Lorenzen Wright's Mother, Deborah Marion, on the J&J Show Friday

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Friday, November 10th

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I looked back Jason John that if you nine FM ESP. And and as promised never Marion is. The mother of Lorenzen Wright who obviously is a local legend here and we miss him dearly and she joins us now Mary Ann Howard you. I'd get under a train tram to cut social Raj. You were in what you are in walnut. The action well what what would what was what was it like I mean what why did you go down in any what did you see. Power lay it should later. What it blew it by other Catalan Sheila got water Danish. And you get to cape and battered and I hope they had a father like you've got to know that India culture gender equality would harm how light. Needed again and I dragged out there. Can't you most they'll walk down and talk octane going out there. Deborah does this mean that somebody's talking somebody I I realized the police haven't told you much just that they found a gun and that that it was used in your son's murder. But does this book that the fact that it's. Down there like you just educating the seed you gotta go to a G got no where it is does this mean that someone. Mightily as talk in the knows something. I think it worked out they knew premeditated I think they know when you don't put it this story pretty. Can't it's not like something you wouldn't guess it can happen if I can't act that will Ambilight illegal or he would not like that you were yelling at the Lake Bell. You're you're saying it's it's kind of hard to find. It that's why I was asked and you think how the police even find that's on wondered if somebody is finally talking a police and said OK go down a walnut there it is caused. How would otherwise. Otherwise how will we have known it was even there in the first place I was Amal I'm hoping that's the case that Brohm opened some eyes token that knows something and pointed him in that direction. That's why I'm hoping to do they can continue I'll read arbitration or if at all once popular story about the gone. I'm pretty adult store now. Yes I am so where are you yesterday when you've got the call that they found this murder weapon and that they traced that back to Lorenzen. Aren't. Well reserve's first reaction when you. Now but thank you gainers stock cars are you know I knew Manny would obviate the deleted it was probably Beatles are my. We've been trapped for seven year Elliott combo in okay. Did I listen to you would Darrell green the report from fox thirteen and and I heard you and I'm a man of faith to ms. Deborah and I heard you say that on Saturday for his birthday out that you said that you were talking. To a picture Lorenzen Charlie's. Having a conversation with god and you you felt like you've got to sign that some was about to happen to take me through that if you don't mind to what. What did you feel what did you still has worked at. Well I'm Obama got baited into account when I wake up act the crowd control that issue. Tribe is well Gupta my optical Mali when ended down if you were lower than have the biggest picketed somewhat painfully. It argued topic you'd picture. It does when I kept thinking like. I don't know her dream year period gonna happen I know what happened to him only what they do great cash. You help me an Amtrak and nobody could be let me and they couldn't really do it like it did let me the cartel leaders say a momma eagle what you don't. At the time you've got treated great you compare it ought not try I'll have to run it may well. In an eight EW I invite nobody'll. So there are so there are aliens. And they and they gave you up in nobody else might. And you and you and you kind of just took that as a sign that something and something was about a crack up that was about the identity. How how. How much have you relied on your faith just in business because you mentioned it is not gonna happen because of Maine and it's gonna have because of god and into obviously when something tragic like this happens to your your own your sign. I imagine there's not much else to lean on so how much have you relied on your faith in and your religion and your relationship with Christ. If these last seven years. Yeah. Yeah I had which got tricked Cochran trying to put to a good it got to let that happen. And at the lug it told me to beat the other he'll do what he got to do not eat any Il they don't want it. Thank you bigger. Absolutely. I'll. Miss Deborah what are you want. Lorenzen is memory. Thabeet when when you talk to his children about his legacy. Deborah we have talked so much these last seven years about what happened and we get some closure can we finally did the got a total whoever did this. But I I wanna I wanna Deborah to that we don't forget the man that he was when you talk to is is is. His children what do you want them to remember that legacy that that their father left what do you. Tell you either love them more they're life. Lucky I haven't yet been publicly about the outlook is key to every area want to go out and help. Eaton Ellicott magnet the bloody ski and I cannot make it kind of unlucky should you know how leak at all people always say they don't make life better for our. It would can't give Erica a rented it stopped the irritate you keep me. When that when I talk to you on the phone yesterday asked you how you are and you said it's the best I've felt in seven years so this is. And in a strange way this is sort of a hopeful time for you isn't it that there's. Yet cocky know it from all that comment and it. Go hole I don't know that they're gone you know it tomorrow lewd conduct panic. How closely have you sort of kept in contact with the police department you know the last seven years and then obviously. Yesterday and today. How loud crowd and irrigate the era every cannot borrow the cash cost so much into it don't matter who else for the ball down they recognize my lord. I'll go good morning or would either David that you don't experience. Ever after every year to everybody the marble. What is the last time before yesterday. That the police came to you and said we may have some than. I'm old. It hadn't had Richard Parker. That there was never any thing in the whole seven years even early on the investigation. There was never call you got from the police department in Memphis like the one you got yesterday. No yeah yeah yeah. Wow well Mitt miss Debra we appreciate your time ever we are praying we are hopeful and we are just glad there was something and we look forward to the rest hopefully coming out. All right me too I think you are an enemy out. Of course you bring your time thank you for your time that is never Marion the mother of Lorenzen Wright and you know what I mean she. What do what do on home yes that. Hope is down there right now just because. What else would you do it was apparent right yet don't have anything else hold on to she does that she's another for seven years you find out there's a good one there's no guilt Tucson and you can you drive to the place with a gun is just so you can try to find more answer what's it like recess until she's doing our own investigation and and I guess is apparent that's what every parent would do what's interesting is that she mentioned that the lake is not easily five luckiest UK just stumble upon get a walk down to it. It you can't see it from the road diligent and apparently she's that she's almost spilled onto you gotta walk down to it you gotta know that it's down there. To get down there and I because if you look at from a road and I see right. And she said you know. She believes it was premeditated like they knew what they were going to do with the gun. After they used whoever this person want one that's the case that goes along with a what I've always believed that this was high level. You know X well executed plowing and you know it does in some you know. A couple of guys try to rob them just to some together hours before no way that's what does well it just goes to show you that after seven years you know how you're just looking for a sign of any thing you know she mentioned going to visit veterans and grave. And they were Australians by the heads down and she was the only one that they it's bit and it's you know what she said and that's just. Kind of underlines how desperate you get first time when year talking about seven years on I was glad I'm just I'm just grateful she got something. She got something whatever whatever it is now. Not just the sign but some evidence something that was directly involved and hopefully that you can pull something from that. You can pull something from that whether it's the serial number like that idea we don't know what kind of conditions guns in. We don't know how long it's been that like yep we don't know if it was thrown in as you know soon after it was it was used in fire. Or someone used it after that. And there would through wood and then but what we know is we have the murder weapon and hopefully. A beginning to the end of this some sort of closure but hopefully from this Debra. That happened she needs it for sure I will come back wrap it all Jayson the John and Jennifer ME SP.