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Friday, August 11th

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Art Jason Jon back with you 99 FM ESPN and we are in for a treat untold about it. I've been looking forward to this for some Tommy is a former tiger star was star center. A former sixth for the first round pick of the NBA draft was selected number six by the Phoenix Suns played at Memphis from 83. I two and three in 1986 and well aware of those years. A part of that 85 final fourteen his name is William Bedford. And he joins us now in studio and first of all sorts of honour yes was tellem and I know you don't believe this for some reason but I was telling a story it was when we opened the show. When you're 98910. Years old. In the middle all that fun you guys were having back in and fail like we were on how we you're not a tigers fan back in. And you get to be in the presence of those guys that Wear your heroes. A home. It makes a little nervous so you'll have to excuse me if I come off a little bit of a fan in this world. How hard you. A grew and grew and doing pretty good Tuesday man how is life because you use or have got quite a story and I'll ask you that question. With a little story of my own. What also at the paper I got a chance to meet you after you come back to Memphis will bit of 20112012. Somewhere in there. Got a chance to go to the fence center with you you have not been millions scene in new tiger's press facility had been here alone time. And you looked up at that wall and saw yourself up there and it was our. You tell me if our it was almost it looked at me like a man I was looking appeared almost didn't believe that. That was used here. God and believe that they know they were there. I'm an electricity if it was my first time there and if this facility thought I'm never big into embassy if nobody told me about it. You have been away from Memphis for so alone and that's a question I'm always wanted to ask you are remember and in 2000 Warren. You were talking me as. You're always under a microscope when you go back probably guys like me always wanna pull you aside and asked about the old aids and from. Why do you look thus I'm glad it now some artists is. You know when you when you're out and you turn enjoy yourself there's always going to be somebody. That a missile situation there's there. And directing him when united wanna come back in town a lot of stuff was going on around town you know him about a was. You know Vivian to everything no more pages because upon was a while when I go back there and in in. In India being an embarrassment or end up doing something wrong you know who have already been down that robe for sure you know resources and make or back. And so I was born in 91. So unfortunately I missed 85 and in those days so. How would you explain and describe those years to Thabeet. Amid the state tiger to somebody like me who heard all about him but didn't get a chance to live through them. There was no point in time when the city came in depth at home and yeah I mean it is. You know as you look back on it and you take about as we head. People all over the city from wis wound. North side east I mean all all from everywhere meat milk and one police haven't for Clinton. To a basketball team their hair. At least one player from each one of those schools parts of town meant so. And unify all of us to come and enjoy playing together and really brought to city together yet. So I mean this was one thing I really enjoyed about the must have been more. Obviously when you're when your team there's pride and your plan for the fun of Jersey but what it's Memphis and your from Memphis and a eleven of the twelve dazzle that 85 team from low parts of town and and systems and the pride must be different is at its most different is some like now when I looked. Two teams these guys from everywhere blood that's and his night. You know I don't know I don't think is hungry these guys into. I don't think so it's a different world nominates a whole different word here from at least in the bone bruises here in Memphis is is it is not a right. How close attention do you pay to the program. Of info on the program for the last forty years ago okra and mounted in about ask me about perished and being gone and explain. About Tubby Smith I was just due to assist you watching news. You know usually you brought you gotta give which is he's also come any and all one someone assisting give him tea chance to build his own team NC would go church. You know one of the things of what was amazing about that in your own as it was eleven that's well over for Memphis I mean that's unheard of and now you'll hear from some people that you can have there is such a thing as having too many minutes is kids. On a team you don't subscribe to that mean you did you think there was all Libyans omit this back then I have been. Saying this since I came back to Memphis. Nothing against the coach instead have nothing against it universal mistress and their decisions. That to mean. Why did you change from Memphis state in the first place we got him a few Williams around the country. Issues that that mr. state. And also. Like Garcia all due respect to coaching staff and everybody if you make their coaching staff. May have this coaches. Pitching on key Andre pertaining. You know those coaches. In green mean these guys from Memphis. As soon as surrounded area this playing now. He was CO whole another era basketball can be universally refuse. Tears and their needs to be a Memphis present members that voted yes they did to be America's presence period armistice. Because it is it he read up because that has been a point of conversation. Before tubby. You know especially with Josh folks is about Josh Josh I got their own different posts on FaceBook every other year about how Josh just did not. But there were a local guys that Josh passed honored did not interview or didn't give serious consideration to you think that's been lacking over there. I think was been blackness is coming outs in east real true at least this in Memphis. I mean you can go around somebody place you go to Crocs and I you can go to somebody's on the senators are Gaza to embark it is unbelievable watching these guys play. As I reckon you file your career as a no by the warm nobody in college you know causes some of course to have been may have gotten into a bad grade to know about it took on extra time and up home. But still there basketball ability if you look at these guys is like. These guys can go local owning any taint. It is it is shocking. Right and I was like you know if if if we can get more these guys off the streets and in school and be able to commit to go to University of Memphis. Usually Ono they're. We'll build a dynasty comments we will build a dynasty you have one. Trust me anyway and are eight of five team you will see that continuously. Do you think there should be eleven kids. On I can tell you I have that'd be all right the 2000 pages did does that Iowa that's what the Obama he's a lot of what are you over. For Eric Smith is coaches. This played there. In every kid on a team is from mrs. As Nazi. And it'd be the bed that to me it be that you can watch it on you why sit back there lights. And what happens if not love it a different got a product like Dallas and killing just glad to sit out this guy's got different gender or hearts. It's differed in the weight. That has come up dip its leader that we admissions has been built from basketball. And preferably the universe of America's best while degrees high school during the standalone. Right miss prism of their basketball. You still get out to a lot of highs against. Go to some I don't go to a lot right above us are sneaking and listening to do people still like come up to you. Emotional you know I don't smoltz didn't voter that ever amaze you like I mean all this time later is sometimes. It doesn't sound like Kimberly. It accounts of the game there and it says. I don't know about that. Are you still close when any of those guys and any party. Pretty much are great term talked to him you know. I can't talk to Dwight mood which is killing footage put us out and you know. But most of the guys and on and off to an old saying in in a widow grid or about doing coach's name working in doing this today you know you barely have time you think for yourself there. This coaching something you're doing now my understanding is since you been background yes I've dated Tennessee prep academy coach you know post where a team. And it's wonderful. You buy and you have met inhibit job has got a better interventionist you know if they have gotten it yet but I will. Always a play your brother who like him where your hooker. And do a little bit everything about 666. I think I have made him become dude idea of anyone familiar unusual of a simply Wednesday's. On course to. Tiger's great William Bedford writer Jason John 99 FM yes pink when I say the words they occur to you. What are your first off. Greg coach whom. No matter what everybody has always always loved him and yes sweetie and unless he gave as the chains there. He gave us chains that's. Was this person out he has a great coach grammys you followed Ryan talked to a Reno. And Osama Gaza probably layer for you to out of talked to him and he wants to get his cross across. You know what you say what he has to say you know he always Judas thing Greg hood you know he always and also go out there who was the toughest coach or player for wasn't him was someone else has been the leak itself coaches. When receiving coach is tough for ages is to episode is due which area east and India in stay in shape. Produce. When you I don't think and he coaches too often to me I haven't had a tough coach or you -- electric coach now are you sound that's what sat and so I played really you mean Greg as far as that it wanted to would have coaches Berlin owners like cars and you have learned something you know that's ominous to win we'll proto that's Iowa those who brought up there is no more old school coaches these days now you know you don't like you are only are you don't CEO's they're still ultra Judith Miller to come out and inducted hit a predictable source. There. You know I did against those who coach know you want to remain because giving this given how little or listen please pay attention well. But don't work. How often do you think about 85 and the and the final four and losing in the far off or does that sound before charges some of you think about it reader well world. Now and our workers some of these other guys over him Colorado sells these guys most would be asking me about it. Certain Gayle wonder after and they're bringing up her horse wanted to I don't know. You know at that point I was just play the guitar did you ask oh you must naturally you might use I used you have been goodness about the year cultural war for years. As I classy jazz on TV down able free to wrote it could win a championship game format you have to go by I don't hold somebody live who would it yeah. Now is you've got to go to orders your life but it wouldn't. Here's largest disarm and. Well Gloria we're never live down 2008. Now now that's never been lived down. We will be on about that forever wherever there about a will always remember you there is no question about it when you when you think back to 85 and some of your teammates. Did they did it feel like I mean when you're talking about you know Larry ants in air prize basketball home than it ever did you ever feel like. Or a curse here like there's so much tragedy there's so much like things that have happened afterward. Did you ever heavier. Thought about that or no I've always thought that you know. Even though we go sit around as a team like we ordered her phone was was a team right now. Who knows with the future may hold for any of us. You don't know if you're here today and gone to Morton. You know so army are always just look tennis is this is life right you know. I mean. We didn't think images on capitol weeping or price dunk Q reaping bass who Q we think coach is going have always from Z day you know. We hinting that that. But indoors as part of life if you can do long enough you don't. And we hope we don't pass a canister of their rat what you know. You say debt you know. I remember I never thought about it the other way. Have you seen these stores that Donald maybe six draft where you were selected sixth in the and kind of what's become of some and the folks in the and that draft and you obviously a bit of you know the limb by a story everybody knows that's sort of the the partly Washburn. Well what those days like man. I mean there was some fun days thanking him and fast times are proceed in the in in what everybody don't understand is beckon those days back in 8685. And 86 is when the drug area first came out alone every sport. You know. And guys were in you don't cross to board. And in zoos everywhere it was everywhere. So. I mean eight. A look at some guys who back in 86 if you don't logos and visit since pulled up to Brodeur yes. You know fantastic for its interference that so. I mean you know it it's. Some of those you know took to a wrong turn made wrong decisions you know both. You know it's almost you know from a be really learn until all the people about it that's where it comes just. That's setting up now right you don't edit kept him not to make that same path you know because as there are hard to come back from. Brother are we with the news's hour like you see scooter and it. And a former tiger. Played at Tennessee is well but to see him in get busted and and I and I don't bring this still happened and today we and you guys don't today why it would Geoff Calkins asked me this why why do so many of us go that route I was trying to explain to him how. It's quick money and it's you know we don't plan is in terms of 4510 years down the line as opposes laws bros and we wanna right now. Is that is that. Is that one of the reasons we go that route that we take that wrong turn. Things just won't keep living to face life. You know keep all the annual. Are you doing to get to the point to where you know you you make on his money you live in his last night you get these things you have these things really go where you wanna go and Elson is stops. So how convert. It back to emit fans again. And is trusting people who. I get the feel Russian mission now what you can tell people your story and say. Christian industrials don't plants those my planes and especially for guys who are coaching at army I must say inning guys now going to be. Where I am because of guys and our nation never haven't broke in noble cause of the money and I Salem broke what I say here. Who demoted their Macon now. Is ridiculous compared to what it was a womb we've come out just with senator senator stories and there's no way these guys where would be talking about well. I got to go pay ran off I wanna try got to sit on his house who have said an advocate rent you know and is is not like. You know you move on to a different life you know. When I was drafted and undoubtedly remain on his Monad did things Witten. I live my life and now this is another segment in my life I'm not clearly be a ball -- selling cars. Well Jim kids now and know that and where you can make a bit of raisin marquee it's now. Of China have but the folks ski so. It's maybe the most important part of your life. But if you're talking about I was siders now is senate bill that innocent. When you think about. Yuri MBA career begins as a high draft pick and you mentioned like the money's there. Do you think what do you think about the end of it is it because you. Everything happened so quickly for you did you come from an environment where you know if you're if you're in Melrose there amid the city high school like you ain't supposed to have this kind of money. But this does is is that is that the struggle. For for people who are resistant to it this this looking. You can pick any keep this city. 1819 years old wood nothing. Ten dollars when it Dallas you know here and there. But also medical the next year or more to give you 2.5 million yeah what are you going to do it's blow it Hugo ribeiro would Eagles spend money to go put Joseph. Hands in everything you can possibly get into goes look I got all this money now and I had nothing and I didn't have met and so. It takes somebody described it dragged a person to decide. Which is very very hard to do absolutely very hard to do you can't tell somebody not you care to amend it and changes in just got me policy he's the boss now. So it's like you've got to put recess until the very. Persona Brett. This just hardest thing in the world would do is tell a personal slowdown and you just got noticed a huge contract that you have that if you have somebody saying you know I. I have a carpenter has it was Obama cited a slowdown or. A bit but you know when you first get there you go though he read by house you go back article about toys you know you them irritating you cross. So. I mean in later on life after giving in and you could define that is really a business. You know you have four games we can afford different cities yet is like barely see home. And you get two point 10 okay. Now I see I'm not going to be doing his own life and Arafat's interest to us news. He got a tended to win the piston engine and you have been at the top Bennett comment button. A benefit to I've been to to parades and you know waited in in sin a different set of life and now. Are you happier back. 'cause I remember one point out you didn't wanna come back you've been back are you are you happy you came home. So happy for me. Of course I mean after you didn't it. See it to sport. Enormous open. I'm normally opens keys to a normal teach them and I'm I see them listen you know I can feel them this. You know and that's what makes me so want to be involved these cues at Tennessee prep cause. These guys are struggling to get to wherever I've bitten and I wanna teach each and every one of them how to get there without the struggles I was news. Well that's Vincent askew said in 2008 needed that the 1985. Years and and those yours at mid state where the best of his life. Is that true for you. It was the first base first event actually have a lot of confidence yeah. Yeah I was refers various the. Our often number almost has speculated until people now about south hauler how he says duo would only have our own cafeterias and and go to class Ross attracts mounted in and I think there's you know open abet those. I mean it was benefit at least some live over their wish neighbor about a home school. All right. And wasn't what was the most war at least one of the most rewarding things for you in the midst of all that that you felt like you were bringing. The city together because I mean this is only 85 and talk about it you know we're not talking about like this has only been twenty or so a year since in OKC. Address why are out of QQ when numbers like really would you be totally older stuff about basketball and mr. stone is. It's hard to put yourself in a tremor like we were we were jeetz. We enjoyed playing basketball. To give a separate against each other in return we had to and so we didn't just go and play their practice in the field house is so we went to parks don't strictly. We go to west would go play we'll go to Britain the parking amount of play it would go every whim play ball against each other. Know that they'd win college limbo but still we are huge concrete and don't display we didn't know. Missed an about. How people looked at us as far as. Colorado City stars on. Our great team and I don't really think about noted that because we're just shoots right we'll just play in basketball just haven't forward. And actually the levels of farm part of it watch and don't have all of our. If you're an actor didn't know to come back and about comedy now so great you would at best he's looked at my current. That's true. It is is that maybe. Is that any part of it when you reflect back on and you see it happen with a Alitalia that may be when you're in the moment and you're playing your dispute they could just play basketball did you but you don't realize like that people are watching what you're doing you have no idea you. You have blood on impact as soon as we were backed it we would display and that's where we go to impact that we would have been a history. Right really history. That folks was to be traumatic OJ case today you say you think of three teams when you think of University of Memphis basketball absolutely it's seven victory it's 85 in its 2008 but that in some pity teams of course but like the three prominent ones like those are the ones that you think about and beg you were on one of them. And like you know for me I was born in 91 my first memory of Tyre bass wells while mom tell me about. That 85 team like you did you made an impact in the they're people that there right now it's more like yelled back for what must my god I did. Amid this. And our nation full wanted to manages over there. And he stimulant in Tomei whenever he played basketball he was being an open discussion that we. A lot of my. It hurts our corporate bears moment ago are the kids different than elbow because not your coach you know are they softer and the parents ruined and you know what I mean is it or are our kids just in general the same and they're to be molded in the if they've got the right one molded them I think a thing. The assault with a back when you play and that athletic part of the keys like the basketball players and football players I think the world editor but rooms names Osaka you know because they're harder. Yet they wouldn't wanna learn when a good afternoon and push hard and and run hard into everything indicated turn down their bodies we can be stronger. Inacio London today. Did you did you always have a low car salesman and I hear you're doing very well my morale auto sales that you lose. It didn't did you ever thank you B seven Cox. I thought I'd be involved with salt and doing something would cause cause I've owned a Lotto you're so. That's I didn't know that this yeah. I love endures some did with them. What is the sweetest card you have the sweetest wrapped. In. Think I'm practicing my 68 Camaro who when you have them. Doesn't Detroit news and wanna Boris 68 Camaro are nobody can tell you into the reserve code blue to white striped. 33 inch tubes in the bag chrome we bars nine seconds Cordoba. My goodness on this is a car man right here what happened to who jostled you sold room. Still is telling amid a lot to media. Yeah in the health lefty I was born in the second period I got expelled they're out there right things into their because I know put it together. Arrays of everything about labor of love you know you still got the tottering. If you do we really at home. Home oceans on the juggling a seat in front yard where there. About audited ordered all over here have been turned things over a studio and own and all let's go Canada I would not put albums ring. What was your proudest moment I've met that is admit this state but maybe year year entire life like when you. In your career like what's been your proudest moment. Some. The proudest moments. In my whole life to our senior murky is born. I'm fingers that's one of the most proudest thing goes this race that you don't own up to hear. Nothing here usual us. Their core U boats that. That was a bonus that's. With the kiddies who. It's you or chat. And asked most proudest things that a watching Q game boy will be the first person to be able hold your child. And looked down and say this is my. He inevitably on being there him I know don't rushed out of you know I don't know I rushed Abdullah science week you will get you know it's got to Marion would get there is no rush just governor has got married alone. Long long were you with. We get more we've been together since on and off since 2009. Or two additional. We had a little break him there. On this stuff I had you know that I had to mature as is made yet another segment there. I decided to hold it could be today that that is not going to be another segment today you have dozens of full yes. Win. I'm doing or you were doing right up until. And opinions and you did mention I do radio some terms and and a sound like Barry White. I. We are doing radio so it's Arabia late night on the red is a sweet Lou or whoever the fellows we've already Arafat who made it. Yet you did it's it's tough that I for everybody and have coffee cashed in on that. It down bring. Billy Richman former tiger now businessman. As a wing spot overall medal round. And that at the end of every commercial or do former say. Echo sported a tiger. Tell Billie that Jason's been since been opposed or turn them and they start doing that with you and is sick over a sport has tiger. Your mom around us in about car from a Manto. A man we benefit from just. What are going to be very yeah I'm not be great. My goal I caught on the yet have for yellow may yet we don't yell worked out out off there as well I'm just I don't work that out on their battle. Oh man willingly goes back to you and I'll just as fast passing away and we reports which are more women and well what would you like we can't pick you know this and your lead handsome millionaire by the floors just put the microscope on what would you like tonight I wanna know. Was going to them we were in met we got married in Mexico so we combine that it and so it was Kay was you primary how long they'll. What's this a little bit over two months you know you could get it wrong right. What are you made that no other see I forgot like I know the date and that's all a matter are you what are you planning for the anniversary. Oh my goodness I got to think this far out yes it's meant trust me Mahan all right. A VI SI haven't even thought about him tomorrow yeah heady thought about will going somewhere out of that this is somewhere around this is due to the min has been married okay cause you have. Of playing its lease. Eighteen months to two years I hated for something for her I really exists for okay. Because they have all type of stuff that come up that they cannot cancel. Right they will not cancel. OK yeah what you play as gifts cancel yet no question so would you may the players that far ahead it's baby we got to do disowned is that nobody. Okay what this week. You have to it and input did down in stone Oka and didn't do what I'm late I gotta I gotta make up here because I mean a well we're only about what ten months out now harassment. All right I'm gonna get on how that we can go out of the country has that don't worry this great yeah we've got some by the country's elites McCain over into a lot of people here admit this is not you've been on the state he. Or the city account yeah and apparently does best of a shock until you learn to summon spirits. In US nuclear have been today Israel there have been to the water park in Atlanta they get it to you wouldn't on now been there. What are you go to relax. What you do to run like or deep sea fishing around in a long term but I'm about to the U. And I'm also working on a book to. Of a book. We're gonna Oman autobiography what made you wait till third if I had doubted our behavior but it got a book are yeah because auto works are a lot about -- -- okay well isn't it what's it about I mean I know it's about someone like it is about autobiography did you run out Burton and eleven you can notice about so the whole it's going to be everything from the beginning of the end game to me you didn't army is there is a ghost writer and are you doing this on your own dubbed on the writings so far opportunist I've really get out of college right now so. I've been doing this since 07. So while riding it does via cell. You know when you just can't just jump down and write books and okay well are right disdain how right they don't know me as you've got to go to a lot of the fears that came up those days in those terms in Europe ain't right so most of you know our government redwood you've got to make notes on the -- Periodically do today right to come back and finish it out so always want to write a book it's an artist artist is just starting. If you found it to be their pubic have you found to be tough is very therapeutic and is very tough. You don't go to a close at times of yourself don't go below that go beyond his ability would have put it in your. Which you also noted you know this is a part of well how much he wants about it though that's true good point. Every group you come back all of us have you before the book comes absolutely comes out we have got to have beyond any any idea when they're gonna finish any any go oh. Muggles ought to run next year to be done next here we'll we will absolutely have to get today called art about. Yeah Simon are now oh yeah we can't beat him I think you have a long line of people that would love to read a book. And thank you for this we've ever really appreciate it no problem fasteners install an honor thank you guessed I have absolutely welcome back Jason Dunn and Jennifer MES via.