May 18, 2017 -- Hour 1 with guest Zack Hample

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, May 18th

Segment 1 -- Geoff opens the show by discussing the thrilling BBQ Sauce Wrestling matches that opened the 2017 Memphis in May BBQ Fest.

Segment 2 -- In light of the recent poor behavior at the Arlington High School graduation ceremony, Jeffrey Wright went around the radio world asking personalities for real advice for high school graduates.

Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes Zack Hample, foul ball guy, to the program to discuss some of his best stories and strategies for getting foul balls and home runs at Major League parks.


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Beautiful buildings. And today's 2 PM until 4 PM. Sports columnist time. The award winning Jeff cook can. Geoff Calkins show. 8209 S. ESPN. Okay. Have happy ease. The hers hey. Is it's already been a. Eventful day in the world of news. The two top trending topics on Twitter. Our Roger Ailes and Chris Cornell. Yes both of whom have died. Senator for sound well. And one the man who brought you Fox News. Who created Fox News. And they both have passed away. So that's what's leading national discussion at the moment we'll talk about. Both of those Roger Ailes was. Responsible for one of the in addition to Fox News. He grabbed recently run out of Fox News because of various sexual harassment. Issues. But he was. Responsible for one of the great. One of the great lines. In a presidential debate. In the history of presidential debates one of the great effect of lines. In the history of presidential debates. And then Chris Cornell. I'm beloved by many. One of I'm an out and you just look up on lists and everyone has won every single fantastic list of great from then check hum that there is. Sort of an eerie story about the last song. He sang in Detroit. Before. Before passing why. If an investigation that could they're investigating. Suicide so a Hogan and both of those things as the day progresses. I am exciting because we have a couple things we're doing today that that are. That then I'm gonna I'm looking forward to one is. The Ellington. Brawl of course was all talk yesterday and it. And since then there's been more update on the now on the Ellington brawl they found the woman who was at the center. And she's got no regrets. Yeah us yes no apologies no apologies no regrets on FaceBook. And I'm sure she's got no regrets but get. The whole. Unpleasant. Tenor of the entire episode. We thought we should do our part. To. Term to restore some decorum to you have a situation. And so Jeffrey has walked around this building. And interviewed. All of the all the good and great. About their own advice to young graduates can we oil it would all of a message to be. Fighting is okay graduate you'll get a good relations press or whatever bill I was about so we have we were we have we have found it a different message. Who you talk to. Among the folks you've talked a bit give insincere. Graduation device advice here we have talked with Jason Jason and Jon just in Asia. We have spoken with Brad Carson. Yeah digestion we've spoken with Ron Olson and rattle loose they each have you'd given advice are among the others and the man and a and a cast of others share. And so we will do that in the next segment and 91 yourself. Real advice. For your high school graduates at 940. Very excited Zach Campbell will be with us now you may not know is that careful not off the top your head. The name's Zach Campbell. But that Campbell is the greatest. Fouls slash home runs last batting practice last one ever. Catcher of baseballs. In the history of baseball. He soared more than ten and now what he's closing in on his 101000. Ball but he is tracked down among the balls that he has dragged down. Mike child's first home run. And a rise thirty means for 3000 career hit which were which was a home run. He subsequently. Did return there's a little bit of suds from the delegation the went on he actually subsequently. Sold that quote unquote back to the Yankees. And A-Rod. And the money went to charity. So. So anyway he's going to be at AutoZone park tonight. And you will be able to go get tips from him. About how to track down baseball he has more tricks than you can possibly imagine. As how to track down baseball's you've caught a baseball at a at a ballpark. Memphis chicks game at packet Tim McCarver actually caught eyes landed next me out I got it you've got so yet be you know who hit. That's the only one and that's alone. I think it was JD Drew where where you. You got a JD yes because they are murmured yes his I think that's why it was so light going after it's hard. We're used to annoy your I don't remember the like are the right home run it was a I don't know there's I'll you couldn't yeah yeah over the right field metal bleachers yeah. It was like it was that you're there you powerball J. D. Drew yeah. I was ahead a liberal a basically I was running after in front of RO. He's got more treks. And I guess you'd have to when your clothes and then on 101000 how many guys. Or how many how many people on the planet can truly say. At what I do on the vessel on the best in the world how many people can truly say that. Some does the best Louis and one of Qaeda is another and really the question really that's the promise you imagine like trying to catch in Iraq and then going to catch the whole stadium full of people out there. Well on Sunday night baseball yeah they've been cheaters ceremony he catches the Grand Slam on some really. He was there this line. I didn't notice that he talked about the you know I can't go teeters over the idea orgy you can even get up to the skybox. Did you not that that's that's who he was that's. Yeah so he's going to be on at 940. I wanna kind of want to love Chris Harrington on I don't know if he has always written about today. And I don't know the other another pick and pop on another grizzlies position but we'll talk to him. About all of that and then of course. The other things we have to get into including. Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes. And and after some news about once a ball as well and everything else there was a basketball game last night once again allegedly. A hot as the cavs. Absolutely demolished the Celtics and you have some all along that LeBron James you know assault for any of us. Yeah I gotta say getting real good in the world. You call this well in advance that. And LeBron James has simply been. They have actually 35 points a game plan she's averaging 35 points a game and as well as 35 points nine rebounds seven assists. Two steals shooting 56% from the field issued 43% from three. And the cavs repertory to. Will on top of that. They look at who's guarding like Marcus Smart disappears. People despair like. It's it makes them BP chemicals also doesn't yes because once it matters he's the best in London and it really does there's no. Yeah so. So it happened. And if it were competitive and compelling. We might be talking about culture right now. But since it wasn't I thought we talk about something else that was competitive. And compelling and that is the barbecue sauce wrestling contest and I covered act. Down to Tom Lee park part of the Memphis barbecue fast now the barbecue sauce wrestling contest. If you read about us tweeted about it. A tweet out my story is also strip commercial do about kemba some video there and there are a photo gallery and dramatic photo gallery. I'm but it is the return of barbecue sauce and wrestling. To the festival. After many years away. No one quite knows how many years away. But the alleged reason the roller reason. Why it went away all those many years ago. Was because only strippers were trying to. But sometimes you can't have this man we cannot have the best. So so so why so wireline. And they decided to bring it back and they are gonna bring it back in wasn't that I'd check in general categories. Joseph categories looks different strippers are women in the latter category technically different thing they can be over last year or they're did you have your dryer so little is available at tiger and right they've been out of L. I don't necessarily. Need lap overlook. So. So are two categories. Of of of competitors. There was. The media bracket. And then there was the mostly members of teens bracket members of barbecue teams share. And the media bracket. Was except for one dude. From the Max. Completely unfair. There was a single media member who signed up. To wrestle and barbecue sauce which I think speaks well mania. Yeah I her role locally elected not to do it we will offer the chance it have a team member so. In many choices decide capital we will always liked about it we were all offered the chance to go barbecue sauce wrestle. And every single one Imus declined and it wasn't just here or was it every media entity throughout the entire city. Everyone decline. And it's a disorderly as president and outsmarted. I think it really isn't because people do sign up to do different stuff. I just think the idea. Wrestling itself is. Is tread lightly it's gotta tread lightly. And then he had barbecue sauce and I don't know how many people find that particularly appealing indeed the people who did participate. There was a common thing. They were all signed up by someone else. They they were at all so nah. So there was a guy named Justin Newport who was like. Well it I played he liked it great football he is sculpt yankees he has guy that guy is chiseled. And he said my team signed me up. Christina skull. I was away from the beating two time like that is she got that. That fair that's a fair punishment Ross Hensley I was the youngest on my team and it's my first year like that is all at setter etc. itself as a Harvard bigger reasons so all. No actually signed up themselves everyone has basically drafted into it by there. Team and these people were like real respectable monster British people. Mallory warms algebra teacher. Allison Hanna worker insurance and billions in France is not. Just a Newport is marketing an AutoZone met Butler behavior therapist the holy rosary. He's just I think Justin was a pretty good high school wrestler to he does jujitsu now out of that stuff like Justin had a reason like it if they if you're gonna have a so there were eight dudes and they were three women. So today they had eight dudes do want to all they added. Eighty gallons. Cattlemen's. International terrorism this is raining there's a giant ring. And then they put a TARP did you get ruined and I am sure so they just take this giant TARP. And made great battle over the ring. And then. Day. Have your cattlemen's barbecue sauce of multiple different flavors. And it took just have to empty out the eighty jugs of barbecue sauce took a good long while just to do that any was. A good two or three inches deep and barbecue sauce by the time they were done. Yeah I'm looking your picture right now one of the rules there are various roles in in edit a bit read the race rolls before hand. In the rules worm. Like you would expect no punching kicking me striking smothering low blows smashing the opponent and it turned buckles or attempting to throw opponents out of the rain. All of those are rules but unlike regular pro wrestling for example no submerged. Also was one of the rules defined as intensely holding a person's dead under the sauce that was also not allowed. Oda one minute rhetoric here and they got on the net and hope those submerging. And so. You had the four men's matches. Which went. Went off beautifully all ending with a pen and there once there was a three minute 13 minute round. And there was opinion in all four match. The women's match. There are these three women's awaiting data that they put mollen together triple threat in what I have since learned ball's called John Maher told me is a triple. Right so I think about bringing like a pen and paper trying to explain to you says there is a triple threat gone on and what was interesting was. Com. Two women. Alison hand worker. And us goalie. Christina scholarly. They correctly identified. That Mallory warms was going to be the toughest not a big woman now reforms put. I guess she looks strong she's point five choose the toy if I shoot so date Pete secretly. And what your columns are unfair. An alliance. Before it similar to the triple threat. And yes usually typically that's where typically have a big guy and if they decide to take care wanna go first story telling one of one Jeff okay so this happened behind the scene. What is actually. This happened but didn't go to business get this is a real life professionally wrestling this was on a decent rate is surveyed outcome may not get it. Tony it was not predetermined I was there I was witnessing the whole thing unfold they were gonna go get Mallory all forms before him. O'Malley orange was having was having none of it. She she first she went and pinned Christina. And while Kristen that was in the process and gain pin and nearly submerged double point of nearly submerged in crystal got started. Yeah if she started hitting hitting now only arms like just bull bull bull bull bull. Politics I think it was a battle since kicking and Mallory. Said that the wrath. And I don't know that this is Jordan urged her to hit back but she said I don't wanna get disqualified hitting that what ever so she want to end it like god why she went and ten. On Pristina. And then she turned her attention Alison hit worker elves and have a group battle was eleven year old daughter was in the audience. She's 36 yourself. As you can now also had a worker and Ellis did she just kill all bull. And what happens and took a vote. When you have a monster that you're trying to build the monster though the ultimate physical specimen as you mentioned that she list looks so much fun it was just stronger us that's what he did do you have that person dominate the match because that's what would happen. She did mention pin one and then she penned the other day and and it was it was something to say I I. I believe that this will be it was very popular there worse if you could pictures you'll say there were three. I don't know there's sort that's a little fun part is still looking at the actual faces again. I do not think the individual individual wrestlers will be back next here. What they've done I think what did you tell out of one and done here I think the teams are gonna have to draft a whole new group of people. Next year a lot of fun out at a barbecue just aren't what we come back. Ronald Olson. Michelle yeah Jason owe it to all of them all with the best graduation real real real life. Graduation advice to make up for these this this Arlington disaster through Jeff Carpenter and attitude and chemistry. 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To people who are already doing it and you know just sort of ingratiate yourself put them in and really can't understand what it takes to be successful. In that field also when you get opportunities in your field. Say yes I never think that you are too good. Attitude to take up an opportunity whether it is you know low paying or whatever case is always take the opportunity yes that's that's my advice. Is there any. Example in your life that you did something similar. Oh yeah I mean I reached out to Calkins. Receptive parish I reached out today on wall again and I and sometimes the united back. And that is hounded them like I just harassed them. Restraining order filed against me until they responded. And you know and I've got a great relationship they just tell me they they show me what it took. And and and that was stuff that wasn't valuable to me especially on an 1819 year old kid who was trying to be in the business. Jason Smith Jason Johnson Jason when you think back to. Political advice do you give to young high school graduate school would you tell them that could set them up to have the best chance for success don't womb with your best friend. I fail. Everybody kept telling me that that man you're on your best friend and you know it's gonna mess you up and I'll just tell them. No me in my voters who tied and do it aluminum best friend and I was out of college I lost on scholarship. Within a semester so don't when we do your best friend. Did you lose your scholarship love about it. Gray Davis is right here of Entercom radio Willis brandy if you had to call her it is piece of practical advice to. A high school graduate is going off to come. Something you wish you would have done. I'm saying as far as I'm he probably knows you can have your eye and say hey yeah brilliant atmosphere now. For me saying yes everything like well I. Her steadily eating I miss then yeah yes so having no idea what she wanted me enzymes and try games. You can own happiness instead of or somebody else. Easily. Yeah it's paying to Arnie as long as he saw that class you know he's guaranteed that's experiences and that's okay. Joseph Louis that's and 100. Show. Think next to going off to college or something that you wish you would have none. I wish that I would've known that. Networking is he has noticed probably started doing in terms tips things like that a lot sooner and starting to know the people that I really. I needed to navigate I think. Early as I could I got a late start to that effect until. I wish I would of. Brad Carson here Willis Entercom radio in 1990 his skin brand when you think about. Some helpful advice you could have given his recent high school graduate that was helpful for you. It's something you wish you enough. I wish I lived. Known it was gonna learn more. In the classroom them inside of the classrooms. And I wish I would. A better job fostering relationships. Probably going to church more. Thinking more outside of the box vs inside the box. Study math and life. Do some things differently than what I studied I guess. Do anything about navy so tunnels and famous. That this period disc jockey of the 100 fans Ron. Think back to do going all the way back to refresh your college with something that you issue of mountain. We shouldn't. Net and that's. I guess words of wisdom. From my father. They tell me keep your expectations. Love and you'll always be happy don't expect much at anybody or any thing and pretty much live by that. John loser of the Jason and Johnson John is there any type of advice you can give kids that are going off to count that just recently graduated. That are going off to college again. Good. Coleman. Good guys. Now really. Fighting off to college I stay home so letting guys go off. Too much. It's. A freshman fifteen is real. Jason. They could tell kids that maybe you would. Wouldn't say in front and that you think so they can be useful like I think it's cool it's Jim Glassman right now a lot like those especially but it is required. But to me cod is hard manage some day some days man you just got to recharge the batteries so. It's okay to skip class every once in awhile just for quality of life services. And we think about maybe something that. Would you advise to the young ones if their parents frivolous things anything else you did. Maybe share them don't be afraid to cut class coming in and how many cut classes and don't go to school I mean I'm in shop class solve your schedule. Other guys always found that are scheduled eighteen hours. And then I cut a class on down the fifteenth it was a relief it felt like relief I was charged up for the other five classes. And it was just a formula for me. Don't believe. I was scheduled class but I wasn't gonna need at that time I could do later and I was cutting. After maybe a week or two love so must get away and was like it was up lifting the don't ask me. Are asking why not seem to find some success there because those who can't start listening with a piece of practical guy yeah. She didn't they UK she couldn't hold fresh and ready. Nonetheless see. Now let me days I'll be okay in the end but how well yeah I would tell myself. You have to make good grades in order to see you. Stay in school but did not know gravity and different Asian and did not produce summer classic at the conference series. And then we think back to maybe something like a personal level something that maybe not as important in the grand scheme of things that you wish you could now. Dead if you fail at first not give up because I know for me there are several things I tried something and set up maybe this. For me let me try something else that I think that hard work and persistence. And determination and the hustle. Really pays off so just getting younger right the first time doesn't mean he came here right this second third fourth fifth time. Maybe something that you can tell the kids if their parents are listening or something you recommend. I would recommend. Physical shape me good luck can marry rich primaries and they really rich and live up bad NB. The rest your life you need your river from any type of commencement speech that maybe separating. Nothing is there anything can ever recommend. Zero other than. No I can't I can't remember who says I can't remembering their faces a cameraman and the speeches. From all our members how happy I was that the the damn thing was over there anything you can ever remember her. Commencement speech. Now none we'll lastly can you remember anything from its. Silly can you ever remember anything from the commencement speech. Now and then can you ever read anything. Actually now. Well they have a Carol ash. I thought can you regret any offense was picked. Actually I can remember one thing from my graduation. Pepperdine we had some. Off fox executive. And she. Recommended that if he wanted to be a successful female. You could not fit. Let's beautiful that was that was really inspiring to us content. Is there I actually remember. One. As I've graduated now from high school. College law school and journalism school plus and of course I get a Brothers and sisters are going to some graduation is. I'm beyond that like almost half. And I actually do remember may have said this before I do remember. Little one and piece of advice from one of these speeches. Scott Morris of church health. Was he commencement speaker at University of Memphis. Commencement on a few years ago and I think he gave ten piece of advice. And I remember exactly one of I think was number story. It was get a dog. And and it went I've. And I look and I live by that that's the one bit of advice did that god gave that stuck with made just because it struck me as hilarious. The rest of the advice that was offered there. A lot of sort of try stuff in order to figure out what you wanna do can act network all of that. Critical to what you think absolutely critical I think the whole. Knowing what you wanna do is is very difficult and people. Get M anxiety because they don't know what they wanna do but it's just as valuable to go down a wrong home way. As it is you know you need to go to some some wrong hallways before if I'm right now the wrong path towards an iPad itself. Try every path you possibly can't weather that was good advice for people on network and all that I think that is the key now. Yes no I I I completely agree because. So it's now it's almost like when you graduate college you're expected to know what you wanna do and it's almost like I got to speak in my dad like he's like you know. What I was in my twenties I was. Having jobs trying to figure out what I couldn't couldn't do he's like that was what my twins are four but he goes there were more jobs readily available you know fight isn't when W got one so. I think now that processes sped up and now that. College now they've now that universities are so much structured out trying to deep into the workplace the more opportunities for a deceased I think that was sort of less damage or big toe a huge deficit that's. On wonder whether they wanna do it's what a bottle that go out there and do stuff to figure out what you wanna do the other thing that I thought was lynched and was it Jason and Jon. Both advocated skipping classes in different ways yeah Johnson go ahead sleep in a recharged ones while Jason I thought had a unique strategy which is tropical. Yeah. Does over scheduled to have a glass I do agree with that like it as close as making you actually miserable and you can get out of that without without repercussions. Go ahead and dropped yes I agree 1% would that I was also though I was the guy that if I showed up to class yeah. In the study as much about the thing I actually going to class yeah I Bible indeed as a parent. I'm paying for you to go to college share. At least function but in the C. I go to class like that that that is that's truly what I'm paying for. Kitchen but the seat fine once a while something's happened whatever that cameo from but. But brandy evidently skid stuff to go to the college World Series and it did not work out well are the big break that Campbell is going to be with us next he is the greatest. Home run catcher of home runs foul balls baseball's. In the history of catchers of baseball's home runs at seven he is bearing down on 101000. Eight arrives at 3000 is among his great triumphs he got eight rounds 3000 hit he will be about a little park tonight giving out tickets to kids. As to how to do that we will talk to him out. 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I'm doing great good to be honest here. Well you're awfully nice so most recently. Just this past Sunday night that you're you're you're a new U track one down at Yankee Stadium is a scratch. Correct yeah I had a great he's. Our streak of luck with the Houston Astros basically didn't even Wear the first five times that I saw the Astros on the road. I snagged a total of five home runs during those games. And the last one happened on Mother's Day slash G your day at Yankee Stadium it was a single admission doubleheader and an eighth inning of game one. Brett Gardner launched a really high fly ball out of my section and I tracked it down and caught itself so great. So who will. Why don't you in that section what was that what was the key to catching that ball and how many other people did you have to have you know out sprint or whatever to get what was the key to that. Iowans like to sit out in right purely Yankee Stadium because it's such a short porch or really even behind Ron and when vaccine first open. I was kind of bad actually an annoyed about how easy it was to hit home runs they're there to all these kind of leaving fly ball that ended up in the heat and act out like a cheap in the game. Then after a few years that would like. Wait a minute big deal counts for home runs so why don't I actually put myself out there and make an attempt to capture and far done pretty well out there with the Brett Gardner home run. The weather was really strange that big the first game where it would ringing an it was cold and windy and then the sun would come out and it was pleasant and every time the rain came. It Kate a lot of it and the way. So conveniently for me. Gardner hit that home run just sort of at the tail end of one of those little sessions of rain so I had a little room to work wish. And I are sitting in a row Beckett had a few people at the far end so. I had to drift about maybe 2030. Feet from my right. And it with a high fly ball. I played College Baseball division three nothing really to brag about but. I am pretty good at judging and catching fly balls shows that I can't corn for me knowing even really make that turn or every guy in a row right in front of me actually coop. Sort of reached out and I was behind him and I even had to jump to reach it so he had no chance. They were he ordered and nearby ducking so yeah not much competition. What what's the number of what's the how many have you snag some red this point what's left before official count. Well I've gotten should eat or home run balls during games. And if you count all the batting practice all the talk about that number is now 9666. Duke and India and you're gonna hit 101000 this year you imagine cool you'll have 101000 this year. I think so I hope so I I think it'll probably happen around August. I've fairly consistently averaged about seven balls per game for years. Including. BP and other warm up ball. So all and I've also gone to about a hundred gain the year the last six years or so so I just keep going if they could should happen late this summer. Do you want number 101000 to be home run ball doesn't have to be a home run ball I'd like you want it would be cheapened if it's a guy commits a player toss annual ball. 101000. I wanted to hit I wanted to be a walk our grants like track and sort of radically different point neck. Yeah you know I have a lot of people acting like well I wanna do it fit what are your plans per 101000. I mean the odds targeted just can't happen in batting practice I what I could do is. Just basically. Stop going to evolve with it before the game and then leave myself at 9999. During the game but then what if I don't catch a home run that we don't start the next day. One source and then I'll run in the stadium and find the ball sitting in the left field -- than the next my can tout itself you can't really orchestrated to be exactly how I want to yes it is being used that would be amazing. Okay Mike Trout first home run telling about that long. Well I caught it in Baltimore in 2011. And I remember that was the third game of the three game series do this Sunday afternoon. And I'm not kidding when actuators that real chill temperature that day with a 188 degrees. And so you made it. I mean if you were in the sun for like ten seconds. You were dripping sweat and your skin felt like it was on fire so of course I was one of the geniuses that would actually sitting out in the sun in left field. They're very small matter in this band mostly clustered down in front but it only 364. Feet to the wall in left left center field. And here comes this kid Mike Trout who's supposedly great and the right handed batter. So I'm not gonna sit down in front and and be bunched up with other fans so I come back about a dozen rows where it was really MP. And I remember every passing at bat I was thinking to myself like dude you better hit your. Today because you're going on the road not gonna have a chance he came up in the eighth inning and the calendar Korean won actually. Said to myself out like they did it. There in the town this week that hit the home run right now to any other like I'm never gonna catch it because you're going on the road and that's the end of it. And I mean who are put on my side that day he blasted a line drive deep into my last. And even though I didn't have to compete with anybody else. I think I made one of my best catches on that includes. I actually climbed back over a row in the middle of this section when I realize that the ball was gonna carry over my head so. Had a little battle to gain seats but if it worked out in the end. Does that Campbell will be at AutoZone park tonight if you're a Seymour. And get some tips for the kids you commented about the way at Zach underscore ample do you still have that ball to my trap on. No I gave that you see him after the game and my head that I caught in the eighth inning so I only had it in my production. Sir like in any attacks and word had spread it family could you know due to New Jersey so a lot of them repaired Baltimore. And his parents actually came down means they'd only heard you're gonna get the ball back we have it right now. And I told my guys. If you don't mind you know you're gonna have this ball for the rest of their lives. I would love to hang on to another half an hour to the game and taking pictures its share that moment with my friend and then it's all yours I met Sharon after the games. And I told an outbreak came and remember me excited what kind of game Dominic seals and you're like OK I will I will and I thought yeah right well he still remembers me to this day. And whenever you signing autographs pregame you eat me no matter what city did he come right over shakes my hand it's really really nice guy. Of course but I held under the ball and 25 years now in his policy in induction ceremony union spelled B a very very valuable piece of memorabilia by. Look I've never told a baseball not even A-Rod 3000 hits I gave that back A-Rod. And yet I don't see dollar signs. When I look up in the air seeing baseballs flying how do you suspect on way to make baseball interactive. And be part of the moment and connect with the players and and disconnect with the sport that I love. They arrived 3000. Got one you actually. He donated a 150000. Dollars to pitch in for baseball is that right is that was the sort of deal you struck well they run. Well more or less it was actually the Yankees they've donated the money I initially told the Yankees and I was going to keep that baseball for myself. That's really what I wanted to do. And they had offered the all kind of stopped you know chance to have a press conference with a erotic beyond TV and radio and whatever sign memorabilia I want a lot of ticket and. And I just said no offense but really there's nothing you could offer worth more to meet in the ball itself. And it would then that I know that meeting with the president of the yankees' Randy Levine after the game that night. And I get he had done some research and heard about. This fund raiser that I've done Fergus children's charity called pitching the baseball every year. And he added it would help you decide what to do with the ball the Yankees would consider making a sizable donation to the charity. And so that ended up happening once he said that I would like OK you know what I really want the ball but I was trying to think sort of like bigger picture and not had to be all about me excel at a power battle played out. OK so in terms I know you'll be given some tips tonight at AutoZone park to their kids are others who won and how to do this. What you bring to the ballpark with you. I would bring a backpack with me. And I have a glove I have had both teams and often a shirt that they've been thinking because it helps. Convince the players to talk me baseball's. If they are the visiting team and it looks like I'm a fan they've traveled a long distance to beat air I know what kind of sneaky but if you're not eight years old you're not a beautiful woman. The players don't necessarily want to throw a baseball field. I bring rosters of both teams to have magic marker is I had end. I have from material that I put together for this device but I called the globe trek. Where I basically lower my glove down eating a piece of string. And I read out with a marker of the rubber band. And it can actually pick up a baseball sitting below me that out of reach ten deep down even twenty feet down. I want to get from the upper deck at the old Tiger Stadium which overcome the warning track that was like probably thirty feet I. In retrospect may be kind of a dumb idea about. Question that was back in college. So I have all these certain. Gadget with me and and just you know bring a protein bar drinking sunflower seed they'll bring a bottle of water just like. All kind of stopped stir up a long day at the ballpark really. OK so the visitors jerseys key if you wanna get them. Balls tossed to you. Mama. I gather that you can ask for. Balls in different languages let's test this out if I can so. Can you ask me for baseball and Japanese. Don't go automatic put us. How low in Korea. How month in Spanish. Don I don't know what I thought. How about this in Hebrew. Go to. How they look good as it currently languages can you do this and. I think 36. And admittedly most of them are just like a party trick. But. You know there are some that are actually spoke Spanish and Japanese that you the both are. I viewed Korean. A handful of times. I've used French first and Canadian born players and coach debate and you sign language ones for a hearing impaired player named Curtis pride. I want interned at a school for deaf children. Unbelievable. It's Portland Ichiro you've got it or not. It just doesn't work with Ichiro I correct yeah you've got Boston Ichiro come guides Barry speaking asking for balls Spanish and the Japanese. I have we have got balsam Ichiro I've also caught a lot of batting practice home runs that he's hit give you a batting practice. Champion. You might not. Think that you wouldn't assume that you look at a guy who's you know 511 and wait a buck sixty maybe but. Everybody always said that he could probably win the home run derby if you want to even now the age of forty what do you 43 I think he. Always put on display in batting practice it's really incredible. One that did the trick you talked about or that is how do you get the third out ball. Tossed to you is there a strategy to get the third out ball toss to you as they're coming up field. Absolutely so. Basically every. Inning really every half inning whatever. You know wherever the third out is recorded. That ball gets popped up into the crowd so it an outfielder captured it on the warning track we'll look it up in the bleachers. Orange south territorial so confident he jogged off the field down the line but. Most of the time that ball and that being brought back toward the dugout. And it usually get talk over the dugout somewhere now a lot of stadiums there these protective. Screen the next. Popping up so that can make it sometimes tricky here. But sometimes easier because. Is there than that in play sometime they're pure spot where the ball can get our leaders have to be Smart about it. And observe where the players are doing it early in the game but yeah I would say. Being down by the dugout really help. Being toward the front is key unless. And even how the player bolster overall there's some first baseman who just love to chop them deep into the crowd. And in fact some teams will have what it designated. Third out false cult where no matter who actually record the out you know we get thrown in that person when they jogged off the field Elvis interest. The Rangers shortstop he loved at broad and deep and actually want got a bit earlier ball in the second deck at Yankee. And I knew that I had a better chance of bear wading Myron Beck and an apparent front row behind the dugout so again heated kind of pick up these things. The more gain you go to it you're really paying attention and I have a kind of hit on my YouTube channel go to stadium and show people how to catch all my blog about it written books so I'm very happy this year that the. What would you be doing tonight and out of the umpire 'cause that can unfold doomed to just kids can come up you ask you re going to be putting on a clinic as it normally work when you go to stadium like this. They're not really a typical. You know official meet and greet that I do I'm mostly go to Major League games. But I have half sister that lives demand say it and I'm heading to Saint Louis for the next two days this is kind of on the way. I'm gonna be with my geography or two night at this stadium will be filming for YouTube and it will be it I probably ten. Minute or so video that comes out. Which is part of Oriole and part. You're kind of bringing people along for the ride exploring the stadium may be eating some weird food although I definitely wanna say some rooms a barbecue fast. But yeah I think I think the red birds are getting introduced me somehow in the middle of the first inning. Bar even when I don't announce that I'm going to be somewhere decided it averages fifty to a hundred people will recognize income sneak over the course of the day at a stadium. Of course when I leave the stadium and no one knows me nobody cares. But yeah when I'm understating it seems to attract a lot of attention and people are actually welcome to come up and say hi grab photos mom this on the ball and happy to do that. Talk baseball give you some tips and advice or really whatever. So. How old are you and in this is your job I mean I take it you were you obviously do this full time if you're get some balls a game if you've got 101000. You know it didn't hobby. Flash career for a long time it started just at a childhood. Ambition to catch one ball and I got one and I want it more and more than 100 and and I wanted to 1000 and here I am on the verge of 101000. I've never sold a baseball but I found other ways to make money by writing books by getting sponsorship. Are they get paid to be on TV. I run a business but I call watchers that where people pay me take indie games but I guarantee you don't have to at least one ball or give them their money back. So at this point it's just sort of on the verge of becoming a full time famous with YouTube and additional sponsors and all that stuff but. My family also owns a big old independent bookstore in New York City. So I work bear more during the off season and less during the season but I'm hoping you don't get the corn. No offense too much and we were I don't actually need to be there all I can just in baseball stuck your round. What was that that's like a fishing guide to take you fishing. I'm by the way have the Barbie you don't have the barbecue night shows tonight at AutoZone park you'll be missing out if you don't that's my tip for you. And I appreciate you coming on thanks memo sent. Yeah thank you that Zach Campbell. It is amazing what people opposes that and he's obviously fabulous that it. So many unbelievable steps he's the best.