Memphis Basketball Coach Tubby Smith on the J&J Show Thurs. (10/12/17)

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Thursday, October 12th

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That's now. I Jason John back with the united out of him ESPN has promised his name is coach Tubby Smith. He's the university of his head basketball coach he's gotten of this madness tonight he joins us now coach Smith how are you sir. Wonderful and very weird duo and well about it and doing my research for this interview coach. I've learned that you look at issues I do a little bit just a little bit you know not all much coach you know I don't know what role should. I hear your clock what you what you saw in recent here's what I found out here you're a five piece dry season man over the wing guru Gil on sweet tea little Sweden low on the side. That we guru Billy Richmond street Yahoo! you're over there quite a bit. Oh yeah probably she's got great very you know me we will support. We will. All Holmstrom whose program like Billy don't shirt terrorists are. A little bit recognize you exchanged at least agree they didn't have a program it has been great in the week. Horrible to. Kentucky's we started a program in years a goal bring back former actually should that hadn't finished in Greece and I'm so proud to be applauded this immobility used to did you shoot links best. Yeah there's a lot of great way to get so get a lot of the. You better be careful if it is a political. Be in the Americas basketball coach tubby did it say it's a political job in that. All of us at Phoenix cardinals public but then you have your shirt always election. As a certain specialized jobs serve you wish universities serve the players serve the community. And this flooding. It's never easy to conjure up the bird careful. He's gonna offend people these live in this climate this time of Little Rock country album. EW very cautions when there's that old time coaches are used to being ashamed and things like it did when I talked about place or something's got. We just can't do anymore. You've been here this your second season now coach and I know you've done at all at at every level. It is everything you've learned. About this job I mean what what have you learned. In your time here. Memphis. I have ever program as sure. As certain current. There has secured and the bare it there's always sheltering their burgers. And a larger obviously trench where security issues like coach. June dinners and they're ultra clear as usual play troop restrict you know living. Couple mobile come the next stroke it a program like well this over the biggest single day shall we had. There's no. You know we read. If you marketing your program actually program the competition short entertainment dollar mail. You got a computer competition all the programs they're on the notion tumbled. It was surrounded by hashish we. Well and they know that are saying initial result all of those schools in this region. That we have to compete with net and ending would have you'll just switched most schools we built the nets have to deal Opel. Trench in their backyard. Central. Don't do the things I don't own lies steal the people lows. We must start exploration domestic English watching here we knew that it was issues such ball in the most. Were able launched. Well I guess stroll programs. From home emotion yes they were real and has support it has been amazing so it's really a normal operation what are they just keep building. Has it been a tougher dig the new envision maybe when we're when when Memphis disaster NATO do want your appear want to come watch us. Come lead our program with that with all the people you got to deal with the recruiting and you mentioned the resources. The fan expectations that it was it tougher than the maybe you thought originally. Well well so I expect always expected to tell you that was recruiting. So Q what is large is never easy so. There actually was invited these tours and Jordan were doing a great job shock people. We're gonna do it right where. That takes our. It really debts to build it shocks. An accomplished. Not only in your players split in the administration. Is playing loose ties to approach is. Media illusion that he's committal lol you are right it'll be a little bit source that's best which all forms of people think. Well he's ignored me and nobody can why don't contribute that it shall it takes. Let me as his own forgive beat around the bush you know that the media here it has been our own you gotta include myself and then my cohost job market right here on. Whether it's recruiting or whatever else do you. How does it compare. This scrutiny that this program is on under all the time this Memphis media compared to other places you've been particularly. Lexington. Don't cash bonuses not much different beyond certain as. It always felt like. You know the media. Remember over all uses social coach Jim. Post all the sort means could we can help you recruiting agents in the region and this what are your job. You got a totally different job than what I have to. We've got to. It isn't so new reporting the news. Former SS that's felt obviously. To make those farms. What position we're not sure about Edmonds looked unsure about quitting basketball balloons. Would move auction shall in no mood ultra monsters. Into the dome room can. We'll that are going to be a great husbands fathers noting. This are great citizens and good. And citizens. I'll give you look at that ought to sound Columbia old or you're available to be they're. Still. It was so long boot. That's been so totally different. Mean that's that's part of in new Nablus and student Nick Saban talked about we will. The coalition government outlet for the it a Burger King. You still have to guard against things like that it analysts again lead the what country this July these actual players shouldn't have to deal with adversity. Didn't visit you would prosper from. June. In Washington who thought for. And La athletes do. Yeah they they also start to look more forward and they're the ones they're the reason for this season there's a reason we're waiting. This would soon as always until rubble was followed as well. Older so obviously got I have made shot meant anything. For a while also execution Churchill. Mortgage larger problems. So that's what would pummel Obama. Teaching lol that's like getting the business watched the last 25 years. I don't know about straw that didn't for the current situation what I do no question and that's what your record my initial emotions actually launch a great Britain's. I got a lot of illegal mobile but I. It's a woman components would. We of course talk consumer has ordered. Absolutely we are Chris talking to Memphis basketball coach Tubby Smith met this man this is tonight doors open at 6 PM you mentioned adversity. Vs prosperity and Nick Saban and in doing that same vein. You guys have been picked to finished. Abide by a couple different publications to finish last in the American athletic conference so as a coach. Do you do you almost appreciate that kind of opportunity. To over achieve a means you can't finish worse than last in the conference so do you almost appreciate that sort of that opportunity. What you got embracing it to the country you know introduced. What are you doing picked first in the country because we've been here addition war. They're Kentucky will be due to actually going to plan to accomplish before and didn't get all the have been last what we need to close to the bottom detectives checked. And it Minnesota than the average luckily she isn't over accuracy of their over achieved usually do injunction on the stage and which that's just. Assist someone else you know speculating all well it didn't she didn't we shall we have to. Elderly impression that are going to be Austria Sweden wouldn't you actually intangibles and the guys that had not at all. That Jewish school just much molded soft and I think she immediately. We will have a great presence physically. They're getting stronger playing together. The law whole world could continue to be will play unselfishly. Organs. Our impressions largely a lot deeper in the world are this year and probably due to tighten up ahead. Let alone talk. Jawad and during his pro Soviet well sort of breaks whatever comes your way a little less wage you allow the distractions. Or the in the hole this June. You do that you let get in regard to kick out all people but erratic have been sparse mode which players. Were part yes. Obvious that we can hand there you go well obviously tonight that this man is big night die heart met this perform and again doors open at 6 PM we're gonna be given away at their tickets here. On ice tonight I know that Tubby Smith did not hand pick IR admit this to perform OK like I did we know the deal. Good morning Greg I've picked up to get real cold just want to know if if if if Thomas bimbo know all of their great. If you if you could've chosen your personal favorite now and I'm not talk about whether recruits now talk about for Tubby Smith his personal favorite. Who would you have chosen as a performer. Four I watched dual Morris cultured Lawrence well this year McDonald's truck and took a great job on the correct I don't. Rangel should remove him. Children bill. Thrilling car ensure it was unbelievable. And you know a lot of shall show you that right now Obama trade right now has dollar mergers and Garrett will slow. I job. Politically correct it is that was well done did you get a chance to go backstage with broad out is that no cam Whalen is obviously a massive supporter review in Memphis basketball yeah beta do you tend to go meet Bruno. You know I do in the mall lights sold to support that move. Good thing because I didn't secure backstage to pick out. All the inflation might lead with somebody who's got it but they learn a lot of those wolf but it was. In total Greg should know what I would gentle guy actually. Coach how as a recruiting local event we we've talked about it I know you can't say anybody by name. But you've but a lot of different characters a lot of different players obviously prospects here Abby found it to be. All been removed the players move coaches have been daughter Lucia two awards dinner goes again that it had to get smoking. It's okay WW. And we must put virtually lobbying war room in the war or this is all didn't work hard every job I think followed more soldiers. No hazard to establish. You'll want to. Texas Tech who took the ball to a three years and Garrett were rewarded well what China will commitment so little programs and a symbol this program interest. It was into the bank who is like no that had winning records in there and have them. For the mobile in the post you broke the last few years so it's also a lot to billable beyond. Great foundation about a judge passionately in good shape. There's some things that happened throughout glossy but Bob McDonnell occurred reaching out to the coaches stayed in their differing. And it's and that's and that. I think there's surround trailed char Beers as visible as possible. There's only so much and we're most that we go to about a little. We're all of those who don't bother ring. We're little short missile movies will be the national media and I would have a beer more useful than they're. They got lost in Kingston. And so assertions to the wall we always will. Yeah you bring the ball. I was doesn't just bring up you know are going by the rules are literally has obviously been a hot topic in college basketball the last couple weeks and listen we've talked about your recruiting. On this show openly and whether we get we agree or we disagree with how you guys go about it there's no denying that you do it the right way you do it by the rules. How hard is it to be in this business as long as you've been in this business. It to be a man that does it the right way in this industry when it feels like there are so many. That that don't play by those rules. Wanted to remove all these yes a little more emotional. Anything else shorten the social model is doing that they're they've gotten that. It is Jerusalem to come home and I don't shoot or should longshot should tension built that from our country's most want to go. The relevant at all on the verge mustaches and little else that's the role that I'm glad trousers but the world changes. We must therefore understands. It anymore and they have made comments socially and volatile as mobile. The moved in next first. They're playing with little. They're deported efficiency. And I didn't really. And so out del potro has hagee national hagee was Schumer actually a level also can learn more drugs much he's. I've lost almost identical to the public order and I know exactly where they were the players will as well but that's. That's how I operate my dad told long the reason seventeen kids. All these are border depression and that's what people do all that trash. You know trolling or addition. Kings shall we shall put the pressure on. Go get a firestorm over the course get a clear picture out just. What should be admit it's it'll. For that we can help grow and mutual trust and you'll Libya great terms Columbia you know good career here. And you'll be a bit shy in person and just as it is no we don't do it including morally to Laura Bush. But my dad as Central Asia boo a soldier apparently coaching there's pressure. Because. I usually just ram. I can potentially. Fatal fatal bill and they're allowed to bubble pressured situation that. Don't get it there. At all. A coach you mentioned. You know early on your tenure that in terms of recruiting that that maybe Memphis kids didn't grow want to be nervous anymore maybe that it an end to a large degree that's got to be factual because the world so much smaller now social media kits have gone elsewhere have been successful. When that time that you've dealt with now. We'll have a little bit longer time the deal in some of these fizzle recruiting these local kids but you still feel that way or or is there an advantage do you feel maybe they do. Maybe there are kids that that that grow up want to be tigers' regular events from me. Oh yeah alone sure we'll be able a lot of success here when you show us where you live who. We're better it was a practitioners together and moldaschi former players strum bar practicing overly bullish market they actually do it this will actually help people. Well yeah they understand it and we are Powell. Should be optional there's a law that actually people born the and interact Beecher fought with the gun you know albeit recruited over the it's going to be killed by what we. Yeah I think players are very receptive to. What were illegal. Forward we're establishing here. It's still all play roles so you're against it got to the got to witness. It and see them and appreciate your little hole. That's so how special award old old consciously have to intrusion. I would rule on the program. Got a beautiful track and so little trouble. Schedule and truly that little changed from June gloom with that in the future direction. It would do emission of my which stars stay mobile strings with a major role in the tribal policy it's all just a little there's a whole. I guess. Already the things that helped you with true you actually told academically. Spin doctor. I presume you don't believe there's no additional personal. Goals and positive things a little ocean back. And then local food as well. And then finally coach what what do you hope people take away from tonight. All of this Saturday or or group of guys single witness in what you're seeing. Well a lot more debt. It'll say about it a little flashy style that Mara gas Scott tradition whether it though they had narrowed much size and who had gathered to remotes all really didn't play but it's actually that you can really help us this year which little by park she moved out so you know. Now and she's still into shouldn't GA consistent match Dingell who's. Moving solve all uses social evils should change its small world. Change change 42 shall order that he would guess the real. He should it be that you can rebound the ball didn't rebound the ball fast break more. You can get it normally would jerk volley to break. Jamario rivers returning it doesn't stand out just who choose starters. Want to know last year emerging literature and started returning. We've written word. Or little little virtual war. At this juncture. They were election. Coach we appreciate it Tom we'll see it out there tonight and say don't. We don't do yup he says Memphis basketball coach tubby. Smith pursued him join us again Memphis menaces tonight doors open at 6 o'clock I heart Memphis is going to be there. Get real McColl is gonna be there. Tyler Harris is going to be there. We'll give away a pair tickets later in the show. If you want to get down there and get excited about to Memphis tiger basket pro ball program. Back in a minute Jason Dunn and it's not a fan ESP.