they let go tigers dissident unedited of India's.