May 18, 2017 -- Hour 2 with "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, May 18th

Segment 1 -- Geoff welcomes Chris Herrington to the show for "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing. They discuss Chris' latest column, Memphis BBQ, the NBA, and more.

Segment 2 -- Geoff discusses the deaths of Roger Ailes and Chris Cornell, Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, five tips to live longer, recent allegations against Baylor football, and more with Jeffrey Wright during the Take Five.

Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses LaVarr Ball's impact on Lonzo's draft status and whether the Patriots are position the franchise for the final year of Tom Brady during the Closing Argument presented by Ken Rash Memphis before Jeffrey Wright plays the Byte of the Day. 


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Any of them gave that the pig means wall and you didn't get in the game machine okay. You can't get it big yeah. I'm just gonna get chills in the little talent. Now it's 901 Nintendo was. And then 901 commercial okay. Then listen Nintendo one for Chris Harrington and it's you know presenting judge now there's always listen into there. That is eight meters what I crave. 1930s excludes. Song by. There where you get it leadership vote Courter or the message sheet and look. This species for our country blues for a curtain band. The order was bleaching or that they haven't. Obviously part of our barbecue we went. And they know that one yeah. Why don't you I don't know I don't I don't remember us. I heard a great. Great great. Modicum of knowledge of early country blues Doug band shots and so you know Mitsubishi awarded. Bigger the hole or the bigger named within or very relatively small. Piece of these are all that won back to a certain he got that obscure little. Did AM podcast with Jennifer gigs was just so firm was just you Jennifer this. It done by the sense does this out. Bumped up out this week and a little bit. Okay talked import. We've talked a pork this week do you who. Do you. Have a duke because you cooks on do you cook barbecue ribs slash Barbeque any of this. Now I'd bet it is that time and done so little to do it real or you would fight. These super long time and wage board and so we. Pursuit of me like that idea what the wood memorial but you're on your Weber grill or what you are when you serve. I don't even in depth. We're what went back. OK so and then we were talking earlier this week about central Barbeque. Expanding. It appears they have a rival also expanding is that rent. Spirited who of course are Carville talks. It is just got commissary is movement because it is gonna have another is gonna have another. So buttoned collar guerrillas of the idea. Yeah which makes a lot of sense for them I mean obviously total commentaries are great place both in terms of accrued in the atmosphere work but it very popular and very small. And so you know they open a second location Carter go that are twice the edge of space I mean I think. I take that bet that that's that's a sure fire hit it better. And when you tell people. And that I know like NBA writers who you know from around the country it will come to notice what we mentioned central earlier and you said you like you think it's good it's not your favorite. When you. At when you what do people are coming to Memphis. And they say they want to explore the barbecue universe of Memphis what do you tell where do you tell them. What typically not gonna send them to the commentary net tuition and RP it's great book. They're probably they doubt at all and that's quite all come out there. So barbecue shop in central or the Placer but I'll tell people like an all round. There's your best bet but that I always Irwin nod to be paying secure what. A great pork sandwich for can be core. If you want like a corniche here and of course game in which is something that you want aren't anywhere else. Or somewhere rips. Because those are probably the fourth place with I'd I'd like big record at it. Where do you think is the best read your own personal favorite red. I don't have good news that we covered Islamabad cash they're people we talk about some of our favorite dishes and no one bought lips. And it its earliest because there's not one place classic national placed grip they're yeah I like him a commentary dogma or you shop. But it probably Reggie favorites commentary barbecue shot. I like about Central Park the wet red they go to quarter and so. Now I think most or all exceptional to me but I guess I'll probably choose between the commissary order chock full rips. Pain is your favorite for a portion. Put or or shot quote I. It is amazing how individual does it really I it is I mean I don't know how much how much unanimity was there on your podcast what. Pretty work how much unanimity was there on your pat on your podcast we'll discuss it and Kurdish region. Do what are they are restaurants we just talked about some favorite suspect this year so I brought up the chain which at pains in the dry rub me the control or Obama. The spaghetti barbecue shop which we all in all agreed on an John brought out the yum. Order Oceanic go to court or in the baloney sandwich at central. But I deeply giving about that this barbecue is that. But orchestrate Kucinich doubt it's not that there's a one placed white. It's gonna blow you away and it's the one place everyone has ago burst quite. Lying places and are all really good and they also are different sayings they had. And so you know I I think look at barbecue is not that the best barbecue place that this is better than the best barbecue place and every other orbit you down. I think that can best work like who met Busch car and took place or tenth best barbecue place and the other Barbara said just think that's really where strict. Tucker Chris Harrington and I don't want that it is up over commercial appeal dot com one of the items that you touched on the is the death. Chris Cornell lead singer of sound garden. It. Looked as corner. Our veterans are probably wouldn't have brought up in the column but there were you never have to deal will not connection in that. Is banned in the leader or sound garden which with a band that came out of let's see at all sort of grunge alt courtesy on her on oh yeah I. And that man happened to be the very last band that played at music faster all which Seattle should most Sunday night. And the last thing I heard late in the court was welcome doing more other songs or sought immediate tweet it out. Or look good by now this week you know after the show a couple weeks ago and so. There was a little bit bittersweet that the connection to add to that story a lot of reporters have been anyway that's why I put it on the column. Against and then lastly we're an NBA playoffs obviously the bronze. I carried the night last night as they destroyed the Celtics. And this is what struck me it isn't. Yeah yesterday for example I was listening Gary Parrish and they were talking about he and Brad were talking about. How Boston was a position to perhaps win multiple championships I think Brad said multiple championships going forward. And what struck me was this. Now yeah like like an incredible position to be good for a long time. But it will last one of these dudes that they get is a star. And they don't really have. Anyone who qualifies it Matt I mean Isiah Thomas is his own sort of really good player who's a great playoff and everything else. But in the last one of these players is the you're not winning titles even a matter how number one picks you have it's it's there it's a really interesting lead that way you have to get one or two of those dudes. I don't know for example that I like Boston's future any more than I like Minnesota's future even when everything they had. What are you how well obviously Boston's well positioned to be good to. What's your thoughts on that. Well being here and admit there are rare exception of art you have discussions cedar. Sucks or do I'm. If you have a Kabat was disinvited comical or call eight player battle acute or it'll leak in BT what top 34 player always get. That never know that ousting the stock through a door tortured Alzheimer but had etched his career I'm not sure he would but three or player that she's either. And so you the uber good team lucky contractual right breaks and very little if capital or it'll happen again but it it will be the exception not the oral. So are we talked about that before like in the context of the grisly I'm all or do you make playoff team for a long long time. And just you know open you can expect that right break every once in awhile you don't want him to the only player like he got a creek place could be. The table often right now it's their base sort of a little bit of both and that there are shut out to beat a good team for a long time. And that they're the number one pick in the draft and you you know you hope that that can you picture superstar. Previous situation. Where in theory could York San Antonio thing where they were good well I worked him out. And then they got get docket without being so you do or bad one year. The Boston could be a good team and bet better about bad and also superpower internally while you are still good. Even if that doesn't happen the soldiers are good and so I you know I wouldn't I'd feel pretty good bye or Boston Celtics are now even though about when he broke. And yes sir I gave a series of tasks. Leaving off the warriors. If you could trade because these roster and prospects for any roster in the leak. Over the next let me just get ebitda I'll they go on income some other roster. Who would you feel like. Minnesota this is completely new consider their because I think all right Carol inspect. I'm not community in her way to the right guy but I encounter deadly that guy. And you have some other good young pieces around him starting with Williams don't have a lot of bad contracts waiting down and so. That team roster wise is that a good position. It was about eight you have to say to you don't walk I think she yacht has stopped the typical pro and also that Barbara young players. Players in early twenty's you can see deep collegiate BT I think count and that broke. Or like top of the list and it. So Milwaukee had a bad player but it'll also have Chris Middleton Rhode jumps are here to our workers are against our major looks like he might be upset about art in particular well you're so. That team has a lot of potential to build a real. Pay in real sort of can be team around the pursuit star and so you know total time zones some you know upper midwest where minnesotans. This place about all ski. How do you feel about Philadelphia and their prospects going forward. Well the problem areas that they're having a week. Well what the joy on so well indeed we solve this past feet. Most heroic pixel throwing that I will be mad at least not for you you're you know don't click or. But he hadn't heard again and so you don't know total cure really could see that if it ever. Actually something we got the pleasure out of thirty games or whether a big that's gonna come back we don't now. Instrumental for optimal overall pick he's never played an NBA game and so there's a lot of upside there with the overall talent they have. It would attract assets they still have. But there's too many counts related to Cooper who are much more shortly Dietrich it's an adult you're driving told us you've got good spot. There's a lot more uncertainty and more risk where they are. What's the next position you are undertaking and your pick and pop and when will we see it over commercial paper after. Am glad you brought that up I. My whole live world blessed to have that up this morning before or couldn't quite get it done before had to turn took courtroom and I don't want yesterday. But I price is likely finished now and I'm in the process of leading into the system it will be posted. Well border shows off the inherited as a weak orders. Wing players we will talk about that with view then tomorrow Chris thank you very much for sure that is Chris Harrington the 901. That. At 1001. 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It is just if you go to his Wikipedia page in this process can't. Zach Campbell Zachary Bennett ample. As a Major League Baseball collector is known for pushing kids out of the way at baseball games so that he can catch foul balls on home runs even though he is a forty year old man. That's out starts great start. Etc. mean to say that the the Wikipedia alert for editing has not been has not been reviewed it'd ample space. You do wonder like is that dead can't beat the it's funny like I've had people. People are all open arms about it one way or another I've had people tweet me nobody cares about some of them catches baseball. Even though mind you like he's been on Good Morning America the Tonight Show every single national whatever is accused of look I'm an arm so there's been mad at me times and then Letterman then there's been on that he's been on then there's the the he'd pushes kids out of the way he's shady he's wherever I've also heard from that. Honestly like that does not appear to be true from what I can tell he he sold the A-Rod ball back. After the Yankees 450000. Dollars. That led to charity just like you couldn't get a lot of dough for that basically you could've gotten Jose 250000 or or twenty wanna give my 150. To him because it was a charity it was easier maybe the but it will be limited 125 for him. 01 like he could. I have sold a lot of these balls for a lot of money. And I don't hit it should matter is I'm I'm I spent you know you sit in this room deal radio show sort of weird you see spend half an hour reading them and look at some bugs that sample. If there were video if if he would push kids out of the way to get baseball's you know what. It be video of bush and give that a president especially in this day and age so. So essential one. And I don't know like if your kid grew up to be Zach temple. When you make you proud. Happy I think the same crap who gives a crap. If you think what I want my kids to be is find something that makes them happy. And he seems to be happy you know what strikes me about him and when you talk to on people a bitter about it though. I do think pathetic. We get I do think. Collectors. There's an element out of that is sort of what are you people do like I don't care but. But I don't feel like they did that not enough that strikes me is what he's doing this and he's doing it a lot of it for charity and Obama will be sent. It would strikes me about him is that any time you speak to run it sounds like even if you're not looking at him. It sounds like every single thing that he says it sounds like he's smiling as he says. And it. Let your natural disposition is earlier after natural disposition is that happy in that by all means carry armament. But he should. He should probably get that. He should probably get that. Don't ever give you visual yeah mama mama at that level does that mean Wikipedia page looked okay what. It is next number two who number two Cleveland Cavaliers. Have. Their people who say we should just skip to the finals. Just skip to the finals. And I think if it is hard to imagine. A less compelling at this point. Pair of series championship series and what we have right now. Warriors DO way. And the Celtics DOS. It is. It is pretty damn Graham. Oh yes yes but it does build up the final I actually think. The thing that was gonna happen we knew that the cavs were going to win that series we knew they were gonna win it informed. Yet I. So if sugar I'm gonna and we think most people dead if they're gonna win it in 45 which I think we knew. They might as well at least have won it in such impressive fashion. That it builds up. The the suspense. And the anticipation he wanted to fine and I've seen because there's still an element that has been an element of it's inevitable for the warriors right Molder to the year particularly as the cavs are kind of struggling along for them. There wasn't he wants as well it's going to be a great finals at least long part of this year will people illegals gonna be a big finals you have edged ever going to be warriors warriors Warner's right. Yeah that I do thing we have talked a net talk now with LeBron doing what he's doing. Averaging 35 points in the playoffs nine rebounds seven assists two steals shoot 56% 43% from a three. Up 22 and a half. I do think. It is like it's going to be a title fight a lot I can put. They're aiming to meet this is if you think about it this is kind of what you want you wanna see both teams peaking and it appears that. While. While love cats had that period from essentially February till the start of the playoffs or they just looking in at best. As trying to solicit yesterday. This is the best rested team and all the playoffs and they know more than anything LeBron knows that he's gonna be judged based on championships. And the level that he's playing at right now from big from the tip last night. He was aggressive he was dominating and do anything left them all out on top of that how. How much room the Celtics were having to give him when they play defense they're essentially was staying light. Five feet. Behind him in Morgan Durham is exactly the room right and then easy period jump shots in now. He can beat you so many ways it's it's amazing. It is absolutely amazing and I am thirty Aziz since in the cat the second re like the reincarnation this cavs. They are 33 and four in the playoffs against the east. Incredible I mean the Indy cavs warriors series. I will absolutely be written cap on out and I find that almost inconceivable. Because I've rooted against LeBron every single day he was in Miami check. And with apologies to David is never rooted against him every single day he was in Miami. But when he went back to Cleveland. It's totally and I think children Evelyn back to Oklahoma City on a harder time zone Western Conference and but let's say because of the back of a lottery then or something of their out of that. At that point I'll root for a okay say. I like small markets. I like teams the draft you. I don't like Jason rings. I don't like. Any of that and so I'm Hillary as the warriors until they get busted up a deadly took immigrants on a very you know can read but that's the part that pushed it. Clearly over the edge for me so go cavs go LeBron. What's next. Number three out of three it is say the two leading. Trending topics on Twitter. Both said Chris Cornell. A sound garden died apparent suicide. And his supposedly. His last song that he's saying in Detroit. Was a cover if in my time of Italian. Was the last thing song that he sang at his last concert and suicide is being investigated. You go read his Wikipedia page there's nothing bottom nothing about a pushing kids are related baseball's. Some but there is a lot about. Depression. And honestly teenage depression and loner as a kid and found his weigh the into music and then found his way into addiction. Has been sober for a long time now or at least a good long while evidently. Much but it's another example it appears. Apparent suicide which makes a sad story. Even sadder. The men Roger Ailes also die and Roger Ailes of course unfounded Fox News created Fox News. We used to be a Republican operative and then created Fox News. Was recently forced out at Fox News because a series of sexual harassment. Issues. So not an entirely good guys from that perspective it doesn't seem. But he was certainly effective at what he did on he created the Fox News. Phenomenon. And before that as a Republican an as a Republican operative he came up with what. Might be. If I think back of a presidential debates over the last. One recent member. There is the lord that wasn't presidential the vice presidential debate. Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle yeah. When the hole I knew Jack Kennedy Jack Kenny was a friend of mine and you're no Jack Kennedy like that was a boom knocks out. I Lloyd Bentsen. Of Dan Quayle. But Ronald Reagan. Was debating Walter Mondale this was for reelection. And he was asked about. How old he was at the time he was reelected it's amazing he's younger than you think of bra probably as old dude right. Donald Trump is older than Ronald Reagan ones which is remarkable. But anyway so it turns out it was Roger Ailes. Who wrote this fabulous line. That totally blunted the V. He's too old and senile which people were thinking about Ronald Reagan at the time and here is how that sound. You. Already are the oldest president in history some of your staff say you're tired after your most recent encounter with the mr. throughout Monday. I recall yet that president Kennedy had to go for days on end with a very little sleep during the Cuban missile crisis is there any doubt in your mind. That you would be able functions such circumstances. Extraordinary and I don't you know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign I am not going to exploit. Floor political purposes. My opponent's youth and inexperience yeah. He would want anyway but curiously Koresh Mondale and that war is that Roger Ailes has. Passed away what's next number of school or fall it. You have for me a list. Indeed I did what does this list so this list is the five personality traits that make you live longer according to business insider I let me see it right and. I mean you got to be mellow right you gotta be able to let things go Wada often ducks back under the say that's one yeah emotional stability I think that that that the same idea says people freak out and get depressed and everything don't handle it as long he can figure out how to roll with the punches you love and that's the obvious one yes. As some of the week. How about. How about. How about a NA. Routine commitment to routine and that kind of thing like sort of ya like our commitment to routine and and Diana how. I think you're hitting at the concept the concept that and how they define degrading our current I appreciate your day generous winner now means the idea coming up with a specific wording is difficult number one they put being conscious meaning. You think things through your third I think he gave me credit for that I didn't look. That's the I was saying no no I was saying route literally a routine not just conscious. I'm gonna guess peace go ahead get in the five things five personality traits that will make us look longer number one as time. As soon as I mentioned it being conscious. Meaning you think things through and your thorough about it you don't take a lot of unnecessary risks number two openness meaning your receptive to new concepts and experiences in other words you keep learning and don't resist change too much. As previously mentioned number three is emotional stability people freak out and get depressed. But everything don't tend to live as long he can figure out how to roll with the punches you'll live longer number four. Friendliness. Which kind of goes hand in hand and being positive. Plus people who socialize and stay close with friends tend to live longer and number five expressing yourself freely. People who bottle stuff up don't tend to live as long as people who can express this there at number three what was the story. Threes emotional stability. That was okay. Expressing yourself expressing your fills the freeway. How will the deal amounts. Go through look like okay one is one would be conscious consciousness does I'll get myself back. Two is openness I think I actually get on that I was just had to a father are very similar yes. Openness balloon. Lose Strategic Command was so I'm not sure garden and the number 3 I am this is a definitely put a check mark for me emotional stability people who forgot donned a depressed bite I'd think I'm okay there on the ultimate form trashed act friendliness. Which kind of guessing. I like if an unfriendly. And but I also recognize like I'm the kind of guy he can talk if you wanna talk to me. I I can sit there and chat with the old day and I got on problem doing that there's and that's not an issue at all but I'm also not big idol like. Goes into a crowd and actively just starts this season see her grow he wants to reform and then express yourself freely. I'm probably not right now look at what's next. Number five number five. Another horrifying story out of Baylor oh boy this one I have struggled with that I'll tell you why. The delegates tennis. There's a lawsuit against and the allegation and it's it's a horrific allegation. The allegation is that as sort of binding. That they observed football players would engage in gang rapes would drug. Or. Whatever women and men would engage in gang rapes. And would videotaped them. And everything so it was sore loser quote unquote bonding exercise between football. Well if that's true. It's simply. Horrifying. And I don't rule out that it's true. There's. Very clearly something went badly awry in that campus and let's be honest it's not just on that campus I think the attitude. Of men towards women generally particularly on drunken college campuses in the eight times of whatever. Tends to be. Disrespectful. Just see we shouldn't get. There is a move. Look let's be honest whether it's at Stanford where we saw an example of this or Taylor or anyone else there is they take what you can get women are property. Undercurrent. That exists in our society and good night that is ridiculous simply true. And an end to died there are huge issues at Baylor. Also ridiculous. We had eight elaborate investigation. Which found. Unending problems and severe problems. At Baylor so horrific that they didn't document them. But V on paper but. In terms of this particular allegation. Q diligent you won a lawsuit chair like you can at this is not a this is enough finding it's not a charge by telling me it's not even allegation by a criminal court which is. Still well short of proof if you are charged with something it doesn't mean you necessarily did it sure but it means that at least some. Government entity. Has. Deemed their to be sufficient evidence to charge you price. This lawsuit. Where you can truly allege any and I don't mean considered if there's no way to talk about this. Without sounding quite honestly your favorite no of course not but I'd I do think it's important to sort of I don't know like I had no idea here. It just don't like that and finish discussing mechanics of how this would work in a civil suit understand that they did they understand that and as you can say anything you want about anyone in the civil suit and so now there is. That's a whole lot of bad crap that went on so I'm not at all discounting it. But I don't think it's fair to Baylor. Who by the way I play a Baylor has been so. Certainly. Stubborn. About all of this that I'm not sure in many ways they deserve the benefit of the doubt but here. I do think it's kind of important to point out of debt that that. It's it's an allegation that you could well and anyone can allege anything and so. I hate to say that because like so many women honestly don't report things because. They are afraid of being dismissed an afraid of being and so with the vast majority of rapes go on reported because they're not taken seriously. I certainly don't want to be taking pardon that but I do think it's important recognize at least in this particular Baylor story. It's an allegation in a civil suit it is not a charge in a criminal manner or anything else I've yet to break welcome back commenced Jeff Keppinger an agent and a chemistry. Can move. Seriously App Store for them to. And ESPN. 06929. FM. Hey it's Aircastle signed for Memphis or doctor dot com new body concept spring has -- in the weather is changing it's going to be beautiful and we're all gonna be out by the pool and barbecue and very very soon and you're looking in the -- thinking I don't have as much hair on top of my head as I did last summer wolf that's the case then call my friends at Memphis where doctor not -- -- -- -- at 855865. 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It doesn't take sixty years to figure out that if you're in the market for new boots cowboy corner on Goodman wrote himself David is the place to go. Now 829 FM 688 am on the WMS SA IN 929 This is that your car is you know. EST yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Another show that's been. It's the closing arguments presented by ten ration Memphis the mantle sports things that we did not. Yet to Barry. Bonds Obama now worked out for anyone but he Los Angeles Lakers box Geoffrey. I mean at this point I cannot understand likes he gets there he wants to play Andy at this point. You know Miguel like you know I mean what you have all the game plan to get that all the the amount of interviewing and whatnot and ultimately didn't work out for you the grizzlies drafted ashamed to beat without him marked out for them. Well the story's true the actual player personnel people didn't want a draft of the owner wanted to draft but they worked him there's there was there was no there was there was definitely a split of opinion final happy to draft him Tony Barone senior is headed to draft him. The owner wanted to draft him. The some of the Tony Brown junior one addressed there was there was this is really this is the bachelor days where you share after sort of read the tea leaves about. Who assumed I would happily draft Alonso ball without working amount I've seen him I don't know what he can do I see is vision I see whatever else would matter to me at all if I and I took matters grizzlies. Grizzlies did not draft James Harden. But because he tank to work out. And so they'd let that influence them in terms of them had a destined to be anyway. But that's one reason they didn't draft Hartman and to work out. Can be overrated catalog was crushing internal work out great work out there ever seen. So. It just them anyway penny. Here's why actually. I think it will be hard for a team other than let's let's say Boston wants him again. And draster. Do you think the fact the Lavar ball is such a loud mouth or whatever like that at the most players you just say like it then seven didn't wanna go to Philadelphia where he distract them but we was gonna do you know. But the tar ball is such a pain in the ass I do wonder if teams might talk themselves into saying you know why. There's no difference. Between okay what happened between Alonso ball on someone else so therefore given that there's no difference like this guy just as much as we like him. We're gonna take sure I take all of the most people Marco folds above him anyway but let's just pretend. The bet that. They didn't I think they can talk themselves in to having him above. Alonso ball just to avoid the pain in the half that his father and it is father in particularly not getting his way. What I mean it's his father who wants him to be an ally and you are not putting him now why is the father gonna be even more obnoxious. To me it's never affected lawns is all and for like on court performance so it. If all Chapman exactly like that's always been my kind of like whether or not his dad runs his mouth I don't really think has that much and in where he has got drafted me just got a if you believe and you just got it after he will end up with the lakers and thought I don't think the fact that he's not working out for anyone but the lakers. Will be the reason I think it's because of possible problems takes somebody else. Anyway and so there in the lakers are number two I speaking of which Paul Pierce. That's come out and said he thinks that the Celtics should trade the but there window is now. And that this isn't a situation where there's a Tim Duncan in the draft here. This is a situation where there is not a Tim Duncan in the draft the not a great wind player in the draft and they should. Go ahead and. Trade the. I will say that. I have all along said. At the draft deadline I said don't be trade in this paired for some for Jimmy Butler that right trees and want to trade deadlines Adobe turning straighten this picture Jimmy about left. I will say the fact that that. The players available are the players available. They still a little trickier for Boston because. They're not. They're not they don't play the right position. And today. I dare I kept saying yes there's a change it's that he could be gaining an oil and there is a chance that he could be Gagnon lowered. Well you don't have to be Damien Willard I mean there's a chance that he could. You know what I held at Washington to do they didn't she didn't carry that to many victories yet and I've. And I know that inherently I know that's not a fair criticism. That has been a huge hang up for me with more helpful to all year is the fact that if you or this transcendent. And you are this good. How the heck did you team rivalries are records that neither. I never even Kevin Durant was disappointed limit a Lee Simmons didn't play every game Mikey there were there were the other reasons involved. They got an LSU was just. Johnny Jones that was just as a course it should take it like I could mean for example. When departed marker came out on. He was gonna be a stuck. That really good player right there really good liar yeah. But well maybe maybe it does appoint an out of and it's got to shoot to my apartment but what did you borrow it park like that's not it. That's not a franchise player noble would have fees of one compares I don't think I've seen a ton of that I that he reminds me of what he's Dwyane Wade. Well he's one way than than you want to. Cricket actively doing right then he'd lift you to titles like him he's going way that he lifted her I think he's worth the roll of the dice. And I don't think Paul Pierce's right. I think it's weird that so many players. I think that this bush to be decent now the sort of hurting really decent now. At the trade deadline. It wasn't just. Former players it was a writers whose everyone got to do something got to do something got to do something what we saw last night. Is there are so much worse than the cavs they got traded for anyone of these dudes and eliminate any different last night was more affirmation. That what they did was absolutely. The right thing to do I know the last thing I wanted to which was nothing. The last thing on top tennis is these. Just surges out said that Tom Brady. Has had concussions had concussions last year has had concussions pretty much every year I do wonder. Is good as he has looked and the although he says he wants to play full sound off. I do wonder if the way they have acted this offseason. Get Stephon Gilmore paying big money respond tomorrow which is not typically what they do not trading Jimmy grapple I'll. I do wonder. If this is secretly. The last year of Tom Brady does that mean wishful thinking or can you look at what's happening and say you know look. The way they are acting not acting patriot life. They're not. Just building for the long term they are loading up to win right now. And it's not a patriot life. Perfect day I think by the wishful thinking to say that this is the last this is the last year and a certain point what he's 39. I mean. I mean that's all other timed so far has been under any. Acting like they might be them on television to grapple assume. Is what is what I'm Angela while skiing Jimmy Gobble if you don't plan to sign him use him etc. why keep them. Well I think you saw this news about the concussions I think there's a reasonable chance this the last different amber against a can do regardless act. Here's the binder that. Today we'll Jeff there's the story from the telegraph. That says according to a new study believer or not you speak dog. Researchers found that people had a remarkable ability to understand what dogs differ growls meant. And not surprisingly women are better at it is I think they are better language in general. So that reminded me of the famous anchorman clip that involved Ron Burgundy of course speaking with Baxter's they have a nice conversation I figured. Anytime I have a chance to play that clip I won't go ahead do so. Yeah okay back half of course I met me match. This one was different. To be honest. Quite different. I do you I'm not alone leave him. Yeah why everyone's San Diego when. You know how to. Of course. You're so wise and we'll look at what miniature Buddha covered in hair. Got again. You know I don't speak Spanish in English please act if I'm. You've moved in there for greater act. And as you age old. Wheelchair is did you that's tactics and even mad it's amazing. People do people who talk the dogs to complete all of us being lit all the people talk to their dogs. And I think people have. Dog voices are for sure lived their lives Tuukka. They have dog voices I know people have a voice that they used to talk to their don't own ranks yet. And then they have some. Some people. Have voices that they use. To sort of mimic their dog talking back and yeah for sure I didn't I didn't post a it's complete normal like that Saddam actually believe. No it is weird to think we live in houses with beasts. You know we domesticated we received assay towards these beasts and arrows there's nothing worse than walking your dog at a rainy day go why did we get us to take these things again we have these beasts that live. Into the house with us. Here's what's coming up next. 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