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Tuesday, June 19th

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Broadcasting on 9296. ED AM and on line at 92 million ESP. We XPS. Don't remember mrs. Ford station 929 FM. What ESPN. They know Basel this single glove. They had done attitude I have many ESPN. It has promised he's one of our favorite guess his name is Mick apology cupboards. She you do the shoe industry or ESP NN nice kicks he joins us now nick what's good man. There are gone now elect an income isn't so little. The scholarship that's our producer man he's as he's he's he's got a very great musical tastes very exquisite so you investing huh. It does look at this club that you couldn't couldn't Berkshire you know there's a lot of them all all our callers are you coming up but. Well for all the rookies heading in the all the biggest query exercise that you'll pick this week's apparently everybody's silent puma. And pretty much it means. How the gate you know they had their. Three future yet big names in the first round potentially a top critic liquid laundry department Bentley inserted. You know they actually offer a guard assured you'll armor. So they were really aggressive and economically to their big plan to get back into their. And right now I imagine you saw this coming we are not a raise my and we were fools because we saw the news about Bagley. And and here we were worse than all man he's the only if he's the only one out there this is trouble we laughed then you made the point I mean they fired more they've added Jay-Z now. How long had you known about this push challenge you thought maybe is on the horizon. It's been in the war. You know probably a little over a year you're half of actually. We know they've they've been developing the basketball should I'm seeing good gonna launch and all that you know they had to have it ready in time for. You know got what Marvin got what you under and you well. So they've met with all those guys in a private gym sitting about a month ago. The goggle so choose they really like the comfort in orbit on because New York. Go have a shoot yet in your trigger your ideal a lot of especially rookie right that about the real gambled blue coral but I can't go into that should ready in time. And the magic quadrant for sure these huge piece of him then and they could go out and do a lot of on spoke. Mick I applaud them and I commend them for for getting into the seriously not just getting Marta badly right you don't make it and make it appears to trade young getting beyond very aid and getting j.'s Neil Boortz I commend them for the effort obviously. They look legitimate but. It's hard for me as somebody that is you know I love basketball player that's followed by basketball issues like it is just hard for me to convince myself. To buy a pair of puma basketball issues so seldom a sell me on this kick in cold become. Can they inter the stratosphere of Adidas Nike under armour can they grab any of that share a year. You know obviously they're Buchanan and really competitive and you know you basically have but I can under armour the movement and within like Jordan brand well I can. Nike had about 67% Foley square in machines that either cut about six and a half percent. Announcer right there's issued majority of them like mark shoreline and overeating or overnight percent or other. I think. You don't know bowler hurtled going into it. Other things to prove that they're trying to do is not just make another performance basketball shuttle and people look at that. They're gonna really do a lot of things on a lifestyle sides right they've got a lot of music partnerships we Dynegy who mentioned of course but. Picture on the weekend Rihanna and some others and so. You know I think they're gonna they're gonna come out from a different angle in terms of the shoot. The other gun bill should tomorrow afternoon actually so it would look at a look at her Samir. He debate could tell you that it you've seen the right yeah. Yeah I've seen it's look it's gonna be a bit kind of modernized version of the original idea carpentry and a stories. And do not think for a lot of people the contribution from a conservative are you one of those just time what he's viewership is and so I'm curious to respond tomorrow and the other gonna have a lot of colors blue and on up the try to do. Will they be you I guess if you're if you're getting back into it again and you're clearly trying to separate yourself from the other three major brand so. How do they plan to do that are they just gonna make the most affordable signature shoe on the market like our what what's gonna be their claim to break into this. You have to cut a great great great thing to kind of specified so that it's not necessarily secure current duke you know what they were could encourage young bill could called sexist card inhibitions and got it. You know there was never a problem of course there are technical gut and that's really earnest you're coming at all carpet like. Through them to develop. You know how to good having modern tech early on that reforms put on Tibet could debt or transplant or you know I think in the past couple years you know some of the programs. You know under armored either political like. But who got really technical early form looking in and it's been. You know about what people have been wooed the world court but that got them what they're trying to combat is this some little or virtual that job is to straighten your. We had up a former college coach on yesterday were talking about this deal with aluminum and what it would take to succeed he was talking about though the that the aspect of that he brought in was the grassroots level now he it appeared that some of these guys that that that bill signed this year obviously aid those guys. You give them teams and their hometowns and you attacked the young kids from that angle from the grassroots angles that the you know is as you figure that's got to be part of the plan if you're trying to make a big push. That was the big element that really surprised people in terms of equity. You know his his dad is I think they you know I coached for awhile yet. Yeah and it was in between was called the Phoenix Hamlin and actually changed an incident like sample hey. So. Actually you know the boot the spec which apparently have been very close to that I spoke a long time and then. I'm gonna make you base that funding goes into the summer and look into that however you want but. In October that was that was part of potential oil the other worker was with this pops part in the second and then also trying to build out kind of and the framework yet. I don't know if you guys caught but crewmen actually is also going to be Dominican uniforms forum. You know what you BTU dot alternative that kind of the unlike some recurring Perl code and other interment so are there they're going to be going all out on the city. You know that are seeing their investment rookie class and they're gonna be super grip the sign says the slopes and who you know there there really does celebrate and it's worked. I'm fascinated to see exactly how successful they are where we are of course talking to nick apart covers the shoe industry is your game. Four years in and nice kick some other news that you reported today. Trade young has signed with Adidas. A multiyear deal. With a deed as odd that feels to me like. You know that's a gamble that a place you know a place like a data has to make right because this guy in tray young. You know he has star potential he could be the face of your brand right. And I think you know so many people make the comparison was that occurred horse. It's really it stinks that you know trade agency actually represented. And so there is a lot of familiarity there I think there was some of the talking points and terms looks. If you wouldn't pedestrian and good luck armor and then follow and so footsteps I think our trade. The chance to go to the Peter and and Promos really you know aggressive and try to sign a super. Are the chance to go to Israel welcome kind of creative and not out yet on a potential weapons should be ability but also to the clinic incur. You have any idea nick what kind of money puma is spending obviously I think the report was. With Bagley that it it's surpassed Kevin Durant it's Nike deal. Years ago given ideal kind of money they are spending to get you know for example number one pick like beyond variation. Yet here so here I think. The key beautiful creation just to be quite doughnuts were well on a global war in those first put out there and you know I didn't I didn't really in court you know include that part of my story and it wouldn't you know just crank it wasn't really true. He's okay do you deal and seven year deal for sixty million. Marvin bureaus five year deal for a little but humility here. Bombs hood that at the clinic you know a big draw but I think the way it was phrased it. The biggest rookie should deal since Kate beat. I actually got he got here and her William 2.2 adult all around three Israel oh. Arrangement cook cook you know local local yeah they were offered does go belly that you've learned your skirt. Her three and four year deal which is currently your and Kirk you. For sure in the nick of more than three let's go Mitt coming we were talking about some of the prominent brands at and there was a time and I know you remember this because this is a you know up your Alley. There's a time where we were asking the question. Can under armour will under armour surpassed Nike. Because the young they were the hot young brand they had the nose of plenty of guys like staff and it just feels like an audio problem has but it feels like they have taken. A super backseat in they're just not as much of a play here in 2018. As we thought they might be is is that fair to say that they have sort of lost a little bit of of of their their foothold in in basketball. Yeah I think I think this here particularly help in quiet I mean they were there just to train on in the Michael court you're too. Our men and a sensible and all of those guys are sure org Arctic could recruit them what they spent a lot last year. In signing gun salute junior drug check into that they really like. And both guys are both go to congress don't go up there have been just expressed an explosive players and so. You know I think they're saying and they always had a small roster and how you like those young guys they want Burke go those who have considered started more on. They would love to give no quarter recruit for sure but found blood on the ground as the junior I think some real exciting. Absolutely they finally you Cullen at a Memphis stood to replicate time zone. Our vocal minority view dormant in the outlook two I could you know. And argued you don't try to make things up and there's some like could mean we we talk a lot like overnight that recruiting caught or could go on from here and and done you know it is at all to see how much you couldn't get an accurate and there orca the equipment to I think everybody would expect that the uncle who. What I think you've made the point last last summer had you on to become the once in school and and my information is that they are looking into that. Heavily flooded out and it if they can determine that there's no sort of you know advantage right there or or recruiting violation I could I think that's I think that's gonna happen the myth is at least basketball wise going to be a one cent school. Yeah I think you know early on whether it's Cheney model in particular gunman wearing or it's just the once and we'll move on her record books. I mean that's that's one of the coolest thing ever and of course trying to find it's much look split. You know it's such a rare thing for a guy coaching that level in global water but also that they are sponsored by Rembrandt that it in. No if you look at Patrick Ewing and some other coaches that are out there functions. But everything on line up in terms of the Rangel and so what then and this column about corporate or that they'll be great if it happened. Exactly mic man appreciate your grass outside is always many thanks. Yes sir is nick DePaula covers this game very fascinating is always. Love getting those inside look into the issue game. That I deal not quite as the average if that was that was worded very poorly on article and an embodiment of that because it was confusing and made it seem like Marin deal was bigger. Or as big as Kevin writes as I clot in lung clothes yet to 2.2 big is sensitive to. But even that is kind of surprised and that's the biggest since KD every my goodness I'm actually currently hoop and in some pay to. And Arnold and allowed them absolutely not he's on the fault is that you know the pit dug in. But I love I got them Ruben in the page two Miami heat's. Love them. Good job and they hold up very well like you'd think like it was that says that's a they don't older shoot it'd be bulky and heavy and it looks like it is them but man it feels your on court. I can do a penny can do them. Are you just saying that because he's the coach and then. No I mean I wouldn't have the pennies if you I was getting there obviously very pop issue all players but from what I hear I've got two pairs of pay that got the pity file located and I got paid to Miami Heat to ourselves on him so special. How does you should bobbed hair to Wear to the book I've got the old little dream team bear full well what amount on Thursday night for the draft are good luck. A thereby does they they bring her little dusty I'm not like Ben and Al Alam and instill in the box. You say paid bidding got dusty Jews he wears dusty how he keeps his stuff in the box or does the best I've got elements that I've Beckham met Jason Dunn editor of habeas via.