March 26, 2019 with Gary Parrish and Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, March 26th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins opens the show discussing the fact that he doesn't know whether to root for wins and losses anymore with the Grizzlies before then discussing how the Express can realistically play Johnny Manziel.

Segment 2 -- Gary Parrish joins the show to discuss the 2019-20 expectations for Tiger basketball, the NCAA Tournament, and more.

Segment 3 -- Chris Herrington joins the show to discuss the Grizzlies remaining schedule, guys that could be on the roster next season, and more.

Segment 4 -- The guys discuss the NFL Draft, Doritos, dog cloning, and more during a game of Believe It or Not.

Segment 5 -- Geoff discusses Penny Hardaway's expectations for next season, the Tiger Spring Game, and the Ole Miss-Memphis baseball game at AutoZonePark.