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Monday, June 11th

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All week all week. Succeeding. This sport. So Monday night. They don't wind up yeah. I think they've done out of your out of the media has been Eddie has barely had the devil all I did very. Brother how are you now I'm great and really eager so well what does that what does a typical day from the white looked like. You want to exclusive resident yeah. Exactly sit like just when the current out of Vietnam professor of monikers. Now I mean I you know it's it's full bed load these days in you know. Cute kids up get a live schoolers as some have Siegelman in the pool morals and music when he is dark and there's got to gaze back in December little rest for you man I was gonna do that. I think she's actually here would be do you have a date. Congressional race where every issue reports warning no reason why. Arianna I have Ottawa when he got there is gonna Lowe was there are runaways to Mary does have bigger sepsis and powerful. Democrat I mean there aren't we don't do the whole put on a fake facade for everybody we those who did though go get it done on our own terms and have the parties. I did destination wedding in Mexico last summer. And I it was the best thing ever. This so much cheaper than like Vinnie just put the onus on your friends have barely to pay their way confront you as an electric and everything yourself here and then it's always talked about. And has allowed the fact it's Hutus. Well yeah we last obviously has a let we have plans of what we talk about it was so late baggage is used to those who loses this is. Zach was. Exactly so yo U obviously you which we are talking before the show. For the segment started you've got a new album new Yorker myself. And where can we expect that as sex that we just citizen of this week's Arab and Hussein though. Like sweet. Which is a despair as we actually very loose and they get the house and pretty little of Tora. A celebration of be finally says now actually broke a real about two months ago it put it like whole flight marketed heavily Gregory coughing. Offering what that I was using either. After that I had for can bribe our nose bronchitis. And as our offense 35 and asthma. Allow that he found out 35 I don't know I race everywhere are as I've and you could tell ya ya really I am I out of his track column for a while opposes this dog she got every effort for balance as avid overrated as an album and others. And they liked the also there are cops say they garnered. About 300 more noble drove it. I. It was a bad out of that if you because I had to go to Ehrlich and experts and shows real guests are brought into it shows LaBroque river it was like I went every night what what album number is that. Like low light. Oh. 99. What OK aren't allowed to have you know we be afraid of what they are bar Albers oil to go to a 21 and suit up. You know put out all the white Christmas makes a's that is Newman and studio. About that what what's been the key to low whites longevity in the game. I don't really care. I don't share of people think about longevity I think this was kind of kept immunize their like heaven Paula Jews a lot you know still have assessed that Tuesday that definitely helps all right I've lost my fans are really diehard solid today right. Like I did I can drop a literal Christmas Carol how much they love they would love everywhere even even do it like we do a white Christmas at least things are brokers as we. We throw out old joke and little funny Chris themselves in the phrase Yuma and I my fans is this really. Targets like a cult like following him. And I mean I just. Of Islam and has his day one I just I came out right and I think I just never let them down and I guess that's the key to a for really any byes through in the right I got it might be good enough to have pain and I gotta I've really treatment for almost. Anywhere regards like national or assumes. I'll do free meeting Greece is because they're out to children and I'm like I'm Bret I don't know her own the money is worth it of course rantisi. 150 kids outside of being in the center of two hours late of those open. I'm Bob by the truck on on their own right isn't. And there's not a lot of that now is that not that Eldorado about solar that a hundred million dollar dealers until we get it back spreader and still got. You know right now you know you boys feel slightly underground in what exactly is gonna do it let it does this fund has sought to see pollen geez I don't always going a little bit on Twitter you know as close to lead them as you are. The aim was gone right there no con I got. Oh well I mean come on they don't is okay it asked me glad reckon that it doesn't own them and they came up together right on spam is like spam it is in my office life. So how did you give how did you you put all. I was actually would a group so this was clear when I was like sixteen. And I was the youngest in the group we do Erica. Since all will mix tape we popped the hood and to my high school and about a second one out of the light maybe ten songs or fifteen the first Arab Muslim one. In and they do not a light headed and receives about who's actually Qaeda seven promoting project pick your degree mile. And they were let go take it in new new artist got a demo he's these industries don't be scared of ballclub and give its Lewis. And house are gonna jobs as warehouse and and ease interest in. Mom supervisors like Nate used to get off the clock and take alum to Clinton. You just assume revise the balls are staring at. You know and I understand I think is an update like. What little I know the group was actually. On the way retailers and while we were talking a while they were balls and down the interstate working seven and they had to wait now so after six and ponds who came out again in the demo. I'm losing out to Diaz out like at night I came home and a boot the leader of the group literary music we gotta we got you believe is we got to meet with BC's Bob Marley grub and work. Of day while I don't believe Red Sox are coming up well let me cholera Bailey no no seriously we got a car was called Jews and I. Gates in my house immediately. I still didn't believe me when I walked in the door is on the photos at all in the knows who he's up as well and oh. Okay and then right after everything note. They get along just do so artisan in the in the group kind of fell apart and it is a win always had a baby on the whale and for the stick around and not do so does our elected to a today believing you from the jump. On Tuesday of course all especially that Paul Paul definitely he was one was like do we got folks on this Garret Hilton. There's like this is this the do. As I was always order why can't from mrs. command I give it 36 feel right Eddie in Baghdad like our group we sounded like a white 36 was for white boys threat parent and like we heard of everybody. So you know and Paul heard it. And I was younger I was like sixteen hero it 1920. L.'s smallest suit right so I would Paul net need. He was the spirit is still do it's it's you know big Lal voice that I usually Wear his little wired that way you know white. Today's final walked in he actually spun around his chair doctor evil but it definitely wasn't too long. Wallis these gave up. Yeah I'm little it is thought to be bigger. But I movie road house bill does there should be bigger suck up I wrote it the events of its when did you start when you're when had you started wrapped. I only. I started like Miller Eisen writes in 2000 last 36 mafia songs wells at thirteen and but I Ford senior Al street bites revenue captive on fifteen I was the favorite rapper and kept it McDowell I was slick Leonard had just recently let it release this information late last year like. Steve nobody knew how would come deluxe room and shut everybody out. Because it was never a battle rabbit and Dave we just drag you know Rhett would've freeze out Thomas hale what I would do is in biologic biology class before Lutz. Out right quick sixteen you know numerous and and I going into Sunday. And nobody figure out how is it with a different verse every day like a whole school year right about it here at like three forceful wraps matter of fact. All the offers albums Intel's tall. I actually wrote that song and nine great wow that's only saw that actually brought. From all wraps topologies of the look I've had solvents and other forever. A loves drag in regular give me a check for if it right to law I have one person hooked to a dealer into lovers and by let's evidently when it right now you know in those solid ninth grade biology class. And I actually rested in the lunchroom that day while that's right we have a live studio also let me ask you this we're actually talking lettuce are the show before you. Like where they were there any white rappers in Memphis that you looked up to. God I don't know it's funny. White boys slipped. Turned out to be mixed and it blew my mind I'll yes like predators does right now do I wirelessly on a grown men. Is that deposit on them yeah the data out of play Abbas. And I cannot meet name like after at least you know are too low white custom made elect price 78 years after have been rampant in admitted at a house party or something that Fraser. As I yelled now why would slam you like. I'd almost choke on it goes in there. Anyway why he's a bit as a failure is big it's like it was it was also just really Colton because like. It can't let me know that I was doing me the whole time that you like you I brought an affair is a Sig you're a fan Mattingly on the regular reasons are that while. So you but bode well into the net now we can not mince his rap now. And sort this resurgence worsening huh. It feels like it is is never better I mean it's getting better day there we had a little moment a little sad yeah I got around and now are really light of my bag goes right Maher really lagged again. Dudes really cool. Amid a minute Verisign actually went Dre was just tell we'd that the ball now when they set to the video for a little while I was I would ever. He's really cold Bob was cool. I don't really cute out on the scene and misses anymore crystallizes. It I guess it kind of worn out. But Al lob I met my fiance on bill streak yeah. The campaign you OG I mean exactly to have unity of Italian fast I am that. I haven't asked you have to clean and were just there. You don't perform you perform and now you know Levy I don't know I fit in and about it. And rock and button of Iraq Lansky jag is your Leila man as I actually a little bit. But obvious I have taught but the good thing is about his new album is like. There's no. Conte and thereby as we expect those like god I stepped it up all the way a bargain were one for two producers on this whole album and they did lose the whole album and instead of having like will. Get a bunch of tracks alliance allies in the legs and my oldest and so they use smoke to drink to IDs as being so we're mega from scratch in light were common atlas. The hole out and there's probably out of twelve southward to twelve solves. There's like seven on the has no cards and what solar radio waiting to do that on purpose like I would back saying always you know. Is that the four letter words you late. It's just grown up why you're going up yeah Baghdad about a year veteran now I have avid fan mode accused rightly is to it like in a bust of size 50 since I was nine. And the fact we don't like he's a rock star. To avoid even as like I say the ban words with the mood. It but the more I thought about it and I'm just like. Subconsciously right now without the bare wires yeah I bacon like does. I'm an act of a breeze is Bobbie exactly are the epitome of the middle finger you know not add language very like this Emmy. Owned net to you know public. Offers out below that figure is more cuss words and there was like. Conjunction. While I think I think the best Lance tries hard for me comprehend what's it like I that I I realized about time you like speak it would. Other artists. Those words distillers you know of any UK plaza to Google and wants button. Uses up right. That's especially when I get the tire attentive on the net now for allies had that and if I. I actually got it done in Detroit team isn't funny for a because nobody wanted to do literally all they have a mess it up and just see that in a video of little far I'm leaving your shop now. Our net interest thing as yours such a public figure I don't want a man always did did it here leg and I do in the tiger to music I actually missed one of the few years ago and I hate to miss the one of Munich wow and I came back from Detroit efforts Laura well right now there is probably. Detroit did this but now it's crazy either right biggest Detroit. Feel right at Michigan for Kelly does no good not that type or a big in Detroit now. You guys tiger now with Canada I had no matter that the odds as an intelligence on the way you're like I'll watch them a sport to where you live like working on music a lot right we're like this would kids bargains out pool and do and dance that I it has been like. I'm really excited as a target and certainly yeah heartily bet was Harley coach is is is this is though is images in new energy it's a new energy like to play like even before right into armored combat overs we'll see Agassi in the last year. I was taking a shower is careless. Cool don't solve for the tigers are good reasons to walk up to and we are recorded everything I to have an assault real short. Straight to the point given was the blues. And it's like how rock rap and light blue car is kind of like this guy layers to it them so you know I've tiger athletics is. If I have in my narrowing the media for real leg up on this announcement of Memphis and it's it's buried very if it is. It is it's in AF. Yeah we got out yellow light here in studio all right so take me back to like the heyday of 36 when here. You know you're around every day and you're going on tour and stuff like what was like the craziest city that you guys can go to a hotel got rollodexes flooded members. And at that. I mean I act I was still say about first so was one of the crazies because it was it was like I don't signed tool for like six months apologies Hamulack probationary periods the and I hung around makes her own right for the job. Drop little solace in hundreds of little features and balls like. Metres of studio and I we got to show in dire berg Tennessee had just placed on the honey. In the behalf select third pull out. As tiny little building parking lot packed and those next door is sheriff's department. In the same park a lot of like this are having a good idea. So we get the middle of G these deals. What do baucus is you know and then it just goes down full blown gang fight in middle I'm right. Nineteen and tires bird and bird. They feed off or outdoors awful hard doors and his senior go boom. They come it was shotguns and bear spray on my guy and I got sprayed like thirty minutes into the show their righted. And I swear we have get out of building alive. And like halls in the balance guide to raise costs or phrase as a water faces just rated and Paul looks back at me goes well ultimately is about. Oh my god now I am certain I am not so Leon back Franco's I'm sad I'm the better good cheer this bears very happy tears. But I Demi and I we had tons of fun resident now I just towards space flat to a lol yeah I mean I it was. Stay flat to a day they'd they'd brought me along to help promote my album but like. Sleep told the label that I was the only as good as your shoes I all expense paid trip around the United States. But that felt like when 36 kind of like we everybody knew them if you followed rapidly by that felt like when they crossed over I've even got a lateral. Always do let's they Willis smartest things it would it was signed me just joking it was they fly everywhere notice. A bitter and as I embargoes like even like. Like Fraser boy heard you are you about their egos they violated America's space flat day the pass for the the Oscar exactly reality show absolutely you know artists those you know those those does influence figure out yourself priest or computers listening set up computer tablet computer but how's he doing. I don't know. But that. It's a Memphis reunion I finished it really is and so we're talking about his earliest out of the Mike Butler to each set out of pitches he signaled when that my belief Tarver OK I don't buy but yes that's my he's hitting this every day is yet to listen man he took some shots for the album cover brother but it does so well do you have a date yet or not. When I go yeah August I was kind of I got a few things that had to do come to meetings and try to figure out how Google do it with her campaign will put together an abducted outside job of willingness on our guys are your job they write was schools are the biggest let us know we have a day when Asher Allen on your Wikipedia entry I don't know if this bothers your knob like all the Wikipedia about there's a report there's an injury right that says the little white had Gabbert Jeter right. It's hard out here for a Pippen you turned it down yeah it is that true does that bother you the very near Wikipedia entry Ed Bennett I don't laden is very true though and it's time. Paul come into studio is ago log of major opportunity for you gauge of buds to really immediately I got tears Howard. You know. All the whose bridges than build and and he's like come appear when he's right to sells other arts and his studio and at a time on what my baby mama got two kids and very you know family focus of the time a level of a party animal rapper you know and a I said the sentinels the right row for like two hours listeners mr. Anthony's eyes about half. I had a child and if that strategy. Let us sum it. Activity related to solve odd numbered ID a crazy day of volatile right now like sesame. They seem like it always had last night on a few remaining out of it was on the up and on the whole phrase boys just passed by the studio random night. And he walks in his studio to a white man chuckled as all of you know not really apparel so. I don't really know where to start is that Gloria is that why do you a couple of pointers again is I talked to prepare. As some out. Let's go right to and they wrote that they finished and I phrase we're all Lou lap Dudack RB Derrick has got someone has Passat and it was around about Oregon native got its hostile Boller and and you paint. Take every shot bid doesn't bother you know because like act at every deem it was when. They won the Oscar and then I get a phone call from Jews is saying APEC you based that night you flat LA tomorrow to be on our realities. That may again I have all have sold on the show and those like. If my dad was like sun. When he hit it while dad is as low light goes Hollywood you've made the TV dad bought. Negative TV guy. I. They have yet now he kind of can relate. Because you he also was part of an Oscar winning. I don't yeah not saying he but he even. He was there. He was the first voice in the week was undefeated. Do any sign his life awaiting a media meeting at Colorado. To go live in this document to deceive him how he does he didn't get the call. On an airline buyout Swanson admitted it and didn't columnists say you're on TV guy as well hey you know. There's always liked. No doubt and I knew at some point exactly why they're prisoners economy as well donated outmanned and out comes those out and saying oh my mother my sweet beautiful make regrets on net and absolutely it is there may actually cause I have is that Bill Mueller nodes and I know obviously that but I'm like series with this rough period gaga. But in the last three years are God's. It pretty know. Good to hear Eminem know Carson on now. Now I ask you now know even click analytically sound so we know are pro was a pro man I know Mike how about that can't. Like as I got lab violin and is out lab based blog log it's hard news straight 808 dollars its its its ads in an alum Dave M and will be looking for present to come their run due he is low lights back on occasion that I try to. Yeah.