Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland on the J&J Show Wednesday (5/16/18)

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Wednesday, May 16th

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Broadcasting on anything Miller at 688 men on line at 829 This news. That Christmas sports stage. Back visited John and Jennifer ME ESPN and ask promised he is the mayor. All of Memphis is name is Jim Strickland and he joins us now matter Strickland how are yeah. Gray Larry Elder and well we are fantastic thank you for joining us yeah absolutely has never been better for the city of Memphis as a sports city. Then it is today. Kids aged it may have been better but this is getting awfully close. Between the upgrade of the golf tournament to one of the top ten tournaments in the world. To minor league soccer. To Penny Hardaway injecting huge excitement. I think the grizzlies are on the upswing. I would my hopefully being held in next year's did a good draft pick. That professional spring football tiger football league in the top 25. And the red bird when a championship last year. I mean how can it be better how can it be better man I guess the tigers and and the grizzlies win titles. Yes all right you know any course that I've been around long enough I remember the tigers. In the championship game and no wait that was pretty great. That grizzly man in the year conference finals. Back in 85 the tiger's been in final four. Suburban. A lot of great things but it's it's it's setting out to be better than ever. No matter how long had you been keep in this say if secret intelligent to know about this because John Maher was all over he's trying to figured out how long you kept the secret. I guess it's been a couple months. But they were they were very insistent that it is that it that it remained quiet. So we complied with there their wishes. I think spring football can work. Remember the showboat stepping in a lot of low on the weather's good it. You know football so popular that you probably play twelve months a year. But I did not know about Mike Singletary told maybe the day before and baguette bag got me excited to confess. And just got to have another tenant in the right yes. Yeah I mean. Well frankly more of a landlord in this arrangement because you know normally have local ownership well the league owns all the teams to work. Where the landlord and I think we're gonna make money on it which helps maintain the stadium it's a great stadium but you know told stadiums so we got we got. Some deferred maintenance around there that we need help west. Win win now as you know mayor struggle a lot of folks tend to make jokes write about spring football they say it's not gonna last longer than a year. Com whatever it goes on and I'd just like if back and arms and I'm sure you like the fact. That Memphis gets chosen. Right per per verb for places to come here organizations that come here and shoes Memphis as a city I think it's an honor. I a 100% agree with you they reached out we did not recruit them. They came to us which you know I was talked couple reporters at the announcement and you know if if it. If it doesn't last very long I don't think that's a negative reflection on methods at all. I think it's exactly exact opted yield thirty years ago we were trying to get to show boats to prove ourselves exactly. Now they're coming to because we already helped prevent ourselves. And of all the cities in the country they've only got eight and they end up being in that. We know Orlando and Atlanta are the other two cities so far that's pretty good company that was a great city. It is terrific company let me ask you this measure Clinton Penny Hardaway help us with our population loss problem. Can be. I I've trained like he is like that the plug there I feel like you can help us it. Keep an awfully good recruiter. And we know he can recruit you know ten to fifteen guys may be we get all the turning loose and recruit you know 101000 people. I got. I don't outlet I would empowered him to do that all right there's anybody who what do I can do it it's a minute they are it's not a good does the penny effect extend. To your offices I mean these can you feel it from where you sit. They. Beat the excitement is really off the charts. I thought there was a lot of excitement when coach cal Perry came here and there wa. But this pops that this is beyond you I think I knew people would be excited but you know this fell out of the hat. He's Wear and people trying to dress like him. And just every little town hall meeting I'd go to. People are excited about it and can tiger what number number one tiger basketball means. The world to a lot of people and he is a legend and and you know if he had gotten injured. Would be a sure fire hall on camera by. When you saw Orlando trying to use will pinning his is a Communist yeah it feels disrespected as we did. Again I'm honored that they try to tap into the millions magic. We we are truly tube city I mean really from grade school high school. College and pro I don't know of another city has the better basketball players and us. I'm with you we are of course talking to Memphis mayor Jim Strickland here on Jason Dodd and I also wanted to get your thoughts. Obviously the greens are huge part of of our city we are pro sports town now because of the Memphis Grizzlies what are your thoughts on on Robert pear retaining ownership and. But that was a home that was good news we wanted Robert pair to be a buyer not a seller I think and so I was very happy about that I think that's good news from Memphis he's. Throughout his entire ownership time he's indicated that he's pro Memphis and wants to keep the team here in. And wants to make it better start that was. That's another thing that I thought helped in this momentum that we've had sports and the last 68 months. May I realize this is no state level butchers your your stance where you're at all not yelled about the states having that now be the choice. On gambling where where you at all Matt. Odd at first glance I am for I wish frankly that we could've gotten to the casino game. Love back when him two that it was taken off. We were forbidden to do that by state law that. And the state still has to act I think. In this regard. But I think I think that would be benefit us now you know it's amazing what's happened over the dog track. Across the river and look how much is grown over there. It is about saw or senator Brian Kelsey says he wanted to put the money into education. I think that's a win win for. And I agree what can be the effects of being a great sports town have on the greater metro area here mayor street we see at the university level I feel like. Within enrollment right leg when Alabama and Clemson and those type of programs are in the Kosovo playoff. They see massive spikes. In enrollment so can that can that translate to that to the city level and that what can what effect can that have here in Memphis. I think it I think it has to go to coming out really deep again have a positive impact I mean Chicago with a great sports town I think. And and I think it it adds amenities and people. Wanna live in Chicago because there you know one of the reason I don't because sports so I think it is a drawl of people to your city which is. Good in and of itself. Although even one step further. Economic development trying to recruit businesses to cities. Has hit it used to be who gave the best incentive. Incentives are important. But they're really going to cities. That have a good quality workforce growing population. So it's almost he has to recruit people first before you recruit businesses. So I think having the amenity of there have been a good sports town great sports town as a plus can you imagine all the business executives who play golf. Can you imagine that strike you bring in a man can determine next year when tiger and the top fifty players are playing here to be it be great. The unbelievable your your basketball got mayor who's up who should the grizzlies take a number four should expert analysis. Well first of all I've been just a plot talk Chris Walsh would be calling me to schedule work out and all main topic that role but I've not heard. I I don't know if we will be I think he'll be picked before we get to pick. But I'm high on back. My assignment. My six year old son got me to watching him this year. And I wish I wish we could have. I'm afraid he's going to be gone after that I don't know. Supporter. I'm worried about the back injury that. But if he's totally cleared I'm guessing that you I think I'd go. If I'm them one win one last thing for relate to go merited that yet we have so much momentum as a city and and you can feel it every day we're doing lots of things right. But we're miss and one thing managed to get just one just one and wanna get you on the record. There's no top golf in Memphis oh my goodness there's a top golf in Birmingham mayor Strickland. To me that is unacceptable Birmingham cannot have a top golf and a son have a top golf so. What steps are being taken to get a tough golf to Memphis. I've actually met with the top golf officials couldn't and mayors are competitor bears outfit to drive shaft. Which is the same sort of concept. Maybe I'm not as good recruiters penny. We're out. But we're out there recruit and they are definitely that concept is is is on our radar. OK so I yeah RT I would you say you are in talks to bring one of them to Memphis. That it. That may be strong I'll I'll all week we are. Making aperture. To bring them okay outlook except effort out I trust you'll get it done here soon mr. we can't they denying your. Thank you gash the present is Jim Strickland the mayor of Memphis.