May 3, 2017 -- Hour 1 with guests Jay Brenner in studio and Dan Devine

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, May 3rd

Segment 1 -- Geoff begins the show by welcoming Jay Brenner from in studio to offer the opposing view of Tubby Smith's program at Memphis.

Segment 2 -- Geoff and Jay continue their debate.

Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes Dan Devine to the program to discuss Dan's final thoughts from the Grizzlies-Spurs series before they turn the conversation to the NBA's conference semifinals.


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What is a thrilling delight. To be able to come back and say. I was wrong about Zach Randolph he's the greatest grisly ever and I will be thrilled when tubby gets us to the find gets this team to the final four and I can say. Tubby killed so so I don't. So we both have an open mind as to whether or not you know this is gonna work in the long run. I'm and is open minded to your argument that it could be that it's. Obviously there are some troubling signs of people left the recruiting isn't where you wanted it to be the staff decisions aren't words you would want him to be. But my basic argument to this point is that and first of all. To some extent it's a failure Geoff Calkins and Jerry parish say it's a failure angered the two allowed us voices with respect to tiger basketball. So you know to some extent you write the narrative now I don't put all that responsibility on you. But what troubled me is that. If you look at what Gary wrote Mo was last week or ten days ago on what you wrote yesterday. I think a lot of the criticism. Of Tubby Smith to this point is based in some false. Narratives. And sometimes leading narratives suffered specifically. That title. Of Gary parishes. Piece that really went national he really changed the national perception. Of tubby Smith's first year was. Tubby Smith made a gigantic mess of Memphis. And I think that time period attach an act. Well you've got to disregard the fact that Tubby Smith walked into a gigantic mess at Memphis I mean I went back and looked it up this morning when Austin Nichols transfered. Believe it was the summer of 2015. At that point. Ten of the first seventeen scholarship freshmen. Signed by passenger had transferred out of the program. If your argument is is that Josh pastor. If you're gonna argue the just passed through air with me I'm with you want to ask pastor it was a mess it wasn't quite literally at the end of the just Austria. I was the one saying that it's time for just bastard out so if you are saying. Was it a great six well he he cut the attendance and half. He drove away he recruited at a high level but he couldn't keep when he couldn't coach at a high level. So it was a disaster so I'm not gonna argue that with you. Gary Parrish will know can bring them and that's not it was his argument so I thought it and I can tell you guys are a little while I'm not I'm not that interest didn't and I don't Garry points but Gary's general argument was is that. Four straight NCAA tournaments is pretty good and he didn't deserve criticism then. At the end he absolutely did deserve criticism I think go ahead continue yes so everyone had transferred out. And and they had missed the post season two years in a row before tidy red fourteen losses fifteen loss to seventh in the AC so. The world that he walked into was really misrepresent and not change the national merit it's all the sudden it's well tubby Smith's a disaster now you're peace. Which. Again love your work. In a glass idiocy your piece that good of the point that I took issue with in your piece was. And the quote was sort of competing in the world today this is from your column may first. 2016. Or 220 renting. So of competing in the world today is different than it was for Memphis ten years ago it's only because of applause it head coach. Now may be M. You know maybe the word choice could have been better but you know were holding Tubby Smith accountable for his words and what he says about. You know the program tonight ten years ago so let's just look at the issue of Memphis today vs Memphis ten years ago. Again you yourself it's the in this is from a year ago if they are not successful in obtaining big twelve admission Memphis athletics will continue on a slow slide toward irrelevance. So in the last ten years it's been well documented. The resource is available to the program. Relative to their. Geographic rivals let's say Ole miss Tennessee certainly. You know the kansas' in the Kentucky's the world. The disparity is only grown you can look at basketball budget but the point that I wanted to make. Was you know a reasonable measuring stick for Tubby Smith in Memphis. Is the AAC. And maybe the mountain west you're talking about FBS programs. The need to funded both sport so it's really not an apples to apples thing to look at Villanova Gonzaga Xavier. Which so many people wanna do because they're outside the power five so I do think tubby Smith's right that the world he's living and not to mention the athletic director in the internal. I mean you know there's a top 25 football program meant to us today that requires a lot of effort attention. To circle back to the original point you know win a national sportswriters disparaging your program in your own city. You need a pretty good marketing PR team to come behind that fight that. And and so I think they're facing an uphill battle over there and I think that's the point that tubby was was getting too. And and that's the point that I would. Well let me let me make there are silly things and they let me first of all I don't. At all think that. That because I say something is true orders or something's true it's their fourth trip Zach Randolph is a perfect example I said Zack Randolph was going to be a a disaster and eat you'd use it it doesn't make it a disaster because I say it's going to be a disaster. I can say things are going to be great I think they fingered him whatever the hell I'd I'd I had the vote them putting. I thought autism are not out as a part I thought. That FedEx Forum should go to different place than it is I could have been more wrong works out any of them might unlock things I think I'm the wrong a lot of things so I don't actually think. But I also don't I don't I don't. At all think my job is to not. Is to sit back into in it and other words let's take. Whatever area it is it it's it should I have. 11 Memphis football was was Blair was going Tallahassee that basket should have said. Just sat back and said well this is great this is Memphis football is going great no I think my job. Is the one I think things are going splendidly say things are going splendidly and I think they're not going splendidly. I think to say they're not go responded I think that beat what you would say we can take these things one at a time how has tubby made a mess of Memphis basket. I'm not debating that it was. The there was a reason the judge should have gone I've said that. What winched tubby came in he was set up he had he was book he had he had he had more. Quality players on his team any has had in the last five or six years under it is a result he never could he had the he had big conference all conference player in the cap its nuclear. Riviera in lemonade the conference newcomer of the year he AJ Lawson was coming off a redshirt Jiri underneath the top fifty no that's fine and he dinners or even at all you're on the he benefit all you lock I've. And and in the spirit of a lot many tough task that's fun quote unquote so dangerous so he. Again I'm not gonna debate just after I met a man or whatever and so so and then not only that he had because he had killed a staff. He had Chandler who would be coming he would have DJ Jeffries who have been coming any shot to hell. By letting his ego about flooding is solid on staff instead of keeping -- on staff and he is just blow a huge hole what let me just finish you've got to. That's how he's treated amassed he was set up to succeed and he took the global about the ways in which is set up to succeed. And blue hold them and so instead of getting Chandler instead of getting the players and team pending instead of getting. KJ he now has it recruiting class. That is ranked whatever it is fifty or sixty in the country that has let's just for example. Right now of the last of the last I'll give you the recruiting classes and in this. I said in the last ten years it's not fair to say the Memphis can't compete. But in the last in the last. Here are the four and five star prospects who have been rolled at Memphis in the last however many years a tenth. When John got here and I don't really count John error as being applicable but in 2000. 2000 it was scooter in 2001. To one and Anthony writes in 2002. Mommy T aero and Jeremy hunt in 2003. Sean banks in 2004 Darius Washington and Robert Dozier in 2005 Shawne Williams Antonio Anderson Chris Douglas Roberts in 2006 Willie Kemp and a Mac. 2007 Derrick Rose Jeff Robinson is the play players who have enrolled that year 2008 Tyreke Wesley Witherspoon Angel Garcia met some. 2009. After John. Elliott will it 2010 will Barton Joseph Jackson JaJuan Kendrick tar black crisscross or 2011 Adonis Thomas 2012 Jack Goodwin 2013. Austin Nichols trial Iverson McCain Dominic would simple keep Powell Markel Crawford 2014 dom McGhee 2015 digit loss in KJ loss in the Marshall. And then the last two years. Four or five of sub prospects with every single year from 2000 until 2015. There have been multiple four fives are prospects the last two years phenomenon. Possibly justify that vote did the the basis for your argument I think. The basis for German I think is as that if you just continue in that vein the you'll be successful your setup for success and that was your words that tubby was set up for success. I think the evidence indicates otherwise and you set up for success that that approach the one that you just enunciated going after those kinds of guys. Got them missing the tournament two straight years it got guys who couldn't call okay so what wells said that players is the way to go any good. But that is the wrong approach I would argue that he's not getting bad players that he's getting. You know his level player and I know suppliers as a better way to go well. I don't know that it's a better way to go but if you have to do the kinds of things that you need to do and you talked about this in your podcast on the commercial appeal Martina yesterday and I added. Enjoyed the conversation. But if you have to do with the kinds of things that you need to do to get the KJ Lawson and keep on Austin's irks he's going to deedrick Lawson and and whatever else it. You know is implied the need to do to get some of these guys in quote unquote keep them happy. Step back and I think if you say instead of doing that we're gonna hand the program over to it. A guy like Tubby Smith who's won a national almost 25 years ago but. 26 years. A pedigree got respected throughout the country let him bringing his kind of guys and look up to in three years and see where were asked I think that approach he's not. Saying I'm not gonna get Memphis to right let's see what he does with his his opens. You know staff position it was going apparently real hard after Lomax so let's see what he does but the idea that you need to. Recruit the same way that Josh passed a recruited. Is ridiculous to me and I think when you could go back and looking so what's changed. Perhaps it hasn't changed from Josh took tubby perhaps the change was from cal Perry. To Josh and the fact that Josh was able to keep recruiting at a reasonably high level. But take the culture of the program and the success on the court. To a much lower level Josh won what two NCAA tournament games in eight years nine years so I don't to need to hold defense of the and I know you're not defending his results that you are defending his recruiting gristle times. Yeah I'm one vote I'm. I do I'd look I want one job as a recruit and tubby he's coaching I want someone well I mostly cut its coaching is an interesting question because. He gets a lot of credit for his coaching. If you look at his record. Over the last however many years he hasn't been the second weekend of the tournament since he was at Kentucky and if you look at his record over the last however many years. Every single year they they tail off at the end I think he's one and seven in his last eight conference games so. We're stipulating for the point that that and and so what we saw last year when you said the players quit on them. Well it seems like every play every year for the last eight years is players have quit on so. But but but what I do want. Is the plot is someone who recruits at a high level and coaches about that is true that is what I want and end. And so I'm not saying we just because Josh recruited at a high level. It's bad to recruited high level I think it's still good to recruited and high level. What Josh needed to do to recruit at a high level I think the circumstantial evidence would indicate that it undermines the integrity of the program. And I'm program was nets for you guys are kids and I I was over there when he brought it personally take it where I think the break we're gonna come back and we'll continue with your brother Jay Brennan by the league foam on Twitter at. Underscore the deep ball Jones Jeff Hawkins show haven't healthy debate here this. 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Private clubs like Irene wind died plus 40% are participating public courses all season long 99 golf cart dot com now 829 FM 688 am on the W limitless that in 929 Ace is this. Yeah. I'm greens. The shotgun and Jay Brennan. And his solid interest. Equal time. It's like the old dial William F Buckley had debates. Yeah. Is he he writes it hit the ball Jones dot com and you could come into their act. Underscore the ball Jones if you go to beat Bob Jones dot com you'll find MacCallum. Taking me apart and you'll find account taking Gary apart and so I invited him and two to have this debate face to face. About the state of the Memphis basket ball. Program. Where we left off Janet was. Basically. Here's my kid my actual this is whether I'll just. I think right now the early evidence suggests Serbia's missed. I'm I'm hoping it's not stake indeed my hope is no longer that it's going to be trying to. My hope is that this works well enough. To be a transition. To. The right coach in other words that he stabilizes the program. I do hope he gets some Memphis kids I think Betty if he gets Alex l'Alma battle that would that will be. I think he's he's he's blown his chance to get some of the elite Memphis kids but. Lomax still a good player is not a top hundred player is still very good player he wants them very much a destabilize the program gets into the tournament. And then they can get the kind of dynamic coach. Who I think this city needs someone who's gonna be out the community some is recruiting at a high level summit is going to be. Who who's going to be more engaged in the way that for example Mike ravel is engaged in the city and as aggressive and ambitious about recruiting rather than the rather than then what I see is what putting up the white flag of surrender when it comes to recruiting. I will tell you that I'm sympathetic to your idea that. I beat him up too much I don't I don't wanna beat them up too much IE. I had sort of us you know I'd I'd said my peace ice road pouncing is he the right guy for the job. And then Sunday he came out and said what he said which is that. He's gonna be realistic about recruiting he's gonna go after. You know that the kind of whatever and and that he doesn't think it's Memphis is the same as it was. Ten years ago. And and my answer to that simply is is that. I think he's a mediocre recruiter who was always been mediocre recruiter. And then he came in here and he's trying to rationalize his his mediocre recruiting I disparaging Memphis rather than just saying listen. I want this the kind of guys I want. The key on clergy those. Like those players that we lost him too but that's the kind of player I want and can mold engine builder out instead of what I saw as. Disparaging his news his new school which is paying three point nine million dollars why didn't that offend you. Because I didn't look at it as disparaging I looked at it as. A fact of life at the University of Memphis and 2017 and the American athletic conference and you mentioned the football program you know they are. From the stuff I'm reading gearing up for what could be their best year. Ever now certainly in my lifetime and I hope that happens. When you're succeeding at football at Memphis. Then you know you gotta understand I mentioned earlier you've got a basketball budget you've got a football budget. But for the revenue that Memphis generates. To market a program. Two develop a presence on social media you got guys in the back office in compliance processing high school. Prospects transcripts. And try to determine who's worth recruiting and who isn't. There's there's a group of shared services and any athletic department that services football and basketball and I went and looked at all the programs in the athletic. It excuse me the American athletic conference and in the Mountain West Conference which are basically Memphis is level noninterest fans don't want to hear that. You really so you if if you're telling me that there's no way. We don't have a right as that seems to expect the better basketball program that your quintessential mountain west program San Diego State since that if Memphis fans are looking to others. That would be fun at the wheel that's Wilson tang was you know that they are so if you call and they haven't been that I think in Akron has been to one sweet sixteen and and in ten years I have a right but it. Something like that. So you know I think that's what Memphis fans should expect and I don't think you know the on Jamal Johnson's in the victory he knows enough. And David nickel berries are that far off from the kind of fuel one will compare recruiting apples to apples I think Cincinnati. San Diego State those are the programs if you expect to have a high level football program in America athletic conference and you expect at a high level basketball program and American athletic conference. Who can you point to. As a reasonable here I do not think it's realistic anymore appoint a programs that don't play football and it's no longer realistic to point to programs outside of the American athletic around well it's fine. I reject. And I have always rejected the can't be good at football and basketball I think it's hard to be good at football I'll be left out of the I think it's hard to be good at football. I have always when people will point to the struggles of basketball. And they try to blame it on football I think that's insane I I. Well first of all. Memphis in basketball has been a top thirty program what everyone aware how where have you wanted to outline what you imported twenty or forty or whatever. Memphis football has always been a scuffle link program and and the fact that Justin Fuente was great at what he did and Mike ravel was great at what he did. And I honestly I think it has more to do with that then then resources diversion of resources away from basketball. They are still paying Tubby Smith it's not like they're there don't blame board your opinion and three point 09 million dollars a year. And most of the things that have gone wrong or that I see have gone wrong have nothing to do with tubby Smith and resources they have to do with Tubby Smith ran off keel and therefore he ran after eject before he ran after AJ therefore he's not gonna get Chandler like all those things you could have had all that that parade of form five stars. What whatever it and it also had football winning games I think I think it's. Just my own view I think it's defeatist and I think it is. An excuse. It's just say that that that that to have to point to football as the reason the basketball circle just by the way. Less so but I thought it was an excuse back in the day to point to. John cal Perry is the reason that that that that football struggled. Even that was more true because John was or about 900 pound gorilla who was who was more interested in in resources. And but I don't. I've I I've I guess I'd reject I reject that that that the success of Memphis football is why Memphis past but I don't see when I look at what what's happened without the none of those things had to do a Memphis football those things had to do with parity. Indeed he's recovering he's recruiting at the same level it is always recruited out he didn't recruit used to get a power five but just last years and two years there's an a par five school that was recruiting at a high level for that it was about power of our school it was a recruiting at a high level. So within the last ten years that he claims is the magic period he's been a powerful our schools. Not recruiting in Iowa. Well again that you know you can chop those seniors often two different things rights to ten years ago. Or you know RC Johnson was the athletic director universe University of Memphis and get carte Blanche as you noted in the columns that I wrote her quoting you right come Ira. He let John cal Perry run the athletic department well now you've got a guy Tom Bowen who by all accounts and I know some people would have. Connected to people that work under him. Rules with an iron fist and and basically runs a really tight ship so it's a different environment they've hired two people in a row fastener. Smith that they're good soldiers they're gonna come out complain about their bosses I don't think he's complaining about his boss he's saying the world is different reliving in a different place. The problem with that is is the world different than it was two years ago on the tenth ranked recruiting class what country. It really that different and two GO to literally in the last ten years they have twice had a third ranked recruiting class and once tenth ranked recruiting class in the country. Once was two years and so the world has changed in two years literally could evident everywhere they're very good now you'd and now no no. Hasn't changed in that it means yes in some sense as it has because they're they're dead disparity continues to grow. But it hasn't changed in the sense we talked about this earlier that if you're going to. Get the tenth best recruiting class in Memphis you're gonna have to give a guy job and you're gonna have to. Well I wonder giant. I don't think I'm and you hit it out of on the Manning's woman won a national title by giving a guy job no it doesn't. Well there's an on probation after eight. And hopefully what arguments come back to what my argument is yeah it wasn't expecting you know we probably should Cheadle orbit and and I would say in this world I say is this. John cal Perry. Oh yes I do think I'm not saying I've made the argument from not well that's what it does that's not it not to cheat. I don't think hiring Kelyn is cheating. I'm saying doing the things that are required to do in order to get and if you're in if you're not willing to do those things don't coach at Memphis if you're not willing to. To operate in the gray areas that is true I wish it were not so. But do I really believe that John cal Perry got the best player Detroit and the best player out of Chicago by and the best player out of Newark. By not operating in the gray areas now I don't and I think that most people think. You're you're Jackie is that they want a coach who operates in the prayers they don't want shoe boxes full of cash they certainly don't wanna know about the shoe boxes full of cash that's old school anyway but they do want a coach who's willing to put it assists and step up. I think that we can stipulate to Memphis when they've succeeded have always operated integrators for the most part. And and now they're trying not to and I think they made it president Rudd and Tom Bowen made any sort of an executive decision of when their hiring this coach. It and pursuing big twelve membership in pursuing greater things. They said you know what when knocked up we're not gonna do that where now we're gonna pay more money for a guy who's gonna run things the right way let him establish his culture and my overall argument is. One year and he hasn't even finished his first recruiting class. It's way too early to say you know what this is a colossal failure because he's not do recruiting the way pastor recruited when the way past a recruited didn't work I mean. Working on cars safer. Because he couldn't it wasn't just coaching I thought his coaching was decent he could go wrong look program because he couldn't run the pro he couldn't he couldn't he was not the kind of play he was the bullet that he's that was not the kind of coach that could recruit and then coach is successful and will attend kids yet and will agree that. This last staff higher by this next staff higher by tubby is crucial I really want him to go out reach out to Memphis community and do something to reassure the Jeff Hawkins of the world. Did you know that he wants to get a four star out of Memphis which necessarily missed one yet it's human mark partners. He's. On Twitter B ball Joseph Holmes and people Jones dot com is his website where you can see the opposing view. Think guys on the plane it's. 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Go to massage envy dot com alas it's massage and eight. Tasted it celebrate stomach content. It's. This song go. Visit slightly to dot com now. 929 FM 688 am on the WM FS and 929 AC is that Jessica is you know on. ESPN. It's. Show join now. And divide your mental mind you I'm your man tonight on the Twitter read his stuff Yahoo!'s ball don't lie blog he joins me now Dan are you. I guess I'm good any lasting response from B. Grizzly San Antonio series. This set any you know we it would have been nice to see the greatly different guys on the wing you know it'd be the issue where. You get to a point where you know Mike Conley is giving you so much in markets are giving you so much heat somebody else did you view pumping out some kind of sparked creatively and they thought that they got through that I had thought they had the I don't get stops in the situation then. The going going into you know I was you know and had to had to back a little bit unfortunate but. Pretty impressive. I think very impressive performance per from what was left of the grizzlies are you a good reason to feel good going. That is today that lament would've been nice to see some guys on the wing. I think. Good to talk about a half decades. Goes back for ever yeah I mean it and every effort to try to get that player has been you know has has has messed and so. Whether it's it's Jeff Green are now Chandler Parsons or. And it. You know once upon a time it was your began a chain filled in admirably but that is the internal lament and now of course. There's no they really have very little ammunition to go get that. To go get that. That wing players so anyway we appreciate your admiration from the hard to grip this is where guys are added to the grizzlies and and we move on you wrote about. Isiah thomas' big night last night. It really was. Something to be world. Yes that and out of there quick plug here are god and roared back with on the scene at TD garden yet you know sort of the more expensive piece on its side I would recommend everybody take out of all the allied and I think it's just it's hard to know what it's. What's it say about their top let's be honest with you. This is. We kind of insane it is it's. CNBC sort of superstructure of the overarching thing out you know going to such political odd sort of leave it was CNN. You know the giving your sister's eulogy three days ago and then coming back in 33 night in game one in 53 game to. But just that he notices. The Celtics are eight good. Team with a lot of options and obviously playing smaller without corporate centers. Given them a lot more room to maneuver in corporate screening is opening up so many opportunities for comment and Eddie ideology but. Everyone knows that's what you have to stop rightly concerned that this is the thing you have to stop it but five foot nine viewed from getting their shots and nobody can do it. And it's remarkable. That's now how long that lasts three to defeat that he knows it. There's always going to be somebody bigger print to go out but it certainly didn't seem to be deterring him anywhere right now and bombed the with a weighted topics get him in space. With shooters around him in defenders around him to match his weaknesses is. They've been pretty impressive bag yet be at the root of the third or fourth quarter over time everybody else in the game deemed to be dragging and you just picking up there was there was companies say. Yeah he had that he had 29 in the fourth quarter and overtime and the opposition had thirties so. That was a step and it's kind of look like little guards are supposed to be able to do in the playoffs I guess I think at the other Isiah Thomas was a little guard who wants that at the blast but that's sort of the the the common. Refrain little guys can't do it the White House right. Yeah I mean you know we we sort of ready for this every year we ran into with Chris Paul that disappoints you run into it Kyle Lowry you know Gloria let me just but it you know. I just found sort of be at the that he's got a six foot and then. Atomic this is significantly below that by. It is a part I think because that I denied that saying that these speaking on the floor because he can't have. Quite and they got loaded up on them because there are the way that they. Run pick and roll out different screeners to get to create mismatches and he saw late in the game dutrow quickly with the well I was talking about I would Dominique looking on the bright Catholic and like. One this defense where you have big guys switching out the little guys just like well with all due respect her child to predict and are always. And I took and that's how you get watching what's hot defending a bit on the play evacuate. You get Marky mark and speak like that. And it's where they don't wanna charges favorite lines is when you get that matchup it's gonna and the guys cigarette in a blindfold and that's what I did comment. Is doing pretty cute right now it's been kind of remarkable to see Ed but that would then that's your point he get into the paint. And you know that there's no place for him to hide in there and he's still get the shot thought he'd still put the English on the ball that they get it to get out of it's okay it's remarkable that's remarkable. When you look at his court the fact that he is become what he is book com. Is it. Mean if your if your Sacramento fan or Feeney I don't you just like was. Did they just screw up or how how does he kicked around and then become this. I think I think it a couple of things that I think for one thing yet I think because he screwed up I think I'm you know like. Sacramento decided it was day you know a player valuation. Error that. Comes he's known perhaps not. Somewhat because of the size issue because he was. You know bit their guy they drafted sixtieth overall unique view a little more let your guard somebody that you evaluated at that spot. You know they try to every time he got. Quote to the court Elian on the court there's always somebody ought to come in if they dispute to be made a decision at the end there. Darren Collison the better player than an ebitda because we wanna do better and we're gonna go that way. Did not worked out great. Many of those performed in the deciding that he can say that that he had their run McDonough made a really survey eight tactically Smart move at that moment saying. We had a great even with two ball dominant point guard Eric Gordon no as I Eric Bledsoe and not and Goran Dragic. At the real when those guys went to the bench you kind of need a little bit extra boost if we get to read these kind of guys. Then we don't have to keep you know we can always 22 point guard on the Ford driving kicking. Let you know three point guards and one ball didn't work out so hot either and then the way they tore that down it was just an absolute doll hard shelled the way they you know like. Got to try to do good backbeat it is playing well Miami I didn't NDP candidate in Boston and Eric Bledsoe played well but you know Brandon Knight did the return there and that's not so hot. I think part of it is you know and so made a midseason evaluation now need a mistake concerted. Roster building and then you get to Boston and did Egypt has put together a team around and they promised that match so he can't do well that accentuates what he can do well. And he's done and being looked at for what Bret Stephens doesn't even within all that I don't think anybody with the Celtics expect that they come to become did. Did it has been pretty outstrip everybody's wildest expectations. He's your Amanda mind on Twitter Dan DeVine I read this stuff over at ball don't lie Yahoo!'s NBA. Blog men in terms of the other game last night Golden State Utah. Five players are Golden State had five assists zero players from Utah ahead it goals they just has this inevitability to it doesn't it and day. And maybe not make it used to display as well just as blank where you now on Golden State. Yeah I think that we we know we're still kind of waiting to see the warriors get pushed into playing their best game. We haven't seen that we we we weren't gonna keep that. Against the blazers says it's sort of and overmatched team. Did you that actually has that attitude that they're there's they're an up technicality there's enough light there there's enough. Alan craft is there it says it is sort of ugly things up and make it. Viewed me to make it hard for for the warriors I don't think we saw that upon last night. Take the jets are heated did their best that they can take a deep session got a three point line. Eight videotape the long ball late in the warriors borders but got up 29 street they only need seven of them. And so you know you pressing up on the line what that's done that it sort of activated Golden State's passing game whether. OK what what all the run backup to a guy you have got colonel on the baseline and then we'll get back door UN. Because it does constantly real puck moving in passing and that makes it really hard to defend you know what you when you're sort of stretching the defense that far out as all that room underneath in the wars took advantage of that. And it seemed like they were sort of tie and you know like three quarters speed or something like ballot night they were still carving out I've done really good jags defense felt. I think either that it the hope I think good for you thought sandy looking and saying that the British period a couple years ago is the model like. Yet mediate having game one but if you can be no grind out and bought a game two on their court. You know make it tougher than we don't use those and those wings and that linked. Make life difficult on their captors. You know that and you can really you know you can you can make and hey there and you can the media counterpunch a little bit. And at the Olympic bid and hoping that they'll do that need to the difference is of course that period a couple years ago did not involve Kevin Durant. So they've got a little more complicated the little more difficult for you in effect for the jets here my colleague Eric Freeman last night was saying. You know at this point directly five of twelve at all it just isn't Cilic he's all that good but all he's doing is ensuring that they can't lose. And that kind of the great feel what you they don't. Believes that most expensive most valuable in case of emergency break glass option right now. Got a great political operatives deep impact to break that glass. We watched with interest as San Antonio got smashed by Houston in game one here. I don't know that it takes any luster off Manny with with the Memphis the Memphis game three was a lot of fun in game four will be a lot of fun and that is true whether San Antonio. I think that's all true but the suspicion all along was that the San Antonio team. Was not as good as a lot of its predecessors is why men teams in the end more upset at getting San Antonio instead of Houston. Do you think what we saw in game one was at all indicative of how the series will go. I think it's day it's indicative of how I can't tell you know that there are a lot of Smart people that these rockets since fixed for the expressed throughout sort of idea that. Match up wise there is going to be really difficult covers that San Antonio that they wanted to play big and pop kind of always want the plate big weekend. You know dead Davies saw that David Lee and encompass all getting a lot of minutes in game one it kind of that that that's really tough defensively. Against the team that spread you out the way he's indicted. There might be answered here you know the answer might involve a lot more doing that minutes that are a lot more clout Leonard at power forward a lot more Jonathan tendency that it would you do athletic guy that Antonio those out. But it's not you know those signs. Perfect answer it by any stretch down in LA men. A lot more clout Leonard on James Harden also created the problems elsewhere on the defense to do so they're tough questions precedent for this earth they hit their but I think. If our database got punched in the mouth and never really got off the mat and I think it's expecting got to unfold. Exactly the same way for the next few games I think that that would be maybe a little bit of a reach but. Yeah and what we saw in game one we do with us can be a tactic that people talk. These are playing out and pay tribute to these are real problems are Antonia. Fishing because we wondered why we didn't see and witness against the grizzlies where it actually more made more sense. To run the lineups out there the pop is running out there but we did wondered if there would become a time when we'd see collide to foreign gone small and and and whatnot. And yet he doesn't he didn't then and again it made more sense of the busy than it does now is that simply is disposition you think tonight just. We're sort of shaking our heads a it's it's it's very that there the big lineup has been an effective and and many wise. I think part of it is you know there there's this sort of different general identity perspective having to dig out there. YouTube to operate around the around the pin on offense to the help of rim protector in and got clear that offensive board those things sort of like. Bigger part of what pop wants to do he had been booked under the floor. IP immediately thought at least some concern that with all all you're all ready acting collided do offensively. That you're putting with the four. And having him back with more power forwards are 43 minutes or whatever it also lectured actually sort of you know I passed for infertility and actually drawn to that energy. Angle to the media there are more. Sort of like four or five combo forward guys that they've got Daniel Q3 GAAP you know kind of combo wings they know they pick it if you're playing. Smaller ball then you know are you asking more for Kyle Anderson are you merely trying to get more media also relying a lot more on data agreement. But I think they're gonna have to do anyway but pop. Obviously rental hot and cold Danny Green sometimes I say this the way to Iraqis don't. Did you know it's hard to find really good wing players in the indicated. At that point because. They're so valuable on the they had the cost a lot of money and you've been down to real good one then they're able to place smaller small about it effectively than it but it's not Golden State so. Yet it's I think you know popular they will read a reticent to go that direction that. I'm with you and the thought process that at some point they're gonna have to get. He is on Twitter your man divine Dan DeVine from Yahoo!'s ball don't live blog thank you very much Dan we'll talk this week. That is Dan DeVine back to the minute Jason called for the Bleacher Report Chris Harrington. 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