Mike Norvell on the Jason & John Show talking Early Signing Period

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Wednesday, December 20th

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Are about Jason and Jon did you edit them ESPN. As promised his name is Mike Rabelo is the head coach of York University of Memphis football team he's been a busy man this week but he. Joins us now coach what's going on happy holidays. Trichet again as just get ready for. Global practice send you know you get ready for this puzzle Liberty Bowl chat about it. Oh yeah we're gonna be do and we're going to be have seen the pep rally so we fully expected to be out there. At an anecdote and how you say it's gonna be a good time so our UN like are you. In front of a fax machine today is it is it the same as it is in February or is it a little bit different now at this early signing period. You know it's it's so there's a little different you know Leslie which. Go through it again this the first time what the military leave early signing date so. You know really he'll be militarily evaluate exactly where everybody's that they'll view we but we have ten guys that. You know that I like to decide today and we've got a couple that took the hold off till February Shelly is said he. It is definitely unity cabinet kind of a kind of worked out you differ throughout currently practiced here this morning little lot. Yeah or sent out there on the hill on the field and what kind of get updates as were as a role to that day but I did that's excited about. About the guys we felt bad for the program today yet there were able to address the beat so we're vulnerable to a that you get so bad that it would be immediate impact players force that. And then you realize you continually checked. To grapple with so with bringing the right young man that that are represented our university. And that this community and had a great fashion. The way they're Bobo recruited tends to go coach is you know is is it changes all the time and the nature of fans is if something changes. Yeah they tend to kind of freaked out. How has today gone about the way you thought it was gonna go though. It really has been billionaires. Yet there were a couple guys you know gear late that day an average net have been expressing your interest and I guess you never go period it'll last you know last minute surprise that somebody yet you'll join the class to shift. It would so this year is Italy because we're not gonna find it a huge class or otherwise it would that. Yeah we've been able to like get killed or the last you know this past season but you know you were able at a couple a couple guys tore roster here I'll believe you. From this previous class that are definitely getting no help and not since. We know that the numbers are not going to be has. You know you had many and you know so that was something that. You've got added a little bit to that two. Or plan isn't done yet but it it really has gone just about it exactly as I expected it to him. I get there were a couple or couple guys that were downed in order to schools but you know that there is played out just let out and I thought I would. Yeah my question for you was whether you like Kevin we we've talked of these analysts writing we Karen discussed you know it's all new his first time through so there's now a lot to get used to. About that we've all kind of says look we we don't but you're the one that matters you're the head football coach is as good as it is at the right thing to do is it. Is this is this good. This early if you're not you know I think for the young men that are there a 100%. On all of those guys wanna go do what they wanna do I think that is that is definitely positive I think there's some. But young man that are are pressured into decision Lauren we're fuel pressure with it it is physical earlier. Then that. You know obviously what to what it is that in the past but. I yelled at at the end of the day I think it's. I think it's definitely a challenge you know if you look at our our schedule and what we what we went very you know we played at. We try to capture action games so we really lost a week up beat out out on the row right you weren't able to get him into as many homes or her home visit streak that we can't just what dark. But the competition than bench you know really only had two opportunities that can go in and do home visits with Al ballots and ballot bowl trapped. It is it is a that was sent a person. For for so long now we're days you're trying to make sure that tell yours you're able to answer all questions that picket in front of the right people. I you'll hear you'll. Affords us for the new that is going to be days so while com. I'm still Caligiuri soleil popping up think you know the guys that we signed today in court were to play glad that's out bench. You attempted that they were under percent all of them exactly what we're village we got a couple guys that. Kerr decided I'd better they're gonna side of February that. You know what would sort of be dynamic guys as well. At the end of the day we've got to. Gilead it's all about making sure that we have identified the need that we have that that the double to a the brink of right but young men to commitment schedule is based so I felt very comfortable with the helicopters. So far. I'm curious coach when you walk into these living rooms now. I'm not I'm a nodding and use the word easier 'cause it's not a user and we know you gotta be a grinder when you that it took submit to you talk about recruiting but when you go and he's living rooms. Is the spread bigger is are the eyes brighter because of the success that you've had. It are they more receptive to it are you seeing are you seeding in the living rooms when you're talking these people. They that they know the success they're excited about it. And wanna be apart you know. West End and no question about it honestly albeit what you. You see when you look at them into the high school you see what your record at the liberator and they each. You know you look at ticket is you know dead at the list of guys that we bella signed the day it. And it that you utility the other options that any of them that are. Our new weather in the pac twelve conference flirts with a big tent at the ACC what are whatever conference. You know that there were competing against the that is the challenge and a double what. What kids can really you vision you Leo you visualize themselves being a part of what we're doing year end date yet the continued progression of or program. I think it's exciting debate that this guy doesn't mean that. There were your ordinary get everybody that we also. If there there are a lot of tough choices here you know at the end of the day you know like I tell kids that they each. They've got to make which ways they told us that the that the best that the best aperture it a try them. I'd just like just like you know deal. Each each nation then that we had the TARP on our football team now that the bailout and that every coaches so oh award Netflix about. The once that are. But aside the day at work side about the ones at that we're we're Burt. Recruiting to just sign up here it. In February so it's that but when you say the excitement and the overall. Receptions and but the tigers football it's incredible. We are courts alternate universe him if that's what coach Mike Norville busy guy. There's a guy this time of year when attorney to some of the players. That you did announce over on your Twitter count the desire only one of them. A cornerback from Texas Brady McBride you're excited to get a guy like that. In the program is he the kind of kid coach you can come and as a freshman and and really be a factor in that competition. Oh yeah I mean not I definitely think so and I know Brady is a push known them for ultra long time you know is is that it was a former head coach a couple of high school and Alec athletic director there. Not known don't show at the capitol watch Brady cultural or thirty years you know he's such. To return them most viable player in the in his district your secret you know he's he's let his team like he'd been they'll play out the last two years. Yeah he's really good on your side easier undersized quarterback I guess front. Yes Armstrong people's standards but he you're the perfect fit what we're looking forward is small worked out quick release extremely accurate you can. Can't you know Dick extend plays and it is if you watch his highlight film at its it's it's pretty impressive the things that he can do well be a battle not only with the bar but what is put as lax as well. And yet but think about it in the intelligence yet colleges probably what is great. The greatest talents that can that sentiment that I love to see at the quarterback position that erase whatever he's won everywhere he's ever been you know if you say if he was. Bright the two inches taller being there there would be you know they are Christian would try to look at. It more challenging situation you know so I think everybody in the country would become a pastoral. But you know eat your media that he had many options that he had Kiet power five offers here light the process and I elite eight Terry turn them away because he believes they are you that here or at Baptist and I thought so well I'm so excited about Brady and what he can bring this program. Well just to get a cat at Texas right let me tell you can get a high school quarterback got the data Texas like. They did their base already playing college football in high school all right I mean this is it's that big time. Not that question and the and the play at the level that that Brady is played the last two years. I think every day that bounce from Dallas a lot of people yell you know there at the Metroplex at every person I talked to that played against him that that has coached them. I mean they just rave about you're his speed his skills that than just you know is it that the overall demeanor that that he carries to each every game at. I mean it's we think we got a special player on the you don't Derek and Brady are brighter beyond excited about it appear conducting you know work but some. Then obviously and coach got to replace unfortunately Anthony Miller and and you really can't do that with a one guy's got to do it with. With multiple guys and you did announce a couple of receivers that have signed early Antonio Gibson and Jeremy Tate junior what do each of their numbering. Are are those kind of guys are gonna look to get to help fill that hole that that if the mobile believe. Yeah you know I'm also really good about the guys we have here on campus saying that the I think the depth at receiver. But something that we've been able to take it grow and develop but. We article so we knew that we want to go out and get. No wonder what junior college wide receiver got a little bit more experienced a little bit further along in his development that. Antonio Olympic the you know even wait backlash bringing your wheat we identified as as I mean that we are can be a game changer our program. He was you know he got great speed he got great size he's that. You know look almost 66162. Receiver you collect at 200 plus pounds. But he can really run and I got something that excites me bitch you he can speak and so role as a you kind of almost like a little bit of what Tony Pollard able to do it he got a lineup they can line up out as a number one receiver but that also emotion back into the backfield and decent about the not its dynamic things would abolish saying that you look at an idiot that that type of player he is after you know with the run after the catch I think Antonio released at that track. That same kind of bets that kind of style and the skills that at some level we think he's he's got a great future and they got the cap and he'll be here this burning. Hello you we're looking forward to get the work which candidate in Germany Tate you know the big wide receiver. I guess they're from north Mississippi is yeah I tell you what he is. Candidates and not aliens and he's yellow we were able to work with him. I have multiple times your last summer coming out tour individual can't separate the Beckett can't action you know what you he's got great size euros fixed rate plus solid 64. Unbelievable we expand it we played in the in the best sellers all star game last last week inch. Get back at it many many phone calls from coaches just that they can net. Cartel about the that we might have what most polished receivers that was. That was able to compete and I gave the guy that they can make an early impact that do we believe that all in we're definitely excited archer they always separate the program. Patrol locked in on December 30 locked in on your Autozone Liberty Bowl opponent Iowa State and in and what this game could be the last to beat these practices that you have now how important these. Fortnight for these practices for next season for the players that are coming back we realized what an opportunity this is for the seniors. And obviously we're salute them on the way out and how important is this for the young guys for building on next year. I think its future and that we we spent the first five practices. You know really focusing on all those guys you we would go out. A prior to our objective and it slipped in with a battery is just let it true that worksheet Kirschke cheaper kind of been unpopular stand saarc the fundamentals prepare. I don't know what that part of that portion attraction as I'll let you know we've we've got a great work that our young guys that. You're going to be able to just beat them you're out there. Well you're getting ill. More in the book individualized attention and doesn't I developmental practiced with the view that the end of the week cataclysm. Angela let it kept it up a little bit of a struggle what so got PC how much. Compensate roll so you know. That they sense fall camp then. You know the great but the work they've put their political weight room Mattel which has developed. And in the conference that they have viewed throughout this year. But now that you get to spend that much time you know really folks talk them but they said that all the ads are published for spring practice but. I think we're gonna finish out what's right at fourteen fractions and preparation. Only a portable game which has at that rate ever for. I think it's that. It could really give us a lot of that going into spring ball. Coach you get Bogut still are there are those just for the players. Our coaches coaches get up and their coaches and players approach her body everybody with their backs. Our organization. It's just kept. Take part of the available yet which is pretty funny. He got a meandered our is that later. They'll begin we'll actually get there we'll get those here this next week you or does. If it wanted to get things is that you with a championship in eighty gig yet sweet first championship game and there you know guys get a guess sweep for the yet. A bowl game as well so why you're there they're excited about. You know lowest Willis talked about that the person winning and so on a minute that I try it costs what it comes to the H to the guest suites that are you are guys are gonna. Just some buzz and etoys go to play with hero of the report. As we will coach Matt congratulations on yet another great season and a very good early signing recruiting period. Appreciate your time is always a as a coach. Yeah I appreciate you all and I'll have a great. Great holidays Merry Christmas we'll talk sent. That was the end pep rally coached the hey come and you have any good value out I am and that got out there without us he will be there are trust me he will be there percent Mike roe for joining us. Today on the show and it was a busy maybe you have the list of other ball gives him Bernie you know. Has argued that I'm always so serious enough. Wanna know what the liberty Bobo gets another would be able bogus right it makes you are told us they're like that is that the best pro gift card as pro shop and threw a ball low car care about watched night Joba lots of sport us sport sandals and backpack in a football. Okay who would who else you're right you want on the big game Allegheny like some of the big ball packages. There were some of goat as I want some of the good ones yeah like anybody get Mike some elect the virtual reality. Com. Until you look this way it would just. We had rod army's current Citrus Bowl you 400 dollar best buy a player shopping trip I don't buy you some virtual reality did and that's what form downs on that iPhone addicts yep brother up timely watch company watched. From all you out of gift so we'd fossil watch Odeo backpack knew where at 950 snapped back adjustable hat that is for. Other semi final game. On the other semi final gift suite. On fossil watch new era cap rock from Sox panoramic game photo other PlayStation ones Appel plays data via the semifinal gift begin bogus or their their little there low light. Their life they don't have what its image of what it wherever yeah they don't have what it just says iconic gift for the championship series you expect iconic gift but the other co PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. PlayStation PS four that's awesome. That is the bowl while I don't have villas will you have a PST right out of three. Thank you make a go I've been played in like three year got to upgrade bro you're directly behind I don't see jedi you'll older Fargo back to do things MX but now. I'll give you the Cotton Bowl would not disclosed but knowledge these are but notable undercut both clothes have no idea they won't give up what they're given. Must be some dude you did this man hours ago the great package you disclose that doing a minute.