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Thursday, May 11th
AUDIO: AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco on the Eric Hasseltine Show on Wednesday (5/11/17)

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Mike arrest L commissioner rascals thank you up for taking the time to join us my name is Eric Cassell to and I appreciate you being here. Eric it's my pleasure and credit beyond where it thank you let me ask you this. When you came out with this idea I would imagine there are going to be a few people. There are naysayers that sale come on you can't compete with the big twelve Big Ten pac twelve SEC. Why in your eyes and I know why I think it it is possible and I I don't see a tie idol I love the idea to be honest with you. Why and you arise do you see this being a feasible option. For the American athletic conference. 88 with this plan. In art I think we've already proven that we can do it I mean I think somebody should ask how we use and beat Florida State right. Oklahoma. Global twice. Beat Vanderbilt 34 not seeing when Vanderbilt you know barely lost to Florida in the swamp and winning games in the SEC. You know and obviously you know we had to use yet he Baylor in the big bowl game in 2000. Thirteen. We've had you know top Memphis team beat Ole miss we dead and you know essentially. Apple really destroy Penn State's when he seventy and almost due him out there are lost so much touchdowns. Almost beat Notre Dame in a game it should wind usually have lost a heartbreaker in Ireland to and state if you know they edit. With a minute left there relieving so we already done it in that sense then we've got twenty. I am 21. BYU wins in the past two years so in my view Eric and we proved we can do it we've proven we can recruit well. We have good schools that played good football they're getting better that you know that dynamic in this league has made them all better. Was scholarship limits transfer rule where they are we have a chance to compete. And our administrators are committed urged Turkey if you're admitted. Muted administrators can't eat right are great coaches and see what our roster coaches like either higher. Tremendous veterans like Charlie stronger and he had so or we hire are younger systems and you and Osama have laughed. We replaced them with a top assistants from the best programs in the country so well formula is they're and and we're we're proving it and I think it's only gonna get better. Wild say this. Last year I was wouldn't be looking at the rankings simulate and the American is getting slapped down when he talked about navy talk about. Houston as you mentioned in and temple the way they were playing in the way Memphis is turn it around obviously here in our backyard and we couldn't be happier on the success that the tiger football team has had. Not only with the first round draft pick in Paxton lynch but also. A team that just a few years ago was really struggling and now making the commitment to football with the administration. A lot of people believe are going to beat UCL a lot of experts around the country they UCLA as walking into a loss when they come play Memphis yourself. I'm on your side on that so I guess I wonder. How difficult is believed to get away from when people will criticize the teams that have struggled because. As you know once someone says about a pac twelve struggling team or an SEC struggling to you know that. I gathered there and that conference they would go to another conference and roll and I wanna raise my hand I go I beg to differ Kansas football not very good. No offense the Kansas but it's just the truth inside imagine that people it's your leg or what about the two lanes what about the dead the schools that have had. Problems traditionally trying to maintain a winning program not being able to get one or two years but maintain it's a what do you say to those critics. I think that's a very fair questions a good question by the way I do wanna talk a little about Memphis because this is a perfect example what I'm talking about actually many many times. This is not your grandfather's Memphis this as the Memphis program. It would doctor Rudd David ride very committed with some bone spur they did ark wrote great president. They're committed they're committed to winning and they're doing and they find the resource as we don't have the resources to. But this is sustainable program now just and twenty built something that is sustainable my doorbell they they weren't argued coach. A great job last year this year a little Bee Gees you know they're not what else certainly. Be competitive and all their games and that's the key now as far as the the other leagues and the weaker halves of those lead wouldn't do any better in our league and they were doing their urged I'm totally convinced our top teams would do just as well. And those leagues as as they do an early look at what use and did Oklahoma could have easily been forty to seventy. If they hadn't mashed up and profitable line you know and it's. They're tricky little played it didn't really need to do we're very 4217 and it probably would have been the final. And they also are you know they destroyed. Look I mean that was there's a little team that went and almost be clumsy mayor have destroyed Florida State. Did you people noticed that Eric I sometimes wonder to they noticed that it was 31 nothing it asked. And the final 36 and ten sacks of the Heisman Trophy winner. We don't get enough credit for this we really don't and I think the selection committee is not ranked high enough I hope they do down the road it'll actually up that we are. I don't think they understood our drug use and was a few years ago when an opponent and and beating handle least order state in the ball game. I don't think anybody realized I've reduce yep what to make. They. Were really good now in terms of the other seasonally. The league is getting stronger each year. Will lease rich it is a tremendous coach and he is building a good to link program they're going to be very very former or in a in a few years what are they went earlier where they get to the top echelons. I don't know of the league is really tough to the point just are getting better Houston's loaded with talent SMU was on the cusp of being a ball team. If you look at use yes you know they had the one down year Georgia's last year because a lot of different reasons. But they had been a top program Scott prospering and I'm back. East Carolina slipped a bit of a comeback. Cincinnati with little circle is gonna get better. You know you can I was ready Edsel is going to get a lot better. These are all programs on an upward trajectory I don't look at any of our teams also you and your quarterback that there are loaded with talent. We're going to be good top to bottom remember this is still a work in progress we. People forget five years ago. A number of our teams. This is what people didn't I think Erica appreciate this and didn't know what we have. They were too intent or three and nine also was too intent Russians aren't they hadn't built the program yet it Memphis they were right. Are you let's ask which two intent and Willie Taggart can and UConn struggled to Bob jock or at least I'm global game and you know they take fell back a bit but they were in other teams already have 12 or three games. The same thing around you know other parts of the league to lane was obviously a team that did not win many games use and had not done what would they did under Tom almost. But what changed well first of all the coaches were placed and I knew they work. The committed administrators were placed you know they all had decided you know and obviously joined the big he's from the big east initial BCS conference unfortunately. Or edited turbulence there and realignment or any kind of you know edit the big east is having difficulty staying in the BC etched a dreadful. When I came in you know those that that the window for a triple a pretty much its iron. Ed didn't have one so those schools join thinking that he was going to be you know BCS conference and they still go you know wasn't anymore. They weren't gonna make any less of a commitment that this wasn't gonna make any less of a commitment. And now where the American were strong we now you know ultimately be at peace six toppers there's no choice here. We can't go back just you know we wanna give my question at least the highest level competition the only way you do that is to aspire aspire to be happiest next now the first step. Is this is not the end game incidentally the first step is to be in your minds of the public and the and the media. A piece six conference and then once you do that you try to find a legislative way to be part of that autonomy group. Try to get a better TV deal on a few years that's going to be very important we think we're far more valuable and five years ago which really night and day. And and then those are key parts and then down the road can't do it now but down the road to try to get a contract or like the other is I hate the fact that. Where in this very Dicey situation on New Year's Day where right even though we might have the best team in May not have the best record you have teams that. It's gotten near a few times now but I don't think would have dotted our league I think our league was strong enough so that those teams would not of the lead have been represented every year. The last two years were 22 against the chief Ivan we've had the arm I its rating and we we win the merits Walker's a revenue merit pool for the G five. And we hate being in the G five you know which is one of those things and not no no disrespect to those conferences. Are outstanding conferences world and that yes conferences. But we would rather be you know we think we're we're right there with the peace six. And barely won my estimates say about that is we do not have to be the Big Ten of the SEC or pac twelve or whatever. We don't have to be done. We just need to be one of them we need to be among that we need to be one of those six. And I don't care where they rank where we're third or fifth such as long as we're part of that room at that energizes your recruiting it makes the difference in public perception. It means a lot more revenue down the road in the TV deal will contribute to that turbot catch 22 you know we ready you'll probably help us on the peace six. In the meantime the piece which were published on TV and that's one of my strategies if we continued to talk about it and continue to achieve not based on standards based on a strong foundation. And I think we will be perceived that way and they'll help us with their TV deal. I do think that that's that's a great point you just made that. That that the foundation is there and then you get the TV deal on the money and then they kind of go hand in and it's. Where if we can become a TV deals we get the better TV deal we can become a. Factor in this when you're talking about the distribution that the power five schools get compared to the non power five schools it just opens so many doors and in the end as much is. And I don't mean it to be contrite but it is much as we it is about student athletes because there's so many more. Athletes out there. Then war that will never hear of in their respective sports because we cover college football college basketball and remotely some College Baseball but there are track athletes swimmers. Wrestlers that dead are wonderful athletes in their own sport and may not have a chance to make millions dollars playing professionally but they're getting a valuable education. Bet that those kind of TV deals opens so many doors for more kids to be able to participate there but you said you can't take the step backwards it just. It seems like it drives it didn't end when you can get into that. In the that different economic arranging it opens not only doors for football basketball but every other sport as well. No question revenue will help us all around we've got great Olympic sports in this league. We have outstanding men's and women's basketball ever talked a lot about at least that is gonna ever gonna get it done here I guarantee he will he'll do it his way. A we're going to be very good basketball which it's such a great addition to one point that you you alluded to. If it's. It's bishop if we can become a piece six and we can become an autonomy conference. Is not only will obviously of course more revenue but we will energized recruiting. And it will make our schools destinations you know it will also know recruiting is critical because if you could save you young man. You can play it in essentially piece six Cochran junior equal to the other guys are you don't have to hold it don't arguing that the big twelve Big Ten right now our that the pact also Suu Kyi right now. A matter they can say their peace. I've conference and they and they can recruit on that basis. And that is herders and there's no question. And the second thing you can do you can say look this as a destination job now you say that the coaches to register for a key steps there are a lot of coaches there. A lot of coaches who love their schools and while being that you Chia. They're lobbying the US settled her great campuses are beautiful they like being at Memphis it's a great place you know they enjoy being that you got. If they knew they were any peace six and he knew they could recruit on the same level and they knew that that you know they had the the advantages and they had the money. They didn't there'd be no reason to view our schools are stepping stone to be no reason necessarily to lead us some code is slightly. A regional approach it at a mid level school and a piece five might. Take a shot at Ohio state of officer. You know that such normal lives and then we don't have any issue with that. But you obviously would would be foolish to to be. A piece six and be able to to shake. And have a completely different narrative and that's what I'm trying to do I think it's really important to keep harping on it you know I mean harping separate work to keep pounding away. I just say look we are because we've proven that look at our record look at what we've done against the look at what we've done in college sports generally. Look at what we're doing for student athletes same thing you're doing look at the size of our schools look at the size of our markets our attendance is up out there yet getting here. All get two point six million wildlife all the more hurt or they are you know six of our teams. Work in the peace ES at one time and yes we had three or four other aspirations schools were very close and we get as well like also. Which has had a tremendous history and athletics two lane was once in the all Southeastern Conference. We are not achieve five and we're close to the peace far these six or part of your we think we're were part of a piece which were close of the that's the key yet and we've got to keep attic because if you know perception becomes reality. A perception is based on reality to the extent that we have been successful we've laid a foundation. As I said it's not built on CN if we hadn't been achieving. In doing what we're doing when you look around our league and its east coaches and achieve these programs. Now one of the things we do challenge ourselves we don't make it easy and I think that's strengthened as but. You know we don't always win nose piece five games because we played probably 60% of all muscles. Nice opportunity through Memphis and UCLA your only advantage over when Ole miss came in. But you know it's difficult when you're going to Ohio State you're going to Michigan and you're going go almost eight you're going to hear you're going to Penn State. It's not music and and we know that we're playing 25 or so of those games again. And we're playing good teams from the G five as well so this'll this'll league in the committee is as recognized it. It's that you challengers argue playbook shows we admire that but I don't think it's fully understood how good we are. I don't think so you stand those two big wins I mentioned that they lost you know they lost. Three games in our conference. And and they lost that game to Memphis mattresses are really good thing. I ordered a great game on Friday Memphis came back right Alex Ferguson junior that final drive you know there's as a good conference top to bottom and I don't think. Every culture Benny and assess saint thing and these coaches are recoverable have been everywhere you yes exceeding almost won a national championship. You know you look at what other coach you were saying about police what Matt rule was still saying about the league he's at Baylor out that this was really good at me to play with anyone. If that's the case those coaches have been there Matt coach with the giants he knows talent. He had six players on that defense two years ago that are in the NFL now so again it's a really good league but we gotta we. Got to convince the public which still haven't quite done. Yeah now I added I think that that's the that's the challenge that you face and like you said about the coaches. I don't lot of coaches would love to stay in places but just like is you know they have families and futures to think about when someone goes okay William make him. A couple million here we're gonna pay four to five million that that's it's hard to turn away their very few coaches like Chris Peterson double sale places long as he did a Boise State. Before finally jumping. The Washington before I let you go because we've had John for a part time. What's the next step real quick. First. All our. You are I don't mind on this larger wandered beyond I love talking about our conference I've got some time today. And don't work out at all but I also respect your time constraints. Are you know what's next we you know we're gonna continue to. And we got a are strategic plan out there it is infused with the peace six seem. We are gonna were able to have a really good football season. Our basketball is immeasurably strengthened by Wichita and the fact that we're on the coast so many of our teams. We're gonna bear really really strong fastball coffers and that's important that's part of the piece which narrative. We're really good women's basketball and UConn and we catcher for other teams have been term or any change or not just talk. You know he's one team and who wins that's all exports were very good so I think the next step this too. Stress that these six campaign. Privacy are gonna try to follow you know the guidelines and our strategic plan which I think is a very strong document. And and we're just gonna continue to try to compete. And and then of course we will. Explore legislative wage to be in the economy conferences we will work with other conferences took to continue to play good schedules or working with. Major conferences we consider ourselves want to try to. You know have them. You know satisfy their peace for our requirements with our teams I think we're make initial progress there. We're strengthening our basketball schedules as well it's just ago it's a process you know we're gonna continue to do what we're doing. With an eye on eye on the prize and and it's it's it's it's absurd down the road. And then one key thing finally you know I could close with the TV deals going to be critical we're spending a lot of time on that. That a lot of ideas you know I've been into I was in TV for thirty years or so before. Taking you know this position. And we've we've got good console in the wash remember we have to tremendous resources when her office and I've been in this position long time. And we're thinking about how we're gonna do cheaply and captains earned as much as other people are about that he has and cord cutting. It's a concern but are still the strongest. Cable network still powerful they're not gonna jettison a very lucrative TV deal. We are night and day I think what they're paying us now essentially rounding error but the point is that's because we want what we are. Now bright years ago and the other thing is we have. Provided 32 games in the last two years with a million or more viewership Eric that doesn't grow on trees now and we have provided. You know we've got to twenty or so wins against a piece five Notre Dame and BYU. We've we've shown that and we provide extremely valuable windows. On Thursday agent tried edged and that's that's that's why were innovative and that's why were different. You don't I guess like enclosed within analogy you know work and we're not gonna compete directly with the Big Ten of the SEC we don't have to. We were jetBlue pour yourself what we had to do things differently but their major carriers. You know they're there they're with delta and united and you know an American that they didn't compete directly with them they did things differently. The George Washington didn't compete directly with the British with his army if you daddy would have lasted about a week. All over. It would have been no American revolution. Right but he got stronger and stronger and stronger because he avoided those battles but he strengthened you know himself and other ways in and year after year they got better. We have not decided to try to. You know you sure you know I use search probably the wrong word we didn't try to just insert personal loss Saturday work yet can't probably wasn't gonna put some of our premier games because. You know they have the Big Ten and and they have the SE so well this yeah they have SEC at night to take. They have a lot of windows every now and then we can get a Saturday window and we did with apple Notre Dame return that you are higher rated games of the year. But we decided that the best way to get exposure and then build our brand has to do those Thursdays and Fridays because those other conferences simply won't do it. It's hot it's a hardship our school don't think it's easiest thing in the world. But it's great promotion brandy we had the two Irish Thursday night games last year Friday's become a very good night for viewership. So we're doing it differently and eventually we will strengthen ourselves and you CSI on Saturday. You know you'll see yes. He wanted to the major. You know carriers so to speak will be one of the major conferences but we had to do it differently and then there's nothing wrong with we know we are. We do things innovative leaked as which earlier was scholarship limits to transfer limitations. We can't compete if we're Smart about recruiting. On need of five stars four stars you get kids with heart. Who who are three stars two stars launch our new development it got physical potential. Lake bore holes it was a tight end and you made into a first round draft pick a quarterback that you see after you've got a lot of stories like that that you mentioned there are lot of kids out there. That they don't get the opportunity Tyler Medicaid which was overlooked you got erratic first round draft pick little overlooked by everyone. We can find those kids we've got great administrators and you've got to Tom ball who really knows his football he knows sports he knows basketball he gets tremendous support from dark to run. You know you we can do it there's no reason we can't. And and and I'm convinced we will and and I think people probably didn't believe me four years ago I'm not sure they're saying the same thing now. Wild tonight Tom on also knows how to give me a C and fresh prince religious studies because he was my freshman religious studies teacher at they also allies. Well you're that's trust and a one point you know pretty grim yes I guess I now you done done all that again China is and he's proud of that noted he won that. You are that Notre Dame wring every day and classic to tell you that must. I will ask you this incensed Beers they've moved a couple things and he's in wrapping up first well we know as long as as as I want because my name's on the show and so I'm I'm going to go yeah tennis is. You keep me out of it like a problem I had a good day today today was you know I've I've been getting a lot of paperwork on today. You know so it's every site. Don't remind may have got a bunch of other after the show I just like I wanted to ask you this one when he said it. Because he did work in the television industry and we've seen some some great changes in the last couple weeks op Ed ESPN a place where you worked. And a lot of them a lot of people are speculating because it's the high number of dollars they've paid for the rights fees. Do you feel like they wolf. Be a little bit staying here with rates fees because Everett the opposite side from people that say as we talk that Mike arrest of the commissioner of the American athletic conference that. No matter what they do the rights fees will never go back down because they're already they've already set that bar. So you've actually ban in those meetings and then in those in those situations. What do you think happens in the future you as an American athletic conference commissioner. Wanna get more money for your schools and take the next step and I agree with you your much closer to meet the power five annual art to the group of five schools and and I do believe that about this conference so. How do you then get that that deal done in a time more it looks like ESP and stranded tighten the purse strings. My legacy natured. TV you're not gonna jettison a profitable deal you know we herb who you know or profitable deal and you know we've obviously we're we're we were required. With a bargain basement price because nobody knew what we had five years ago. These things happen. But now we've proven ourselves and we're valuable and there are going to be competitors and Adobe online competitors post TV competitors. And and so I think that the marketplace will be better. ESPN you know obviously is going through some growing pains you know we're in the growth is slow maturity machete and it happens it happens every additions but they are going to be. They're very innovative John skipper is it is a close friend he is extremely Smart. They know they have a strategy either they're doing a lot online now to get subs back and to have their product to get back in front of more homes. And and that's gonna continue to they've got a strategy so I think we're negotiating at the right time we're negotiating either year two way. And I think they will stabilize and be moving in the right direction again. In addition position that you if you have a profitable deal if you're gonna keep it in the wanna keep it now we can also do some things let them. They may not want to do all of our games like you're doing now shall we might be able to carve out a secondary package which would generate more revenue of I even have a third tier package who knows jump and then the online companies are definitely play I've visited them in Silicon Valley and they said to me that that where there are these the only conference that are really reach out to them they know they know we are and they know more valuable. That we play exciting football we get good ratings people like to watch as we play top teams. As loyalty play those great nonconference games ESPN's gonna have a terrific nutritionist. So you know again that yet can people forget they pay 890 million dollars or. Essentially a secondary Big Ten package and he did it in the midst of all this truly very recent one month that long ago and they know exactly what was happening. And I actually show you that would want a product has value for them. I'll do the right kind of deal right and and so you know again in either it is a concern of course. But I think they'll be judicious I think they'll be back badgers. That maybe 82 rounds of Monty and days when you know there are sub count was closer to a hundred and that they'll be a little more. You know I'll turtles are right word it's LB probably. You know that they'll take that into account. But that doesn't mean that we couldn't generate multiples of what we're getting to get her getting so little now right and that will help us enormously. And and we don't district have to have the revenue level of the big twelve where the you know the big tenor of the SEC or expect that. But if we can generate considerably more revenue we can compete or improvement compete at the level we're at now but it's hard it'll get our I'm not arguing that Adam. I'm not a Pollyanna on this I know I know that we face headwinds we've got to get a contract balled on the road. We've got a lot of issues that we have to deal with. But we're making progress and I don't think TV. There's an area where you know with we're gonna come out toward the end. I can't predict anything I don't wanna be you know you give you too rosy a few you have but I mean I had I don't wanna discourage jerk cop or schools either because I think. Where valuable and the what I have learned all my years and keep it. You've got to valuable products people want a quick one here in the wanna pay you what you were. There's no doubt about that I can't thank you enough for all the time today. Commissioner Mike a rescue oh the commissioner of American athletic conference joining us on the program it was fantastic I would keep you forever. But you do know about time constraints as you have been in the business end. Listen man come on board as the father I'll say this I've set a multiple times I love the job at dumbo is done I do hope Tubby Smith does turn things around with a basketball program here but. Having grown up in the east bay area of California and being able to go to professional games with my son. I I I'd love to take him out to the titans games but having Memphis football in our backyard. And now having it be as exciting and is entertaining as it is I can't wait to maladies you know turning six this football season. And he wants to go for him to be able to experience that because it's exciting and it's fun and it's a conference continues on that up tickets it's gimmick it it will generate to support. In this city I know for a fact. Well in dark what you go over that that's exactly what we're talking about it's wonderful that young fans and then you have a son who. If you wanna be and do what what they've done at Memphis the tiger lane with a big attendance a boost its head with a would be excellent teams they've had this year she should be very good. And I connect a moral he said about comedies are great guys good friend is where my value they'd these. And so is doctor rug David wrote he is he's one of our valued presidency and I have a great relationship we talked from time to have a strategy. You know he's obviously you know highly distinguished. Gentlemen and Anne has really made a commitment he understands. He you know he obviously has a sterling academic background but he also understands and values or to what can do for university if you do it right natsios since. The Memphis the other recruiting visit to improve everything about Memphis. As improved under his watch and and Toms Toms very able. And and I just I love having people like that are and we haven't we have many other schools well we we really had a great group of the young eighties and and a terrific group presidential working for them. But I'm just so please what would what's happened at Memphis and haven't I've enjoyed my mixed earns is there albeit a game again this year and I hope you enjoy it altered salmon enjoys it. And thanks again for having here. Commissioner I can't thank you enough we appreciate all your time. My pleasure I might have rescued YouTube buddy Mike arrest go right there.