Memphis Tiger Great Antonio Anderson on The J&J Show (10/5/17)

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Thursday, October 5th

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Jason and Jon did John FM ESPN. In our next guest is a certain to be. University of Memphis and club hall of famers neighbors Antonio Anderson. One of the most beloved tigers of all Charlie joins us now Antonio what's up brother. All the hall of Famer. As a field. Do. Appreciate it. So how did it and I had you word man had to find out that you were going to be NM a hall of Famer how to happened. Oh on Tuesday it was skewed heavily very. I was actually work them and are working on. I got a voicemail. Village from love remember well. Called back. It is it is caller made it for me that I've been selected. Where Kosovo's seventeen all of aimed gain advantages so. You do feel it. When you come down they tell you win when it's going to be to all the festivities that go on. When when does this go round. This goes out February cast. Thus the ceremony and an army 111. Members please use yes it is coming up our time to believe as well. So it's what we were talking about this that's pretty much all day yes so we congratulate the very deserving honor out com. We're talking about this yesterday you know because it is the the ten year anniversary. Of that 0708 team that's crazy an enemy was ten years ago they young made their run. Did note that though the fire department actually called all my guys. Well played rip it I mean. Talk to them I've got out about I don't know some vulnerability and and not they didn't tell me that they don't call so. Hopefully they do. Although the course a lot of guys so what political or years. Out of the option. Who want to talk to logical. It's not the city are Joey Joey Joey French. I spoke with Jan dust over rob I don't robbed overseas. I just overcome what a guy's true audiocrush. And that's. You know they also have before me. So this is a huge honor men well. I'm blessed to be able to. You conduct yourself and remember there's a lot of history that goes on that program numbers that would be a part of it well. Intel did you have any idea. Come. Whether the university that this plans to honor you guys as a team you know because it was such a significant can't. You know team in year for the University of Memphis athletic department. Do you have any any idea or inclination if there's a plan come to honor the whole team. You know I know. Big government get a victory about it when I was there when she got the last time. Note asking around like you know. There has gone on has they're going to be done for hours you know I think we millimeters we had a huge. Impact on the city there are no more years. There you go out some of the guys feel unappreciated. Plus some of the resort total log on an enormous sum we'll go. You know so much love and support as I do most innovative so. Somebody took little bitter about it. Oh well. Hopefully we can do something good to bring us all back out once I think got to be some big. If you pin is back your procedure marina. Sure aviation offer that you know I know maybe I guess that game well. You know if they let us speaker and the vote abrasion that you guys. Do coaches oh we got to help. Don't you think Antonio log in and others is is kind of weird because as his view it you're part of it but just. I mean you know the history of Memphis sports and you're obviously a year round alarm of the universe are meant to be don't you think. They should bring all of you guys back I mean because we've seen what happened right after that it's there and how hard it is to that to succeed. At that I have a level I mean don't you think they should. Make the dessert I had I know listen it's complicated the right the season is technically vacated but. It isn't really vacated in Memphis and me don't you think they should bring all you guys back. I agree it was sent a bigger day you know reach out to all of us and you know especially we maybe were you know Derek in part that I would hardly be in there are we going to let that go elect Derek. Playing up big in our could be years something where they're Derrick comes demand isn't. We ought to get there is something like that. Or just maybe after about laws over and I haven't got what it bring us all back. I think that god so loved it we all. Loved our Tom remembers. I could speak with Derek on a much she enjoyed his city. I know I love recruit Joey Robert. No robs a load bearing actually earlier area. You know guys embraced that place like home. How big of that the soldiers. That people Ira premiere school. Did something like that issue will bring back. Memories salon ever sued to bring back that excitement that we brought to receive that this team they're gonna have right now I think that's what they need. Especially a lot of guys being new and coaches give it just it's Agassi did he got support that we had a we had. I'm gonna band lineup before we don't pull a blockbuster is either lying around from a building little play. Two laying low price and that's what they need to get back gonna isn't as hard but you know law will limit the post about her battle we wanna see as well. We are courtside at the great Antonio Anderson soon to be. In club hall of Famer over at the University of Memphis. And I wanna stay on this because you obviously have a unique perspective beans it's integral part of that team Joseph always been back to Memphis and you've been back to Memphis. Did you think guys like coach Howland and Derek and and CDR do you think that they they would all be open to coming back to Memphis because you mentioned it in you talk about it with us before. In other there might be some bitterness do you think those guys would be open to coming back. I I couldn't speak for coach cal. Almost oh I don't know well. You know. I'm going to reach out to. Chris. It I don't know Derek scheduled Emery got the traditional before he was my roommate put it three years you've via. And like in auto builders goblet of tag around chant your guys I want those guys there would be what I could and got into a part of you know me utility can't peered out under our solid got a lump them Whitney because look at my brother program will go to guys help me get rid. I am today and I would have maybe it won't be given certain call from located so. I'm worried Obama got a lot of law wouldn't. I'm just glad I'm glad they've taken this first of Antonio the spurs that just didn't you in this this all fair amount we we all want that reunion we had we we we opened up. The lines yesterday we were talking about this obviously everybody in Memphis wants to see this reunion happened the question that we actually has callers was. If you had a reunion of the gas from that team. Would you have cal back with them and I and I and I am guessing what's your answer would be to that question but if it's you we do the reunion part of this hum. You want to out here to witness as part of that or or just the players be enough. You know. I was located he was my coach you know load Marcos fairly. But. I don't he knows someone at some of the city still go to some tabloid and you wanna rule not you know you call. So I want I want I want to keep the good bishop Abby beer or two. You know supported me. And coach always got my back read this thank god that that moment got to be special. Our culture totally understand. But I wanted to be more Obama is an overall vehicle out rest of the debt so that parents don't walk. Coast there you know they're not how it goes. The true Antonio Anderson there's always made about everybody else and not himself with what did you what did you think of the college this college basketball scandal I've got to ask you about its own. Hum folks get arrested man the FBI involved. Possibly you know it's if they crumbling. There's an accident. It's nuts I'm I'm I'm just happy they're probably not see members naymick that would anything. You know we we. The so called big big kitty he she didn't think I'd bet on so you know I paid attention and achieve our urban legend like the geno get tired of all these other guys are all this or the shoe companies and assert that. It is show man like. How much power. You know Judy pal happy days you're not like you exactly were they do. You guys it's nice to have led the saint Thomas is in business that everybody understands that. I think that's regard how we should get paid in the first urged. It's is there a bitter feelings for you when you think of the NCAA just the way that went down what they stripped it over. You know obviously Derek have been cleared by the clearing house when you think of that decision to do it. Or what go what cup comes over you we've never talked to you about that you hate the NCAA. Right NCAA. What does it. I do I don't think geek I don't think they did in the right where it came to us biggest issue in earlier unquote got better regarded they assumed. So what took Derrick whatever test whatever it may be. You know Derek called all of us in this all of those are what really happened or words we all believe it. He had no need a lot of us your driver make it go on a million dollars so you know you know he just apologized sort of an awesome situation where we should be in. Oh you know as saying no he he knows what really happened there. And we know we know are ever so I baby baby baby don't want a small school board members Megan and always were major. You know you're an hero beating all our schools partly Paula. And you know respect and a lot of it injured early money. So another way to sort actor suicides they figure he's gonna. Tell us how we've got to. Can you tell us what Derek told you guys really happened. In Minnesota as you know about managers have been a bailout lead other Brothers. You know what they're saying excuse me was let it be true. In us so we have a sick and we believe we believe we trust them on certain. We are of course talk it's Antonio Anderson is going to be inducted into the University of Memphis in club hall of fame. And the early part of next year are immense so obviously this is a happy moment for you to get this recognition when you think back to your time. At the you have them and you got a lot of moments jobs at the free throws against Texas they NN yet the big shot against Jerome Jordan in the tolls again in the game winner. Some what was Antonio Anderson's favorite moment. You know one of the net in those four years. Oh man I worked out this say senior day. Yeah. She gave me a lot you know just. Those glorious blue block and hit Indonesia in combat that logo on the road back court. Well my parents are mark you know my Brothers process. News. Permanent sinker worked in 32. Accord clash of that bans nonstop. They are sorted into the day when I go back. It shouldn't let that play if you wanted to create a lot of grass. I embrace it got a lot of those people that die hard tiger fans. And I have no problem. Stop and corpsman and a mark there to meet a mother could talk a remnants of them a little bit complicated bridge out so I would have officiate game in most random process and everything. Everything I credit to them and I appreciate their motive and help. I had an ad in terms of the current program and I we've had you always talk of a lot about how the program is today it seems like I don't know if you know it seems like things appear to be on the right track guests turn around a little bit in recruiting you know you keep up with. With everything with the program so how you feel and how you feel about season two for tubby Antonia. And they haven't been OK and I see that in getting some some doubt that he's come visit doesn't start. You know you know out of you give him an you're getting a guy renewed building it around your programming dispute here with the coach out there preached. You know it's a start random moments of former rossbash they come out in New York this year. And I'm not much out of the coliseum. Only like a real hard properly. They knock them that they not have that back rent at market open anyway talk to any player recruit. You know opera like. I have one other. We Martinez one of the best we are standing in school history. And is more reset and other so we can't. I can talk anybody say they can do is call me give me whoever is number or whatever they need to do. Under setup program that and anybody that I love it. Tony you know you gotta have a plaque and then new facility right that's one million dollar facility these dudes are put together that they've got now. I mean you know that that thing was built with a lot because of what you guys did amusement which gets dollar room in there. I didn't. Have you seen this yet have you seen this thing viruses that tells it's a top three facility in the country tone. Okay okay what is bigotry there. This this new practice facility at that Memphis is got the opening up this fall to twenty million dollar facility at these guys are going to be able practice in the lead in the finch senator. And annum and I'm trying to tell you that they're your. UN that team as part of the reason why that things there and I'm seeing if you'd like a room in it. And we go to Gaza room and it. Oh yeah you know what they're not outbreak that's seen the video that Israelis are saying it's quite easy. If you're saying that I just wish I honestly I told our 100 colleges are situation where you or we watching here. As a team automatically. Be you know we. We believe we felt we will go over there and a we we will bring a lot of revenue over their mastery. As you view a picture of us. To loop column I all our go for a statue you know I think mission erect a statue of city are dug in over Kevin Love. Are you know look man I've been I've been creation perished. I was stock is gonna go Whitney meant no rush here affect blood brother to me. He was a mosque in that I can go to their best player ever play wood or four years I'm awesome dude. He's the next one so he's the next and they got to reach out to write it feels like there's some bitterness there. At least on. After he let you know people that get out of Iraq president Dyer our membership my Black Sea. He he got all our rain that we made it eight customize them there was no light game. He's like arrogant does everything he did you know he's. He didn't properly because you know how. He you know he didn't feel we are treated to a we should have the guts are. But I think we are being either Carly Joey Rockwell I was never deservedly so much me. Yes or and then lastly for let's go inside and others is your first year obviously you're going to be coaching up Atlanta and then. You're you know where you from how's everything looking man how's it going. Is going well man you know mark my kids are working hard. You know registration you know hard work. Academics. I'm gonna need guys understand accord have been a great Gmail it. You know I actually had Christie to remove all. I'd rather speaker moles all. Joseph receipt remote upload any innovative talk talk to them about. Hi I took big of a player you know I was never a leading scorer and our leading rebounder. But I don't know propagate. An actual target marches to understand. It's not about this that's. They got into so about the W that we can do you have been will be trying to share. And then that's why should be told if you got a players make sure you send him down here okay. Video look. I got cleared up I got players every other school band from Regina. That's what I'm talking about it Saudi ambassador congratulations on all the success for us throughout the season we'll do it again and give back in town man thank you. You present style is Antonio Anderson former tiger one of the best one of the greatest.