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Monday, March 20th

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Back and has promised. He is. College basketball writer for sporting news and a member. The United States basketball sportswriters hall of fame he's a vet and a guy I've looked up to for a long time his name is Mike accorsi Annie joins us now Mike how are you sir. Well Jason Ellis college while the compliment when people say I've been reading you my whole life unlike. I got sent good about it. Is that it does make you feel old. Well at the forget old Potlatch and how about legend that's the word I. They don't area it will listen listen to what we got were absolutely go that listen John caliber is coming back to Memphis for sweet sixteen Josh passed there. Is plain down right down the road and Oxford Amara the per chance billion Nazi final four. How should admit this fans be feeling right now Mike the corset. What they'd that you're you're burying my homecoming as well there are so I guess direct that are just sideshows so much for the legend thing but now. I'd look I've said for years Jason that. But the John cal Perry gave Memphis its greatest decade at the basketball program and that anyone who doesn't appreciate that is missing the point of sports and I'd so hey if you wanna be better to be better but dull or bring it the media mean and he gave you the greatest decade I'll. Tigers basketball and tigers basketball is. Beloved and and very important to that to that to the city of Memphis into the people who support the program and you know I have friends who are poor man opinions who still are close to John and still follow him. And you know I have friends to a map into. Who swear he's he's a bad guy because he laughed and I. No I left so when I don't feel like I'm a bad guy can I left up and so I loved my time there but. It was time for me to go. Is there another fan base might that. Off the top your head still has such raw emotion. For head coach the way that Memphis has for John cal Perry especially after all the time because it is I mean we we taking calls on it Jeff took calls an earlier this morning. People are still very raw about John cal Perry in very sensitive about him. It's been nine years I mean it's been eight years in this there's been two coaches sit so is there. Is there another fan base are the top here that feels the same way about another coach or is meant the sort of in its own in its own boat here. I don't think so and you know it's interesting because don't like I'm maybe John showed up at like then next big Memphis game where it's sticker of tiger this surgery but it's what they're. That everything would be better but that. I don't think that Kansas has the same feelings. For Roy Williams. That. That Memphis has for work for John cal Perry and android games. Chances incredible success will without a doubt but it wasn't as unprecedented indicated that at that point had two championships in the bank. Patent and so Rowling's final fours technical sick I think. They made with the jayhawks somewhere in there. Where were certainly welcome but they were not new to the program whereas. What built the top what was at four consecutive thirty win seasons in the championship game that that had not happened in 35 years I think. The four consecutive thirty win seasons with unprecedented. So what what like I said what happened at Memphis under John was. And in the in any great program was far beyond the norm. Do you think that's why then that there is that emotion it's the sort of the realization from fans that. That they know it will never be that good again eighteen it be that good again and you couple that with the fact that since he left. The program has taken such a downturn. Com that you have this you just you are you long for that level again and you know you may never have a do you think that's what it's rooted in then. While I think it what is the one thing we have to remember is that the inability to get back to that level is much more rooted in conference affiliation at the moment. That it is in anything else. It if you were if if let's just say hey you know things had gone wonderfully in the fall and the big twelve hadn't pulled that nonsense that they did and they actually expanded and the tigers have been fortunate enough to be included let's say. They haven't Cincinnati. I don't think that that would that that kind of success would you know I mean I don't know about 430 when he's in general. But I think that. The tigers could again and beat back in that game so to speak. With the right coach so you know with the right support that they they would be back moving in that direction. It's harder now and like get fed it's more because of being. The associated from. This is the major conferences. Vanity is everything else so. Yeah well coach on it beats stated Ed continue to keep Memphis. At a place beyond what it's like what its place in the conference universe. Is yeah I had there I don't any doubt about that because that's what he does but. I ain't hit it. They'd left for Pitt let at some point in there what that was appointed 2003 without Watson could possible court he'd left currencies stayed I think you know it's six. No way and he flirted with some but I think more get more money at a map the same thing but we'll take guard. But I think Memphis that would have maybe had a right to feel a bit aggrieved. Because he left for jobs that weren't necessarily better make our indictment I would say that you know not significantly better bet and maybe not better at all. Electric Kentucky's lead Kentucky's that the standard no and it and that and that might have been the only place that are Carolina that he would've gone to. We are of course talked to the great Mike the course he covers college basketball for the sporting news I might this NCAA tournament has not had your. Typical you know you're you're double digits Cinderella stories those don't exist on haven't haven't even had that many upsets honestly last night it was. Was not the exception duke over South Carolina let me ask you this is an NCAA tournament have to have. A Cinderella story those amazing double digit seed upsets. Does it have to have those to be considered great or can it still be great without. Well I guess it depends on who you're appealing to brilliant and great having people don't really follow you meet regularly who doll while college basketball so that's kind of who won. Worried about the middle happy to have people who don't read the stuff that I produced during the NCAA tournament I'm happy to have the extra. People reading this stuff by it helps certainly. But I mean my target audience is people who really care. Whether it's the analysis that I do on Big Ten network of the things that I write for sporting news of the conversations I have with people like YouTube. It's about the people who came here. And if you're there just to see. You know the number fifteen beat a number to relate and that's great it's fun and all that but. I mean if if you're not thrilled by. The the Vanderbilt northwestern game and how pot that was. Com or you're not excited by Wisconsin. That taking out Villanova in the national data I don't know what the tally because we're not really speaking the same language. Mike which conference has impressed you more the SEC of the Big Ten both have three. And the sweet sixteen. Well I eat well. So what equivalent I think. That one that surprised me more is the FTC. I mean in part because I know the Big Ten better than ever get any and every other complex. That there is I mean I I watched nearly every game. You know on the weekend I watch every game because I'm there in the studio. And on during the week I endeavor to watched every game. And I can't certainly well also you know keeping track of and watching other games from other leagues as well. So. I know I know badly better and I knew that it was it did it was capable of better than it had been. Described at tonight at Twitter sort of that would leave Colin out Twitter beef for what ever witnessed. Amid resisted debate that college debate it wasn't personal with Doug Gottlieb. The two weeks ago that basketball analyst. And and he was saying he said the big that would down and I'd say it's not down and then he'd just like with incredulous but I would suggest that it wasn't down. And I like outlook I watch every game but if you want educated big tent was down at twenty. Sixteen you would have been right in it to the worst Big Ten teams ever totally that your records and and Minnesota. Would be combined to beat one other team other than each other. And indeed and they were rarely competitive in any game in ill Illinois can tell you that Rutgers was competitive to the very end of this decent. Not Illinois out of NCAA tournament contention on the final day of the regular season. And Wisconsin recovered to win 25 games this year it was dubbed deep competitive solid leak. I I knew that the SEC was hurting. By hiring Bruce Pearl hiring Ben Holland I am Avery Johnson and bringing Frank Martin. From can't say I knew it was hurting. I did that based on what we saw from. The bill pre conference performance it seemed like we were still a year away. And did obviously South Carolina with a team that did play well at pre conference and talked to various Cornwell. I've got himself suspended but of course Kentucky is Kentucky. And you know and and Arkansas played very well at times but was very inconsistent. So I feel I think that the I think that maybe what this tournament is. Is they are there announcement that they are the that there may be that should've been a good year. And it wasn't totally but maybe this big this tournament is the stepped forward that the league needs that. That they can say see we're curious about hoops here you know we're good hoops here. You know week we meet at this time they spent a lot of the last ten years. Trying to faking it. In a lot of that in a lot of SEC CD yeah and now that's not the case I mean they got serious about it with one. When they hired to when it promoted mark whitworth into the basketball job and then mark moved on to other. Other pursuits but they replaced them well and so they're serious about the game now man and I think that did get the FTC is going to be backed a position where. You know the other conferences. That are good hoops. Are going to have. Have to fight for those top four or three spots in the you know in the conference rank thanks. Sticking with with South Carolina kind of what they did last how how do we explain. And what they were able to do offensively against that Duke Team that frankly. Mike this the South Carolina team and at times. Was a mess offensively this year was was was always good defensively about how to explain that second happened it was more duke and just being. Awful defensively or is it more South Carolina and to shots drop it and just take it from. I think it was Duke's. Defense the end polarized. They never really found the great formula the defense of and then I I remember there was one play in particular that. You know at every time you had a chance at a run in the undermined it would support these fat but there was one in particular. Were grace and Allen got himself caught in no man's land. In between the dig and and a recovery in just did it in its recovery was like. It'll look like what you see in high school game withdrawal from like really looked yesterday told us that. He'd ever play defense and right Coca he never had to use and so you just see guys kind of waved and if they did it. At the offensive player in any. And the leaks like OK you scratch our apps so gonna get forty in your columns but now he's gotten he's got a garden. He made one of the great defensive plays of yesterday's Kentucky winning again work. Defense was really important voice at the grace and Allen recovery play that I saw looked like high school best friend not really all that invested in. What he was trying to do and that level in that circumstance I mean you're not talking about you're protected at twenty point lead or anything right you know you're now. In that game and your downs multiple possessions every stop matters and it didn't edit it it didn't seem to matter to him. On that possession. We are of course talking to Mike accorsi who covers college basketball. For the sporting news I Chris mad now Xavier now adds four sweet sixteen it is now why would Indiana fans not be all over him might. I don't know everybody's got a better idea John. A way chaos it it's it's amazing. He would do they convinced themselves are certain things Chris Mack is is the best person for Indian tiger at this point I don't think it'll happen. Like I believe that it's moving toward hiring Steve Alford. It that puzzles me a bit not that he's not a a solid coach he's got a good solid record. But. There's nothing spectacular on his resonate he's never made a final four maybe he does what this team. East I think this could tell what is its third or fourth sweet sixteen. I don't know that he's ever dated to the elite eight even. Any year ago it looked at just kept on firing Tom crane because they have what they believed to be a blue blood program and I agree with them. And they were not getting what they considered to be consistent excellence and I agree with them on my. But here's where I here's where we diverged perhaps. A year ago UCLA it was fifty to seventy. And they were six and twelve and pac twelve conference and for the guys that play in their top seven now the top six really were on that can eat. So how do you explain that. Death that that's definitely instinct. Here it here in the south region Mike UCLA's beaten Kentucky. Kentucky's beat North Carolina yeah does that mean Butler come out of the sound I make the final four. Quote very far at all and they're down there are going to Butler is going to grind out games and they're going to make you play every possession. And they're going to surprise you with Andrew should have a system very. Unorthodox offensive game and they're going to defend at ten. Maybe they'll beaches. Like you're not going to come in there and play fast break basketball against them it's not that Butler is going to. You know it then they're not it's not like they're Virginia but they they they know. That they can grinding game and they've done at the Villanova twice this year and won both those games. And they'll do they indicated to Cincinnati. Back in December. And they'll do it loses to Carolina on Thursday well actually nobody when they do it effectively enough to win the game. I don't expect that but I wouldn't be shocked. One more thing for a lay ego and this is this sort of going back to the Steve offer question Gregg Marshall obviously had a very tough matchup yesterday with Kentucky and Wichita State was. Vastly under seated as a tip as a ten. At what point if you're Greg Morris these say you know what. This life is just too hard year in and year out I can win thirty games and be significantly better than anybody else in my conference. And I'm only giving a ten seed and just decided take a power five job whatever limits whatever that might be even know it is his existence. At Wichita State be a beyond that it is pretty easy pretty simple. At what what point it is Greg Morris is gonna give up our five job because he he's strong armed into doing that. What you know I I think that first of all of that if Craig were offered one of the great job slight. Indian our Kentucky's years somebody like that and he's not saying no to that. I think that's first and foremost I don't think he's willing to take a job. That is. That is. Like I like the Alabama job he turned down and it Alabama has not been a basketball. Significant power since the nineties. They got some good teams along the way but they're not because typically significant since the ninety tactical that he feels the need to go and and reinvent another program and he's got a pretty good Larry is the flip side of being frustrated on selection Sunday is being. Not frustrated when you win thirty games the rest of the year. Act guy he's got an excellent team there and one that's really capable of high level things next year they'd they'd bring everybody back from. Yesterday's tea that kept except a couple of senior walk on. That it's it's a really formidable group and you know the other factor that you have to remember John adjacent is that. I don't agree with this move necessarily because I I I I know what you know that everybody that's good pitching in the American conference wanted to be out. But I think that we'll see Wichita. Make a move to the American conference and exactly when they can execute that whether they can do in Cutler next year I don't know. But I think we'll see that happen and and so then they'll get the play the tigers don't get to play the bearcats to get the play UConn. And SMU and so at least they'll you know at least they'll be forced by programs. That'll be significant will be on their schedule. And you know that that Oprah basketball standpoint for the for the foreseeable future. It'll be good for all of those teams that I mentioned if that happens. That that would be welcome news for the University of Memphis he has might accorsi has a great job covering college basketball he'll be here in Memphis. For the sweet sixteen and elite eight later this week Mike a pleasure thank you all luck tonight from you. Recent drop from thanks for having me. Deficit you he is Mike accorsi cover cause basketball war. The sporting news I Rebecca just a minute Jason and Jon that he cannot offend me ESP it.