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Friday, February 16th

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Maybe 29 FM 68080 M on the WM SSL and espn.com. This isn't Jason just show. ESPN. Like marries this NBA analyst for ES being a former Memphis grizzly and a proud member and he joins us now Mike what's the word man. Merit slow almost don't know whether. We're doing okay where we're trying to navigate these weird waters man you know these tigers and grizzlies are terrible as are my. This is hard to radio show. It a little doubt about Logan Bagram. I hopes so it is island will get to that in just a minute but it is all star weekend. And I saw today you are you early in the three point contest twice I find this to be a great injustice. Why did not have more than two appearances in the three point contest question. You know the bigger question but. Shall not don't want they had regret about my all I blame myself. You're invited to the contest like is it thing you have to decliner except like take me inside how that works. I don't Ohio works now back. Back when I was when I was playing when I walked to school pill bolt weighs. It was a little bit different com you had to you had that you had a shoot. You know we have yet to shoot they're the memo monarch hotel obviously another debate about percent to. So but now being played a little bit more relaxed and be organ and a little more pepper it. That's how western media mill monitor residents person like top five or six guys are seven got there what percentage wise. Got invited that is the beauty either accept or decline. Out of what I tell me about being in it my two how is it harder than you expect is it tough is it does an easy does it feel like you're you know what issued around. Is it is. The first the first or the first time I've never knew who. Blue wave more difficult but I know that I expected. Because it's it's it's not like anything you've ever really out of it came and got up there by yourself you don't I'm eating and there's no contesting unit. It's at its most bank where if you look at it caught me off guard burst out the second time it really is a lot easier. You know. We unfortunately orient garlic page is back a bit goto who got a dog and other big yeah. So what are your favorite memories. Of all star weekend like what what what were their cool things about being a part of it. I've never they have made the bigger the collection of what I think the world's best athletes. Don't all come together. And it is there's no premieres and Adam got I've got older coach no experience I he would be and that being around it was. Was pretty cool so it's an event meant it as celebration of you know what a lot of people put a lot of hard work and their dedication and do it. Go up or. We are courts are gonna ESPN NBA analyst Mike Miller here on the Jason Johnson are itself since the last time we talked to you LeBron James has a brand new team here but he had and he has that law. Since since the acquisitions in the trades went down. What do you think of the new look cast team in how much do you think they change their future with these trades. Are obviously don't like everybody else I like right now I mean you're UN you what they did a great job and they protect themselves in the future a little bit younger and sold regardless of LeBron leaving here that you cute you captured draft pick from Brooklyn which is what they want to do. They got a lot of young talent me. And hood. There a couple other guys and George Hill who's not. Really number great point guard actually a perfect fit tight point guard for Iowa brought. But he got you got younger and got more athletic you're decrypt it picked up because of that. There's an excitement level right now because like getting out sometimes they just course and I think those state and ran their course Erin and now they got a new a new look at. And very exciting I'm excited the word goes you don't two weeks after all star break with some excitement go doubting that being a little worse if it bit a little mercy. So that's well that's one that trade morally will be held a sit back and judge you don't have a good trader badger. My camera stocky bat and in the in Toronto and where they're at everybody that we've talked to me now has an all the national guys seem affected. It's I think they know Washington saying that they're playing differently. They're deeper yes but that you know the ball and stopping with DeRozan is much that they're playing a different style and that Casey's made that adjustment. And they're much better squad and you look and see in the record but you you you know basketball you can school us. Is that for real are they the team to be niece would you put the would you put Cleveland they're now in Boston looks like they've come down to earth a little bit. I think I think trial that would be. Major contender. I'm I'm actually kinda I'm buying them right now look a bit third biggest thing is they've been there now a couple times they've kept this pretty much the same core guys together which is how you find acceptance that you can't. The core have to stay the same because you have to open the experience is. Apologetic bridge you dollar program looks like bad out you look at the martyr roads and even Kyle are the more bishop. Another step another student to read about Marta wrote about speaking of knowledge is stretch about because when it comes well about all the way in the reason they've seen they haven't been except they bought the oil up. It because they're very inefficient and I take a lot of contested two's. And the way the game is going right now especially. The transformation of the three pointer and and and analytically. Analytically that is not a great well about well being because they're forced into taking a lot of Jews they don't get the foul line nearly as much else they do in the regular season. Because the game gets more critical of the rest you don't tightening came up lower but the game play a little more syllable elect. So it is. They they they're finding out that it's bigger change a little bit I don't know that it is going to be agency that translate that they go back there norm when no one else. Once upon a time and as you know there was a rumor about you possibly being a player coach for the Memphis Grizzlies. It the other night Golden State actually I think. And what Mel made that happen the players were were coaching there on the sidelines and the suns were upset by it. We should that be interpreted as disrespect if you're the opposing team like what do you make of that. I don't first ought to be argue. No firstly occurred at that albums as a result and then I have bad news is one thing I guess when you're winning every and you get out that. A hum but an ad happened to me I've got to happen a lot more than people think he's just they don't give the clip orbit sit on the chair. Give me a lot of these coaches low well BO. Lead on some of their better players or leave on their star players. Because and rightly so because they want out there are seeing and then and then in the in the mix so I ask them what they think how would think that happening while colleague guarding their. They they should and they should do that yeah. Even more the different that you don't usually see them you know the court Tuesday complete hull away from it and I got it on the on the in other cultures share draw the supplement clip or so but we're being extra yellow hurt on that but. Event at happened a lot there really does. Michael I don't ask too good to so. Billion Tyreke had what message that but I the world which you and issues and say that that your Tyreke Evans or body of the but it in this case it's Mike Miller. Where we've told you we're gonna trade you. We pull you off the floor before game and since you back to the team hotel cause without or or we feel that closely that's gonna happen right. And then you know that the trade deadline comes we don't trade you'd we come to you we say hey man. And we wanted to first round pick for you but it didn't work out welcome back. I know Mike as a professional you're gonna say all the right things. But are you looking at them as a little you know and what they've what do you guys do like how are you looking at that situation Mike when your player. Created a bit skeptical but you don't look good Victor at the time it took me personally. Aura I'm entire recap but I have a conversation retiree. It's really kind of simple. It plant or something bigger anyway right now might end game you'll obviously he's not going to be here or doesn't look like he's gonna be here they want betrayed him. They were clear about that thumb they all them that. Told exploit this summer. Tyreke Irish pal level has never been the question ever retiring evidently he's one of the best scorers in the game that we have. Already been to hell. So now I meant his car on his camera plugged them. They were clever some bigger let it out the last 2530 games forty game rumored as focused as much all people that we can stay healthy stands for 82 games that we can play. They go 00 bulk of the minutes for 82 games we can beat that guy because at that Italian government requested and the reason he. He's here playing. For the mob might he's white or because of injuries. So hit it opened that plant or something bigger and I end and any good duke especially a good throw it. It'd debit yet because you know that there's a place you're not going to be. But you've got to use that platform now to grow be better for next year. So what do you make of just the merits of that decision by the the grizzly is suited to not trade him they had offers right I mean some of them came from. Your former organization when we went in Denver right that there were both offers from Denver including. Pixar Emanuel mu DA and the cap space what do you make of of the grizzlies decision. Ten not deal him. You don't vote thing but then there is I don't make the decision not to move now is is is something different. But to me where I think didn't they were big. They kind of mid step a little bit look back they did for a week and a half what are watch for four innings all about then play them because. Life and in general about leverage and want everybody on the market knew that there but the method privilege we're going to bring them no matter what. And America's guerrillas were not gonna resign have all but your leverage that dog now Nigeria and and then and then you get guys like but wait wait get transfers like around you know like protected pick fighters now. The market was was trying to dictate what you're gonna get. So if they're up about it at that point and less state bank. That they'd get a hometown discount this summer's recite them I got an economic forum. Because at the other day he's you don't but we re not probably your car project we're gonna make the playoffs this year. And so you might hold something in return and let you think you people you know all wrapped up an average this summer. Yeah you basically have the same chance resigning him whether you keep America not another something down the line that may come in late but. You know you basically you know essentially the same chance the arc or saga Mike Miller NBA analyst for ESPN former Memphis drizzle to take you back the all star week general briefly. If you're giving advice. Two to a young player. Who's who might be experiencing his first all star we can like a Dylan Brooks for example he's going to be in the rising stars just. What advice would Mike Miller give. To a to a young NBA player about experiencing their first all star weekend. Matt couple bags a day enjoy regularly goes bad you know you could call we'll be seventy years later beat a really good and moral. What don't light but it. It goes back and enjoy it beauty you deserved it all military take it is added I've learned experience dog there and ever and and and try to do your bank. And finally the most important thing Obama Coetzer or. Our profit whenever you send your kid you you're a player off all or did he say yeah I mean you ought to enjoy the beat David close they were. You do it distraught yourself a lot it's. Big gaps for young kid who's Rodham with a lot. Muir around the world trade it is going to be based on ought to be safe. Come back injury free but try to take something from. You are obviously one of the greatest shooters to play this game. Who do you like in the 20183. Point contest. Oh man I mean they'll get a good look you like me as a mile. I've I've got to go clay manic I feel like clay is gonna like he's his form is just so it's like a statue man like he's a machine. You know what a normal piggyback on anyway I think I do I think I played. Let's shoot the ball literal but you've got. Very late movement I think I think personally about standstill shooters in the game toilet. So then it you know there are correct they other I'm all you other political and. Some of these guys are you know the way they shoot a mean an end in their best shots are different like some guys. You know can create their own shot from three some guys the catch and shoot you know this is kind of like creating your own shot here. You know I feel like clay can do that the best policies student the bad percentage and anybody anyway so. Clay clay I have no movement or shot or actually sued the bigger bigger because those they hide the whole army. You go robotics sure. My oldest here is. How much I don't know you can you're your own MBA now but I want to ask you this because it looks like it's going to be such a big story this college hoops corruption case just how close how much much attention you pay into people are saying that lottery picks could be affected hall of fame coaches. And I guess my question you would be you believe what this thing comes down what some of these writers are saying it's gonna change the landscape of college basketball. Maybe the way we do think. You know edit it's it's it's scary to see rarely agree and I I don't I know. This beat people get affect the way I mean it's it's it's been 108 words. We'll try to turn their cheek to a personal law. You know I don't I don't hold out hope it doesn't look. The hardest thing it it affecting young kids salute you like to meet amid the biggest. The hard thing I had to take to grips with a urgently with the young kids from bell went to Louisville who's not stop Carolina bowl oh yeah you bought. Great kid obviously great talent. You know whatever happened there as spam received money or whatever the agreement true. Back got a really got back gorilla expected it life. Ed and would hope all stop you worked or for what her persona as Bailey give money so it I don't the government expected the kids they work too hard or. The other you know the coaches and then they'd like that just get reaction to see. What actually comes of it in a big game actually does change and and and what kind of spill ramifications. Of. Yeah and then before we let's ago I got a couple things one. You know you obviously were here in Memphis win the tiger basketball program was you know at its peak in you were here and you can I'm pretty sure you were here during that. National clearly since then and you go to games still routinely. Today so. What do you make of of the situation at the University of Memphis in terms of you know how the crowds have gotten smaller and smaller. On the may be it's now where people want it to be what do you make of the situation over there today. I think the most important and I continue to build culture they got to build bigger build a winning culture there and hey it's tough right Al third don't look so. Nearly got the got to give they got to give the players and you know obviously I know tubby got big news I think you greatly greatly players to believe that. Players the by hand while the players buy a new start adding more more talent come from behind it. But you've got to build a bully and a culture in the in this organization and methods basketball to give the fans to believe what you. And and that could start with built the foundation that built in other principal bought in that locker room. And Ngo and practiced. In games. But right now it's it's difficult you know they're not winning games is disappointing the people here are used to. On on all sides grizzlies and tigers used to winning. Used to be a part of that this guy continues to to build that culture build up a lead up. And the sooner they do that these fans are knowledgeable. The fans obviously expect a lot but that's what makes so far that's what makes an atmosphere great when your way. There's no like Sally good coaching got me fired a baby can you recruit. Are. That is not evident is that it is the easy part and then it finally IDC luggage we are getting closer and closer to the AAU circuit starting up. You've got tryouts coming up for for him through three and that's coming up right. Yes we do and you know we looked for agility that that's what our favorite argued delicate about your ability to change their advantage here help. You start saying oh we got out there yet check out everything about like obligated child they with a horse every up there because. You got MMI can present always have a RM and every say since you've. And that's what it is Mike Miller NBA analyst for ESPN. And all around good dude other round dude did you have.