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Monday, May 14th

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Broadcasting on 99680. Yen man on line at 99 espn.com. This deal. She's been there. Memphis is sports station I 929 F. ESPN. Are back. Patty talk OK go can't. That you cannot offend me ESPN and as promised his name is Mike Miller. It is an assistant basketball coach over at the University of Memphis keeping busy he joins us now my. Petty problems occur girl she is welcomed the brother who let go of all those no good. We are yes we agree we got a lot to talk to with you about the first that the last time we spoke. Here on the show you had just gotten the job it'd just become official at the University of Memphis. How is the first month then. There's been got a lot of work which is going good has learned the Billups is. That's got away at things like that put a lot of their bat well wears them hopefully featured tiger to whatever. How does that sort of stack up the the expectation of what the job Islam verses what the reality is. You know it's a hundred part answer them right ballot is because you don't hasn't been much or stuff total federal tenure not with. Are there right now you know you've been out of school though we have a lot of teachers not coming back so. Going home and and doing their thing but. You know it's been you know right now Apollo like were behind the scene there uploaded them yet terms sort of build your roster or start a look at your team's starter strategize. Style or anything like that. So it hasn't been much as much on the court stuff but it has produced a strategy in. It looked him that look at the futures aren't that is bill. Are you guys you guys at a point it certainly looks like it might restrain a sad you guys at a point now where you finish stature what's what's going to be on that roster for eighteen and nineteen you can focus on. Nineteen and beyond are you are are we done with David wins it is that about it where at least what you expect from this year's team. I would think so but you know you know coach penny who has you know hurt at that final call but you know as we look at it spell that were doing that they are proud of the the game plan as far as we're very very excited about what we have coming back Berger spoke about have signed a great team. Com weird you know definitely planning for how we wanna play with what we have all the roster now for eighteen of and you know put a lot of our focus the next month the map into bonds on nineteen and he'd wanted so. You know is that a lot of moving parts one thing is always our export thirteen years eager spent time take care what you have ballot. And they charged with profitable or that you get those good numbers about the density of mixed crowd a. All we keep here and as our greatest shooter wins it is about we sit on the show real shouldn't recognize Israel's junior one of the real shooters. How good is this you know she signed them open you can tell us about. He Gary got a real cola you know it can really really cute. Hump then and he's got to go low order and Atlanta. This week obviously is great outlook considered take a blow him. And his sister realities I think he had the chance would be one of our biggest helpers. Who plays without a word super excited he's taught. All compete. Put it in a very. You know well when you value very very much you're ready you're bureau clipped off so. Shoot the basketball works so both you know even work with a more on that. Mike you're around town all the time here pretty much at every event there are there ever is here and sit in the city can you sense that expectations have. Have to have the sort of risen right from what members basketball was the last 23 years can you sense from your standpoint. You know how this how the expectations have changed. Always I mean I think I think they happen the minute besides that it. You know look at that. That's exciting though as as competitors don't you rebel work coaching you know he's coaching. That beat the competition definitely via and so. Competitors we're excited about which you have earlier expectations you gotta all of expectations got to realize there are expectations. They have as as a competitor ourselves we have also have expectations are so America. I really you know it's completely different but I almost compared to allude to Miami. You know we put a lot of expectations on ourselves and others were put. You know we went there to do one thing and according to that I think there were they wouldn't do covenant do want to ballot is very very hard and yet take a lot of work him that sick a lot. All we'll take somewhat yet but we understand that expectations are it did which you know couple situations and usually when you're a couples it's when you deliver. So we were able to do that. My poor were were really familiar with a with a lot of these guys that you signed for eighteen is because a couple of -- are local but one that we're not want or maybe if you could speak to now that he. He's signing tells about his game. Antoine Jones. Hum got it was a one time rated really high I think still people look at him as a top 100 guy may be no higher net tops and if not top fifty what's he gonna bring coach. I think he brings a lot you know he's one of the guard who was bringing that kind of a Jack of all trades. It is understands gain or really can get bucket he could but it's in multiple ways he scored paltry levels which is very very difficult to especially the way. People are teacher now. Scores from the three sort of a bit quote it's sort of the room. One of the things I was most impressed with watched him being able C have a breakdown labor or is that to you see everything on the course to play a critical look great side. So you know the way we wanna play all of the there's bulk. Because it set you know you played want of course it would to a dollar makes wipe out you know at the extra Wright was so. He got a lot of thought that we are very very excited about the artwork stopped though. Don't start with bill that I'd edit the event culture here at least that's what we're not. We are courts are gonna Memphis basketball assistant coach Mike. Miller here on Jason and Jon coach that it would ask you mobs are obviously you watch game one yesterday and then afterward there was a there was an answer that the Brian Gay Avery basically. This photograph agree recited everything that happened. And that late Celtics run what what was it like watching film with LeBron at that is is that how it was like he just remember every little detail that happened in a game. There are currently no and even impressed that those you know fifteen minutes to appointments are our children now you have impressed with other press a little over his. Is the way in the way you do that you know we were going to playoff series we played Indiana you know a lot that you are covered. The playoffs split off and obviously a lot. You know Chicago it was a lot and we ability we're going to series in civil complete your Laker with different personality would tell. You're basically break down what happened in the third quarter the second quarter of a game three. So these girls grievance about bottles of what they did it was darker public order. Like your Turkey is IQ whose memory bank like that it also press things well out creditors. She or that all talent but those things are impressive what he does. What about the rest of this series though right because yesterday I mean he's been brilliant throughout this post season on the phone had an off day. Is here and notify the way to get past the Celtics and Brad Stevens. While listening views get the biggest challenge for him this or at least oil spill push Nevada. You know we knew that going into it. You know but do nothing nothing to walk yet. The good thing about well some of our could be but. To order 31 games so the biggest thing for them ballot and I believe our league this from the beginning I think that barely get ugly quick outs here's what but I don't think you don't back. Cleveland to down too low so be by the way to resolve them we know it solid game to anything by it would bring bring that. Though all. We can throw it up they get back we'll be ahead of the curve so. You know you just got to focus on that the team's going to be better to hold these Gary better he realizes that but you don't use those gays and secure our understand why all the all the oil well what you don't respect. He'll make an adjustment difficult adjustment to pick up that you play that is. Does capability that they go what gamecube with. Tribute concert he realized that. Mike is Brett really a genius may have from a guy that played the game as long as you didn't solve all of Bret Stephens really genius or is that just a word. You know us outsiders use him and maybe maybe maybe genius we'll straw when Al Horford these drops stuff and as long as Al's been leaked that he's never seen are gonna have to come up. On a roll with that right they must be Jeanne. The honestly I don't producer too strong or you don't think you're pretty accurately be viewed as stated Eugene is about what herbs you I mean. To be coaching and coaching union is doing it with different personnel at the time. You know it is important to me is not coaching you know our system but coaching or personnel yet she's had a comment you got to cover what part of expectation. You know just like anybody else. He's had a lot of you know when you don't change with the electric patient record going well. And it carried on out and expectations they'll they decided. So about to be all the it'll put guys like Jalen brown I reject and paid over toward the terrorist here. In positions to be successful. And ink to beat back the biggest thing Al Horford but you know. We're really look at a coach in the system and the way he coach knows what the players that go on to other places at UT CU they used to cedar elm point is if those two vehicles players you know usually aren't as good as what they are. I've read your quote was really really and that's what obvious does a lot of got the lead San Antonio to spank bank paid the extra local it they're. They're about giving the same number that is a fair at all or order the ball as a virtual. That the meat goat ingeniously think he'd he'd take you into the matter who it is or what a bit equate those guys we put in the book positions to be successful to wanna. He's proven that over the over the course of time especially this year. Mike you mentioned when you are here in studio with us that you were a big fan of JB baker staff he obviously got the job full time going forward do you think he'll be successful. Do you think yes he needs to be successful with the grist. Super so far I think I think he does have that we don't like anything else right. A lot of coaches will say it and I think Jeff thank god beat them on Robert tocchet Qatar but dilute etched. If you're a great coach and me can be great coach you have a great great players behind you you know you know it but the little babies just. Of course won't be a local object level so all the people although he didn't locate they get big Mike Ali beat help they. They're great mark of a back the same market saw. It's gonna take a high draft pick and I'm really bailing get it and continue to look at the Beazer relevant though it will pick restored JP governor put the right culture identity apart right circa absolutely I'm not concerned about. But you know you can throughout the Long Island but there are some of those images and NGOs and so you get that continue to get those pieces right there organization that it it will be great for now. If they do that he is definitely the right man at the jobs interpret job. You got any. Yeah I am lucky got a gravest feeder lucky you know lucky underwear you can call for tomorrow for this I get them. I got lucky at these ought to be of these. Yeah he accidentally let the guy who left some like some poorly clover joints and you've got a. Louie do we grew out of retirees over jump. Okay like yeah Chris Chris can we get Chris Wallace a pair Mike that's right we can't get out of sight. We need all we can give so we we I had the opportunity to to rapidly this week in and we were talking about. You know who the grizzlies whom who they may need to draft if if if there's one guy Mike. That you can sort of plant your flag on who would debt now we're assuming that hopefully they get a top three pick top two pick. And if that is the case who would you play your flag on who always Mike Miller's endorsement. I'm. The changes Marvin bagel and I think he's he's he's a great compliment to what they partied out. You don't have to you don't have to make of media make some changes are not actually change and you don't make any changes to core of it. And you know what you're gonna get is they accuse you upsides as news is a phenomenal. But and they want an awful but now you know you don't get a lot of that you don't get a lot of that guards were you all to be a key play it to be a few players that Mike Conley. And market solidly in the other out of you to the there. Cutler increases that are out there. I don't see him not giving you know all. All they water he'll do what quoted thirteen grade Ed Ed B probably check you're reputed to have I just don't see that artistic units it really really special. I continue to develop range of one of those things he does have sold pretty it factors don't. You know but. You know read you talked about it a lot of kids not a big east saint. I'd I'd do I get it done better put some what I thought about will Chamberlain go to. I don't feel about it I don't see him up at park have a little part to have a real. It there which are good innovation you could say like man what channel had a hundred point game though like he was awesome. Let you know I'm like are you get over. What would you lobby to compare him to somebody right hey look what. It will table a third secure they'll want to keep your age I think that they shot. They're you called the crazy purple yeah it's like I think Jack all owls went about it. You know they were done I just think I have a kid about. So don't don't let that vehicle offices they've been over the they've seen a pitch up the right does go off of what I've seen. I don't see it being about the Allstate I think the worst it's oh by the worst case to bury the worst are very European space help you executed that. I can live with that. I can live with that is as far as you know degree it was moving forward but I haven't seen the other go cute so what it's sort heart beat a really don't break out. Like what do you think about them not go. 'cause the knock on Luka obviously you're rightly gives you haven't watched him which most of America has not the grizzlies haven't skied department tab right they they have international scouts they have normally average basketball fan but we have we have watched a so the knock is. You know he's he's he's European he's coming from the European Lee what do you think are as is their merit they year. You know I don't I don't mean this slippers before had a great players got European leaks or are they really criticize that but. You know it's it's one of those things where you go. If you don't repeat don't believe you've seen and about eighty dole believe what he had it like to be I just can't. I've ever met is currently banned in the dark art that you about. I just cannot afford the best of Israel if you missed others directive it's put them back in 0810 years. Can't I can't have that so again he could have appeal all barely had they did he might be all they ever he can crow Butte the don't. Who knows but that. But that the Rick Perry right afterward you take without a thought but they're they're so much more and all that debate so I hope it put it up back. I have an up or you're caught ballot although equipped used up yet all over the likes the big kid the kid looks really special idolize you put it. Oh what dealt a totally different but I can I looked good up alphabet. So. You could I mean I sit ISI did send Mike Richard the triple double though. I did it's I could just take it got enough who is Marvin Bagley like give it that you can that you can't quite make it compares him from Luka is yet to say what about Marvin badly like when you watch him who do you think up. I think he beat some alike could box off. Are they could secret spot and he I think he has I think he's a better for the current box which look to mean that we need all of offered to rebound. He belted off that game create you know it's hard is apartment and Chris Bosh was very athletic intelligence were open as. You know every has he Dario injury sort of you know became corporate it is accused of developed since you re anymore insist that. I did you know being a Crist by party whip you know he paid to put it down a little better would you let you know Chris but critic put it up high post. Well when you couldn't stop what about the so I just I didn't think I think we have a lot of that you have in a laboratory that could be. Let the desert say this could be that I was trapped rat who is that good. We've got grade back if part of it but we got a withdrawal we might get the spot. You know it might be it might be picked three I mean he also you know I don't we don't put that what you got Michael Porter yeah a lot of guys that are very tell the story. Go to our armed I'm lets you run because on him patty bonds does arms around the microphone to keep asking questions all day you know. Who did I last won Memphis madness if you fill in the blank that this man this is going to beat. But bad as the. An open man. Okay go to bed and we get that delay it any hint that it would be a update you'd always. A big huge trampoline okay yeah are you are you wouldn't love and like the festivities like are you Colin folks are you how involved as I know you got contacts now Mike. Brooklyn listening to Bob bought and by the way integrated all. Let us and whatever we can do you think this thing great. At what the city dessert we're gonna do about. Our greatest boss on the planet. On the planet why don't want to say that. It is all oratory you just gotta be needed on thankful love it my man appreciate it thank you Brooke. I I'm not I'm not gonna send you the most recent Luka video. The only relegated to points yet so I have to ask you I. A I'll give Iguodala could have worked outside management and that's all of us and the governor Mike. David at all it and that's wrong and yet you wouldn't order argument that are already a bit and I. Stop mass answers some of those guys Texan you are Malo we all season long our medical motivated. I'll be over there yeah two men aren't they are out yup that is Memphis basketball assistant coach. Mike Miller.