Moziah Bridges from Mo's Bows

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Friday, May 12th
Young Memphian Moziah Bridges from Mo's Bows signed a deal with the NBA. AUDIO here from his interview with Jason & John on Thursday, 5/11/17.

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Now I need to not only demand at 99 And followed. No. I look back Jason's done 929 FM ESPN and we are honored. To be able to talk to one of the most promising young businessman and not when you're. In the city of Memphis his name is no bridges you know from shark tank. Mose blows he joins us now with some big news well how are you. Blanco right. I have you done. Then we are Ross and we are all awesome over this way let's talk about the news man. You've got the licensing deal with the NBA I've seen that the ties that see in the boat size they are absolutely. Beautiful how how did you why did you wanna do the NBA how did it come to pass why the NBA. Well it came to pad because. RT had a partnership or our relationship with the NBA can't win I'd DP in BA trade speaking trance. And it was just a really eye opening experience and I met all of the players. An idea I'll have that goal we are he had that partnership well being and they knew that our intention in the nude I want to part of our partnership so would you when he had indeed did deal. Would be NBA did away reversal of type and I am very exciting each. Or you know everybody to be rocking though pop right until late start. When did you develop this affinity for bow ties how far back does this go low. Well I'd build a bit of feeding for about tired I would say about. Or are five years old band that was it. You know it's a really young age but I had any influence in my house I'll Wear at my damn all the time. Looking right in doing how are being that you let go nowhere. So hard it LI IQ do you get our act he actually is done in whidbey age actually game was big permit. Dude they're there they're outstanding tele about giving involved with the draft a couple of years ago was or was a one or two guys that. You already had a relationship with how did you how did you get in there how did you get in a couple of years ago with the draft. I got a couple years ago with the jets because I believe that they had stopped me on an armed. One network ending may contact you mean it we all have to new York and we beat they'll hold inked. I'm reluctant players like the end hello rod so yeah and trail and give great player right there so I'll play there ought I'll. Other budget MBA players who are aware and those voters who who are some that you know have have most of those on their person. Well I trillion Ali are right now because he led the one that wore it to the drag drill and that's pretty ninety but we hope we keep the more Ayers. Infant who Wear irreversible art especially net we have actually looking logon to our. When you give Pete when you get the licensing partnership with the NBA is that a complicated process. To sort of take you through the prod plus a ball that. Weren't I don't know how long project but at the same pot at the famed primate sword because. You know we are at my mom there she can really handle their. Pop art so odd go to school but I'm time. You know I do that eating an immediate cause pain each it beat that report in these debt every court there was a binding bill light fabric though. It's kind of a complicated in many current and she you know badge and tired of being played it pretty easy way in YouTube deal. How long have you known that you've had good hello if you had to sit on this no if you have to sit on this and well. There. I'm on the DL aura about not that I had to deal or about one year. Why all. You had to keep quiet you got to keep quiet until the announcement yeah to keep it quiet but you know not for Amorim brandy how bad boy you know there are closed are just a Borough Park. How. How big will this be for most votes the fact that you can partner. With the home I got I've seen the tires in the boats accessing the grizzly ones they Europe. Obviously awesome how how big insignificant do you think this will be for the business that you could sell NBA. License ties. Well this will be really before model bug could open up our audience any opened you know more people to come he'd tried any. They are subject it Bane of my all time I have deep brain. You know a lot to be from our part to have a lot deeper look great they're out belch it is really gain my whole variety. Oh a boat tight and. And cut the. It's global domination mode you're taking over the world brought out due to our kids are your are your classmates at school asking your for loan zinni a yup family members I don't. I don't know but I doubt that I'm changing the world Jumbotron at a time. You have a lot of your love it do you have a lot of your friends and classmates come up Cuba Kamal moat let me get an eye on the boat that has won yet. All right let me get a Cleveland Cavaliers now let me get a golden date though. Pretty complicated bridge in outcome compact Buick buyers into their own companies yeah do they. No definitely you're not you're definitely inspiration dude did it including to old guys like me and John how much today how much they go for Manson John and I can save our pennies and you want. They don't put about eight. Forty odd dollars. Dies you can get all the information on the website which I highly encourage you check out and support amid this business are you warning to break into other sports visit. You wanna go NFL you wanna go Major League Baseball have you thought about it. Expand. I do want to eat. Do you let me Bentley go into the deep brain a sport like paintball pulled following the bat that it's creating a partnership to all sports industry you'll be very. Have you learned mode I mean you're you're fifteen and an and that's got started you know a few years ago and you appeared on on shark thing to me how much have you learned about. Business and being a businessman even though you are only fifteen years old how much have you learned about this item of the world. Why aren't a lot apparently from Damon job Miami where they came from shark paint. AA are just glad there Ali cut they treat about companies and it my card that they looked all right being it's just not gonna look I don't do not gonna put my name money and it I don't want my Thai air the could it be toward I'm not gonna have been tied to it. Clark's blood did you know thanks Whittier brain in 08 always you know letting what you do. How closely do you still work with dammit I know obviously you took a liking you from your appearance on shark tank yet you guys talk on a pretty regular basis about the business there. Well I mean renewed talk I am a regular bank is pretty let Ali AM every time but he New York boat kind of like Egypt might be. Brother mentor he's my Big Brother intentioned eight. What's today the big step Monique. You got your driver's license yet. Well I'm trying to give my apartment but my mom get the clone. I'll let you meet Jake will the car and I Carter I'm gonna get a right Robert breaks it down dedicate it to their opinion I'd get in the car that. I don't know dude 2005 generate bad I had a Geo Storm man when I first started you start a lot better and I am brother. How do you stay so grounded through all this I would have the biggest hit ever. If I had a lifelong deal with the NBA nobody could tell me anything even mom I would I would probably needs to control. Unhappy states of ground. Well our program did not read my Stanley and hedging my brain I'll wait a port mean they'll reach are you now get on top of my hip or are there had to check in contact current and you know sometimes you do get out of hand very. You add those people always bring you down and took political. That that is awesome and you are an awesome story we are much we love it mode bridges. We need to do each of guiding them greet content to Holbrooke iiroc and about have a tablet do you have you have Barack unpacked teen typo every geek he got eighteen are. And now we will send our information over brother I'm safe and unsafe in a Monday man yeah I got Al all right damage and we love them. He has no bridges of those Bose just got the NBA licensing deal congratulations. And much congratulations. Here are some now can we talk to your mom. Thank you know. And now we're gonna talk to the mother of tomorrow's vote is perhaps the operations. That the woman on the ground so to speak for most those Memphis he is from leak of bridges and he joins us now. How are you mom. I'm greatly and actually my call me at mama your combination of common man and Gary no doubt he can't beat I my bat like. Mama yeah the way like economy out. I should've remembered that from the shark tank or that are out that was what you said on the on the shark thing episodes so. Certainly there and terms of this business and how it has grown. How how has it been for you I mean this is your son he is so young and to see him have so much success. Tom how how has it how is the ride been for you. It's it's great actually just seen him from forty years ago or earlier are your go wanting to address and belt in a student tried to read it right. Angry and not knowing exactly where it would lead us. They see it on our report your vote now at eighteen years I'm really excited that he decided to continue on in a pat that of action. Not even knowing about what he was born to do well. How much work has this been behind the scenes how many meetings nominee fly imagine a ton right it's not a war taught at our. At fellow who lack the time lat that meeting the late and I. I'm making sure he built a crowded and gifted education and you know it's cool required aunt learn how to spell. A QB you know our a lot of meetings that I would not completely familiar with but an effort here I'm not allow high uncooked lie. And to really meet the hat the gold picking want. It required me kind of get my game. I imagine that for you I mean. Did you have a busy a background in business because. You know this is not it is it's a business and it's Hewitt tomorrow you know I mean it is how to how have you sort of navigated. You know there have been at times treacherous waters of operating your own business have you have you had a trying to help people that to lean on how has that kind of right and. It's deliberate yet having having a great that would light like the car takes a village that child a minute case. Stick to military the talc and Iran have been Nextel really heavily reliant country our family and ran an ad in the image I've ever had that great read doors. And I am just having ups like Tommy Hilfiger who called mulch and detonated I mean eat something being able called him Jerry captor could be yell at Neiman art is. Being able to reach out to the deep ball. And dumb and act cold hard questions that I'm not really familiar let. And and they've release it because I am want to be beat the mother of my and that really didn't deter I don't know and the push to get where we're going to. I imagine there's some some having to protect in this two on this wise as a parent come up but I'm sure that you've got. People all over the place coming actual trying to get a pets right now on how tough had been out. And have their Benetton I'm sure there have. Benetton and then a ton of apps actually media coverage during my mullah. I'm impact you're in the media it and then there's backed up coverage and there's a positive and negative feedback but I like Kerry might get dished eight pocket keep your eye on the prize you know who you are and where you want to note ballot Pat The Bat what we're what we're public acts you want to get fashion designer out. We art to doing whatever we can't do you begin white. Whether he's on his way up clearly added I think he's got a great CRE. In that room we are talking to trigger bridges the monitor. Mode bridges of most of those. How do you do that how do you deal with the balance because like you said I mean. If you wanted to realistically. They could stop going to school right now and just do this full time I mean it's been that successful. So how do you and how do you get him to not do that I guess how do you get him to. It's Jeep without the prize to get the education. While also like making tons of money and having tons of success with this business I imagine that is and as a delicate balance. It could definitely a delicate balance especially now that either teenagers now. Coupled gut punch hit it can't hurt any IQ. You journeyed integrate their big garbage. At one point left a hole that come out and not be ever so now it's hard to corporate elite and yeah I literally have to know any great the lead after it left there are multiple action. I'm no model and actually got my note oh. And my hope a lot out of you on it letting him now. Bad album really running things now corruption ebit eighty the other but it turned down. I think AT ignited a wet wet and that repair it. The next point. Now he he it sounds like he's hidden agenda I mean that's the thing he knows what he's yet metric but at at at that we want and you're over. That's happening right. What's been the best there's been so many good things out what's been the best part of this for years have been just watching them grow and mature and become a business been at such a young age you tell me the people you've met. What's been the best far. Well literally bet the best card act in pink just to to being remain at bat really catch on to me being in the White House cat ever wanted to be at Pitt and pat me on my shoulder and they hate to mullah really quick the president mark me elite tackle and I don't. Look like pat correctly you're being rep and hopefully Bratton elk and I'm and then the idea being that when he was thirteen. He got inducted into would be can it be they new BM. Meet that was amazing because. Our family history is now in the museum style deep grandchildren and their grandchildren will be able to look for years. I'm gender and generation speed. Bat at. You know the Stanley name and it actually in a museum so it's huge and had sort of been a different books. And teaching and in children learning from low and it Ari. So many great moment and we're excited about that the moment that I'm. And then there's certainly will be them I wonder. To meet if there's ever moments where you just sit back and and just think about how proud you are Mo as a mom why why you're trying to run the business but also knowing that. And this kid is fifteen years old at the end and he truly is. I think an inspiration to yeah no question kids everywhere but this kid's needs all the inspiration they can get and they have won their own right here at the age of fifteen to and something that a lot of people never do. In their lifetime I mean just as how proud of you to of Mo are you. Am very proud of my best when that everything that why not a world today it's very crashing through the bad he hit it head on straight and he. Help get on what he wants video yeah now would it important to be a boy louder than the Internet. An ardent brand and all and you expel and excited he definitely ul is. And you inspire other and and and that's what makes me how it. Didn't know that he is can't play the role model in a way unto you to encourage kids to do green BA get and we understand now you idiot. Operator. Eight video beat the blue. In the edit a beautiful thing Mose bros Memphis dot com. Memphis in the web site name to Mika bridges you are awfully nice to join and so my morning and congratulations to you guys yet or product guys.