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Thursday, August 16th

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Is here now is in my Nobel universe Jim it was a while coach kind enough to join us. He's here now coach how are you. Then everything's going great this drug us then we're probably like it also striking it. Yes all of the book that just rearrange everything for you today. The dead and you know that sort of thing not that I not like about camp could that you have to. It alert could be able adapt and adjust you know we woke up we have a set plan of what we want to try to accomplish as ordered what practiced that. It working in but tell you that changed early in the Mortimer the Webber and dark it's done a great job at that age you rearranged in the excellent does not report delegates and some great work in as the day progresses. Coach does feel like you need a budget. But the beginning of your season like it's going to be adjusted by the weather like you just have to like budget for that every single year now I whatever whatever it is whether it's the scrimmage they're Jackson north. Beginning of the year like it's got to be effective Ottawa. Element that's something that yeah a lot to build all things that we cannot control but tell ya that's one thing. The alarm are our players have done a great job of that racially. And I think you'd look over the last eight years. You know we've had games that have been canceled you know we had around membership sent a little light in LA. Are you. Now he'll last year at this time we had a little practice what that we had to delete that field. It take it away because life. And your coach is a wonderful job we shot our kids don't we talk exactly about you know the process if that happens and again what we're gonna do it anyone that showed up you don't channel weeks later our guys were prepared there was no there was no. On you know the confusion there was no uncertainty of what we're what expectation was and the label for. They were ready whenever we got to go back a few old bunch. And I ended up finishing what you look at what they've led. Go to it at this ball was going back to Jackson going to limit the no brainer it's worked so well for you think this your third straight year what have you that you talked about little bit the adapting that into the camp out there what do you liked about it looks like a situation where they broke Brothers working well forced why I want change it is. Most are my favorite times a year because it's it's. You were able to eliminate it all our players coaches from any distraction to Wear ear on this is not want to focus on our team all the relationships you know last night are guys suck. Outlook in the position group shortly after beating then it got around a campfire. They got to tell their stories that lets talk about you some of the challenges some other some extra expect at. You know two out their journey just to become America's striker and just the importance of fifteen men no more cost you get to know each other or not and that's what occurred there at the greatest thing about it apart and look what all of its relationships are Italian that's something that's that's important are. Our players our team. You know it today what you'll what we were able to get on the field do it. BS a bit cup practice one's going to be challenging. But can't ignore that I think this drew those experiences do to help grow with the you know he broke the continuity of the penal does not typically shot. Coast haven't Jacksonville moments and craft back for that six season and eligible obviously it's huge on the field on both sides of the ball. We'll kind of charge does that give the the team a when they get that these kind of charges give you. Well you know undertake great. And they boat then they're both center adversity that vote that's unexpected events that occurred. Almost cost them time and you know when you sit there and you think about how factual. I'm young you're cool here is in a sense of how quick it can go away. To be able to have them apart the program another year of their leadership their experience. You know their domain just pure determination to get back going to be a part of this game meant that separates the great things are slow our program our city and as such as GM and. Where of course talking to Mike Nobel Memphis football coach is a scrimmage there in Jackson this weekend at 10 AM on. Saturday I do wanna go back Brooklyn Toyota last week and in the fan fest because by all accounts it appears to be the the best attended fan fest in the history. Of the program what does that say to you coach. Bet that that fans are there's a line now. For example to get Memphis tiger gear what does that say to you is isn't a validation of you know sort of the hard work that you guys been put an end. Trying to get the program right. You know Alex I'm definitely very humbled by it and when you CD if the excitement of our community this key. Outside the program on what we're doing moving forward. Are you you never take that for granted don't you we we are so grateful upsurge in the media we get to represented joke or we. What did opportunity we have as they each have they all program so. How are grow. You know her whole war there on Saturday and did you see that many people don't show up then so it's just going to excite your portrait on a practice Bill Clinton was actually fallen around and better over 800 people. Oh it was that it definitely others to watch or atmosphere what we want to create. Harper prevention diagnosis produce pretty special all. Obviously lots of fans interested in in the ongoing quarterback competition. What's the update there. How close are you to naming a starter. Oh yeah every every. It worked great in these guys look at a look corporation the other Italy escalation except he'll Oxley elder elder leading the team and it felt when they're on a fielder's. What is the production out of order Dylan and and that it was that your actions you obviously don't think that go at the plant are played at that. That position. But does not so good about where we are really like that developed and out of all our quarterback I think is that Iraq. About better traction during the camp but you'll Saturday's going to be at a a pick up all of course but. You're as we sit there watching it you know we take into account everything every you know period overall understand what we're Dylan and them in the production when I got killed so. I've spoken about where we are ready to make a decision about the fact we have supported it. It's obviously when you're when you're sort of deciding on who your starting quarterback is going to be it's obviously about more than just arm talent they both have that both Freddie and David Moore. What kind of additional things are you evaluating. In this sort of competition like what are you hoping. Your eventual starter is showing in these in these practices in the scrimmage as. You know it is overall control tower controller commander there of the -- it's a couple good fielder you know that you blocker actually hurt job and put our offense in the best position to be successful. Have a lot out a quarterback you know they've. They've got out of debt protection they've got to understand what checks. And they've got priest that the post about the decision but that being paid depending on the play caller so thank you go out there picture the work it all at the right place to our play makers. And make sure that got what to do that at a at a fast pace with all of that will accept go and it don't drop the course in my career I have been fortunate. Absolutely so incredible quarterbacks are so apple great is that that to that tradition is gonna continue especially the guys we have. I'll it'll it'll hurt in our room right now but. That's that's what I look forward and it you know we've got appeal that goes all all ten guys that are around that quarterback. Or a play better because of the way that he plays. Obviously the comfort that you know regardless what play is called great that those guys got there exude. Courts are their significant differences of what each guy brings the table speaking a more and white. When you look at the two of. You know they're both they're both so talented. They. They're both I'd like to mention other grade or kill he'll go correct what they can approve an ex employee definitely seen that throughout this. This camp. You know they've but they do this subtle subtle Frankfort there's certain areas. The panel capacity is post that a lot of a lot of time. You're trying to understand the concept. Trying to understand what they're what they're being asked to do it you'll get the big picture of that so. You that they if that we look we're just consistency. And value right now I it's been back portrayal some someday you know what guys played played a higher level I'll let you know it's it's not always. Eight GO young all the typically yourself back at times of you know make sure that you see nowhere what is production eagle on a player put the ball the right place are but. And all the things that are you also they can go right decision. Because sometimes those those safe yet you know chemical packet for at times so all of you it's been up but the I've been absolutely great everything it's been a fun battle there watched. You aren't like so really really good about where we are I think that took a word or you're being good enhancements whichever guy true. But elevates tells us to be at the. Earlier this week CBS sports I can't pick your program. As the best in the state of Tennessee this season your trip do you frame it the enjoy it with the guys are or do you look at it like. Well Dan it's about time. Well I mean it's a narrative great compliment that people's CR program has its at at that level of that hi ya. Expectation but on the flip side that we don't we litigating at this stage Erica but H you know going to territory eighteen young ears that tell you people nationwide see our program at that level but that's that's exciting. But cannot. All the let all of on the other end evidently got to go out there we gotta we gotta play the game we've got to make sure that we keep ourselves let that at that level he antiviral program. Coach what's the next step for your defense as a unit you've got so many playmakers on mats on the volume and a great job put them all together what you wanna see as a unit from them what's the next step for them. You know I think I think the continued growth from dorsal. You you look at that are all there are a lot of there are a lot of great playmaker like action but I don't want good. We have to be consistent we've got a picture that we continue to attack at the explosive play. You know great like always get the ball back of the offense spark and we will be dec 118 you know Olympic some of the big plays that have been given up you know the guys that. Or fourth start of the field Lester freshmen or sophomores. You know to take the experience and to really grow and making sure that I don't work there were always at the right place that while we get the opportunity to thank to retreat where saint tackler that. There were working that they're there were always there in a place that we need to be. I delegate to help picture that we're not given up the big plate touched elbit. And that's what I think I know is going to this camp upright than most pleased with that you are these guys are hungry to. Two to elevate their level of play you know they they understand that there's been a some great you'll Cingular plays you we have been explosive all that's out of all but no I don't hear praise on preached that to really have that consists. And then finally coach a do have to let him know that. Last week we got Paul find bomb on the Memphis tiger train you know par five by right. Do on this at start of a few times. Yes I want to hear something so every time you use sign off with us you obviously hit us with a go tigers well par five bomb decided last week. He was gonna take a page out of your book reckless how much to grade his his version our coach. Not I let's let him hear. Tiger's. What's the well meant that as pretty solid that people could question it seems likely that you're on the oh yeah. Oh Paula. Eight of them can not others kind of gone back and forth but. On. Where where that span but I think you're back into account the core of that without the opt out. We thought today was the heart if no real coach of bell real nice wheels you work we appreciate your time as always thanks in large you're doing up there thanks for joining us coach see you soon. Got back appreciated and an honor Paula going to get you a little guilty of the court go Packers basically. Right now that they had that's a bad kid takes coach thank you members said. It is my nor bell that's a go tigers baby. That reprisal level from the from the diaphragm DA did we read that and as I had to replace our our original I owe you have to. Gonna died Saturday he's original but I'm gonna hit that Betsy I had to go tigers his original go tiger so much that up you like to go tigers baby that he just did is gonna be like a special occasion like for big wind on the right economy and I'll go until it's all business might not usually the mode he's in Iraq has a presence might not your primary that's true about you save him around I'm for special occasion go tigers baby boom is break glass in case emergency type like they did you know they beat Missouri on the road right at the go tigers nadir ABC yeah yeah that's true good point Bennett good point bomb interest except they're from my Nobel. Sounds like Saturday is going to be a it's going to be instrumental in determining who this article doesn't need to be. Yeah sixteen days out yet. It sounded like. He likes where he is but it's still rather have a have had a guy stand out. We were sort in the same boat with jab more early this week he's in the same things got it is in a billable quarterback competition. Hasn't been a leader hasn't really emerged when you get to the sport of course you lab apple he admitted it up like to have a guy step for a home. So you to your point you'd like to see that happen but I said yeah you want to starts to see one of the other guy and again. We've got no personal choice in this thing you wanna see the best guy when the job which you like to see that start happening bus Saturday. Rep yeah I just ideally you want this and go because you know why. Because navy's lead to death. A very important division game is weak too and I realized you know there are there to take it week bar week. But that may be game has big implications on the rest the year you've been picked to win the west there one of the top teams in the west. You've got to be sharp you've got to have that quarterback comfortable and ready to go because you've got to be so sharp are we to on the road in LA and navy is has always been. Just such a pain in the end and it feels like they're kind of got over the math blaster fire and I hope so it does so you need a quarterback to come in and I think I've got to be right but the and beat up on Mercer the first game of the season like to get some confidence going and then they won't be right and settled and comfortable that it's your team. Gordon that we because you've got to be so good against them so sharp everybody it's it's a more than. Backers still close when like you do draw was made thirty or 470 yeah and I was there is still very close game. Yet more important then didn't birdie wider whoever heard David Moore whoever the quarterback is going to be. Is is that defense and and how ready they will be for such a task. In week two. But yeah I mean the triple option office that is a disclaimer that it required us to it to defend against that you know and and and that's who were familiar with. Who their quarterback is I don't know I mean obviously it's like keyed in or not sophomore last year up other kind of plugged in they had injuries Lester but he he got a little run last related OK they everything every quarterback they'd plug in tends to be quite yet do great for that says what because they fit what he what can look and for exactly dogs likes and coached here and I want to touch that last night now we shouldn't try to do that but we know just go well so far so far this we shouldn't have to we shouldn't wanna butcher with the pronunciation. Nemo to Lola. About close now compare he was the guy rushed for eleven 82 yards last season eleven touchdowns assault or seventy again they were battling injury he looks like he's going to be the guy going for yet. So I mean to me. That's a that's a hell of a game there to have squeaked through the season but on sand by you you win that game in all bets are off it was sort of the same thing last year wanna say that you CF was game two but remember it got postponed you're in the same boat you've got to be sharp coming at a camp because you've got a key. In that case just conference game this one's a division game obviously makes it even more import you see a couple's alleged they were in the same boat last year I'd be ready superfast. It's more it's more important than ever this year especially with the with where you are with you quarterbacks and John makes the point I think you heard from or bill. They've had they've done a great job the last few years put these clinics together you know TJ Carter we had more yes he's one of them obviously. You've got to find a way now with all these playmakers to be better as a unit right yet to be a little bits differs unit they've been great. Turn the ball over Mike said it explosive plays. But you've got a little stiffer and used for general realm that defense and NS RA should and they know it now they know what you heard today Karbala pick up the level those guys take pride in that. Don't wanna it needs to be better this year yet that a person might erupt for joining us and his very visit there in Jackson. Don't appreciate his welcome back Jason and Jon at a tennis ME SPN's.