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Monday, July 16th

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Broadcasting on 99 succeeding he had met online and in 99 So it is that she's that you know. Memphis is sports station ready to go to an event like ESPN. Thanks John attitude I'd have to NB SP and your Memphis Grizzlies going to be on ESP into tonight. Look at a punch their ticket to the summer league championship. Marge Oldsmobile or caught he joins us now mr. jobs how are you. About looking for the action tonight in Las Vegas have been a great. Last eleven days here and it doesn't seem to really. Really high quality basketball man at this time whether the NBA calendar you know. Death for sure lots of young intriguing thought I was gonna ask you how many consecutive days you've been there in Vegas so eleven straight days. July accurately July picked up I mean you should away from the slot. Yeah money in my pocket. And enjoyed some great basketball especially not. Question Europe Memphis grizzly doubt you're a lot and really encourage all of us in so forward then John Jackson junior end message on Carter gave him. Ready to fall I mean he has been as impressive as any rookie out here this summer. There were would you put Jerry in terms of the bigs that we've now and they're been some impressive performances from him when the car's been good. There'd been a ton of great bigs so far in summer league where would you put Jaron Jackson junior. Particularly in a think you've seen both the blast and he's eleven blocks lasting game's been pretty good on advocates Saturday. Yeah yes seven blocks two games ago or last night in game but I did not everybody knew that he was a great defensive presence from Dayton. And which he really pursued the basketball blocks well it is left and a lot of times as well. I loved his mobility. Are all look the way he talks out there for rookie that's something extremely we're all these very communicative in that. A big part of being the ankle any kind of defense are we saw all key part of any kind of defense. But I really think that one at all certain bond if you look at the top five players and distract. He might turn out to be the best of the group are really believe that. Yeah this site you. Let's say and some has a good group about damage that wizard especially in terms of bigs now we have obviously been been watched and pretty much every game. The degree is that plated split time between ESPN and ESP into an. NB ATV and we've heard you talk about that beyoncé Davis room sounds like you but you'll love the beyoncé Davis room story. You know what I'm glad you got to watch him at one of the first rules of television broadcasting tell your best story. Not once not twice because this market goes let them we live it up 500 channel universe god people gained and every reporter wants and so what. We got a great story that really talks about the importance and underscores the importance. Mentor ship Indian be it you don't Gionta David. The big pivotal year for him in early in his career with well at least he was grating getting great leadership or membership a bit harder when he was there had been set them up with the crib and you know there's not a lot of got there are a lot of rookies that. Had they gotten that. Kind of mentor ship early in their career would still be the NBA right now the one that there are some that didn't get it that are in Europe or in the geely right now. Now you're exactly right it was a terrific gesture we got a store for remarks Carter but we we we have. You we've we have some of the you're gonna want to come out of this you're not gonna believe this set on an and then minutes. I don't know enforces the world know what the word is but we had Dionte Davis on the show last media day at me. And we asked him about the rubber room causes great story and he is not steroid us that he had never been to mark this man never even went to the room that Vince built form. Or at. The right. Although I don't know the real money said he never got a chance to go already are they just didn't follow through and go to the room that was the former you can believe it. Our own man had had a solid that it may we could not being built on other teams. So let me ask you that now with that information on mark junk that we didn't win a lot of beyoncé Davis played. Does it make some sense not you know what I mean what do what do veterans try and offer you this way right you don't go follow through on it you see how much he's going to the emotions out there. You know my. His play markedly more how would you assess DD and his because we armor beyond what tomorrow we thought we'd see more here in use three from the epic that coaching staff thought I would see more. And it times it just looks like he's going through the motions man. Yeah there could be a little bit more border end you know there's less. You know use it if some of the guys around the league at his best Bianca is probably. A poor man's DeAndre Jordan. Four went Capello you know home big screen and roll guy role in the bucket and get baskets at his best that's what you can be involved. You know I would say it was Jerry Jackson come and then. The urgency sign has been lit you know like that Krispy Kreme doughnut you know the hot now you gotta gotta pay attention bestseller list and he needs of their attention and a heard a little bit because some. You know. Although JB Vickers got those guys have been committed debt. You know he's not gonna hand memo out to anybody movement on the Mexican have to be earned by people who've been rookie Jeremy Jackson junior. The winnable playing right now you've got to give Jackson the edge on. No doubt that we have we're going to Mark Jones gonna be on the I don't know the bridge to the national audience that don't want no role you gotta do what else. They have all of that that's think Margo what's wrong what they are idiotic just never let mark but he never dull moment went he just never went to the rumors immediately understand it that's way worse the of hall of Famer bill -- rule because he's trying to like show you the way do I go to the way you had a thorough. Yeah man that's so bad up. I wouldn't a lot OP had the receipt for the invitation or something that you might want to use the pill. I'm Dahlia yeah I'm about used and exactly we are of course saga Margo gonna be on the call tonight grizzlies blazers ESPN 2930. Here Memphis tiger actually didn't. A pretty juicy matchup in terms of story lines because you've got wade Baldwin who's obviously a first round pick of the Memphis Grizzlies two years ago. Brian and he's gonna be guarded by Javon Carter who is just the dog defensively so you you've got to you've got a pretty good match of that I marked. Bet there's going to be a wrestling match between those two guys and I don't look at my charts right now prepping for the game tonight and all but the first thing that jumped off the page at you week. You know Baldwin former. Seventeenth pick in the first round 2016. At Memphis grizzly blown up against Carter. And I think probably can look back Chris Wallace in the brain trust the birth was probably wish that all of the would have been the guy that Carter is now at least and hoped could be. But you know Carter played well. I think one thing that he cannot learn. At. The NBA what was that he can't be physical right as he was able could be in the NBA. Because you know this is the league we all know that they like that freedom of movement praise when it comes to appreciating. And that's even more so when it comes to some of the star players to guard certainly but and he has shown great ability. They shoot the basketball that cult ballpark is that they've had been holding that. Battle important movie. I'm about this and you got to see all that but great to know where he has this. Yeah he's he you've been averaging yo fifteen point two game on 55% shooting from the field. Bleak summer league in assists and eight game and he played with a lot of tenacity I mean he's the guy that. At least thought they were getting and you know it just underscores my point with some guys they say they ought to steep learning curve some but not as beat them. But ultimately level of the sport big. You had a chance just say I know you worked with a widow will have come off a couple of different partners over these games you've endorsed her besides it. I yesterday if I'm not mistaken yet Chauncey Billups who who from everything we know right was involved there with the with the cavs and and that front office I think for a little while before. A they decide to go would have heard of before Chauncey up and decided now I'm not gonna mess with it when you talk to him pick his brain whether it's. I mean listening to you all talk when your on air a match and there's a lot of it off it is he a guy that in 23 years maybe even sooner. He's going to be any front office trying to lead a team to a two attention listening to him talk it feels that way is it just a better time for him mark. Yet chunky very well versed in. You know personnel matters. Accomplish this yeah there's various teams. Com the from the frontlines to the board rule but they'd Chauncey is ready right now to become general manager it. More he understands the nuances of the salary cap. Well launch attacks the area in between were teams lived. Great basketball mind and you know more to come to the actual on court product and are useful to play. Or what a championship with Larry Brown that in itself speaks volume. Yup and then before it agrees I believe you got cavs. And lakers. And that's obviously the game before the grizzlies. And you can kind of see you in and in the lakers games in this particular summer league wide they may be reluctant senate to package Josh part. You know any potential coli Eleanor deal he he looks like he's the real deal. Yeah and you know what I can understand he's you know he's the summer league MVP right now not parity right promptly went the same but I I. You know I've got a little bit of a series going here guys you know states in the Java I got a series that. Maybe there are upping his strap is trade off a little bit in the probably been showing people that. The guy can play but ultimately you know these. We've got a higher ceiling than some people might spot in overlooked by Alonso quality brand name him in Los Angeles and Kolb who as well as well. And and maybe serve a putting him in a situation now where. You can slide until considered still to become part of the deal. Ultimately bring quiet Leonard because I've looked are far but you know quite well and it looked but certainly not enough lakers uniform could make a plan. Not now you're exactly right interesting I like your theory was certainly had some drama. Through the off season and in the season ahead mark we appreciate the time man we look forward. You know here and you know here in the PLO say that I story. On NASA television and listen mark always appreciate your word to on the MLK game here in Memphis man always appreciate having you in town. That means a lot you know in the world to me that the very a poignant moment for me that's a broadcaster and it's but the great thing the National Civil Rights Museum down there are meant that as one of my favorite spot visit. You've got to have a great city down there and Memphis I can't wait until you got it back in the the national profile bit more than just the last year because I love about doing games down there declined out there and in the view of the city updated summary. Right up into another dozen maybe we can get you are college basketball game Penny Hardaway is doing some good some big stuff here to. Yes yes. That people don't know about the turned down a lot of basketball players miss her on that it. We got a yes indeed are much document up. It is Mark Jones. ESPN. Day and be on the call the night 930 will be dubbed normally work maybe.