Mark Giannotto talked about Miss Gold Strike Sports Book

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Friday, August 3rd
Tunica's Gold Strike Sports Book opened Wednesday with steady action.

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I was in tunic yesterday for the debut of their lower its book Michael strikes. Oscar gold strike dad get a column on it for a check out of Hirsch dot com but on one of the board's they had I mean you can bet on. Who scores first in this crease easing get free seizing gal while players scored it was all he's prop bet real on the pre season game a must it was phenomenal. I can't wait to go down there. Yeah it was it was pretty cool I mean it's not. And you can bet I was pretty much anything you could bet on NBA is the vibe is not. A guess it's a you know you're still very much in tune it got its. But it's cool like it's like a cool it's got to be a cool place probably even add more to his attorney getting gulf war it's it's it. What gold strike thome is this is really they it's sixty days to put this together they're gonna put it in a more permanent sports book going to board they just wanted to get this all of close. They wanna be first get it all plays for football season starts. So it's going to be fascinating I mean it's gonna generate I think a ton of money mean. If I may the board there at the end tunica gold strike yesterday in was day one taxi a couple of hundred. That's in real and they invited like a lot of their VIP then he you know that they've gotten. I don't receive degenerates the C got those are the spin their to my we we love the DeGeneres that was a lot of outside riddle who bet often at all right now there and it was it was one you can bet on. Eight you can bet on you know like Memphis was nine to five odds to win the AC football championship you can bet on. Who was gonna win the SEC championship you give that over under are all a college football I love this wins and I think. What they told me his right now you have to go down there to make your bets look at but soon they're gonna have mobile betting on the on a lot of going on its own. I mean we you know what the fasting stat is to meet one as of yesterday Mississippi is now home is now the closest place you can place a legal sports bet. For 22 of the country's fifty biggest cities all I totally believe that because. The thing that Mississippi was really Smart about on this was that law that they passed before the national that the United States government passed they're law. Not sliding Mississippi sometimes some of the way they run government is not so Smart like that was a very Smart move and the fact that Tennessee doesn't. And we talk about this console not happening here or not it's an audio out of the last donate if they don't hold out yeah. May I don't know about the oil but like. Until it's like a consensus in this country I don't foresee Tennessee well I'm sure you hear it in your job before you got here like before they put their best procurement inch bass pros Killen and they're doing a great job there's no no mistaking that it's been great for that the Renaissance of that that building but like. Everybody in their mother that I live with my neighbors were like why is that not a casino like it's right on the river you know but if it all goes back to the Tennessee crap why and it's like a lot of things in the state what the western part of part or estate is does not necessarily align with what the middle in the eastern part of the state wants exactly Ryan it'll be itching to see maybe meant meant maybe for the success in Mississippi will float and or it's a -- convince folks in Nashville that well and it is not the final thing I'll say on this is it was hard for tunic this is going back eight or nine years ago when they had those slides. That really hurt tunic and because south when at the time had a Renaissance and really figured it out and they installed those robo gambling systems plus state they built on. And tunic it was taken hit after hit after hit because of the distance from Memphis. And so now I think that the idea is this is they can stick it back and get some of that money because if you look at south when growth if you look at it I don't know if you have done this or not. The south when growth chart over the last ten years is a straight line. Towards the moon it's unbelievable way and doing your younger crowd to Adam you know for a third but Gary's right there at past they have to do the mobile stuff. And they have to do like. Hot people there are all that stuff like it they're gonna have to sex it up a little bit to make it super cool to be there with the Jumbotron and stuff otherwise no people won't drive down theirs up.