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Friday, May 11th

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Right now. We are who we are joined by the coach of Memphis is 88 as a team pro football hall of Famer York coach. Mike Singletary coached our year to. I'm doing great how are you so we're doing well we're very excited to have you in Memphis so you got to Memphis yesterday. Got to ask yet did you have a chance the dinner where was dinner. I got beat dinner what I got back about. Carol we we were going to go and in the new movie and so. I just terrible in my life and I got back to doubt leave promptly beat. Travel if you need some advice when he give back to Memphis will shoot just some telescopes what what shall it. What's good what's alliance Memphis football don't look like on the coach Mike Singletary you tell us I know you've been about hidden people in the mouth for a long time a figure to be a little bit of that out there. And there. Well you know what I think absolutely Lou we're going to we're gonna play out in the definitely helped them. I was gonna finish what we start but I think more over anything else only walk outside at all. Move you know we're gonna be paying that that you need to do you do to win a football game I think it's well it's going to be a team effort. Make it true we have an office says moving past him. And I get the ball on quarterback candidate same time he loaded the ball be yacht. Be able to advanced. I don't feel so complement the good run in the past. He so you'll have in creating a balance so you know very excited about it. Love it coach wade did the AAF get on your radar. Actually. Probably. Over a month ago just Spanish. Greek. And what was it about this league and you you look up and down it is it is obviously filled with. Great football minds great football coaches guys to play the game at a high level. What was it about this particular league that made you want to get involved and and attach your name to it. I think first of all. For me. The name Bill Polian. When. Bill Polian called me and begin to talk to me popularized. We guy I was very excited because who's. Anything and everything it it is. Really not a product so much edu is the person behind. And I think that because you'll pull you to be involved that I really have to take a step back and listen what he chain. Because I know we've been around awhile it's been a part of great all they she's been. You've been around football and you know we talk about end up for him to be in all right news that goes in there you are. As as someone who obviously did it in the NFL you know both obviously a hall of Famer. As a player and and and a coach in the NFL where you where you initially skeptical about a spring league. And then Bill Polian talked you into a disorder how was that. No no allies heated up taught me anything I really feel that they're they're a great need. Forcefully when I I think. I think when you begin to look at the game and after high school level at the collegiate level that group compression level. Are you do you dare do that teaching of the game. Home it is it's kinda like the the real quality of the game. Have to. Have to get better and I I really did the fundamentals of the game of football. Whether or received two consecutive bowl captivate and could cut it way. What is your love and backward and the ball high and tight weather's would you tackle. Police. And NB neither driver led all of the little pretty good UK he. Sometimes the game moving so fast. And until we leave we take it your quality oddity gamespot I believe that. Our spring movie news is outstanding and Andy got happily they compliment Ian bell. Our home with high quality players. High quality coaches. I think it is I think it it. Coach have you had a chance yet do you already have an in place sure you're offensive and defensive coordinators this do you have an idea of what that that's that's gonna look like in terms of numbers we have up. A position coach everywhere how's this gonna look yard have guys in mind. Well still I I think we have a body coaches that that you have. And I think it would be. It is just really try to fine do your life. I hope you liked it. And I think talk into a number wrote a book coordinator offensively and defensively. Good Ole. That side of the ball will Golden State teacher of crop and should we are really wanna fight. A Greek. Coordinator Becky compliment. The defense shouldn't and Eric maybe. About would the complete package or that. Socially has used both. As of as a former player and a former head coach unifil that the commercial side of football the command of the side that's made them made the game you know three and a half three hours on on a Sunday. As a player and a coach. When you're on the field or on the sideline you watched that Baghdad at the red cap you know you're waiting on him to get off the field you have to wait that do you welcome the shorter game. You know it did the officials have told us you know we're looking at you know try to be too to have a little bit less than that we're not doing enough. You know all the breaks do you welcome this is a former guy who was in and they had to wait on the little guy with the red capping it off field. Absolutely. You know the short of the game. And stay fit tie and it's what makes the game. Exciting time news it is or. Are you know what really unique. A coach rapidly. Decisions. On the pride and and to be able to really good team that is most if there. That is going to be successful. And end who really have an idea what they're gonna do and that. And that's not really feeling anything game. So yes I do welcome I'll go to game to be factor in the end you know let let's get a movement. We are of course talking and we have this AAF coach Mike Singletary here on Jason's on coach how well the roster selection go. And how much input will you have in it. Well I think. I think going to be GM and then it goes toward. You know who really have to have a great relationship and in order to. But I could understand each other's strengths and weaknesses. In in trying to do a lot of roster I think we're still trying to. Determine. Howell and where. We're gonna go about getting out players I know we're sure. Our home do we really want to do to get players better. In that region in that area so that things can relate to a billion that you know been. So they're there should be some kind of identifiable. Element. Put France. Coach would you know. We can go for six out there you think for old arms and how will put down season ticket might today if you give him and we get a 46 formation out there you know lock. Suck suck up you know and I don't know done until towards it I know you Connecticut and nobody kind of bill going. Hit it that I can tell you that. We we are going to bully boy and a football. Where you go and enjoy you do good you enjoy watch you play. Because we're gonna play task and and I think of 46 he bends. You know the reason that the 46 because it wasn't so old recruit guys quite who do you do schools to be. And does that make for exciting. People are. Coach what are the kind of qualities that you are looking for in your starting quarterback. I think first and foremost leader. Someone who. Would it you're trying to talk to UT about well what would that you're trying to get BP to do. Loan they can look to quarterback should be. That guy issues is a great example of what coaches talk about. To have somebody owned appealed that that can lead the charge. That guy that can follow. That that guy's skin can understand you know what I don't care what Carl approached. This is somebody that I believe it. So when the chips are down things aren't going well. You know you've got a quarterback it's gonna lay it on the line as quickly. You know that's the kind of guy you want so that step would you first and foremost. A guy that can lead and then obviously. You know it's not far behind and we got the power to you you've got to be able to. To read you've got to be Smart data reviewed this yet. End and they you read it and get the ball out of here and we can lead defense it's built cargo planes. And you know guided the that helps them win in the end and doesn't get a control. You know that have to be a big picture in my book report. This dispute to play the game. And people seem to try and figure out a way. How to we witnessed football can continue that upward to war. And and then finally added when asked you how do you look back on your time in the NFL as a head coach. I don't look back on my time in April. As a head coach we desegregated well yeah yeah yeah do you look back on that time. I look back on my time that you know first of all you're loose and who are honored to be your head coach. For the 49ers and what it was really hard lessons. To learn. The first thing that I realized I needed to do we use our our and you took no big gay. Not just the head coach that. You know higher assistance that choose veteran trust. Our home you know that's just not what I wanna I wanna make sure that I know exactly what it is I need in order to win it. I need to know the quality so the coaches that I need in order to wit I need to make sure that bet they kin can move big players. And any gain your trust. As coaches do to get to by the end of the players. And as a head coach I didn't need to make sure that I I create division. Home better I'll beat guy to file lol Cokie is first in the players. Home and give me that this thing that I have gotten it needs. Can you do whatever I have to do to get all the information that I need. So that what I'm telling coach you can see what I want this is what I want on film. That I knew exactly what it looked like. So that could be more loose you don't have preparation bet that I needed to the maturation that that I needed to go about it term so. Getting that vehicle should I wanna be idol I wanna just be a good coach I won't be a great coach didn't show build something that I've done. In order to prepare myself for. BA coach. Coach we're absolutely I will have ms. Smith welcome absolute order a senior on the field thank you coach. I think you very much yep it is Mike Singletary he is the Memphis. Hey hey I have had. Coat.