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Monday, October 9th

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Point first met as football ladies and gentlemen as they come off absolutely massive win against UConn over the weekend. His name is Mike Rabelo is the Memphis football coach he joins us now Mike let's Abbott umbrella. Well not much just try to erase that triple option come. Seventy boys has a lot if you can score seventy I think it'll be all right. And as I you know really really proud of our guys and the way they responded yeah this past week. The go back on the road just to go up and are great northeast and that the play yet. Although I played really well eloped but lately actually special changed you everybody helped impact and it's an attack it went. What's the most points attain that you've been on the staff of discord is it is is seventy of them the most. 787 or the most suburban apartment on staff and but that was definitely. Think that was the highest and that you know there was definitely it'll. With with Riley coach did you have a feeling that he was going to be have a pretty good then you see him in the week before hand. Was he focused coming no telling how I was leading up to the game and did you feel like he was gonna bounce back pretty well but he certainly did. And you pay 88 played extremely well and I thought as preparation. But throughout the week was it was extraordinary you know what is. In a good guess overall demeanor that he had the other end it Riley be prepared every week at a high level. But you know just I think he was extremely disappointed trumped the load does the past performance say it at you know let down attempt at UCL a you heap he came out responded to the right way in this I think that that's up for the show's. If his character his glee can ability and a guy young really pop probably that he played. Did you think he was just trying to do too much gets UCF lamented a you know look careless with the ball try to win it all one player what was the what was the lesson though to take from that game for Riley. You know we're playing we're playing a really good game and really deep sense I think that. You know what I would do when that happens there's times he tried. Can depress a little bit you try to make you know that the the perfect location on every program or the sort of what you're seeing and that if not think that there's couple decisions he would. Definitely love to have back but you don't realize. You know Riley as a competitor and he wants he wants to put this came in a position that it took to win bench. I guess he won't do everything he can't let I think they're just playing in that gate in their they'll probably try to do a little bit too much at times. But you know what they're like is that he responded does and retrench and without it people are so similar situations you saw his money response let them location also don't want to progression were probably get a he'd done and so. You know I think that can you really bode well for what in the process is at all. How much of a challenge Mike was it sort of sit to recalibrate and get everybody regrouped after that tough loss when you go into it undefeated. You know and your dreams are there in front of you and they still are but it obviously Ted set to lose that game and the undefeated mark I mean how do you how did you. Regroup how much of a challenge was it and then to go on the road against a team like UConn is how much of a challenge was it for you in terms of preparation that week. Nominated that there's always challenging and you know a couple plant coming off losses that. A web site of the greatest weapon Butler I lights were right after I got up butt kicked and don't we get we got our butt kicked in a couple weeks ago. Markets were embarrassed but just like first I gotta be it from all our our member why am I remember what that I did it do that again so. Our kids say they came out they were torque that we yet we corrected some of the things percent that that helped result in at a port poor performance that it it we don't. Last week and it says take a locker played what we're Capel odd sense even though there were still mistakes made Friday night you know our guys yet they did they do what was the same with my game. I will save for Riley sake I hope he never has that to see you when you make that face that she did on the sidelines in the UCF game when he threw that pick. Like I felt bad for him like I've I've seen that look from our wide leg would have done so and it's like very wrong. But but I hope for his sake he never has to to endure that gig as a man back. You let him know what he makes about and it's happened a couple times a season like becomes the sideline and you're like wait and for a man. Well maybe your hero and I have a tremendous relationship an excellent but it. Enola I've got the complete faith that the camp and what he's gonna do and how we've Al we've got to perform. And they yell at times the yo. He I've not told of the for the day he got here optical chip as hard as anybody that we Obama's football team and at one point. When you make a mistake that it's Ike and I can I can kill polonium may be you know that's an Perot or bill but sometimes you play out of character what you're what you're used to and what cheer you what you expected out. You know we we have a good conversation after that and sometimes it's again not not the end not the fund yet. Not apples and I have to have percent but deal Riley Riley understands why you respond that's what makes a great quarterback. We are course ought to Memphis football coach Mike Novell big game this weekend against navy when to turn your attention. To that Mike has you know how big this game is. It has been a thorn in this football programs side the one team they just have not been able to get past what makes them. So hard to play against. You'd see at CNET you know they're they're great at what they do and I innovate they brought a very big scheme offensively. You'd be sensibly everything that they do is eat you speak to themselves silly they've got. I'd opt to coordinators but they're firm. I think it's fifteen plus years keep that support era over twenty years I coached. Young law it is that their turn it would I think they keep its forty years all the that the program so there's no there's no secrets they everybody knows. Well you know what the expectations are what the values are at their and that they're able to do what would really get personnel so. Well it was we got to go out there we've got to play our game and you'll we've got a plate discipline. We've got to make sure that we're maximizing opportunities. As a civilian and it's it's they gain they count down to control. You know that you would navy wants to control the ball offensively. They wanna deal impact GP partly so we got all the football we can't get an extra possessions that we got to try to create an actual possessions. By creating takeaways silk. Well we know it's going to be a heck of a match up it's going to be one that's gonna take every every bit up our preparation drop this week. But to be prepared to be able to be prepared to play our best. Don't you got to go out there like the place. Go to Boston defense played. Much better in the second half of this game what did you think what you see on the film and can you carry that momentum and a navy I know that's the plan. But do but clearly a better effort that's second half defense with. No question an even in the first half I think there was the other three plays that really stood out that love you we had just. In what was his extremely poor execution and then to just communication biased you know that there. That got us on special woke up whenever they are special plays that that allowed you know they are free runner and those are things we have to get corrected. We got to make sure that to you regardless of the Utley the look the formation that we're all the same page indicating approach in doing that against them up fast paced offense fuels present its challenges so. Yell at it as as we continue to play or staffs together I think we're gonna KG event proved that's what I thought that's what showed up in the second half as. It would eleven athletic guy doctor planners want to make played extremely hard they chased us but all of that we were able to help. That they were relentless streak getting the football that's Obama do what you saw all ball fall or are caused fumbles. Yeah the interceptions and turnovers that's what that's what really sparked dissident but that it did a much better job on third down get upfield as well. California playmakers on a sub ball has been all season Austin hall I didn't like the call coach I'll say it for you where he's fine for the next games is as it was a first second half is he OK for the next game in terms of plan. And what you think of that cult. Any idiot then that it won't suffer a ya I think that the 1212 play well because the play of the game what that what had happened bench you know I. Well thing that you watch them play and you losses count and all of a block you know there was no no intent or what became all the bloc butter or is there at. He went to strike you at this strike zone they're below the below their bout that was towards the head. And the rudder the runners started the ball ideally it probably looked worsen at once but I guess there's no intent as attractive target. Yet confident day haven't you hoped that it gets caught you know what it's very players like that but it wasn't the case so you know where you would cost served as. Where does not penalty in that it will be back ridiculously awesome. In terms of the rule itself might end this is obviously this is affected lots of programs. Across the country guys being ejected for for targeting in some cases warranted in some cases. Not in some days it didn't probably not warranted this will what do you think can be done about this royalty we obviously want to keep and make the game safer. Should there be out of the the the broadcasters were talking about maybe they're being like like in basketball flagrant one and a flagrant two. For targeting. Have you thought about sort of how how you can how you can better sort of officiate that. I think there should be levels sub but because. You know you look at basketball you look at soccer women's soccer got yellow card to get the right card topic which it if you look at there's malicious intent. And it is a true. You know targeting foul that date that you're launching into the receiver pitcher trying to orchard the quarterback Kirk for any position that. That it that there is cause for disqualification I think we've seen those across college football. You know at different times but then there's also the true. The plays where you like Austin where you're coming all blocked. Site you're going to load they hit that big guy in the target and the target region and that these foot patrol. That it that it. That as a collision and that. You know those are things that unity is still of course the penalty if you see a penalty to get up by the letter of the rule. You don't yeah I think I think intent. You should show up whatever you're talking about pulling it off the field an outlet just editing work for that game or possibly part of the act and. Earlier today. And a pair apparently navy's coach today they ran the offense last week from the shotgun and basically for all their snaps except for 2%. Appears to be the first time they've really done that with a triple option pat does does that really change anything for you in terms a way that you you scout them. Buy outs throwing up all something's got a collection and this is actually true I mean it was done. Bill without the if you sit there you watch that game and end up on us but alcohol game plan by their other off the court later and what they were able to actually cute. But yet they player air force every single year Dutch. I think air force is the element GPL. Kinda it's it's been a very close game that Erica or done a great job at defending them and so they show called or presentation they came up basically play it ran out. I'm pretty much a whole new offense in decades but so what what I thought Isaak yeah definitely had a double take but but you know it's. It's about all about it actually airplanes and you know I think that shows the versatility of what they could do with the quality of players they have. All but yeah it definitely. You know ad stood to make sure that work at every formation and be double so like dealt a and out and execute our plan. How to comment TJ Carter he got his third pits on the right night stunned Nashville kid true freshman. I think you guys should should recruit Nashville little bit more it seems to work out for you every time you get somebody from Nashville. Well I tell you like TJ has done an exceptional job very mature young fans. You know obviously exceptional play by Kirk by anyone what he what he's out there yearly we put him in a lot of situations which. Different and it looks you know Leo multiple zone coverages that if he keeps it could continue to rise to the challenge you you watch what he does that. Pat. Backer but also the LA as the enforcer you know he's a quarter that played like a safety what is with his aggressive style attack not just I love everything about approach. You know it if you look at the way that he prepares for a game it's incredible to take much you know he's a true freshman out their plant at that level. He's got a bright future front outlook and we're sure glad that he is perhaps tiger. Our coach how much is a full stadium help you on Saturday. Well it's it's it makes all the difference and say you know that can be able to have. About support to you know that that type of an intensity and yet there it just try to create as much of an adversarial look. Atmosphere for our opponent I think it's it's huge but I think I think the one thing we've shown is just how much our kids. Respondents to this that this can you idiot the the atmosphere that entity breaks. We understand that we represent something much bigger than ourselves than ever that we take till the Liberty Bowl that we got this community backing it. What you look at this stated he would all stadium on it's it's pretty special. He is a minor role Memphis football coach another opportunity for top 45 wins this weekend Saturday coach appreciate your time thank our knowledge. Yeah I think so much have a great day go tigers. Yes sir it is Mike nor value add navy you know they they are just so so difficult. To play man and now yard institute and shy guy neither neither story to plant shotgun just another sort of element to it. I really hope they are four point favorite they are four point favorite at home against navy this weekend. This would be a big one. It would also be your second cup if I went to second tough talk about when. I'm with you that map to score seven to win this job but they've through that they can jump. They've proven that they can so. Operative Mike Novell for joining us.