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Here to talk playoff basketball Weathers and much much more 'cause we're talking about the fight yet loves golf and and many more things and our friend Mike Miller two time NBA champion is in a studio good morning Mike good morning good morning. We're gonna Twitter view Mike has always questions from fans but as you watch these cavaliers played you played with LeBron along -- guys were very close an excellent teammates. About in Miami and in Cleveland. Has he turned it up and not just keep playing even better than you ever seen him play before. He has and which is scary but he has and I think he stars from where he's at now mindset was an and he goes in the season not trying to win MVPs but to prepare for this time. And and he's argued have a budget hats off to to David Griffin in the whole cast that because. I think this team is built perfectly for them if you look at how teams won a guard LeBron James has box and Noble's. At this position right now the shooting they have around him at all times or shooters. Has put so much pressure on them defensively to his campaign last night and he had 21 points in the paint the first half its is making his job so much easier aegis has been. But he's still. Continues as to bring his game to a different level and in his attack a lot more than a similar attack. What does it do let's go to the other side but I and bold in both conferences you have. The spurs that got run out no choir when they got destroyed start to finish and Boston last night gets destroyed start to finish so. In each of their next games where are you mentally. Well his spurs you view are hoping coli caused back obviously every half helped us and a recapitalize exactly yeah exactly that's that's one. To you go back home they pop Serra at best the main. Obviously don't want to look back at game to view washed out a bank you know getting coli bag is is is MVP. But what they need most importantly. But just do him back with a bit of the the first quarter to half of game one there were more physical gold state the multi game couple more made a more possession game. Come second half goals they obviously have their way. All right Mike Miller's here in our studio so that's the big picture looks. At the two series where we stand right now. With this book clearly like what looks like it is a collision course between the cavaliers and the warriors show must go back to LeBron a minute here. You should you talk about how everything that he's doing is to build for moments like this. I'm how do you see that during the regular season because there was a lot of concern this year by a lot of people myself included. About just the complete diminution of the significance of the regular season now and in fairness to him. The last time we played an NBA finals without him and it was 2010. That's so I get I totally get why you know he's thinking looked all the rest of the stuff is just not really matter get me where it is but. Is that do you view that as something of a problem for the league when it doesn't really bizarre to mattered the best player until now. It's definitely a problem you know we have talked about this novice has been married a topic of conversation around about the rest the whole rest thing and you know there's got to be some scenarios and you look at it and your allow it to you know does. They your best players LeBron James in the league right now. If he's not arrested after playing seven or eight straight NBA finals nor do regular season would you rather have a better and healthy LeBron James now for two years or or in the put in the regular season so it's it's a tough dynamic because the fans are what we do sore. David they build this thing. Bomb I think they're gonna be ways they can do it. Late if they arrest him just at home games an announcement home games are gonna rest Matt and events something like that because those home fans always give 41 games. But it is definitely prepared himself now all through the rest or what it is. But everything is prepared himself for for right now offered for April may June July and when I first started playing with him obviously MVPs and things like that we're on his mind he knows now he sees he understands in his mind he's the best player on the planet there's no more have to prove that. And you're seeing that was him for the first time in his career I think he's going on the playoffs was really no pressure. We're we see players of today you know the Tom Brady's of the world with the diets and stuff and saying I wanna play told this time and that and and we know all you know LeBron at that 32 years old and usually guys older than that. Rarely are the main cog in a championship team anymore. But the way you see him in and playing with him and seeing you know better than many how we would take care of himself I don't know that you would know. Can he be one of these more modern day athletes that leads that team and as the best buy and the planet longer than normal. I believe so and I think the reason is because of what you said tomatoes listen G as you're talking about the Peyton Manning's and the Tom Brady's and preparing take care about it. Obviously all the great ones that stay on the pedestal longest are the there's no there's no. You know potion or anything it's it's it's easy they take care about it a diet they have the right training staff. Brian spends two to three hours a day on his body he always has how the business changed the other thing I think. There's gonna keep them high on a pedestal and reduce at a high level for a long pretty time if he keeps adding things to his game if you watch him now. He's he always all the powering. That's lettuce is on his fitness at the rim different ways. Is to shoot the ball better. You know any this has always been Smart battle liberty he he's in the right people around him he's he's doing all the right things to stay at the at this low for a long time. And what I'd love you to give us a little insight into is. His leadership there are a lot of different ways to be a leader. And his looks from the outside extremely inclusive and you watch he's got a different handshake with a every player on the team and he's always. Italy and in most cases deferring. I'm credit to different people he points out guys that you didn't even notice played in the game sometimes and says their contribution mattered. So you hear a lot of that can give us a little insight into that into the inclusive if I'm reading that correctly the inclusive way that he goes about being the leader. Your hundred Serra that's what makes him specialists would go obviously. You know when. The best they are you say about a leader is when there's free agency and people are wanna come play for a as members of Miami during Cleveland you know that's when you start seeing The Who guys that trust is leaders. And it for me. She makes everybody a ball but he's he's also understands that he sees very very intelligent on the fact that hey it might not be right now but next game we're in need this guy. Missing were any best. He and he knows what people he knows trigger words for people he knows who plays for people because understands the dynamic of keeping everybody involved is always and always ask. Because like you always say that the team doesn't have to identify a leader just couldn't and naturally gravitate emerges sure there are different kinds of Michael Jordan one when I was around the bulls in those days. I'm gonna use the word exclusive or damages because it feels like the opposite conclusion that Michael was like I'm going to work so hard and want to demand better of everybody else and that was the way that he led. But he was the one who coined the term my supporting cast a hard so I mean there are a lot might give me that there are a lot of different ways you can be the leader and and they know they can all work all that well and has no right or wrong we've said this symbolic I like Eli Manning all the time you know because everybody wants this fiery leader that gets in your face or your I believe that way and I said he lies like death. When you I got to the giants they had a bunch of kind of personality leaders Eric. He was more on the quiet side lead by example which can be just as effective there is no there is no textbook answered a leadership. The bottom line to leadership as you have an aborted him the. That we didn't leadership leaders of his wedding and people following line was when UN so if you are aware of your markets Smart Al Horford. What do you do. You know I mean what what what's the way to guard him if there is they way or pirates impose a jail it would. You know some media I would prefer to foursome right if I camp. A lot easier said than done. You know would try to make him take your jumper that's the one thing I've I've. Why foursome right. Huge foursome right is always knew we all owe it to the basket and there's there's listen if you look at the numbers this is probably not gonna be off much disease is that good he makes plays going both ways. To me when he goes left he's a battered all of jump shooter you better step back jump shooter. Some to me I think that's what makes him special right now in the passage she shoot the ball forty to 43 from three right guys that's mace among horrible. The thing that I like about it right now is. She's not taking very many of them like last night that you took five maybe but three of more at the end of the game when he was Roland. So he's not taken remedy dome when guys are given a space easy the space up and get the rim still. So to answer your question in a round about way. You hope you have held my breath and hoping mrs. there really is an ankle stevens' senate you know there's there's really no one way to stop these guys to stop him right now and net. That's what makes a scary Mike in my presented by progressive insurance comparing Wright to help you save now that's progress of call it could today. Find out how much progressive could save you Mike Miller is in our studio again are you can win a trip reviewing seven friends of the NBA finals winning word coming up a little more. And a half hour from now back to gold statement to give more likely not the go over to them for many here. Maybe the biggest storyline coming out of that series so far is the controversy. Over Zaza Pachulia stepping under coli Leonard and the overall impact that it had. On the direction of the series you were shooter. So take us back to your career day it was that was that sort of thing going on the guys get underneath you try getting your head and and what impact did that have on you as a shooter. I think it happens obviously. It does have a lot of impact and it's going to be NC a coli caused back calm because once that happens once it's as close as we don't really recognize and telling happens and then once it does become a bag often ankle not your CNET and film that. You know obviously everyone's in there and everyone's been talking about the what Bruce Bowen do and batter he was obviously one of the biggest ones that it. It's one of those things where it's. It's definitely in your head once it happens and Neal for me up on the defense and I was never in a defense that out I was always in a mismatch situations so I'm just trying to get tested out you know I'd ever had a time to think about this like my foot and a somebody so. You know. It's death with some neat thing about once that happens. Did you think Zaza and Aldridge his ball Aldridge look climbing in her. There was the pretty sick children are trying to seem like you're trying to do it did you think they were both intentional. Desire as does not as much. You know if you look at the situation. It's. Call wise stepping back. What when you step back away from the from the defense of all your job is to do is try to contest. And I'll say it any twice there in in Zaza situation in his defense. You know you're in a mismatch situation like that all you care about is contesting your you know if you have time to think against a lot faster than people think just because coli letter makes it look slope front against fast. So earlier in your and that might say used try to defend it and it's a playoff game is a Western Conference finals game. Not LaMarcus is on the other hand it looked like he he give the gesture. Doubt that this was made as puts latter need that so if I was gonna pick one assay LaMarcus is. Look more intense as the league need to do there are people saying they got to get out I know you can call it a follow it's tough to call it right at the time should they do something after where you reviewed and tape not during the game but a day later something. Is our way that this should be legislated out of the game. I think the day letters the only way candor because we RD. Made too many opinion data calls on as an as it is that can cost games. I'd rather have a sale of group of people or rule of people make that decision later because in the heat of the game you know for officially make him appear to call a guy meant to intentionally tried that Bryant you know put his foot Ernie some else's foot. And cost somebody a a series or game. What would be tough but if you guys are romance and you know I come out and everyone faces that's the situation I think that's best way to do it if you're going to do it. If coli is able to come back and be healthy and play at this sort of level he was playing. For the first half and change of game one can the spurs get back in that series. Give back in a beat south can they win yeah I mean they can they can get back in late in that everyone always desserts and there's always a chance and with will pop does a little quiet as. I'm still gonna say that is going to be if they get other UB one game that you want and and it's going to be the game three. You know but it's all there and depend on was health and and and I think although the role players that means. For San Antonio played better at home. So that's gonna help. I think LaMarcus will play better at home which is gonna help. And they're everywhere and are we ready for Pablo have a game plan will. What in your mind isn't guys' minds like guys that can opt out or become free agents whether you're opting out your free agent to Chris Paul's of the Blake Griffin of if Paula George gets moved somewhere Jim Republicans who so more. The thought process now of do you think there can be a team. Created somewhere. That could. Challenge one of these two Weathers in the east to the west like putting guys that are available. You know putting someone punitive put Chris ball doesn't go back to New Orleans and also news there was you know. Cousins and and and Davis Davis jail or is there another combination somewhere that you think could be a viable threat to anybody to your class of rig because it. The answers yes. I mean. You'd you'd have a enough talent out there that's missing one piece. And I'd say it's a leadership PC I mean I like the example you gave the main. If if New Orleans and you're a guy like Chris Paul. You know I think Democrat or an individual how they can play together. Add one more shooting peace Lou DeMarcus Cousins who I think is. How unbelievably tout that. Anti Davis who we all those very very touts as as well. That type scenario can work and obviously the rumors that are going out there with Paul George and and Jimmy Butler those are pieces that you add to the right situations and yes it makes him a contender. Now does it take up LeBron utter or those situations that's just that's that's the question but. Anything any happen does the league have a competitive balance problem. A major Watson plus yes right now I mean it like we talk about as close of course some in million over and it's nothing made you know against other teams just you have. Such good teams and and they're constructed so well. That there is there a mismatch for everybody who buy gold states a mismatch right now on the west in Cleveland as a mismatch in the. East but let me ask you an honest then and perhaps complicated question. Do the players on the for both have you Mike you play the NFL nine years Mike you Miller you played in the NBA how many years I mean forever seventy them junior Joseph. So you you were on you run teams I'm sure you are really good together want champion Jeff you're you're you're on teams that weren't as good yes. This Celtics players genuinely believe they're gonna win this series. How at all. Yeah I think that I don't I don't know I'd be I guess either done at the culture in a locker I think their cultures right they play tough like don't know whether cam and got to go around your question but the only way they can win the series is if you saw how they played -- -- a third quarter yeah I got that they can I -- Michael they were they get a mug this game of his no different than what Santa has a dual state when you let these guys planned space Golden State when he lets Cleveland plans based their possible lips must how to Moshood. The broad picture apart Stefan Katie pick you apart you got to physically this game physical so to say yeah I'd I believe they do have ended there'd be Ellison. Whether we talk the regular season means in and out there is still number one team in the east and they believe that so. Alaska be answered though the first six minutes a game to. Mike what do you think do you think they state. They walk out of that every what got a scoreless I think you were going to win this series and go to the final as I said every time I as an average player lined up against who I knew was gonna be a future hall of Famer whether it's Anthony Munoz Mike Webb sir Dwight Stephenson. Mike mind sharp eyed I thought I would win I mean that was my mentality that I'm going to win this play. And now go to the next flight that was my and it's certainly didn't always work out that way. But you always think you have a chance you always think something can go your way if you just play your game and do your thing. That's going you know inevitably the best team in the that's one of the biggest differences in basketball it's a series. As opposed to one game in football but just the mentality of a player is that that they can always get. I Iger that I your job as a reason they're there all right we are partnering up with our friends at Dell give you a special NBA finals experience again 9:45 eastern half hour from now given the word of the day. We'll be your chance to win it brought you by Dell for small business in the meantime. We have our Twitter view we have solicited Twitter questions for you Mike Miller the fans every spotted. And so here we go the to interview with the questions do they won 800 flowers dot com Twitter feed Christopher tweets what is the most difficult thing. About playing with LeBron James. The most difficult thing about playing the bride James. Do you watch over shots route from offers 910 years and my in my career. A Fella guys running off the lie and. And you very rarely got open looks with him you're gonna get 34 open looks. Everyone of their Reid expects you to make it and he got deliver metal that has the toughest thing so if you jolt for forgetting the people who are probably gonna boo you that. What about the big guy LeBron dizzy stop looking you're away for a job well I say keep shoe throwing your juror. But does he keep giving the opportunity if you miss a few that he she he does you know I mean obviously you know he's very very intelligently vote all guys can can really control a game in that way. But he does and he each trust plate if you idiom of you know if you're sample size billion up Leo good a track record try to keep coming your way and depth. But it's as say listen at the this our jobs like Yale's. We watched him play for forty. You know 43 to 424 extremist yet he does all the heavy lifting. You know it so Barraza is like pay is not easy but we got to do our jobs do that's got to be tough if you're open you don't all patchy to. Fifth I thought I thought. It's fascinating that that your response to the most difficult thing about playing with LeBron is the shots were too old mentor and offered a job today. Yeah Janet and I won a special event if I did this one may be used just for my benefit DeVon tweets what was it like playing for UB breath. The best. Still want my favorite people on this planet. Talk tomb as much as I can now I'm a sponsor around him need news. Yeah I'll always mostly about their people lucked out Tuesday's lawyer says still two to talk to him. And it. Just his energy and his passion for basketball any acts as a genuine care love first players in that's. Samie Hughes while the guys I was sort of spent more than you are got to think three years without a volley a more time of them have been awesome but. You know he does amaze LTV is well. Now you're in my Mel and I are standing out there it's a great yeah. You'll I don't know benefit of LeBron is giving you the ball right Oreo on and on their right every year raising a big mam do shooting at a high percentage. Especially on Thursday night in a West Coast city managers are laughing at something that only he thinks it's funny process I love you we broke his. Spread love hearing this from Steve better golfer you don't. Staff Currie. I haven't seen that is seen stuff Fazio Ahmed the celebrity's sewers to distract you scratch he's better than me that if he scratched he's what are you are probably about a six. Okay right some I'll borrow it from scratch and oil script that's in fact I thought I was the most famous first ever play golf or. Most famous person -- player player Justin Timberlake double time okay that's how good I ever heard it's really good business out there is better than you yes he's still sees better than he says he's he's probably about a stretched too. Really it's pretty good when you play when you add to that guy do he's good he's the most talented human being in the world out I I completely does that affect you ever play and be like the charity scrambles. I have I mean I planned a charity events a lot of guys went up actually played in Doug Jason governors. Foundation thing last week sort of to charity thing like data for myself to use mullah against. I hope voters have found both a pro Hearst's. The true Macinnis the kids' day. Oh that's actually OK we're a very fortunate Eliza various linger exactly right I wanna tournament Charlie what is ahead for a tournament our group had 35 Mulligan blasts every definitely we need only to meet them all but these kids still got the money I have to give up all of matters I'm not suggesting this wasn't delightful activity. Just got hot bore no resemblance to golf what you're doing just. As everyone understands what you were doing was not golf that is fine with me RIA scrambles are two golf as ultimate frisbee is to football up that the analogy there make a new Mike Miller the best thing is under great to have we really enjoyed it you.