Mina Kimes, ESPN Senior Writer, discussing her Luka Doncic Story with J&J

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Tuesday, April 10th

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Broadcasting on 929680. Yen man on line at 929 espn.com. News piece there she's into. I'll show presented by the wind room only on Memphis this sports station that's. ESPN. I'm back facing the judge that if you're not a fan ESPN asked promised her name is I mean at times senior writer ESPN the magazine she's got the definitive profile. Yes potential future Memphis grizzly look at darts it's it's up on the website now. Magazine gonna be on newsstands this month she joins us now mean Howard you. Absolutely you did some very important work Mena with this piece most importantly a great it's getting to the bottom of how to pronounce his name everybody on this station. Has a different way of saying and what can you confirm. Definitively that it is done it's it's that's that anti deeper now it. You nailed it it Luka Doug gates. Judge that you go so I don't wanna hear anybody else or database of state and the other way. I mean is is look at the Slovenian LeBron like is is that who he. It's not there. Allowing edit it get it shallow that I can't stand and not like they the way he plays but just in terms of being sort of the wonder can. From you know he was sort of crowned early on. Yeah I think Barry particularly get somebody at the very small country you know. Relatives. We speaking and giving the public favorite important coming out of that country I think that's a reasonable. You know Dokic is very unusual and that. He bet star heard very long time and Real Madrid the early in the tight end date. Quite a minute thirteen people lived away from home in any doubt 1980 but playing. In this week that you exclude one of the youngest player ever to make it could easily your they don't eat that at this. Basically computing young teenager. Is he a robot then like L or aren't picked these nineteen righted but he's been a pregnant he's been in the spotlight for so long like. What is his sort of his disposition. EE 800 CNN that he could very passionate and competitive on the court and they're not the court he actually pretty heated in. You know that would be mild mannered he's your typical sarcastic dry meat you're in a lot of ways. But he's quite right and I think a lot of that comes from his upbringing he's been in the spotlight first don't lie. On he's not your average college kid and you don't really only broke out during marks bad and he's been. I'm a star at you're at it. For years now. We hear so much about his strengths the division. How flashy is obviously the high basketball IQ. What are some of his weaknesses were some of the things he's gonna have to work off. Well Lou the number one thing you'll just hear every time permitting and never ever ever watch that they athletic question and I I think. Cut more cute he's outside. Right because I would doctor he either very Hyde Park where they're. Really delicate thing is going to but. You get in what he's done two part question is what we're at it healing could be you can't you know. I can't get a player and I think allowed that. Cut to the athleticism the question can he improve his body. Any. You know become stronger back during Bork quote that can agree with lateral movement so that question that we entered I think over the next year. We are courts are gonna mean it kind senior writer at ESPN the magazine did you get a sense of mean obviously this. You know like you're right I mean he he may be playing. Into June with Rio Madrid so he may not even be at the rats so I know this is. Probably the not the last thing on his mind but he's not miss or we focused on it but did you get a sense of whether or not. He's ready to come over in the sense that once upon a time. There was ever there was they thought that Ricky Rubio had informed the grizzlies he would come and over if the grizzlies drafted him. Is loco in that same sort of mindset or is he willing just to come over to whoever drafts. Very different from the very get cape Wiki as people Larry Larry that dragged out for awhile and I hope you. In Arabic not great. This is a player who would come over at his peak but it could not have worked out any better for him in terms of tightening in Bellamy deity spirit he's gotten there are ready yet. To leave and come to the US. And I kind of let them at the epicenter that you really want to do you know he's very focused on there's very big deal. In your entertain you are going to play up your lead in a key. Remained focused on that he'd crank Rick Aguilera that gene. And yet he's also read with the fact that he is going to come to the NBA is year and probably related to top it. I feel like Manny got to are huge advance kind of going back to the points that you read about how maturity has I'm reading your story instead they're picturing you to sit at the table talking to each other. And imagining. A you know me talking to most nineteen year olds and I can't imagine that the conversation you have with him was like talking to your. Typical nineteen year old how much more prepared for this is he because like you said he's been. It was acquired when he was thirteen kind of been building up to this wears you gotta Marvin Bagley was nineteen as well but. You know clearly I think. You probably go with a Luke does more mature just having been through what he's been through is he more prepared than most well. I think eight it equality that a lot and gave folks that are quick like the bat him intent is ready. We talk a lot about. From the European players in the past she didn't work out at the headline reference to Darko leaders were cute actually in the early to mid 2000. In a lot of TP they were either put me out in short a short ready to complete US. The that's changed a lot you know we got to speak three languages very well how. You lead the way come home port security now so I think. And it psychological. On that level he's absolutely ready to lead in another country in our life here. The league that he's playing in as as as you know is sort of regarded as the second best league in the world you know behind the NBA how much. Does that help his stock. And perception. When it comes to NBA executives that he's playing in that league honestly with grown men as well. David you get it over there and watched a couple you're Lee APV Ing thing you recognize. The former NFL guys doing all that you know I'm Iraq is your company ED Maine they're banning a late twenties or thirties. A lot and I gave a lot of stature I think it and I know that yen BA. Last summer fall during the bureaucrat determine which a lot of NBA guidebook you look at all Brothers they go back and clay. Duckett competing with that yet united script that you had to head to head with the U. NBA guys in in terms of understanding of it production and where how it compares to other prospects. At that big big advantage for him. So you've been working on this story for I think I heard you talk about it on on the on whoa just pod basically forward you know going on for months. Made and you've obviously seen him play. In your reporting so like. Would you think. You know. Very true. He's shooting it the kind of little bit but when you see it occurred in YouTube hit a great shot. Great mechanics very good motion to question about beat but I don't think that's going to become the only question move. That I haven't won and we did earlier with just yet let them and a hard to gauge because we don't know how much is he nineteen years old he's gonna act that. Which it'll work out earlier a lot of and declared. Spent time that in the summer and they get try to further develop the body so. It's hard to say now where's that could go but as far as everything else like you'd occasionally shooting passing and rebounding it all there. So you could see him at if he gets the body right and maybe even maybe he's never MBA athletic probably never will be but you improve that could you see him down a lot has as the as the face of a franchise. Absolutely I mean especially you know. I think he's a great fit for rent I'd like that it that it got bigger it needs to get young hug me. And yeah it is but questioned now which. Not just about the player about the state through right to a bailout site which teams are they with the thanking that the Scotland wanna be better fit for him. You know with the thought currently eight doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Mean it with the grizzlies likely drafting in the top three we've obviously spent some time here in our airwaves talking about Luka and and we get you know the tweets. That I'm sure in your reporting of the story you heard quotes similar to do it we we don't want a foreign player like right there are some real skepticism about that and it's not new it's been around for. For a long time. I guess my question to you would be how pervasive is that anti European sentiment. Across the NBA today has it has that we have we come you know have you come far obviously with some success. What what sort of was your your read of that. It's very it's still great it would AM I absolutely and you even have a weird kind of let you know inside the NBA it kind of shocking that great with market doll would be your ally obviously a different background but we talk about. European players will depend on what we comparing really bright like what they did about. Mark Hurd is another player who maybe didn't go to high school here it was an extra year there and that changed and they are as a player I think it. Kind of preposterous to me you like it when I look at a player and what they'd actually accomplished. Rather then you know making these. Compared then between guide that nothing to do with each other. Well I don't know if it was your words that made the point but it was like you know Kwame Brown was a bust. Nobody ever said all we can draft an American player anymore like that's. That's silly at that doesn't even make sense I don't know I don't yeah I don't know why we feel like that towards you know European player international player. And I think now running given not meet number of European guys you're picking had a metallic delicate state glad the way of yeah yeah and Chris that putting it to a certain how many good young European player I get it. You wrote that is exceptionally vibrant on the court on amusing your exact words I'm curious you said some this game is punctuated by. Both raucous celebrations and passionate fits Hillary got X. He had to get kicked out of one and are we get we talk and ray mine green here Meehan or whether what do we talk about the passion that fits. I'd. Be at the bottom yet any naked and do it at least let your light. They end at a number I think that would help elect eat style of bad golf. Entry from what I heard I haven't watched it out because that. He's definitely. Not quiet. On the court especially to the actual meeting giving you age she yeah does it clear. The court so you add that sort of confident. It's very any. Oh yes I did like it prior to fit well in Memphis and then just sort of circled back Mina I'm in re in the peace and and obviously you know this as well it sounds like the only question about. Luka is is how good he can actually one day become not not. Not that he carries this great bust potential just a matter of you know how yeah how I'll race you can actually be. Yeah and you add with every product they've we have no idea right now let me capture. You get excited they got a patient fermented you know when you talk about. You're angry and you Margaret Beckett third they're very different political terms of their strengths and be it I think it's pretty clear. But at the end of the day the question to bad I'll be out by declared that pop. Five to seven tear up in feeling and we don't know I didn't hit definitely argued elbow with direct pitch there is a lot of data that we that it believed the odd target. Absolutely admitted it was a great great we appreciate the time I saw so much. Yup she is at Mina kimes covers. Busted up for different stuff NFL NBA obviously had a definitive piece on Luka. Four yesterday and got into an all senior writer Jessica lovers who have the good gig she used to cover like business. He's got sixty workforce and Bloomberg I think I wanna say. You feel better about a move yeah that was out there I've got to sever the story and so I kind of knew you know what what it was but yeah I mean I I think that. It for you you think about the projections. Right. I mean the wins above replacement projections of the things you have to consider you know and better than Anthony Davis on the yeah I think the thing that makes him different than dark go or Bargnani or Yond easily or whoever is his physique honestly. Like he's not some soft European. Now he's real physically strong and easy relish even remarked at some points and so hit it heavy. At least that dead body and against Al lumber enemies a big he's a big strong dude it's excite I think that's gonna be a I think that's gonna be the difference between him. You know. Bargnani leg when you think about Bargnani and and and dark though like you think financing got to got to got pushed around in the NBA with the physicality. And get especially with the NBA is kind of going now it's it's becoming less and less physical sort of by the day you know like there's just. How many enforcers are there in the NBA right now. Ominous than that there's nominee exactly like it's not do any at least eighty agency you have two guys on the team that do that stand on any given Oakley Cuba lamb beer I mean no the only enforcing going on now is every couple months drama agrees to get somebody in the nuts that's it. Like there's now a you know I think the cavs signed Kendrick Perkins Al Dirk went up on the story is that it's just not it's it's a more finesse league now and that is that is a good thing it looks probably more like the game they play over there that's what is pornographic gripping for your opinion yes so. I guess that I knew I mean at that size though and and and she made she can make in the point and his atlas is the question defensively. Kenny switch and have probably not you're gonna have to hide him at times other groups out there and really talking about a perimeter player at 68 right and again one that she described deployed at least parts of his game. A lumbering he did that's the part of game he's got to work on that's the part I guess that's up for me nothing gonna determine how that ceiling yet he's 662 warning. That's elements 6810 which one is that broke while got blessed because that's a look at all discrepancy doesn't win LeBron and let's meet the middle 670 to one. How that's out tea that's good that's good size or three. I'm at and look at the video that did it doesn't look like the explosions terrible and I tell you like not allow all the red clay I like the guy has about. It's just not it's not it's not super is that like the if that's real quick way it's like explosive get to the brim up well I just go back to those numbers and go but the poems numbers and how round they are gore drive said you know listen to somebody that played with him you know they won the Euro basket you know 2007 to jail like. Try to say he's he's just one of those guys who can get by you don't even know how he just takes the right angle you look cubbies RD blown by a get some point. They're just bared their guys who do that. I just like the idea that he's nineteen he's been training for this for about 45 years and haven't even longer and that she said it of the Real Madrid requirement thirteen years old. He's been training for this yeah that's the thing that's what he's got all on bag Leone and then nineteen years old. He's further ahead in terms of maturity than those guys there are two guys that I can live having played in a really good lead and it's it's not the NBA but is the next best thing well and and he's nineteen years old getting minutes when guys his age never do that and the most efficient player and that lead the most efficient player so. He's got production in his own right. You know the nominee and should look better and 31% this year in this year for that squad who he without that lap happen there's no question about it. But again they're two guys like him arm I can look it's either be happy with our slash live with the grizzlies drafted and that's. Our Maher remember your third in the B dot com with the that's that's where you wanna be my fifth and that's where you want to Europe in water we'll find out then. I will come back Jason Dunn edited out of envious because.