March 20, 2017 - Hour 2 with "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, March 20th

Chris Herrington makes his return to the Geoff Calkins Show after a week vacation to discuss today's edition of "The 9:01" which primarily features thoughts on the death of Chuck Berry during "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing before Geoff moves the conversation to the Memphis Grizzlies. Next, Geoff presents stories that include Craig Randall's decision to leave the University of Memphis basketball program, thoughts from the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament, coaching hires in college basketball, the location of Tom Brady's stolen jersey from the Super Bowl, and more. Then, the show concludes with the Closing Argument presented by Ken Rash Memphis and the Byte of the Day.


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Accident just caught his show. On the 929 FM Diaz I. Three or App Store online. Tonight. Now the 901 K Nintendo was. On the Jeff gone Ngo everything. Chris Herrington and I know no one had ten no water. Chris thank ten back from spring breakers we didn't start the fail we started with what you said was your favorite Chuck Berry Salo was. That is wrought iron into the man which and it's it's cut shoot one but that is. I would say my favorite chart Berry song and it and that gosh what might they were songs by anybody. A lot you're 901 today was devoted to Chuck Berry. What's the significance to wearing. If you ask me a week ago about chart very I would've told you you what America's greatest living art stadium TV. I believe that to be absolutely true. He had not and did apple do in a meet away and decades. And so I don't think you that I I think the level the level of it back at the magnitude of what he achieved. And the magnitude that's already had in sort of cart American cultures are just loses its vast difference between those two things. But he I mean he's one of the people what that was you can play quaint sort of the abbey pop or a rock and roll which try I do because Americans were the most important cultural. Eruption Archie that I became an all the true that I can tighten that. But owner don't armed I would say that that your Berry were both T. The most innovative the most influential role. Play you're a rock and roll them to better as a musician orders are playing at the same time. The most innovative and influential and how we're gonna make up on the best songwriter that's coming out of that music was both of those things are the same time. And so I think he's one of these people would be apps or it may not limit they heard all of America call us. How does she come and you discuss this in the night a wired device to weeded out you can read over partial to about com. How does. How does his legacy how does he dove tail with Elvis how was he alike and how was he different. While he came a little bit later on that when the weight Elvis had been some way to greater claim because all the resources all. That's all right came about a year before bearish person or are made only. You the lead. Either they're very different in a way that at the time basically do the similar thing in terms of ninety. Country and lose under this new musical rock of all I think in retrospect terrible but it just today. Outlets police persecuted historians will likely continue warm hug sort of this this tradition of the same person you could compare him to being called B and try to not trying to build a holiday. People like that he was ordered new birdied the clock to pure single bit out of talks. Where's Berry was the classic sort of harbinger of the single song like. The single song target arsonist case sort of the one man of the composition and then we're performing unit incorporated. Great it isn't our world all on his down. And that I can get into this thing great he can help but I won't book there's there's a very very direct line and they acknowledge direct line. Between Chuck Berry and the car The Beatles the rolling chose these boys Bob Dylan Bruce Weinstein Sparky is that correct opera all. Is it addressed followed today claimed that he is direct follow all of that in other words today did they say are less than Chuck Berry that informed what I did. Hold up solidly all we've grown so covered by looking to first or very talks. The Beatles Beatles catalog when they or step or people are there certain right call number I don't much Perry caddie which are very well. The beach boy he's had to pay a lot of money problem. There's certain USA is basically just career re right Chuck Berry block like buried got a writing credit on and and there's some good some beach was only the satellite about Chuck Berry chemical all the best friend so called bash talks and was recently that they that tribute and a friend of mine and he's acquired in key areas basically. These are roots and magically I think I can't figure realistically that the temporary song too much about monkey doesn't speak basically a bit about bill. It subterranean homesick blues and you're earlier. He had no I think I think those people widely consider. Chuck Berry to be the father what they at all. And you made the point in the 91 lead both Springsteen and prints while they were rivals at a certain point in American. I'm music history or not run then they eat each in their own way are also. Sprung from there huh. Yeah already perceive things that I didn't get into reduced. The degree to which Chuck Berry can put weight or white or a block or that you let's talk a whole eight. But French and they acting Jimi Hendrix or walk through that few exceptions so that acts they are source showmanship and their depart plane. Sort of did you know greater strictly back to bear. And it's. There was even reading about temporary over the weekend did was this like. He was also have a this ball like I don't mean to bring up to be brutal speak ill of the dead but there was this incident where sixty different women claimed. There's a class action lawsuit saying you they were taping him in the bathroom remodel restaurants that the only. I don't know how we fit better into his legacy but that's not a very savory part of legacy. I don't know it flat and that I guess I would say is. When you're in that applies to every artist everywhere. But he's trade relationship buried at least two different thing so it means. The actual or send them alike stately. And it also be name. We apply to an array of walk. That in this case more so than the navy is directly attributable BMO the rugby board ball more beer. When the got a job and has piano player is very or not or at least. But check areas it was also a name we apply to a body or try and I am writing about the walks. And we actually did art. I'm a believer in the separation of artist and art and that what art is released into the world which gantlet oh lead you to deal with Obama so arms. Regardless of whatever the Alamo. Transgressions are of the person who created new York and so when I'm very much our area blog about these are. But we had actually named Chuck Berry. I applied by the way to OJ Simpson and has left lettuce is amended Bill Cosby and his jokes. And ascertain yeah I mean. Yeah and I mean I mean produce and to murdered two people better comedian rush should doubt our strength. And those are things are comparable but a vote Tory right you're sort of do what the truth a vote of anesthetics. Yeah it's a very thoughtful piece until they're jittery and other things over the nano one. Commercial field outcome I have weeded out that piece plus you caught up on sun studios which I am not gonna. Take you through and on and also to other things we missed you last week as the grizzlies in your absence became the grizzlies again. I don't get all of them. Happened while you were a way did the did the benching and added that that the the putting them on the shelf. The return of the grizzlies playing well all of that happened after you left. I believe Syria. Several WW blast gave the I went to was very home were what we believe it or leave anyway a blowout it was clearly able toward that what is. I'm getting quite a blow out report back home blowouts. When they lost to Atlanta happen. The day I left town basically. Well I don't know we have to give me your proper skills that you are the first person IE or call. As we discussed. What the starting lineup should be. Listen you and I know lots of folks but they were you can certainly both been very clear that the Chandler Parsons thing had dead dead end. That it was dragging down the team but as we discuss. The that the possible lineups once it did and you were the first I think at least not been hired to settle on. Vince as the obvious nom replacement and that has certainly worked beautifully in game one but I honestly. And less extravagantly it has worked in every game cents and so. I wanna give your all kind of vowed props for that. As much as we knew. As much as we pounded the drop saying this is dragging down the team. Is still a little striking impact is it not how dramatically. This changed my guide I know we all know it. And yet to see it unfold it's just incredible. I and they don't actually made it down just in time gates are all right well during the game I leaned over to wait another year or so into it there are remarkable how completely hysterical was how. Quickly changed well coached in this portion. Went out early year we broke through lap because each of us well for the game. And defense led spoken to shepherd group at least offer to try to convince it otherwise what back directive which insisted what is. With you or I could characterize what would it go bought it. What Ottawa what is the theory of anyone who would claim otherwise. Oh why don't I mean there are other things around edges you can try and I'm not playing too. Our strong point guard's semi interplay to third string point guard that they backup point guard and according to guard. Blame wanted to back. Cowboy bar scene you'd you'd eliminate a lot of minutes later that we're going to shouldn't let it be patient and that well all. Simple I get bored they are going you know. Well even when portions to yield or who didn't play summer games we're all sort of look bad. The demeanor that that is not. What is happening here is not simply a matter replacing twenty minutes a game global play error. Google clearly not helping enough to play wit twenty minutes of of a better NBA players that's clearly a big part of that. But it but it is larger than that it. He took an entire team that was trying to operate on two separate track all she's one track of winning basketball games and one track. Are doing what is what was basically a minor week re ever find it on the major we call. And try to do those things for the same time. And the hard all season but it really became a strike just an all out. Actually it was a strain on every war and well important on the court that moment are not opening would restrain. And you eliminate that second track and what you out every one to focus on the common goal what I had. And I think the relief of a vote of simplifying that in putting everything on the one moment one goal. Was palpable in our award every one. Yes exactly why that hole yes they lost to injury didn't play never stood out because it it was still hovering over the it was still defining. There's season it was not letting things to be settled it was not letting them just. Beat the grizzlies and I if if what you name the two backup point guard was that weird couple of days where David Hale decided. Just did to play Toney Douglas and I enter Harrison. I don't excuse them for that as an excuse them for Barack residence it was a burst of insanity and he still will claim that it did good or senate cultural message or something but what ever I've. I've moved past that. This was obviously. This was a change that had to be made and it is striking so having watched Saturday. How good do you think they are. Oh I mean I you know I think there underdog and whatever playoff series they aren't so then even if they get into the fortified game. But its market saw Mike Conley played all store level basketball at the same time. With you know role players will play in the roles and play well I think they can put a scare I it didn't play competitive or else your kitty. So I think all going to be big. I think Oakland beat the rockets probably not but I wouldn't rule it out actually when Roy obviously spurred either. But I think the very least we can look or to a competitive playoff series and this team playing like no matter who they apply. Did anything yeah. Did and it said today they persuade you that our whole avoid the spurs at all costs. Is wrong in fact that they would prefer to play the spurs the the rockets. Well that number aboard the first of all call was never been exactly my position I I would go to the spurs of the warriors. And I've stared and I'm shuttle even. That I just don't I may be proven wrong but I don't think the worst teen. If you look at their record when the playoffs start or rather in the group police certainly. But I don't to need this horse he was reminiscent of the bet that topsy dispersed in the greatly be completely distort our. Pretty much racked up a lot of regular season wins. And when the playoffs start I think they got a lot of problems and it secretly go to grow their problems social problems someone else will even capitol police just toward. But Tony Parker is is almost die and that's how the talking at the end they don't have great depth. I think it should have been up Gregg Popovich special regular season and achieve that I don't think you know I think the part that are gonna go to the conference finals. It would not surprise me if there was a court that the auto. A mom. Grizzlies your favorite point guard when I see that facetiously Toney Douglas C you never thought the answer is clearly no longer going to be any kind of answer. Because he was released. Thoughts on how that as the ball bouncing into Harrison has taken the back appoint them Joba has been. Serviceable and what I think is really important very limited minutes come. Has been part of that but they they'd let go Toney Douglas and bring in Wayne seldom fonts. I think the big question Larry it's not a question you can get and they Serb community and financial trauma and talking when they could trust but. Question has. If Troy Williamson had been available. Would they pick the backup yeah because they had it. They have what insult an intro blown smoke in campus. In the crease sees an and they they made are due to certain decisions of that almost sure or order a computer quite shelter. And that could mean just this season met medi team. Capable team contract going into next year. They gave up that that that team play more in Troy Williamson order. We keep Tony Douglas. And then they cut Toney Douglas and so. It if they would still in Bihac for themselves let her invest controller William some controlled and they made mistakes. And in the state anyway but that compounded the mistake it cost them apply you're. They would rather invest it costs. Strip argument to be made or conditional basis that. Gloria the next season where you're open Parcells will be healthy we got channel partners James and as a member of the the international gotten regret that occur when your erotic or. Torture I think we were all small forward squished tore wondered well. They're researching for cost effective contributor at the Q more than three which and so position. All they open and equal Sheldon makes more sense report them but what are all these are equal work for what it is just a better prospect it's probably. And I case you know we'd article by the NBA and you gave applaud you got to be something. For you know what mark on the read all of applaud gore didn't help you any thought it would look it was a bad bad mood. Don't Chris Harrington and I don't want to tell one you can read and I don't want a commercial deal about chairman and lastly Jim Parsons is having surgery. I'm it's funny I was. I have desperately been trying to get out of this contract I had Bobby marks Honda to try to tell me how to get out of the contract. And everything else it really is as much as the as it is nice is the team is playing well now. That's a hell of a blow for the franchise. Some thoughts on what. And I I don't know on on any consulate guns on the on the Gemma Parsons situation going forward. Or they were early in the short term meaning next season and they got they have no choice but to basically repeat this these are in the sense. You know who most curable you're chips are on Chandler Parsons and you've got that I hope. He can come back and he equality starter at least if not you know what you hope to speak. Because you're your ability. To withdraw rash absentia what arson they beat that one around the margins completely. Shut. And so that's gonna be enough of a struggle to torture to guard situation. You're a situation where you're having to deal with both wing positions on the resources. They just fight this year if not worse in terms of just trying. You know better guys and young guys and they cast off and just try to cobble something together. And so you know any hope they head out of great mercy Ewing is. Well I polymarker all come back next season as good sure that you have what are your biggest possible. And can Parsons finally come around the usual betting on that and know you'll be better match at least Lexington. It's good that comes look at taxis have been something might have to change but you have no choice right now. Good and exceed them. But it's still just picture everything on the channel horses you know. I get well Chandler thank you very much glad to have you back Chris. That is Chris Harrington in the 901 antenna won the night no one is up a commercial deal but come and I have to weeded. It out I what we come back Craig gore and has left the University of Memphis basketball program we will talk about that there have been several. Coaching changes in the NCAA is we'll talk about that tournament is a rolling on we will talk. About that and they have found it. The Tom missing Tom Brady jerseys all that and more. Just look at Germany cnnfn is. Jason Smith and John Martin. This is boy. ESPN. O'Brien federal credit union it's just like a bank if banks had lower loan rates. Better checking accounts in didn't charge crazy please. There's only one thing you need to remember. Landmark clean your conditioning family owned and operated since 1970 leaving keeping myself I'm comfortable was superior service and exceptional. 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On the jet car. On the 82 night. Murder online catalog Greg Randall's announced that he is leaving the University of Memphis will be transferring no surprise there he did say after. The American public concern was over that he would be coming back I couldn't say they said it directly to my face. But I mean it should believe men because there have been lots of rumors that. He would be headed out. His dad was critical of Tubby Smith on Twitter and and so Greg Randall is also. Tigers now have three. Scholarships that are open to offer and I do think that part of it's fair to say that. Most of the bitterness about John cal Perry comes from the current state of the Memphis tiger program because people were even more bitter about John Calipari won the Memphis program seemed to be doing well. It which was it was doing well or seem to be doing well. Any immediate aftermath John calpers departure big recruiting class is big crowds and senator senator etc. But I do think it makes people a little more wistful honestly I think it makes people more forgiving a gentler brand the other way around. People long for those era for that era of relevance rather than what. They have right now which is an enormous challenge in front of Tubby Smith. And what it looks to be totally clear most people are deflated the thread dude. Most people have persuaded that it's like dude it's inching I got back I got. I got lay out. I got an email over the weekend after I wrote about. Dubbed it in a nice comment I wrote to Ted Dickey. And cemented that kind of positive stuff we need about. Memphis program gets back that's exactly the kind of come out like write best that's exactly it. If you could talk to the Memphis basketball people then you can read their Karen come about them do. But overall fans a reasons. Some if there's lots of questions we mostly have to do with recruiting. I'm. As Kentucky comes back you're reminded the fact that tubby is recruiting at Kentucky was not. I'm always the best one of the reasons why in the end he was pushed out of Kentucky. But he doesn't opportunities now and he will be able to remake their team and I don't think the absence of program I'll be honest with you. It's gonna be a blow. I do not think the actions occurred Randall is going to be a big blow and I think it helps him. To bring in his own dudes and people who listen to him and people respect him and just sort of alms start building the kind of culture that he wants to go listen there's more than one way. To get to the sweet sixteen as we have seen John Calipari doesn't want why. Council does a wholly different might. The other doesn't a totally different Mike. There's lots of ways to do it for a spark in South Carolina both from Ireland South Carolina does a totally different way. And so. I'm not rule not a sweet sixteen W the next three years. I'm open for one he had does now have an open scholarship with Kurt grand Ole headed to parts. Unknown what's next number two you know lever and NCAA tournament raw. On I go to Jeffrey Wright who I'm sure watched all the games as did IA. What struck you from the weekend. By the officiating will cause god awful was the first and foremost about for a moment let's just talk about how they screwed my if my team led northwestern tuna. I think they're a better examples there is a horrific called Bechtel is a terrific call when you watch that game I felt like a dagger was the better team the entire game. To know what. To not disparage my northwestern team here and we're just focusing on the golf as a horrible call it should have been real cat and many got and they had to go ahead don't go. Now if you're right that the worst one might have been Seton hall and Arkansas. That's what. Just African what the hell was happening there is sure it was just a regular old foul all of a sudden they call that an intentional five I do not feel bad for duke for any reason at all but I thought they got screwed in the second half. Honestly I thought they got screwed. A couple of Gerald stick call what and God's name was baffled how about the North Carolina the no. Does that North Carolina Arkansas played all in the in my play I doubt there has executed called three different thing to do things there are two things there was the there was there was the ball that was very clearly touched by North Carolina yes it should have been Arkansas ball yes. And was not. And then on the next play. Should have been charged or salt thing for a walk source or walk. And instead no call and got to get basket yes I mean to me. I've always argued I don't think I think so many people liked it they get too emotionally invested in think that. A lot of officiating is quote unquote biased or tried it to keep certain teams and it just it's an ice pack. And I think that this is this is a problem like even like an SEC football always made the same I've always had the same argument. When you have this much money that's being that's being given when you look at the TV contracts to look at how much money is being made. By B conferences. And in basketball is different you don't have SEC officially have a pool of officials looking colony any given games. But you have to start when you start thinking about how much money the NCAA's earnings from this tournament alone. And then this year feature event this is when you're the talk of the town this is when you are. Front and center. And the officiating is this much part of a story it has to be addressed what I'll start out you found the other things that struck out. Stuck out how how games were you watching where someone added double digit lead and blew it. I mean to me it was it was unbelievable you'd see. I know USC is the king of the double did you come back at. What SMU did down the stretch was unbelievable credit Villanova late you know you look at them on yes Shea morning there and they didn't doubled easily Baylor closed but who do you know doubled allegedly bit and the leader half and blew it I knew duke was in trouble when. They were only up eight points at half. And South Carolina had shot seven of 35 yet in the. The first mass South Carolina comes out and just. But 71%. One of them I knew they were calling them absolutely tremendous in the second half it is amazing to see South Carolina. Continue to me at some of the things that's obviously we've talked about. We've talked about how. The Madison Square Garden yet that bracket is not what you would have hoped it would be as can be South Carolina Florida. Wisconsin in Baylor. Not the glamour boys that they wanted there. In New York the ACC. One in five in the around 32 only North Carolina left for the vaunted most fantastic conference ever meanwhile you got the SEC roll along. And. Is the Big Ten SEC. Rolen along the Wichita State Kentucky game was really good did you think I really low level basketball especially the last. Last 1015 minutes was just dies making shots guys playing tough defense late. Kentucky when they play when they decide that daycare on the defensive then. They are scary good because they're so long well so we'll ask one bye bye it would show us they out rebound everybody up and and and did not against Kentucky. Kentucky took care of the ball Kentucky darted Kentucky was not out rebounded they played fundamentally. Sound basketball. And there are so freaking gifted on top of that that. They are really good it is funny how defensive John can be guess like just. Asked about whatever it was because after the game he brought up I think this team as well coached duke. Let's keep he but it but they did they indicated that they as they did show that they weren't a well coached and they think of the duke thing is listen I'm. Duke lost for lots of reasons red day yeah MMS and this is the only reason. Put it very clearly came back to bite them. That a game that should have been played in North Carolina. But for the bathroom bill. Was moved to South Carolina and so you have South Carolina playing in South Carolina and you add a fan base that consisted of South Carolina fans. And then north drill bit of fans who were delirious fully happy waving their towels on behalf of South Carolina just got him an ass and it's that's fine whatever league you know but it did it get him in the ass that was. It was it was not the biggest factor or lots of reasons why duke lost that game including their inability to handle pressure turnovers losing their composure toughness and size toughness inside. But that didn't help I will say that did not help a little bit wells added it on that had a gains in plating Greensboro yeah. Is still would have had that these still would have had those large. North Carolina contingency which let's let's get real what it had the North Carolina contingency would not have to many South Carolina it's not that far about two hours Abbott who would I ever had as many. If you and I have add add many south Carolinians one is in South Carolina one is not your identified of their two hours away in two hours is two hours. Well again it's not the biggest thing ever now but but but it was at least part of the story over the weekend if you right now. Were to go ahead and reset your final four we can't. Local crew killed me because I really believed in them on so right now a minute I still believing in that I stole I think not very impressive. They were impressive until they just absolutely they built such a huge lead and that's what I think is also much. This weekend he sold team's building these big leads and hitting cruise control. And when you're when you're out playing you know when you're out rounded teams of the post as conference and Al all openly admit that is so he's watched way too much let's just conference basketball. He salty take their foot off the pedal and teams are good enough to make these comebacks and so. I still really like North Carolina does adult love what I've seen at Arizona I'm sorry Logan dire don't look what I've seen at Arizona. I think is coming out of Memphis acts I apes are close years I really like I've got my that's fine I mega yeah I love what a scene out of Kentucky. Earlier whatever they work they were tremendous. Balls that UCLA last night that was I have really guard and Alonso ball is just fun to watch and they say they are he's been tremendous all season and you saw the second half he salt. Then find air offensive rhythm. I love that that can that Kentucky UCLA semifinals going to be tremendous because it's a great defense first is good offense and they can add the east. Still think Baylor is the favorite but I can't I can't trust got jerked my quiet Florida I think becomes an inching proposition. Could Florida get a final four in year two and now mean that would be pretty unbelievable and then when you look out of the midwest. I think you have to like Kansas and they've certainly they've certainly shown at and to me that's that's column. And are now arbitrage. Number three yes and interesting job decisions over the weekend in my college basketball a Mike Hopkins has been hired longtime assistant at Syracuse. Not just the system. Coach in waiting I don't know if there's ever been a successful coach in waiting I don't think we should ever bashers go another six or was he was DC was coach in waiting and it worked out if you look exactly right. My captains was coach in waiting under Jim bay hi I'm at Syracuse and finally said the hell out of 12. Washington makes all the sense in the world for him sure does it it would take it says two things first of all. Jim Boeheim when they were. Hit with the NCAA Sonoma which was bad it was not just little pity thought of making them key NCAA stuff it was bad. They instead of firing him they. As part of the whole deal they set up cable gym they have has agreed to step down at the end of the 2000 settled into other mating season. She doesn't wanna stepped out hope he don't wanna go anywhere. And can't sever rude who actually I've met with the law school classmate of my Brothers at university of bush mir's mission he is the he is the had to either chancellor president whereas there are merits of Syracuse. You are decision there IDF fired anyway you said he was gonna go. It appears then that they're not going to sit listen Jim they have and keep still and a Carrier Dome in Atlanta he thought he carried out as long as he wants to and that means. Gone back on what we said we'll just do that Mike Hopkins. Who didn't want any part of being the guy who helped force out Jim Boeheim said I. I'm just gonna go have my own legacy share at a place which is under achieved in Washington he's originally West Coast guy he's from California people forget it has been a South Carolina salon. Many studies is so big also thought my god Trent. Obsolete I had that's a great job it's it's as you mentioned it just yet Taylor has more talent than you actually would express 100% lot of talent. So that makes all the sense in the world and I would want apology and they have the Syracuse I agree especially and as you mention when it's it's somebody that's probably in the mentor role the you don't wanna be involved in some type of backs that mean you know former former Johnny majors type situation we have Brad Underwood. Who was. Oklahoma State for a year and it's been hired away. To go to Ellen yeah a couple things at me about that one is there is a policy just blew a babe in fairness they just went cheap on the 100% did a million bucks which is nothing. I hate to say I wish it were not so but it's nothing in the modern. World he resented that. And so when Illinois came open and good for Illinois which is not necessarily been a well run athletic department over the years. They moved in for the kill they saw it I was unhappy they moved in for the kill. And all the sudden Oklahoma State's left pulled the bag the amazing thing that strikes me about the whole thing. Is the guy Brad Underwood went to Oklahoma State for a million dollars he's had to move twice. To get the money. That Tubby Smith is getting from the University of Memphis. That is just staggering to me the uterus and opinions thirty million dollars to Tubby Smith one million ever by the way which is for reverses for media promotions. How hot box but I. Hero heroine doesn't hit. Handled three million bucks for. Tubby Smith and Brad Underwood had a jump twice to get that. But why is moved by Illinois and so shortsighted viable state yes yes. So I've got a buddy who's in coaching in this he's got roots in Oklahoma and he called me sjs and hey what was the deal and he said basically. Underwood was given the Oklahoma State job with the pay. Turn this around get this thing going in the right direction or you know we'll do million in the we're gonna renegotiate how you gonna OK you don't heed before the Big Ten big twelve tournament. He asked. Hey about that about that part of the conversation. The AD is going. And I know you'll see how it goes in the tournament at that point he is you know at some point you gotta look out for yourself gonna look up her family and that's from the Illinois thing. Yeah so they are attacked the number of floor of the fall are Peyton Manning remote farm for senate. There a story in the commercial appeal today. The Peyton Manning. Is undecided but nobody is thinking about running for senate. In the 2020 the next Tennessee senate race is about worker right. Some who will hold. About workers up next year and he will run about port will actually expected to run for a third draft class settle talking. But in 2020. Lamar Alexander who's been around forever. Is thinking about. Stepping down he has made no decision has Lamar Alexander. But. The thinking is is that he might well step down given that he's been there for a long time. And the further thinking is is that Peyton Manning would. Possibly be chosen to succeed him. What he went. On the eve he's running as Republicans clearly an electrician yeah. Yes and he's wildly popular either public east Tennessee he'd crush everybody and I think the art matters more than the fact you were Peyton Manning yeah. Batters would bode well inched it would Peyton Manning running as a Democrat. Well deficit yes so I don't think he would win as a Democrat and Tennessee yeah because Republicans are powerful because all the really good and for God's sakes right so. I think he would win no matter whether it was. But I think she will win if you'll pay Manning. What would you do would you rather let's see had a choice. Some of Gaddafi control of football program of football team at some point after thinks you would have to fix. Some someone has got an email what's his name at good to Tampa and is now the new GM and of the I'd done much in general lynch John Lynch. Has put no no particular experience he is offered control of the football team campaign Manning someone is gonna offer you control of football team at some point. You president of GM blah blah blah. Would you rather being. GM and president of an NFL team. Are United States owner GM president of faulting. What's the game by being a senator Jim. Guess I'm an impact on the actual world I would rather be a senator but there was a time when I would rather be GM and whatever else is on voter rather than a senator. There's a a I got the senator mean when I only fifty of America it's not you like can't a hundred veterans 300 army after 100000. Of them plan martyrdom. Well a hundred I'm. I just I don't know it to me to me when I when I think about. The amount of impact and you have to essentially tell the party line you have to duty to finally showed a lot of crap like like Fred Thompson just quit. He's got sick and he's innocent ruled SNL that's how that's. So that. Around maybe it's not as glamorous and you gotta run but you're going to run for reelection every six years you get to sit in on sent intelligence meetings would that be fun. Sherbet immediate help you get to help people to me it's also it's a situation of I'm not a career politician. We we didn't see it would. Always love this argument Donald Trump's side career politician well he sure is essentially toeing the party line on just about everything and he's essentially just blindly signing off on its so. To me I don't know. Even if you have come in with with good intentions and well wishes I just don't know how much I don't know how much. As an individual you're may. You would be you would be you'd rather be John Allen yes and I would rather be. Senator yes in a temp what's next number five. They have found the missing Tom Brady jerseys from the super ball our long national my long list. Climbers are the FB IF BI it turns out. Was engaged in this important case to track down the jerseys and sure enough this is gonna fuel everything Donald Trump says they were found. In Mexico or political player off Don and Mexico. And not only does it really combined everything John Donald Trump hates. Stolen by a journalist in an international journalists want and they are taken to Mexico to particular should do for kill everything plus he loves the Brady. He hates Mexicans. Any aged journalists. It is the perfect Donald Trump star he should be tweeting about that rather than Russia any moment we'll have our moment it is only a matter of moments I would recommends Jeff Duncan showed 920 awkward. Awkward clip we're gonna play about a soccer player who made a tremendous faux pas. I doubt himself from some deeper hot water you'll want a message of doctor German tennis from his career. Take. On the 99 experts in the sunny bracket challenge and win massive price. 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A story about our wrestling night a that I wrote about in Sunday's column I mean I think that's in my wanna have more time panel here it's daylight come all of the storage. So non anti best outlook shahak just came Rolen and here is a great day in Memphis I was Shaq reopened Friday. After a fire and thank god they did because they brought in some corned beef sandwiches. Some Rubens. They they they now make their own corned beef its got. It is braised in Guinness. Shard name there's onion garlic. It's Saturday it is the most unbelievably delicious looking thing you've ever seen and I Rubin which will kill you obviously. Pastrami smoked for six hours. Blaze with fat so abrasive that hides just the whole thing like like it's gonna destroy me. But it is sitting there in the control room and when this show is over I'm gonna go in there and destroy it are friends that I would shatter. They're up and running and I honestly. They're gonna sponsor but what a what a place Burris to the ground yet and is back again. It is unbelievable food good people and so go in there and give your support because they are back again. And I tell my sense your corned beef and pastrami the Rubin's actually fantastic let's let. By either of the day we'll just a soccer player from Donell was named man of the match. In a Premier League game over the weekend or have good for him I had another big day for him and the great field and then matches you get to thank the ones that he'll love wonderful then what the LA didn't tell law how important they artsy looking Academy Awards guest got slowly hidden this is this is what he had to say. He's yeah. As the great DeVon now authors as it. Dad and never never never bring your side chick. CO plays to the public forum along affect my wife and my girlfriend yes that's absolutely beautiful sound. They got. What's next. Here's what's coming up next Jeff here's what's coming up next on the Jason and Jon shows. They will have Jay McDowell former Memphis tiger at 1125. To join them might be course he will join them at 1225 Evans angels of 125. Your boy age Jeffrey will be hosting the Aircastle time shows got Gleason of USA today will join us to 25 air will join us at three and 325. The Gary pairs experience we'll have that nor later for 25 and Jaffe at 5 o'clock could afford this week. I really am I really attentive on fund and we nice lessons that. That if you're gonna have this you might as well have North Carolina. UCL. The tough force in Haiti and then a plucky little Butler like even mayor and attractive you know. Don't we are the top four seeds are good for the city of Memphis should be a lot of fun we'll talk about it we will be talking about it all week back tomorrow with chief paid. Thanks Melissa but for now our workers don't. An assessment associated. Yes CSI Bradley's challenge presented by. 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Historically includes all manufacturing base in his in his Dearborn -- I've exclusive fast I don't lessons of the current credit offer valid due the end of the month golfers they love the ridges in village creek at 27 hole you need guys signature course in Philly. Village creek state park featuring the rolling terrain of rallies rich dramatic elevation changes and the backdrop of the hardwood forest is open daily and you lose a clubhouse. House pro shop price. Practice street and targeted driving range plus golf carts are included with the greens being the last Sunday of every month there's a two person scramble so my plans to visit this jewel of the golf course inside village creek state park. Parking win Arkansas tee time today Colleen 7028385226. Sponsored by the way and economic development corporation. Is building. Battle of the bands will round three this Thursday march 23 to give you an idea of the blood. It's still.