March 15, 2019 with guests Jason Smith and Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, March 15th
Segment 1 -- Geoff opens the show discussing why he believes that today's UCF game at the AAC Tournament is the most-important game of the year for the Tigers.

Segment 2 -- Jason Smith joins the show to discuss the Tigers and AAC Tournament.

Segment 3 -- Geoff offers his thoughts on Josh Pastner's latest troubles at Georgia Tech.

Segment 4 -- Chris Herrington returns to the show to discuss Grizzlies basketball and more.

Segment 5 -- Geoff and Jeffrey discuss Zion Williamson, the UCF game, and more during a game of Believe It or Not.

Segment 6 -- The guys close the show with which skills or talents they would pay the most to obtain.