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Wednesday, July 25th

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About Jason Jai and 929 F meant he asked the it and and as promised he is University of Memphis football head coach Mike doorbell he joins us now coach how are you. And everything's going great you'd get closer to purple camps so everyone's excited. What does that serve with the official start date for that. We report on the second in the first practice to build a third. Countdown his own. And we are right around go to you were in. You were in Providence for the for the for the media day there. What did you think of the clam bake or US seafood guy coats. You know like they've been domain we had to leave the couple learned. Think they act out six or seven lobsters. They've. After after I got first one how so. A year visit as a presidential a couple of again. If you could snap your fingers. I have one meal like yours like your go to you love him more than anything else well I don't like Norville meal be. All right now I've got one or yet neither is Shockey. A box of Kraft macaroni cheese and attic and a tuner. On good. And it. Have. Let's all right that's always a little later central Arkansas dorm room creation like worded wrong from. Man that's 160 pounds playing college football you needed any salary that he could go either. It that much protein that was that was that was multiple times list of the week. Not helping ought to make yet the last mile or so ago I can't I can't do that bell is about all they used to. That would be my go to pressure. I learned about old school to teach and so in my fifties and some goes at souls who has it dead at the house or in my house. Yeah Woodard a right at so absolutely we do every day listen you got a quarterback battle on their hands on a I ask you this from the outside looking in right to the guise of us that don't know about quarterback battles around the world to determine. You know whether one's ahead the other work obviously you got Macon at throws and making the right reads but for fur. Tell us coach Arthur tells that you that you look for Arthur intangibles that. That that you know signals to use that OK here's my god this guy has got it obviously you're gonna count the throws in the reads but. What else goes into a coach. You know there's so much and a new production entity should huge component that but you know. Being able to do to go out there on the field and guys that played better because you're taking snaps that is privately but the biggest thing that we focus on that. You thought you go watch a practice you can see it it'll play. Guy has the superstar all but US is it right back on the field it and explain that you return a ball over you know creating. You know creating our putting our defense sitting in that situation because we're not able sustain drives. You know those are things that get to you have to you have to be able to judge. You know big big guy that that takes over the quarterback have to be consistent but it could be consistent what they do. You know like obviously we've got great play makers you know in our program and you know in making sure that we can that we can. You'll probably get that the ball have a toxic impact on impact the game on a consistent basis is really what it in the beat real exciting attacker. Yeah of course tiger amid the smoke I might know more about you were picked to win the west as you know by conference media. This is two years now in a row where we're kind of asking you the same question which I gather for you with probably. A good thing. How much do you embrace those expectations. And now it's not so much trying to get their respect and as much as it is trying to I guess stayed there and keep it. You know it's it's a wonderful compliment and I think that take any coach tell you that they you don't wanna beat connect would. Probably be lion because that that means they're programs not not not will proceed to. Idea I've got a great deal of respect of the players that we have worked a within. Com and you don't obviously the at the standard of play that we've been able to accomplish here over the last few years. And the fact that people on yes CR program and as well that should be competing two win championships and on you know that you obviously a top curable all of our conference and others that such an that I take great a great deal of pride and glad that. That we do have those expectations but on the flip side of that you know those those precinct in expectation we'll watch lists are brutal beat. Typical article on the field every game is different you know pretty scenes between eighteen that the tigers. You do anything yet. And so what we're we're working hard every day at a picture that we're prepared for for every opportunity that we get that's what. I think at the most proud of the keenness. You know in off season. Some work out in spring practice everything that we deadly at this point you'd think here they have a great edgy about. Yeah they're they're harder to competition at and to try to go out there and live up to some of the expectations. When you took the job a few years ago had the perception of Memphis football its say it's completely and that being a a reason why you were you know sort of willing to take the job or is that something that. You know you you kind of work on every day every year continuing to sort of try to you know change the perception problem of Memphis football scene around the country. No I think that very over the the last four years it's the our brand is as strong now as it's ever been when it talks talks that are tiger football program. Attitude to be able uses. He used to see the excitement to be able to you know what you're talking to national you know national media now. Members that they are taken like it took guitar individual player sent. Guys that it's really how we litigate what we do that is. It's it's incredible and now I always believe that this was a well placed the university community that can be reduced phenomenal thing what where would football program and I think that that's start there. They come to light does you'd commitment that's been paid for a our administration has the to support candidates and the unity community and everybody at the ball. We shall we shall. You know glimpses at how how great he can beat the I don't you were pushing hard to continue to progress. You know and and improve the product or put out there are fields are set we'll get to do great young men that are that are you are showcase athletes. But you've got if I'm not mistaken the most starters back of anyone in the conference upping the number sixteen I don't imagine. It's any less work for you in the pre season you're still gonna do what you're gonna do and it's all the same but but. It may be less stress and for you in the sense that at least the pre season you figure with that many starters back. You're less mistakes government may be me even more portly guys know what you want from them is it a little less stress I guess what this many guys back. Well I've been that the competition is going to be great because even though we do returned fatal etiquette number of starters we have we have guys compete for. Purdue jobs that you some of those jobs are still up in the air you move forward that we've recruited at a really high level. Well the only industry guys' development. You know pushed us to play at that. At a new level and higher standard that is a and that that on the side and watched. You mentioned the eagle one the one position and everybody always looks that it. Quarterback position. Firm believer that since we get it in you have to have a quarterback to to be. A successful football team not so great around the guys that we have room. So I don't this camp will be will be encouraging to watch how how how this can adapt to those guys. While they were able to do it but all the all the flip side that it. You know we're we have to continue to push debt. Well yeah I think I think has been the experience of that many guys are coming back. Some of those some of those starts were forced early you know lashed you're duty in period. The confidence that working has the confidence that those individuals have they stopped last year but you'd definitely Greek and it allows us to do a little bit more in debt. I don't happen more specific focus on the battles. You understand what we want to do it I think that definitely will be hell. Coaches that any day now you could hear something on Jacksonville in terms of trying to get that six year goes belly from the NCAA is it any update on that at all any gut feeling. Part of it but it will. Yeah everything everything there is moving forward we will a little. Extremely competent to that's gonna get done. And you know that jacks into this this year that it incredible summer he is a wonderful job but I think there's nothing. You know that I'd like to seat what would keep that from happening. And we sure hope so we are quicktime and amid the smoke coach Mike Norville but Norville here on Jason and Jon as you know coach Mike Rezko continues to refer. To the AAC is a power six conference says that it should be recognized in the same sort of you know conversation along with the SEC ACC Big Ten big twelve pac twelve or are you on board would. You know I have I think when you look at what what our league is you know in our top play you look at the level of you talent when you'd just do. It is simply based off the players. You idiot over the last two years were the work in the top five car accident in college football having guys drafted into the L. On you when you look at that your top don't have hardly the that he. All the different football that's been played in cultures that are desolate got believe. Is that there's this is a link that deserves to be to be recognized. You know that type of caliber you know conference. It's it's definitely a challenge to play any each and every week it. You know were they Q you know we're doing our part with via with the level of play that we're showing that not how to get some of those other does ultimately. There with all due respect he has been right coach it's it's on the pay up on a dvd right giving you just lay it out the way were produced and in this conference you just talk about draft picks a menu to about you know the New Year's Eve ball up at. Ed production illness outcomes it's time to pay up on a TV deal and. I you know I think that's that's the big difference senate candidate just a resource or quarter were coming and you know to the institution. But it did. The caliber football that is that is actually shall not between the white line. The excitement there. Well the players and and what what our league is is producing is. It's pretty little no that's something that's going to be talked about here the next year. You know the fact that he worked ago because you know I think especially between 88 days you know you each team and our league is rapidly. You know are rapidly improved and it continued to try to paints a you what we're doing now as a yes as an entire comforts and so it's it's it's definitely a. Then lastly coach obviously Anthony Miller is is in training camp get ready for the hall of fame game with the bears with him now in the NFL how much opportunity. Does that give a guy like Tony Pollard. This season. I'd say it's it's a great opportunity in Italy the guy that you know has been very very productive and in his first sentence first two years you know here. The program that you know but not only tell you but yes some of those other other receivers that that played in the outlook to make their mark. The great thing is being re using it Anthony and an example now want to protect the got a purpose here at 5600 yards. Receiving in his career but then again he he was the fourth leading receiver off the preview up to previous squad company and C forty to 68 season. Twenty years in Uganda shattering every record that you know that the government has you're Baptist he he he applies. The opportunity that was an honorable to become the go two guys could count. You know superstar in the sense and so you are now that opportunities for the for the next for the next you young man. And again there should be given an opportunity didn't take to go went and elevate their game. But he wants more everybody wants you know to be to be that guy but yet or it just like just like if he did your last eight. The last couple years. Coach or person at the time and all go to we'll see you soon anxious are. And yes. Yes there he is Mike no war now his last meal would be. Koran may concede and too little too and he never having grown up in my knowing that for you god now that was a quick down. Do that sounds like torture not that's it's it's you know I hate to announce and me in my life have fights over the smell them a real let him by come home. And she's made tuna. And I can smell it. I get upset. To discuss some. Coaches talk about like canned tuna. Don't think he's talking a Metallica. Prepared to mistake and I did that weren't limited two and it's his point oh with Perino in the used able Alia fifteen draft picks to not think the big twelve or fourteen bit last year. I'm a pretty obvious it. Yeah well we'll see a minute that knew that need to be I mean it's so important for each iPad in the cupboards are developed not for real and I'm not say pay us like it not giving with the power spots getting. But it's. You know if you were trying to prove yourself. Right I mean this thing was going on the fly. When when you got the original TV deal with ESP you've proven yourself I mean you give them a tonne. On a pretty weekly basis in terms of you know guys we wanna watch as we think period of the NFL in terms of the teams you talked about yesterday. In the top five top six in his league costly in and out of the top 25. On the patio and and and what's so late or they aren't what's a little. What with a little complicating. And that the negotiators for the television deal is that nobody really knows how. You know in 2000 and you know 222025. How people are going to consume media and you know I mean in this deals up and wanna help you like so I do you do you negotiate with you know Amazon do you negotiate with the Netflix you know I mean. Like that's going to be interesting to see how that kind of 'cause it's not just TV. You know we've moved past just TV so it'll be at Tennessee out of Yugoslavia and you know it can be a little bit. At least they should feel like every little bit tighter with that are when no question with the with the rights the right thing because it's kill bill now what is right for some of these things via Sola. Interesting negotiations on a per share for a the conference that the tigers happened to call home welcome back Jason and done attitude and Tammy SP.